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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt IV

Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt IV

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Attorney Matthew Culkin from Culkin in Culkin is in studio this morning we're talking about the immigration crisis which we. -- learning are learning this morning that it's not just happening at the southern border this crisis. There's a labor shortage around here with migrant workers here pretty familiar with this Matthew what's what's the story. Wolf the last. Decade or so I have had a constant stream of of -- farm employers scum in my office asking what can I do to help them that they. They can't get the employees that they need to to get their crops. And to market and and there's got to be way to do it and he answered generally use. There's nothing we can do to help. So and what's happened and as the farmers are growing fewer plants they have to be harvested by hand yeah without immigration reform and looking at buying ten dollar tomatoes not he's not too long because. -- there's just crops that are done on the line. Actually use migrant workers coming here to Western New York with their children. Some of them Yasser a lot of them have children here and they've been in this country for a decade plus or use say that. There may be illegal immigrant children and our local schools. That's definitely possible. Absolutely. To most -- workers that want to be here illegally they all wanna be -- -- they all wanna follow the law they all wanna pay their taxes they all want to. The American citizens or at least legal residents this country. The largest to sell more onerous that it doesn't. Provide not only a mechanism for them to get legal. Matthew in response to a question that I had that issue just a little bit earlier you said many families of immigrants. Who come to this country legally have money to pay for legal fees if they happen to need an attorney to defend them against deportation. Among other things or whatever and if these families have the money. Why not do everything legally in the right way right off the -- play by the rules. Because if there's no wind to get into they can't do it. The right way from the beginning and and some of these people of created problems from for themselves and years ago and you can't fix those problems. And to fix that problem will require a father or mother leaving this country mean separated from their -- US citizen children for ten years. And that's on a solution. Okay this and that problem comes up because they become initially illegally. Right many of them do yes. If congress. Could agree and a guest worker program within alleviate part of the problem a huge part of the problem. If there was there's two things that need to be done the bars that are triggered. Upon departure from the United States -- -- need to be eliminated to allow individuals to leave the country to come back. The right way. And then the guest worker program which will provide. A legal mechanism for these individuals to return to the last with express authorization from US citizenship and immigration services so that they can come back and be here legally pay their taxes and be above board. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida was once the spear leader. In this effort to. Reform immigration. And hit a lot of followers whatever happened to this Republican. Moved to do something about this problem. They're playing politics just as the Democrats are. Both sides are trying to win in the immigration reform debate on rather than solving the problem and until line. Until we put that behind us we're probably not can get a solution and what's going on with the president as he's indicated he's gonna take unilateral actions and he's waiting for recommendations. He's had recommendations for two plus years he knows exactly what he can do. That's constitutionally permissible but he's trying to release the -- the timing of the announcement is close in mid term elections as possible so that he chemically. The savior. To potentially save the senate for the Democrats and it's that it's just it's what it's like watching children fighting in the in the sand box. Says. It's a masked man Steve explained it's so while we appreciate the time this morning. Nice having you here thanks for having its magical and he's an immigration attorney with Culkin and Culkin.

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