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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt III

Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt III

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're joined in studio this morning by Matthew Culkin is a local immigration attorney that's his specialty his with a firm Corcoran and -- and Matt you just heard a the kids you know some of them being aware what's going on some of them aren't. It's it's still a little confusing how to explain this to the average -- Well it is confusing and and it's and it's folly to think that a five year old has any video why he's here she is coming in the United States mean these are cute little children and in the coming in. Unprecedented levels. Basically there is a legal process for these kids to want to undergo and the bomb in the nutritionists has sought to billion in funding in order to. And that may and they also want to change the law to allow. For the expeditious deportation of these kids. And an addition that's one of the untold stories is. That's a lot of these children are being abused in the United States right now by our own government com there's complaint that's been filed on behalf of 116 children. -- by the ACLU recently alleging sexual and physical abuse torture including. Deprivation of of adequate food in the medical treatment and water at several times it's it's just a terrible situations going -- honor what's gonna happen how to assists and went -- the solution to this. Well what's gonna happen isn't necessarily. A solution that I would be a proponent of but what's gonna happen as the majority of them are gonna get deported. The Obama administration has. Mean done than it had not been shy about expressing their desire to remove all of them. And and and many of them probably should be given refugee status these are kids that are falling. For their lives and it's. If they were from Ireland I think we would all have a different opinion about whether or not it should be oddest thing. You mentioned that it is folly for anyone to do things in a five year old kid really what I understand what's going. Yet you mentioned that there are allegations of all kinds of abuse including sexual. Abuse of some of these young children. One -- differentiated as to what a five year old understands. And if they use allegations of sexual abuse are true. What is being done to address these allegations. From what I can seem very little. It seems is so a blind guy has been taken. I think that the individuals that are in the United States government that are abusing children that are in our custody should be prosecuted and the samples on how much of this problem is political I would say the majority of this political. There we were talking about that the the senate immigration bill. That bill has been spend. That's so far you can -- you can keep a straight. They're saying if there's a pathway to citizenship and when when you look at why there have been so many flaming hoops these individuals have to jump through just to maintain. On the provisional legal status that there will be afforded. That in six years when if the lot of the bill becomes law. In six years those individuals will be facing deportation again if they don't -- all the criteria that openness that have been established. Okay you say this entire situation. Borders on being political. Well -- how -- you replying to the listener poll question that we WB and outcome. Like who was to blame. Is that congress is of the White House or reasonable. It's both clearly. The the Republicans have to have dragged their feet in introducing legislation through the house. Disease I know they've been working on it. I know that they wanted to piecemeal reform there. There excuses that they don't believe that President Obama will enforce laws if something passes. Witches. A specious claim considering the fact that. He's deported over two million people on five and half years he's criminally prosecuted more individuals in the history in this country for immigration related crimes. He is known as the supporter of chief. In chief and he has earned the moniker.

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