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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt I

Immigration In Focus - Matthew Kolken; Pt I

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We have an in studio guest this morning talk about this Matthew Culkin a series an immigration attorney glad to have you here Matthew and is supposed to be here. The of the situation with local farmers that Dave just product does this come as any surprise to you that fact they're cutting back on migrant workers. None at all it's the farm the farms have been crippled last decade they just simply can't get the -- that they need to fields. Tend to do the work that's needed. These farmers that Dave talked about other trying to protect themselves. What are they actually trying to accomplish. While they're trying to do whatever they possibly can't get a legal workforce that's willing to do the backbreaking work that is required to declare the fields. And unfortunately there's just there's a labor shortage. -- and there's a plan that came about last week Chris Allen's congressman -- I talked about a plan to give had the farmers hold the visas for the workers is this something that -- and supporting them. Well it's it's a complicated issue I have heard in -- and -- about it the guest worker program which is absolutely essential for whatever immigration reform we have. I'm simply because in order to stem the tide of illegal immigration you have to have a legal mechanism to enable individuals that wanna come to -- us to work and in areas that where there's a labor shortage. There needs to be a viable road for them to travel. And unfortunately. Did it's very politicized. The Democrats. I don't wanna guest worker program they're better are you in more in favor of legalization with a path to citizenship for the eleven million undocumented individuals here the Republicans. Are in favor for legalization. Absent an immediate path to citizenship for a new distinct path. But they want their guest worker program and a it's a guest worker program that an and labor. Foreign labor type provisions that killed the immigration reform back in 20071. Am McCain and and and Kennedy and a a tentative bill but President Obama had. Introduce some amendments on the floor of the senate which and a boat's sinking the last four. Some of these immigrants these migrant workers that want to come here sincerely want to work. But many of them can't speak English we know do they have any idea about all the controversy. That surrounds them you know. I would suspect yes they're all. They are all. It's fairly in tune to. What's going on in Washington right now because of how much is at stake I mean these are people who many of whom have. Children that are United States citizens they've been here for years. And they don't wanna be illegal they want to if there was a line for them again in two. They would get into -- the problem is there is no line in for most. Most of these people because the laws very very harsh and a few. And to the United States without inspection you come here to do with the wrong lane initially the law does not commit to -- get right from inside the country. And then the second you leave the country in most instances you -- tenure bar which may or may not have a waiver of -- Let me see this -- the most of migrant workers that that they are here for harvest season so for. Do they go back to their native countries to do they go back and forth. A lot of them do. And some of them are are indicted in the United States and they have food. Created lives for themselves here and have children here and many of them pay taxes here and -- Q are contributing members of their communities and our good hardworking people.

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