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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Markets At the Mid-way Point - Jill Schlesinger

Markets At the Mid-way Point - Jill Schlesinger

Jul 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jill Schlesinger is with us CBS news senior business correspondent hosted Jill on money Saturdays foreign til six on WB and morning Jill good morning -- market milestones Thursday via the index topped 171000. For the first time. -- terror yeah markets it's pretty amazing and this was really pushed up this particular time. I did really good jobs report and you know we talked for so long about how bad the job situation has been here in the US. This was a sit on and bash it good report 288000. Jobs created unemployment rate going down for the right reason meaning people got jobs and leave the labor force. So I think investors feeling like the economy's finally picking up. And oh really well let's buy some stocks and this is. Not a reason why you should buy stocks at the saints -- what that general investment community's view it's. You say let's bonds some stocks -- reading that. Is getting a little tough these days to pick up the good ones why is that. Well I think that first I'm not a stock picker I don't believe and that I think that that's nonsense that the industry just -- what I really think is most people we're very well served by picking an index fund you don't have to be a stock picker because frankly if you're looking at the S&P 500 index say. Hey at -- have to pick the best stock I just had to on the index and I'm still up over 7% this year. And when you get into that stock picking -- you really -- -- to say there is not a lot of research that proves that people can -- -- any better than actually just stunning in that so what is imminent diversified portfolio. Yeah it's really poor way to go it's really boring but it works and you know everyone seems to wanna look for some man behind the curtain who knows how to do this better. There isn't one so we here's what you need to know had you're diversified portfolio makes treatment too much -- really risky stuff don't we are gonna get it downturn at some point. And don't worry about trying to find the best stock go out and just say hey give me a good mix and let me go to sleep at night. Saw an interesting article Wall Street Journal I think it was a Thursday or Friday morning. Thursday morning I think some car do the companies are making it easier again. For people to get a credit -- PM with some -- my credit rating. That's right sub prime borrowing and lending is moving again. And you hear this all the time I hear this from people on my radio show who are saying I got an offer and I declare bankruptcy five years ago. So what's happening is companies really went from one extreme to the other they said. Would anyone with a heartbeat money that they -- nobody can have money and kind of moving back towards the middle we're not. Really we're we were in the bad bad height of the bad times you know where anyone can get alone. But we are seeing some companies start to say. There is a way that we can lend to people who don't have a little bit of -- sketchy history. And still protect ourselves so. You know I think that's actually probably pretty healthy scientists say that things are moving to be in more normal levels we just don't want to get to extremes like a game of who you trust yes exactly. If you're someone who really ran to a tough time just to put this in perspective in 2010 maybe you lost your job. He got behind on bills and they cut to credit -- Now it got a new job your back and your feet. It kind of seems un expert you're that person using -- unfair I have a job now lend me money and that's what they're trying to do to try to isolate it people will be really think are good credit risks even though they might have had a sketchy past what's on your radar at this week -- -- pretty quiet -- we'd be getting earnings season. Keep an eye out on Wednesday the minutes from the Federal Reserve meeting I know you really are dying to see that. But I'll keep and I had a four I want to see whether the Fed officials -- -- talking about inflation I think that's going to be the critical issue in the next six months. People are gonna be worrying about. Food prices rising gas prices rising wages rising rents rise -- all those things. If that means. That the Fed has to change its policy sooner than expected it will have a big impact on markets OK she'll have a good week take care. YouTube it's just -- your CBS news senior business correspondent.

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