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7-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And and an -- -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here -- wasn't going to set a world. Tom hourly just really think you could possibly be anything -- over. You don't do something. They're being told. Yourself it's live it's local happening over and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 W. Yes well -- I said this yesterday and I wanna say it again. One of the things that. It has been very important to me in particular over the last five years or so is basically carving my own niche. In that talk radio slash entertainment slash performing. Because I'm. The other is a time when that everybody -- brother thought they could be a talk show host and everybody -- his brother wanted to be Rush Limbaugh. And the country was besieged with a whole bunch of wanna be Rush Limbaugh it's. And it doesn't work I was never one of those people by the way. -- my god I wish John well. Who is the greatest talk show host who would ever -- I didn't agree with John a lot of things but his command of the language. He news brilliance. Is. -- there. Frankly is on apparel. He up. -- just an amazing. Talk show host. Early in my career I emulated him -- tried to sound like him that was still. Only in recent years. -- I I think found my real. Mitch if you will. As almost a to what I try to do I try to break the mold. Of quote unquote right wing talk show hosts. Because essentially -- -- are conservative. With a very strong. Libertarian. Leaning. I think drug should be legalized. I think prostitution. Should be legalized. I believe we need a strong military subordinate to civilian command that a strong military is the best guarantor of peace. I believe -- I support. Police. When they are doing their duties with in the the framework of the constitution. They've got a tough job. I tried doing their job I would doubt some people think -- your bitter about police because you couldn't do it quite the contrary. My brief experience as a police -- Gave me more respect for police. And I always laugh when people say are you wanted to you can make it that's why you knew who all. Actually I was top gun and president of the class I guess that wanna do it. Couldn't box that -- really wasn't I mean I learned that stuff later in my thirties I got martial arts training Searle. I just want it and knowing that's. Where I try to go is where nobody else it's. Okay. I love Michael Savage love Rush Limbaugh I love Sean Hannity I love sandy beach I loved Bob a lot of -- a love David -- of the air. And I think that those of us on our side need to stop pick in the crap out of each other and start finding common ground. Because what good does that do. Our collective movement. If Michael Savage is gonna spent half the show bitch at about Sean Hannity. I just don't see the point two. I don't believe I mean I know I know Sean Sean knows may. We exchange emails from time to time he's a great guy really he's just while magnificent human -- truly. Why -- that everything of course I don't but I'm gonna pick it -- Why would I wanna go after -- when we're fundamentally on the same side that that's just don't counterproductive. But where my game is. Is. The person I really am and I just I want you to know. And the reason I put that picture up yesterday. -- sure -- with the head band and the long hair and the sun glasses that's may. Breaking the -- shattering the mold of so called right wing talk show hosts. I believe the homosexuals should -- marriage equality. Folks you be surprised -- in exchange -- with somebody earlier on this author and I won't name this individual but. You might be shocked. At the number of gay man. Bisexual men and women transgender people and lesbians. Who except for their sexual orientations. Are in line with us. On freedom. So I try to have a big. Tent. -- dignity I try to -- big big tent. That being said I have no tolerance at all. For regressive they call themselves progressives. Now there -- ups their state tests. And they're not even liberals. Seek this this is what you have to understand folks. The American classical liberal. Has made very valuable contributions. To our country and you know what. A conservative. Who does not trust the government. And a liberal who does not trust the government to impose that death sentence on somebody. You know what we have common ground. And even the ladies and gentlemen on the early this morning. That we always used to demonize the liberals. But you know what. I don't remember ever thinking in my heart. Bet the classical American liberal hated America or wanted to destroy. America. I thought that we have the common bond of wanting to live in a successful country. Where we all advanced and we all had the opportunity to succeed. Where we work burdened by guilt. Over being flights were guilt. Because we were born in better circumstances that others I wasn't. Well -- mean better than others but a lot worse than most. And these are not liberals in charge right now folks you need to understand. I never thought that they would ever come -- sit here and defend with every fiber of my beating the American liberal. But if you think about it ladies and gentlemen most of them did have. A fundamental belief. In a shared American culture. They wanted the country to. -- together. And there are rare isn't commonalities. Between those of you work uber consumer are conservatives and those of you -- genuine liberals. What we have to the White House now. Is unprecedented in the American experience. -- as much as I bought this feeling. As much as I argued against people who would call in years ago to tell me Obama and his -- hated America. The facts have convinced me you guys were right I was wrong. Because. It is so difficult. To accept the fact. That a man who occupies the Oval Office fundamentally. Hates America even though we know he went to Jeremiah Wright's sermons. -- Oprah walked out never came back. Except there for twenty years. That in itself is revelatory. Barack Obama despises. This country's history. This country's background. Everything that made America America he despises. Look I'm not some patriot who's gonna sit here and say. -- -- -- right -- -- -- is a perfect chip -- everybody who says there isn't a perfect patient all the USA there are horrible person. You got it you can't have reality deficit disorder. Slavery once a blight on this country. And about a million people died. And we don't have slavery. And there is not one person alive today in America who was born in America as does not want. Our government's dealings. With the native Americans. For example the fort Laramie treaty 1869. Involving the black -- What our government did in our name. Should be a reminder to. All of us to have each other's backs against a despotic. Tyrannical. Lying cheating thieving bunch of bastard politicians -- bureaucrats. No this country is on some pretty bad things. Back. You wanna name a perfect country has or has never been one. And I've said this before but I can't -- In the entire scope of any human history of which I have any knowledge. Of any nation any country. With a more laudable record that has ever existed. Perfect no I'm not or are you perfect because I'm not. All want a total ass in so many ways. I I am I know my shortcomings it illustrates. I'm not perfect there -- -- I what's I'm certainly not an Angel. But. America. Everything being considered the United States of America. Is the greatest. Country. That is done the most good for the most people. Since the dawn of recorded history I have no problem saying. And when people like the Obama news or at least see the evils. Without counter balancing those evils against the manifold. Good. Duties of this nation. It's pretty frightening. But it requires folks a whole different world view. -- you are used to experience. Now. -- in my life. -- are so far out of the scope of most people's experiences. That they can't wrap their brains around the reality. Okay not gonna tell you what those things are right now but. It requires a totally different way of looking at the world. Am looking at your government or looking at the spiritual world the physical world -- setter. And it's not easy conclusion. Because it goes against everything we've been Paul. The president is the representative of the country. He is the man people think of what they think the US he must be our nation's biggest cheerleader. And basically he's the nation's biggest detractors. His goal I am convinced beyond any doubt. Is to destroy. This country. And to do what ever he can. With the time he has left. To fundamentally not just change but to fundamentally undermine. The United States to make it a or its decisions without recognizing it's good -- folks this was a tough conclusion for me to come to but it is unavoidable. Let's find out what's going on -- traffic if there's anything to avoid here's Alan Harris. And that AccuWeather for the rest of today. This evening a shower in spots early this evening otherwise partly cloudy and cooler overnight low 58. To tomorrow it will be partly sunny -- refreshing breeze and pleasant 74. And Saturday -- with plenty of sunshine 78 right now 73 after -- news radio 930 WB at eight. Sick -- they can edit button that'll show today including the movie show with sort of a -- -- During which. They discussed Jamaica. And -- James Cagney mr. Yankee doodle Randy at a farm on Martha's Vineyard. Hand -- if you wanna check out sandy beaches show in its entirety go to WB EN dot com. Every show is a masterpiece every hour is a feast for the -- we also have our newsmaker interviews from Buffalo's early news. And the flaming moron who does three to seven. Well we've added that would be me. It's anyway you check out all of our shows and hopefully I you'll enjoy them now many of you missed my monologue on day three of Gettysburg. Including can be missed named Pickett's charge. You go back and listen to the first hour of the show. I think we started really getting that detail on that after the 330 break soul if you like what you hear. Feel free to share on FaceBook I don't know what's going out with my FaceBook page. But a 108 I'm I'm blessed because. We've got a whole bunch of people coming to. And staying there and liking it. And frankly folks for those of you who say hey -- all countries to hear what you have to say well you can be. The advocates for that using your social media. And I just wanna emphasize something if this is not about my ego. It's about the message. I don't need anything in life. I don't need a house and -- I have materially all of the status symbols anybody could ever want. And 21 and -- happy they've made me. How about Dick. -- happiness does not come from possessions it comes from within. And that's a big step in maturity is understanding. When it's happiness -- rice's. And if you wanna spread my message. I'd appreciate it. Unfortunately the trolls come as well I get the ban and delete them and it excites me. But you can be the advocate to make the show take off and to bring listeners in from all over the country. So. You know if you want to great. But. It's not an ego thing with me. I have an ego you can't do this job without having an ego you wouldn't -- a brain surgeon who said. Can get to actually quite old now you want a surgeon says the best for -- brain surgeon there is giving your kit that's what I want. And that's my attitude is a talk show host. -- the other guys but if I didn't think I was the best I wouldn't be here. And that's again it's not. You call it what you want to but it performer can never afford to think he isn't good or she is and our rights they -- this because -- coming up I will give you the declaration of independence. Okay declaration of independence. When a share with you. As it was written and I wanna throw in modern translations because tomorrow is Independence Day and it's more than just a day off. I want you understand. What went into the declaration of independence. I imagine that's all within the I have my Yankee doodle and name. I'm glad I have. I thank you made my payment payment people just there's there's been doing it might be a couple games I loved them as the -- behind me yeah Josh -- Yankee right I'm. Any pain in the car and -- -- -- Yeah. -- An amazing talent James -- job. It's a song to -- yank my total accident. But I think that was a different movie altogether. Anyway it is about hourly -- time ladies and gentlemen we have. Petraeus. And we'd we've had a very interesting show so far you go back and listen to it at WBBM dot com. Especially the part where -- get into the third in the battle of Gettysburg which where's this date exactly -- 1863. I hopefully explain it well. I think he could feel the passion and I'd date you know that I didn't use notes idol. Need to use notes and been there enough. But I wanna get into something that is very important to me as well as the declaration. Of independence. And I wanna share with you because I just happen to think it's important that if you're gonna have the day off tomorrow. At least. You've got something of -- knowledge of what our founding fathers were trying to do. Wendy told the king of England to get bet. After understand England it ruled the world essentially. Back then it was between the English and the French are right those are about big pot worse. And get this bunch of colonial rushed six in the colonies. A Great Britain that we now call the United States of America. And the college it. For these men. To sign this document. Ladies and gentlemen. They had to have balls the size of the liberty bell. Because everybody who signed the declaration of independence. Would be considered. A traitor. And would have been. And the British gotten a hold of him. You have to understand the British monarchy. And parliament took treason. Very seriously and to them. What our founders did was treason. We even think of it as our Independence. Day thought of it as. Upstart colonials. Who -- committing treason against the mother country. So those today starting with that big John Hancock. At the bottom. Those names represented not just signatures on a document. Those names represented. Courage of conviction. That today news. Almost unheard. Every one of those men taking that quill and in -- -- and dipping it into the ink well new. That the minute they signed that document there would be no there would be no turning back. Bet it was do or die. That if they didn't win independents they would be paying hunted down relentlessly and and it. So. After several versions. And by the way Thomas Jefferson when he was writing the declaration of independence. Are referred to. Pre existing documents such as the Mecklenburg. Exploration with which -- will mod four. But this is a transcription. Of the declaration of independence I want to sure with you. And from time to time I'm going to be taking a sites. To put it in two current date jargon to get a little easier to understand. The unanimous. Declaration. Of the thirteen. United States. Of America. Not colonies. The unanimous declaration of the thirteen United States of America. By the way -- always tell -- about the civil war before the civil war we were the United States of America after the civil war the United States of America. The word united is not capitalized the word states. Is capitalized. -- kind of backs up eleven tell you for many years. Well in the course of human events. It becomes. Necessary. For one people. To dissolve. The political bands. Which have connected them with another. And to assume among the powers of the earth the separate. And equal station. To which the laws of nature and of nature's god entitle them -- decent respect. To the opinions of mankind requires. That they should declare the causes. Which impelled them to the separation. Let's just break that down just a little bit. Sometimes. People don't get along. And they need a divorce. Sometimes. The government that used to be common to both people hate working for one side. And we want to dissolve that union -- that government. And we want to be treated as a separate. And equal nation. Not like colonials. But as a separate and equal nation and we understand. That this kind of a statement. Needs to be issued so the rest of the world and the British people understand why we are doing what we -- doing. That's what they basically said in the first part of the declaration of independence. One week. Hold these truths. To be self evident. That all men are created people. That they are endowed by their creator. With certain on elite level rights. That among these are life liberty. And the pursuit of happiness. That is such an important line. Now the founding fathers -- -- They knew that not everybody was equal in every sense of the word in terms of their abilities. What they were saying is basically. We are all children of the universe we are all children of the same god. And that god our creator that's the word used the creator. Gave us rights. Certain on alien a -- writes. Life. Liberty. And the pursuit. Of happiness. Now what's interesting about this folks is this is gonna come -- very importantly. In the constitution. Because you know what I told you about the bill of rights. Did not grant you any rights it's simply put into words what our founding fathers knew to be right our creator gave arts. As great -- We hold these truths to be self evident it's obvious all men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain money on it -- rights that among these -- life. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights. Governments. Are instituted. Among men. Deriving their just powers. From the consent. Of the -- In other words we need a compliment government. To make sure that our rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are possible. All and by the way. We the people. Are the ones with the power. Because government all league gets its just powers from our consent. That whenever any form of government. Becomes destructive. Of these events. That would be life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Whenever any form of government. Starts to destroy. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is the rights of the people. To Alter. Or to abolish it. The government under which they were live and to institute a new government. Laying its foundation. On such principles. And organizing its powers in such form as to them. Shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness. What they're saying here is when government starts to screw the people we have a right. As children -- to create her to Alter the government. Or just throw it out and start a new 18. New government which will be based on principles. That will best secure were our life liberty and pursuit of happiness and our safety. That's a huge statement. Let's go one. Prudence indeed. Will dictate that governments long established. Should not be changed for light and transient causes. And accordingly. All experience has shown. That mankind are more disposed to suffer. While evils are supper bowl. -- to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. Brilliant statement shows a great understanding of humanity. Basically. The intellectual argument is. Look you don't throw away a government that you've had a long time for petty little things. In fact we know that people are so lazy even at 1776. That. Don't just sit and fake it until such point as they can no longer take it. Or write themselves by abolishing the forms of government to which they are custom. And here's where it gets interest. But when a long train. Of abuses and use your patients. Pursuing. Invariably. The same object. Even Vince is a designed to reduce them under absolute despotism. It is their right there's that word again it is their duty. To throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security. This is huge. Look. People are gonna sit and take it. They're used to a certain government. -- take it. For a long time. But there comes a point when you have to say no war. And our founding fathers. -- it and it's coming up in the document. Cited a continuing. String. Of abuses. Of power. And it was obvious to our founding fathers. That the abuses heaped upon them. By the king. And by parliament. Were designed. To make them syrups. To reduce them under absolute. Despotism. When government starts dish or you and screw you and screw you and screwing you. It is your right. It is your duty. To throw off that kind of government. And to set up a new one bit guards. Your future security. Now I'm at a stop here. With the declaration of independence and what I'm doing here is I'm reading it. But I'm also trying to put it in -- date jargon and English so you can understand it better than you've ever understood it before. So don't go anywhere. Because they had a lot more to say about how the king of England was boating them draw. Coming in -- And what they were gonna do about it. We'll continue with the declaration of independence. Coming up. A news radio 930 WB. Our next hour or two diet it'll be shower spots early in the evening otherwise partly cloudy and cooler the overnight low 58. -- beat by -- the other twentieth annual independence eve celebration baseball BBDO and fireworks first -- 605 against the rail riders and enjoy yourself at the ballpark. And if you see any additional traffic issues. Each article Alan Harris he's on top of them he always is 8030321. Hazard traffic command line 8030321. -- tomorrow by the way clear. I'm -- partly sunny. A refreshing breeze and pleasant should be a beautiful day tomorrow 74 Saturday. Pleasant with plenty of sunshine 7873 degrees right now WB yet. Are this is up July 3 a 2014 we're looking back at why you have the day off tomorrow Independence Day the fourth of July. And what Thomas Jefferson has told the world so far in the declaration of independence is a look. Our creator. Made. Us all people were all supposed to have the same rights and the chief rights are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Governments are supposed to help us achieve. These things to allow us to achieve these things. But whenever any government starts to -- west. We have the right to Alter or -- polished that government and -- put up a new government. And in that new government were gonna set it up in a way that we think is best going to. Give us the best opportunity for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we understand that people. Should never throw -- government for light or transient reasons. And we also know human nature that usually people are lazy and they'll take it they'll take it they'll pick -- but sometimes. It's just one too many the elevator hits tilt. And you. Realised the government is out of turn you into nothing but a surf. And at that point you've got the right and you have the duty to throw off that kind of a government and a setup one. That is going to better serve you. Let's pick it up. So much has been the patient. Separates. Of these colonies. And such is now the necessity. Which constrains. Them to Alter their former systems of government. This is such a major statement. The word constrains. Basically. The king you have left us no choice. Because we've already set it is our duty it is our right to abolish this kind of government. And what you have done. Has basically given us no choice we are constrained. To Alter our former system of government. And here's where the indictment begins if you will the history of the present king of Great Britain. Is a history of repeated injuries and usurpation is all having in direct object. The establishment. Of an absolute. Tyranny over these states. Did you notice the morphing of the word colonies to states. To -- various. Let facts. Be submitted. To a candid world. And we're gonna go over those facts coming up in greater detail but I I don't wanna -- it. With the litany. Charges made by Thomas Jefferson and everybody who signed the declaration of independence. But. Many of these charges. Also will resurface again. In in the form of guarantees against future government interference in people's lives and homes in our constitution. And specifically our bill of rights which came sometime. After the declaration of independence because first we had the went our independence by armed conflict with Great Britain. So so far what we've done we've recap the declaration of independence. Okay we've said look sometimes people have to divorce from their current. Government. And what we do it we should tell the world why we're doing. Our government is letting us down it is no longer safeguarding our life liberty and pursuit of happiness. And because. It is a long train. Of abuses. We have a duty to change governments. And this is why we are rebelling against the king of great Britain and we're gonna go through. As briefly as possible those charges via list of charges coming up on news radio 930 WB EM. -- -- you're like in the so -- Tom at WB -- dot com Thomas WB -- that.

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