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7-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your family. -- -- -- look it's Tom hourly and it's live these local -- Being either. Third yeah. Yeah. Not being heard Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 hey everybody hey have you and your he's showed up. Okay yeah. OK -- better double move. -- know love. That is already. Gillis W long enough -- run. Stand. Bad. In addition to being a wise ass wrecked on tour and social critic and cultural anthropologist. I also have a very. Strong sense of the metaphysical. Which is. If you think that everything you see is all there is. I think you're very narrow minded. And even. William Shakespeare one of the great brains whoever occupied this planet. In his play Hamlet. Said. There is more in heaven and earth Horatio than is dreamt of in your philosophy. Folks I'm just gonna say something that just literally happened. I -- never. Check. My voicemail. When I go down to my office during a break never -- rarely go to my office during robbery. If I walked out is just usually appeal and come back. Walked into my office. I saw the light blinking. Folks I have never checked my voicemail that I can remember during a show. I punched in my coat. And you know what was on the other hand leaving me a message. A direct descendant. Of general George -- With the name -- Thanking me for my monologue. On Pickett's charge. Which by the way. It's really a -- Because it was Robert. Out figuratively not literally. ID. All I can say is larger forces. Larger forces -- I'd just can't even explain. What went through a it was a cheerful. Even wanna come other radio. But he. Kind of went through the basic outline of Jenny Knology. And he said yeah you you explained it. I I just. You know stuff like that that. I'll just. I don't I just never forget that stuff. We've got all of us are you -- use. Our happily take -- I didn't think anybody well now I take that back you guys have told me that you do care. It lets you know what before -- after the declaration of independence because tomorrow is independence today. The anniversary of the day Will -- shot down the alien spacecraft now that would have been the day before the anniversary of the -- crazy pilot -- the jet up into the middle of the mother ship that's right and blew it up. And somehow he went from being able to fly a single engine fixed wing airplane. And to be able to fly a jet fighter just like that with no training which I I think is unprecedented in the history of aviation but that's another story. Let's -- strike did again and lack a lot of behavioral WB and hello. Where. I was -- the book it was only get a Gettysburg yes. And I've spent the Gettysburg guys seen a ticket -- though the game on the ground vote meant -- -- cover. And oh my god what you think most most people on this immigration what what now this is not gonna happen. We're not doing it but I credit and they were saying that these guys were all from these different towns in different locations in your altogether and they were not chemical back being a -- It and they were -- the real work now. And this government and pretty much locked arms. And we're we're sort they'll work now and you couldn't Beckett in the court and I'll that you and amazing it is just it's on wire that think that. -- walk into that kind of fire. Because Asia -- back to your town your village or whatever and -- our. When you make that walk across the field of -- charge one of the things that strikes you is it's not flat land their arch whales and hollows throughout. Always actual actual and these guys are still don't work work all because you -- if you go back wherever your DelHomme back through and oh he was a coward he ran -- what I VP wasn't the one that. And it was some amazing to see what these men went through with gospel. I say you know what when you are walking that field. And you look over to your right and you see little round top and you mentioned being shelled. Like hail from the artillery pieces at little round top which have been saved the day before by repeat what you've made in the other regiments. Then when you consider the fighter in front. With the artillery bear the artillery from the cemetery. And then you consider not just the shelling but the shotgun stuff the -- stuff the great shot and then finally the volley of must retreat when you -- football field away from the union line and it just kept coming and coming and coming I. I can't believe anybody actually made it to that war but if you guys there. They actually put it in if you think what a football field it's. And if most people today are partner this new generation coming up think about football field. That's been a lot actionable get to the pats but can you imagine what -- what that and they walk through it no -- weren't they weren't running XP at all. Well they marched they went to the double quick -- wanna be exhausted when they got to the Walter they've ever made it to the wall most of. And it pulled -- -- all well well they they kept all big capital and they kept you know I was just some amazing what these. What what they did and I think it's that it's something for. Our generation to -- the new generation coming up -- that the New Madrid generation coming up would never go through that. Well don't generalize because there are guys that are special forces are United States Marines army air force many in the day. They have bravery just like that. But how many people went through Pickett's charge. Probably met or -- -- church -- people -- -- special forces. Well -- the 151000 men went through Pickett's charge. Most of them would never be the same physically or psychologically. Because of what resort to back then we didn't call a PT -- that we didn't have. The veterans administration we have old soldiers Holmes. And when you look at the medical books following the civil war. Let's just say that facial reconstructive surgery was a long way away. Indeed both sides. Thank you very much I just I hope that my words did what they did it justice. And one of the reasons I wanted to talk about. Day three of Gettysburg Pickett's charge and what those men did I want to reiterate what we talked about a month ago. On the anniversary of folks. What the guy is -- Pickett's charge did. Was less than what our guys at. Because. Our guys at. The Germans have a much better defensive position then the federal tested and get some all our guys it. That's why I got so -- and emotional. About the -- get. They did that probably something that was three times more difficult than the confederate were supposed to do and they actually want they did it. In some of those guys are still alive today. And I I just want them to go through listening. And they can have. A fifty year old long haired freak and I'm thinking of here is Brian in buffalo WB and hello. -- -- Always a spot -- I look forward your shall. All -- on climate works so appreciate this straight you're -- more and more questions way to our ultimate special forces. And we -- where. You know politics and we were turning to Wear one on an -- -- went around your -- And it incited who -- -- bit for obvious reasons and I would respected about. I don't ignore originate from. Listening to your monologue and Gettysburg. I wonder. Because -- Armitage. And when you're looking for somebody didn't get. I need any part of that person would be would be special -- -- closure. What you're saying that never closure -- I wonder if that's where torn down as far as. Part of a person from going through it all is word the start tiger came on just wondering achieved there. Well actually some. The dog tags or what we now called dog tags were very popular during the civil war but. But if you think about it if you were soldier in any work even the revolution. Or even the you know early -- the French and Indian wars. If you're soldier you -- have some kind of identification on you for the very reason you mentioned although they might not have been regulated or uniform. I'm sure that through the years common sense tells me that soldiers took pains to identify themselves. In the event something happened and somebody would at least know who they work. It. I'd take you very much for wearing the uniform serve I appreciate it more than you have any idea. It. 8030 my thirty -- 93180616. WBE and let's go to John in east a -- -- -- suddenly and very encouraged by like John you're on hello. All yeah just one of the log you off the summation. That you gave Pickett's charge and it look Peter -- declaration that the -- like it -- -- Your your very kind. When I talk about the Gettysburg I talk about it from personal experience having walked the land -- I have to tell you that if you think that I know a lot about the battle of Gettysburg. I pale in comparison to any of the National Park Service -- at Gettysburg. Each and every one of those men and women would outclassed me with facts and specifics. It you don't buy a country mile. I was under the impression. And I'll be helping with this could you have a much greater -- But. I would under the oppression he came close. Good for the north to booted because of pre you know the general -- or propane. Maybe -- I thought he was like literally people. It could be scared to go to the -- -- because we're running short of people that came in became the part that we had a lot more than it lost it can appeal as a true. Yup we're actually the north came very close to losing the battle of Gettysburg on the first date because the eleventh corps under general Howard got pushed back through the towel. And it was only because a general Hancock arriving at the scene that some semblance of order was restored. I Hancock was the right guy at the right time under the right circumstances. Had this south shall hold the high ground at Gettysburg cemetery. The south probably would've won Gettysburg on the first day before a lot of the union guys could get into the line of battle and on a date to have little round top fallen. The entire federal line -- -- collapse like a house of cards all along the left flank all the way through the center. So yes it was it was a very iffy battle especially they want and they too. Day three although dramatic Pickett's charge. The north had the advantage the self edit Fredericksburg they were well entrenched behind a very fortified position. There's an answer -- some earlier question John. That perfectly after my question again I'm a pastor to worry and I agree mutually about the -- not a political I've always. Shared the view from scripture that it in this virtual or real real. And I'll tell you. I would be getting scored card related in Gettysburg with our shop last July I was -- -- for the concentration. Horrible wars celebrated 150 pick or street. But it's -- just to open here it is just basic. John right I agree. I have to go to traffic thank you for your call and I don't know what there is about Gettysburg but it has gripped me like no other historical site I've ever visited let's go to traffic Alan Harris. And AccuWeather -- shower in spots early this evening. Yeah we saw some this morning over it just over my house nobody else just over my house. Otherwise partly cloudy and cooler tonight the overnight low 58 tomorrow partly sunny a refreshingly. Robberies and pleasant tomorrow sort of excuse me 74 for independents very Saturday pleasant plenty of sunshine 78 right now we are holding at. Seven victory at news radio 930 WB -- just want to make sure right after Joseph put what famous Amos in his mouth. Delicious cookies I met Amos. Other baked potato chips are for -- -- kind of -- you look good cure you look at fit and -- 35 pounds down real. If apple I was hired as the -- but just 35 pounds -- -- all right all right and guys I have to tiger. Any other. Radio. Program director or talk show host right now would be -- With this topic and I don't even I even at this is a topic. But I went through my monologue on day three. Of the battle of Gettysburg. This day in 1863. And somehow it struck a chord in you. I will take some more calls after the break. But I also wanna get to the declaration of independence and read it as it was written and then -- give -- the moderately goes to make sense. I pretty much are you understand Elizabethan English quite well and post Elizabethan almost modern English. Pretty well as well. So I will put my coming linguistic. Skills at this abuse dignity after a 430 news radio 930. W. BE NN. You know. I have an issue with impotence. I want to thank the trolls on my page for solving impotence issued today because I'm very excited because. I I have been in the process here. Banning and the leading Douglas Kevin and -- and some other people who just don't like. I put a proposed from a listener about a Department of Homeland Security busts. I said and that's that. And they proceed to come on here and insult you guys. Calling you about -- wacker it's so I wanna thank you you have been cheaper than Viagra. I will think your view this weekend should be opportunity arise dignity. All of you might have deep pleaded and band. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't listen to my show. OK I want it to go away they'll be part of my page I don't want you I don't need you. I don't give a rat's ass what you think. Your NPR fan co player and NPR and MSNBC and go play -- BC. Your Leslie Marshall fan -- player and Leslie's page of public tourists. Moreover you're helping my impotence. -- it excites me to get review. It really -- so thank you. And by the way for every nasty posts. You guys put up patrols. I personally take a dollar from a homeless person. All right let's say get back to the calls on -- WB and here is said Jim in the falls Jim your -- hello. Eight. It's my ball. And a longer topic today thanks a lot that there really -- nature because we recently found out immunity. A line -- in dollars and to -- and now now now recently after we authenticate to -- or -- it's hard. But. -- pleasure talking about it just a quick you know ordinary indicate a lot last year. On July 3 -- if you the national parks -- their credit that it. Very large reenactment to certain corporate a lot of visitors -- into the an obstacle crops battlefield. A December carrier -- we inaccurate and battle flag and and online -- or really really moving and stand there we went off we went off without -- Record it or about North Carolina and from there or where that is excellent. It was fantastic departure I want out there gave this stirring speech which had a it was man before a couple of that the exact card you can -- your right. Yeah on the club or trees here all of rebel yell at our at all battle like the people from. A person -- trigger other parts are trying to come out -- release statue is moving out across the battlefield and look across. Our partners. Some accurate the American flag -- It was incredible. And I -- -- cardinal. They'll ground where you want to duly skeptical real -- are on the way -- -- Borger or. You're a -- over the score around as to where we -- in 919 year old you know -- the coworker. -- -- portion of the Russian everything clamor over record and you're legal background you know. The law and realize how -- It's incredible when you up urgent struggle through it you you'll regret it. All right thank you are very much area I'm happy called -- a -- whack a mole here with with trolls don't mind me I'm having fun. Actually I'm having fun with a purpose because. My health plan allows me like six Viagra a month. I don't wait for me that's a -- week. So these guys are really helping save money. Here's what I gotta pay out of pocket it's like 25 bucks a -- All right thank you very much a magical. All right by the way if you ever have a chance to go through the confederate lines as our caller -- refer to. There is the Virginia monument which is Robert. Import travel at Gettysburg -- made this reference a few times does I'm not joking about direct. Diarrhea has caused the failure of more than one invasion. And more than one battle. In the history you know he was invented the story goes. Bad as the mongol hordes moved east and -- moved west from the east across Europe. Getting gets kinda knew that there was something about strange water that would give his men chronic -- And somebody at the bright idea. Let's boil water before we drink get to see if that helps the diet. And then they realize -- all boiled water tastes like you're. So they started throwing things onto a -- at T. Supposedly that is the origin of T. That it all stemmed from the mongols realizing. That. Strange water with different microbes. Could cause real issues with your digestive system. And Robert. Not what you think about he was a man in his sixties which back then was old age. -- Add to. The trots in the worst possible way number one. Number two what do you know about diary. No it's not I'm not being gratuitous here this this is serious battles haven't lost because of diarrhea folks. In -- -- using as a weapon. Its target that was growth but they have been lost because of diarrhea okay now. There's a delicate way to -- Robert. His -- was probably like a monkey -- Think about it he's -- human be getting into what human beings do we -- Third -- fourthly the July heat in Gettysburg is stifling you add that. To be dehydration caused by diarrhea and it's really not a mystery why Robert. For his army. He was not in his right mind. I'm not saying he was insane what I'm saying is he was not thinking as rationally as he would have had he not have the diarrhea. The monkey but. The soreness. But he didn't have it -- not like they had does it did back then and that he he was a set. And I think that that sickness affected his decision making ability which had gotten hints in twos out of somebody tight spots. Over his illustrious. Military career. So when I mentioned diarrhea and Robert. And there's one other thing I wanna mention before -- move on here. And it is fun by the way playing whack a troll say they come in bunches you have to understand it's like. It's almost like. You know these trolls. Have -- -- all like the network of trolls. If you can see them as they join the page. You know hourly your mental patient get off your high court's. You know thirteen were tough guys. Keyboard -- yards the error. And it's fun to whack it really is I as I said I if it does excite me. And already. Pretty much out of Viagra for the month so instead of going through. Another 25 bucks per pill thing now I can just look at patrols have -- I don't need it thank you. -- There are some other issues to address because we are on the eve of Independence Day. But I do wanna make one other reference regarding the battle of Gettysburg and why it Bissau lost. James Longstreet was held in very high regard by Robert. -- old war horse that's what Robert. Robert. A guy to whom he would have listened more -- long history his name was Thomas Stonewall. Jackson. And although the south won the battle at chancellor's bill. In which Stonewall Jackson was mortally wounded by his old man what we call friendly fire incident today. That battle of chancellors will cost Robert. Head Jackson bin at Gettysburg. I think the result would have been different. In fact I don't think it would have been a three day battle at Gettysburg. I strongly believe Bennett Thomas Stonewall Jackson battle of Gettysburg the battle would have ended in one day -- -- a southern victory Jackson would out of respite until he swept those people Howard's eleventh -- The other guys who had -- rattled from the high ground. And -- a hell bent down and and negotiated -- peace at that time. Remember folks. The union army did not exactly have a string of victories against the self in the early days of the civil war. You know they claimed. Emptied them as a victory. That's. It may be a stretch. Frankly. I know this I saw the movie glory. All right it is 443. -- there's radio by thirty WBBM. 443. That was with that Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman and whole bunch of other great actors are strongly suggest you read it. Are you actually watch the movies which -- depicts the formation of and be. Coming of age if you will of the 54 colored Massachusetts. Regiment. And. As I've mentioned before at the end of the civil war. 10%. Of the federal army was comprised of black -- And contrary to what some of the idiots in town line who rudely turned down a confederate memorial. May believe. Toward the end of a civil war itself started to train its old black soldiers having seen. You give a black had a gun and trading and they'll fight for their homes. Because remember. And this is gonna (%expletive) some people off. But to the black man in the south. He would have been defending his home to. As awful as conditions were forced some blacks many blacks in the south under slavery go up. There were -- acts. Anyway. Little bit about our history of it. I find absolutely fascinated. Now. I need the break. And I mentioned earlier this week. That these are very important days for me. Because I love. The United States of America I love the country into which I was born. I abhor what it has become. Under this criminal rogue your -- got receive we have in the White House. Which in my opinion is filled with a bunch of constitution. Breaking traders. Who should be impeached and convicted and removed from office. For dereliction of duty and violating their oath to uphold the constitution. And I've been calling get a rogue government for -- Yes -- With or without cool whip but. Anyway you slice it anyway you slice of that pie. It took me awhile. To realize. That Obama and his cronies are not incompetent. They are not inept. They're doing what they want to do. It's just that it is so antithetical to common sense for those of us who want to see the country survive and prosper. That we have a hard time understanding that the chief executive could actually hate the country that made him president. Folks I argued against people who called them to make that argument years ago. Because I may get didn't wanna believe that maybe it was in denial. Even after -- saw the first Dinesh D'Souza move. I did not want to believe that our president could actually hate America. But I have no enter reservation at all about saying that now not. Because the proof is in. The borderline. Insanity we have taking place right now. Now a long time before Barack Obama was conceived. By the virgin Mary. And birth that a stable at Bethlehem. There was a document that was drawn up in Philadelphia. It's the reason you'll be roasting your -- tomorrow. Say -- -- radio like thirty WB average -- wanna tell you a little bit about that document and why it matters. I hope I can do it justice as have -- the battle of Gettysburg justice on WB. And AccuWeather forward arrested today a shower and spots early this evening otherwise partly cloudy and cooler tonight 58 so looks like a decent even ending -- for. The twentieth annual independence eve celebration with -- have bought the BP LO and fireworks for his -- 605 against the rail riders. Decent night for game let's hope it holds out partly sunny and a refreshing breeze and pleasant tomorrow 74 Saturday attributable but it pleasant with plenty of sunshine 78. Right now 73. At the news radio 930 WB EM. Other process to write about response to -- some of the trolls because what happened is I received the picture from a listener. Of a Department of Homeland Security -- -- saw. At the transit road exit of the New York State -- at 130 this afternoon. I Shipley said and H and -- M like I wonder what's up with it. Can I suggest some conspiracy. I know. That I suggest that some. Totalitarian. Invasion was close at hand and let -- know. I think any rational person. With any knowledge whatsoever of basic current events. Mainly involving our former southern borders. Would ask -- legitimate question. Are these buses in some way shape or form being used to transport. Illegal invaders in two New York State. So we can pay for -- legitimate question. I realized it. Some of you don't quite follow current events in May not exactly be up on what's happening and our former southern borders. But I don't know I. I don't remember anybody saying anything about area 51. Or aliens. Or some big conspiracy involving Department of Homeland Security. The picture was posted as I received. With no comment. With no explanation just game. Now I would suggest that if you are looking for somebody who espouses the conspiracy theories that you look at Hillary Clinton. And her interview with -- like our. In which -- suggested that her husband was having all kinds of problems because of a vast right wing conspiracy. -- that made sense to you. Sometimes it's like shooting fish in a barrel folks honest to god. It is up 455 news radio 930 WB yen. -- -- be holding the gun to my mouth and blowing the smoke out of the barrel after waste in the bed.

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