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7-3 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather -- permanent fixes. The issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate land on my desk so I can site. Wherever and whenever. I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do here. Com hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school. We're talking -- and -- life. -- It's locally that provoked this it's Tom hourly ask another question and try to get this month this is the real -- -- it wouldn't. He's a live here. -- -- So on news radio 930 and they're everywhere and we -- what it meant something personal things like compliment. Was that members coast W. Well they're very good golf America. As one -- Joseph vigil at yeah I'm kind of glad you bet. It's everything about. Doing simply on a -- thanks a lot Osama. Yup you know little dog in about. It is Bowery illusory at 930 WBBM. Is the third of July. 2014. And it tomorrow is Independence Day otherwise known as the fourth of July. And I want to ask you to start things off -- got about a lame question. And well I don't really think it's all of -- lame but I'm gonna put up here. What does Independence Day mean to you do you actually spent any time thinking about what it means that I wanted to be honest. Or is it all about eight today off I don't have to work on getting paid I get to drink Beers starting at 9 AM I get to fire -- a -- starting at four. Life is good I get the blow things up I get to do the bottle rockets I get to do the snakes is it is it all about bat. Or do you spend any time at all. Wondering about -- events that actually made your day off possible. I on the geek all right. Among many other things and I actually. Well actually a one a body in here and the accident. Throughout the tonight. If you are -- the 290. You are backed up almost two Miller motorsports. This must be eighty to ninety east. Because there's an accident at the ninety west. At the 33. On the left shoulder. So if you're on the two and -- the east that is what is going on if you have any additional information. You make sure you give me a call star 930. Star 930. You know the irony is -- -- -- I had just had a conversation with them linger about traffic today. Because I'm convinced that everybody got out of work at new. And everybody was on main street that Williams battle today exactly at twelve doughnuts and dry cleaning up the pick up. And I'm pretty sure that every one of my friends and neighbors was on main street and Williams -- -- at the same time. But -- anyway there is an accident. -- the west at the 33. On the left shoulder and as a result the traffic on the 290s and it would be heading eastbound. As already racked up almost two -- Miller sport so before I get into the meat of the show the belly of the beast if you have anything additional you need to add to that. As you know I always make traffic a top priority but alternately. When it asked UB. I don't wanna make a mountain out of a -- -- but on the other hand if thousands of people are going no winner. I should really know about it because I should be there to help you guys get through. The situation. OK okay now. This is that the third of July -- gets on tomorrow's the fourth today's the third it's funny how math works that way. Today is. Also. A major anniversary in American history and I realize that. Many of you were not properly educated this is not your fault. Many of you did not receive. And education nor did you seek it out on the American civil war. The bloodiest conflict ever on American soil. The Brothers war literally it's in some cases and the significance of that war and the sacrifices made during that war. And the heroism involved on both sides north and south. The valiant behavior of men on both sides north and south. Now let's not glamorize it -- not to put a halo and everybody's heads. There -- also -- liberal bastards in the civil war group think enough of the barge in and you're all on their march and a -- your wife and your daughter and then killing all your animals and that taking what they -- -- vote. That happened. Frankly the north was guilty of war crimes and was the south. In that respect Sherman's army when marching to the seat. Acted basically like the vikings' active. Sherman he ever actually said war is hell but. And there's no documented instance of his having said that. But basically his men may be a hell on the people of the -- and acted like a bunch of no good thugs and vandals. In the federal -- there's no excusing and there's no. There's no sugar coating it. I wanna tell you that general orders issued by Robert. 1863. General Robert. Specifically places like Fredericksburg. The union army act like a bunch of thugs and animals in Fredericksburg. And Robert. And Robert. And there are many accounts. Of people who were better. Explaining the basically. The chivalry. Of the southern army even though these guys were starving without clothes without shoes. Now. They did in some cases. Pay for what they shall we say appropriated. With meaningless confederate script. With meaningless confederate dollars. But. Bay at least tried to do it the right way as they saw the right way even under the most desperate circumstances. Now the people of Pennsylvania court stupid now they didn't have the Internet back then they were tweeting. Hey Robert -- just drove by. Hash tag invading self. They don't have that backed -- -- that FaceBook back then. But word travel. And word traveled pretty quickly considering all the circumstances. And when the people of Pennsylvania found out that the south was on the march -- heading their way what do you think they -- it. They loaded their valuables on the trains and sent to relatives and friends further our. So that they would be out of the reach of the confederate now. There are a lot of cases were people would buried -- girls whiskey in the backyard they would Barea there molasses in the backyard. They would -- great pains to hide their sauerkraut and anything the south might conceivably. -- always appropriate. And then exchanged -- -- work our confederate script. All at all I have to tiger and this is a true examination of history. The rebel army conducted itself helped a lot more like gentlemen then the federal army did win it. Was in the southern cities never forget that. I -- I have to mention. And that is why by the way. Off topic this is all going some. Because I realized it and come here for -- civil war where you don't -- actually some of you probably did it and that that spartans me it truly guards. But. It is just a rubber stamping of the winners always write the history of the war. Always they always have been always will. You know the British beat the Britain's did not -- of the history of the war with the Romans they got defeated were basically up to Julius Caesar. To. Get his version of the invasion of Britain when he did and he failed the first time you succeeded the second time against the tribal clans of Britain. So in many respects what you were taught in school was the northern view of the civil war. One of the things that troubled me this week. Was as individuals in home lie in New York I don't know if you saw this story I don't really read the local newspaper all that much. Because it's their veracity as a source. It is not held -- very high regard by me for various reasons but. There was a story about how lion New York right in our area. And it's even -- to rule out eventually re joining the United States. After succeeding from the United States during the civil war if only rejoice the United States officially. Under the regime of Harry Truman. And save the odious people in -- line not everybody but some of them rather rudely. Refused a memorial gift from a confederate memorial group. When I saw that. You have no idea how much made my blood boil now -- obviously supports slavery now. Folks president McKinley. The guy -- we shot here in buffalo at the Pan American exposition and the reason the bills will never win a Super Bowl. The curse of -- President of the Kelly was a civil war soldier from Ohio. And I've often said the use the irony of mr. McKinley is the fact that. He served during the entire civil war pretty much as a messenger. He had an extremely. Dangerous missions there were times when bullets were worked -- -- it -- all around him he didn't even get a scratch in the civil war despite the fact that he was on the front lines doing the most dangerous work you can. At that time. He comes up -- -- double at fictional it's -- But McKinley if you know anything about president -- Who again. As local relevancy we shop and he died here. He was one of the great American presidents in so many ways. Not the least of which. Was is faithfulness to his wife -- a very frail woman who probably had what we call today a couple of street. He was a man I've told this story before. And I start that this is just not normal you you just don't start getting teary eyed over dude who died a 113 years ago you didn't even know. But the story itself is -- McKinley basically was shot he lingered for about ten days. -- after early hopes that he would recover from the gunshot wound to the gut which in 1901 was not good. He began to falter. And he knew. He knew. Late bat he was not going to make it. Now what are the most beautiful things. I've ever heard about William McKinley. Is when he realized. That he was dying bed he was not getting out of the Melbourne. It was at the Melbourne mansion alive. He called his doctors together. And he said this is in God's hands I think we should have a prayer. And he concluded it with -- I will be done. This was a man who then met with his wife in his way to moments of consciousness. They had a very private and very quiet conversation. Between the two of them they were madly in love with each other. You know before Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie William McKinley and I don't -- And I have often been so inspired. By president McKinley. At the moment he realized he was going to die that day. By his saying the prayer. And by saying by will be done to god. By having their final conversation with his wife. It into his life ladies and gentlemen I wanna give you two examples. -- these are all relevant to what we're going to be getting into at various points today. What do you B two examples. I wanna bring in this column line in gratitude. President wickedly as I mentioned was a union soldier. And a brave one. After the civil war a confederate group gave him a medal were ribbon or eight -- -- of the confederacy. What do you think president McKinley did it did he do what those sanctimonious deuce bags didn't outline now. He accepted. The memento and wore it proudly. The entire day from confederate veterans to show the reunification of north himself and to express his personal magnanimity. We don't have people like that integrate abundant anymore in this country. But William McKinley was a man of honor a man of decency. A man of love. And a man for the ages and I think that all too often people just know all he was the guy who shot buffalo died here. There was so much more to William McKinley. Then you have ever been taught. And he. Is truly inspirational the other thing I wanted to tell you about this guy that sets him apart. This is the guy who went through the entire civil war dangerous missions bullets all around them not even a scratch. He is shot. In the temple of music in buffalo at the Pan American exposition. His guards start the English have beaten the crap. Out of the guy who just shot him twice. Be on children -- You'll McKinley did. McKinley said Louisiana boys -- easy -- That's economy anyone's. This guy had just shot him. Eddie told his guards dole beat them up. Even -- his death bed. He expressed concern for the man who shot him. Basically say he must have been a -- do you ranged well. McKinley was so much like Ronald Reagan. I urge you to read up on William -- And there's a reason I'm bringing him and the civil war up on this third of July of 2014. You may you may know what it is. I also water budget we still of a mess on the -- ninety eastbound. That is because of an. Accident or on the at ninety west at the 33 at the left shoulder I don't know if that situation has cleared up yet with Turbo lax because your regular guy -- And a lot of make sure you stay regular I don't know if it's -- herbal latched itself out what yours go to standstill but we'll find out 324. And it worked a dumb and dumber referenced in after a brilliant soliloquy on the life and magnanimity of William McKinley. Give me an eclectic award. A news radio 930 W media is just to have -- his -- Video game. A lot in as one of the most that beautiful pieces of music. And one of the most during parts of the movie Gettysburg starting a whole lot of people. Including of course Jeff Daniels. And it is. It was just a monumental achievement. The -- will be was made. Right. The date came out of the BB was a great day are great day for America. End up for those who want to know what are all -- occasionally talked where is leading to. It leads to -- -- -- development of the opportunity to gold and read. One of the well the single best firsthand accounts of Pickett's charge. I've during that ratio has a lot of focus a little bit on the declaration of independence but. I've been kind of updating you. Day by day with the events of early July of 1863. The three day battle of Gettysburg. Yesterday we talked about little round top. And the amazing achievement. Of colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain -- twentieth main. A New York regiment council later regiment in holding the left flank secure work against the confederate -- charge at little round top at Gettysburg. That was a game saver. Today. In conditions. It's it's much more stifling that we are experiencing right now you've ever been in the southern Pennsylvania heat in July. Think about temperatures in the ninety's and heat indexes. In the low one hundreds. Anything you've ever seen civil war uniforms. Let's just say they would like full suits. Me they were basically. Despite slightly hot. So anyway. You know even today by the way the real actors often are told to make sure they hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate hydrate. Because those uniforms will just trap heat right next your body Petersburg little revelation. So this day in 1863. And you know it's important that I play a little bit about this because you're gonna be off to more. You know it's Independence Day you might call the fourth of July I call independents there. And the reason or even here as the United States of America. In its present form. Is because of events that took place a long time before you came into this world including the battle of Gettysburg. And this day 1863. You had the confederate army on one side of the battlefield. The union army on the other side of the battlefield in kind of a fish -- formation. The outlook of the page or being the round tops. The morning. Featured some skirmish. Between the two lines. Now there were other lines to but I don't feel like getting in the hopes it'll. At this point it's it I don't wanna sidestepped the main attraction. But there was a candidate. That was unprecedented. Before and is never repeated cents. On our continent. What capitalize. The morning was relatively quiet by Gettysburg standards. In the early afternoon. To signal shots were heard. This was followed by. A massive confederate artillery barrage. Against the center of the union line. Basically. The commander of the confederate artillery a young man by the name of Alexander's. He was whole drive those people from that center. Because once you break up that center of the federal line. We can begin the charge and that we can get the center and roll about either side. Now this kid was in his twenties. I don't know if you notice that this was even thirty years old. And Robert. Passed down to long history. Of determining when the union line was actually. Smashed enough to begin the ground assault. Folks that oversee and one can and go off. Can you imagine hundreds of cannon and artillery pieces going off at the same time in the still Pennsylvania here in the middle of July. In early July in the middle of summer in southern Pennsylvania. You couldn't see any. These guys. Up -- south opened fire on the federal. On the believable. An incredibly concentrated -- naturally the union responded. 482 hour period ladies and gentlemen. The north and the south. The army of Potomac. And the army of Northern Virginia. Sent thousands of shells at each other thousands of shells. The union. Basically over shot the confederate troops in the warts they didn't do a lot of damage to the confederate soldiers in the wards. They had taken cover and the union shot right over their heads in the shells landed in the fields be not most of them. The self scored more direct hits. But guess what the union. Had a good defensive position. But for two hours ladies and gentlemen to continuous. Hours. There was a the last of ten. The likes of which has never been heard before or since on this -- it was spurred literally hundreds of miles away now people -- we sent me emails say it. Now I'm not. And you can look up hopes book HO KD hoped. Look up his book. And he will give you the explanation of how sound travels. As it was understood even back them by scientists and -- much better understanding now of acoustical shadows and reverberation. That before. But that's how loud it was at Gettysburg. Then as suddenly as it started. The candidate stopped. And it was like for a whole bowl but the universe stood still. The smoke began to slowly lift off that battlefield. And the north looked. Over that one mile of Pennsylvania farmland. And they saw. Regiment after regiment. A confederate troops emerging from the awards -- that's reflected sunshine. They knew. What was going to happen. They watch these men assembled. They watch them get into formation. And then. They couldn't hear it but they knew that they confederate commanders gave the order for word march. 151000. It meant folks ever been out of a sabres game. Okay all those people imagine them -- line about one mile long clustered together marching across. One mile a wide open territory. All of them converge eventually like the point of a triangle. On the union center. When they confederate made it about one half mile across the farmland. The union artillery opened up on them. First which shells. Explosive shells shrapnel. Bay kept coming they kept closing the gaps in the line. -- confederate drew closer the confederate strip via federal change that can -- up. Artillery. They started using great shot. Which literally looks like it sounds like shotgun. Pellets held together by strands of steel. They used great shot. They used canister -- of those like shotgun shells they used double canister the closer the confederate got. When the confederate got to within about 100 yards of the union line. The federal -- stood up from behind that Stonewall. And opened fire. And absolutely. -- overrides the advance guard of the confederate. Army at what was called eventually Pickett's charge. Now you're -- yesterday I talked about little round top. And how Chamberlain's men and others held back the confederate assault guess what. That proved to be an important position. Because as the confederate marched across their battlefield. The all -- top was to their right. Their right flank was exposed guess what. The federal opened fire on them with artillery from little round top. The guys on the right side of the confederate -- we're just getting pulverized. And then as if that wasn't bad enough. Suddenly from this decline in the terrain which you can still see today. A whole bunch of guys from Vermont who had never before seen combat stood up. And fired at point blank into the right flank of the confederate advance. The confederate could not even shoot back their mission was to take that wall take the union center. They were getting at the confederate from all sides you're getting it from the right. They were getting it from the left from the cemetery there were getting it from the center they were getting different than they were getting it from artillery there were getting it from shelves and double canister and single canister and musket balls. Those led musket balls weighed about one count each you -- with one of those it was and are you got it with one of those in the stomach it was your life. They kept coming 151000. Men what was left of them when you walked. In this all happened folks. This day all of this time. This -- back -- 1863. On this very date July 3. When you take your family to Gettysburg. I hope you have the opportunity. To walk across that one -- I have numerous times. It is amazing. That any body any living soul even get to what we don't know is the high water mark of the confederacy. Because. The intensity of the fire spokesman of the show we did on. And your -- said that what those guys did on. Think of our guys at. This day in 1863. At Gettysburg. -- didn't have a chance in hell. Robert. Blundered. Badly. With his decision to advance. General long history. Who was -- military genius. Kept on telling general -- Don't make this charge don't do this no 151000. Men ever made can take this line. Against this tide of opposition across this distance it can't -- and Robert -- remember. He had horrible diarrhea he heads of your monkey but. Or traveler's -- Robert. The union beat back the confederate assault mode now is Pickett's charge. And -- carnage. You can imagine folks 151000 men. Artillery. Mosque gets. It was almost -- Turkey shoot. Robert. Alert. From the failure of -- side the federal general at Fredericksburg. -- just can't take a position that is held. That strongly by so many guys behind -- Stoll wall. The north lost the battle Fredericksburg. As the south lost the battle of Gettysburg. Which by the way make the accomplishments of I told you it's never been done before it's ever been on -- what our guys did during the day they did the impossible. That's why they get so passionate about it. The water the shortage of folks gears. That was the beginning of the end of the confederacy. What they lost in terms of man power what they lost in terms of equipment in terms of animals of war. Could not be replaced. Now. Here is where the story of raptors up you're just a second because this is. The anniversary of Pickett's charge July 3 which took place Tuesday 1863. Went evening was coming up. But it it was almost metaphorical. A gigantic. Rainstorm. Burst forth on all of these men north and south. It was a cataclysmic. Rain storm. -- south knew it had big get the hell out of Gettysburg as quickly as possible. I want to imagine you have just taken a one -- -- ball to your -- You were thrown rudely into a wooden wagon without any springs whatsoever along -- about fifty of your closest friends. That wagon is being pulled by horses across brought -- -- it's. Guys. Were begging their friends shoot me please kill me put me out of my misery many of the confederate have been wounded died during the retreat. Edwards left along the side of the road. And eventually the good people of Pennsylvania took those bodies side. Buried them with honor and with dignity and eventually many of them were reclaimed by the relatives from the south. All of these events happened on this day in 1863. So -- you about your day planning your Independence Day festivities. I just want to remember. That there is a world before you came into it before I came into. And there were sacrifices. And there were deeds of -- patriotism bravery and honor. -- I don't think I could have done. Yet ordinary men did that. This day in 1863. I hope I have not -- the crap out of. I never get -- talking about this I hope you don't get bored listening to. But. I opposed it on my FaceBook page an essay by a man named Haskell. It's called the battle of Gettysburg it's a free book you can read on line. Folks I've spent forty years reading about the civil war you'll never find a better account of the battle of Gettysburg than that written by Haskell. The lake is on my FaceBook page project Gutenberg. Haskell like -- the battle of Gettysburg. 340 united WB. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Would be the end I I hope you guys. Don't mind that I took so much time. To offer my area monologue dash soliloquy. On what happened Tuesday and 1863. At Gettysburg. I am not. Exaggerating when I tell you regret. What I recall vote this battle. I'd become very emotional I've been there I've walked in their footsteps. And if you think that I really know a lot about it I don't know anything compared to the National Park Service guides. Today are freaking amazing. Let's go to David like wanna on a WB -- Dave hello. Dave you're on hello. Our -- Dave is that not on animals say goodbye. It is at 353. And news radio 930 WB CN. All right we are not meant the first hours almost done already holy crap out of that happened while -- what are coming up next. I want to let go back even further. And a lot of the early part of the show is going to be me. Because. If I become passionate. Recounting what I know. About the battle of Gettysburg. And I've been there so many times I've seen all these places I'd walk all these places. And it just amazes me. As a grown man. That these guys back then did what they did on both sides north and south. And remember. They didn't really have a lot of painkillers back then they had morphine. But not a lot of other. They didn't have antibiotics. If you've got infected. You were screw. There's just no two ways about it you've got got shot you were screwed nobody survived got shots nobody. It is. Time we get it to the declaration of independence. Only if you want me to. If you want NATO. Send me an email Thomas WB and that cannot be happy to talk with you about about it. But it's written in kind of a post Elizabethan English which throws a lot of people. I'll try to read it and give -- a modern day jargon of the declaration if you want me to do it. After four -- news radio 930 WB EN -- I can do a ghost show. And not work but I feel like work I feel like doing my job and I'm not gonna mail it and.

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