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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's -- -- junk grade I was threatening matter earlier on the show very appropriate is Oscar winning role in Yankee Doodle Dandy thing George and am homeland. He actually. Her -- very definitely. I believe. Either sprained or broke. His ankle. Doing one of the big dance numbers with those huge flips in the air videos aside flips and did not stop. Until he finished. The the number -- they have that shot Julie stopped when wedeman. I'm in trouble here. That in -- is great dancer and most people were armaments against their. It was a good good actor great yeah great individual and he danced on bar wants with Bob Hope he was playing Georgia and -- yeah -- Subtle little falling out why. Well and African it's. -- -- -- In those get your head if you came up in vaudeville or like you could dance you could say because they had to reinvent themselves all the time. If you're an actor and George urge you to talk about that every time I start getting jobs I changed my mind and in my heart I. It would take him a whole year to realize I was terrible and not hire me again. I may have a farm on Martha's Vineyard and I was visiting Martha's Vineyard and the -- boss for us and by and I was just hoping. As he would have been around because I was huge clinic -- heard the -- And -- -- and that movie also has a nice little bit of broadcast history. For Western New York when. Channels certain WK EW TV. First went on the air the first thing they showed was Yankee Doodle Dandy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm known for a lot of things now it is the movies shows and old Bob so -- -- can notable visual online anytime on demanded WBN dot com. Big box office goes Bob what do you got. Transformers. The -- each. A distinction. Opened to 100. Million dollars they were aiming to be the first 100 million dollar. Opening of the year and it did happen. I found it somewhat suspicious. That they opened at exactly. 100 million dollars evil but yes it's like 100 point 02 mall owner's address that -- rival studios. Are suspicious as well and they've -- lodging complaints all week that it was actually 97 million or 98 which quite frankly. Don't know how anybody would be able to find that out or verify that. This opened a little bit weaker than last transformers flick but it's still an excellent showing and the people who want to see you. Unlike the critics who sought and absolutely despised it. Audience is David and minus rating with some scores aren't all right. Not surprise me about that I was I was at the theater to see another film and they're transformers was getting out. Is -- a mix of people it was young old men and women who. Children and adults I mean it was a total mix of people I would've assumed that they demos would have been a net more narrowly focus. Yeah yeah I -- films like that are being looked down into a big. Across the board friendly film now as opposed the old days when you'd take them out the old -- or Pollyanna -- -- Now you -- policy on robots fight. It has opened up. It opened up worldwide at the same time they -- global release -- this. So in the first three days it's already done 300 in two million worldwide. Now in China we talked last week about how is that. Has about last definitely takes place in China there's Chinese product placement in the movie what it paid off. The opening weekend in China alone was 92 million dollars to what did nearly as well in China. As it did here in the US. And number two. 22 -- streets filled doing quite well another sixteen million dollars and is now at 140. Million. At number three how to train your dragon heart to can tell -- to fade quickly. Thirteen million and it's now at 122. Million. The first one did very steady business had very long legs this does not seem to be the case with the sequel. I think like a man two and the biggest drop of the week it was number one last weekend. It dropped 64%. While its second weekend needed ten million it's not 48 million. But as -- this is the somber moviegoing attention deficit disorder. Films are opening big and then disappearing quickly. But. We also have a number five still in the top five. The high priestess. Of the summer box office. Angelina Jolie in -- and did another eight million dollars it is now at 202. Million here in the US. Worldwide. -- nearly 600. Million dollars huge huge. Overall. The June box office is down 16%. From last year so it seems. Like the numbers have been a little hole home this year. That's because they are. All right test the and you had oh yeah -- we do that questioner. You -- this -- yes I did let me just tell you this for those of you planning to see Jersey boys now why did I -- -- it. That's jockey when these songs were all right well and their vital of them I was right about my record of -- played them on the air this is a part of your life the four seasons. -- god you know one relive the days when you head hair. Exactly and just say this about that movie it sucked. How bad did it -- I shouldn't say the whole movie sucked because I always -- ten minutes of it I actually got up panel laughed. After ten minutes and kill me because I was at the theater with a good seats right over here via. When. -- reject they have the best seats you don't wanna get a lot of Carolina electric and it. Just takes. I'd sure I absolutely -- of at least Hillary got my money's worth here is my quick. Critique of they can't sing and they can't act. Ed the via the portrait of Italians that they present an OK in my sensitive. You can do jokes about Italian. You jokes about -- Was cartoon stuff. It was. Salute cartoon stuff the only thing left out of portraying a two million Americans it is hey that's a one spicy meet the ball that's the only thing. What's embarrassing. It was pathetic the song -- And the acting -- so I decided you know what. I've invested ten minutes and five dollars or eight dollars or whatever -- they get him I'm not investing another another moment Iowa. I'm really surprised to hear that because. I've read some interviews with Clint Eastwood concern competency myself because you know like. Hates the four seasons at all and I just didn't want for myself through that. But what I understand as far as the Italian dialect in all that he had the entire cast. Very carefully study the films of Chicago mark. Wave wrong and should be -- -- and it was just. It's you know sometimes things that are taken from the stage. Are stylistic. You don't expect them to be realistic. This I don't know where they were coming xmas anyway it was awful just awful in fact it's so awful but you I go to where this is playing and demand other people's money back who that's a -- -- now I can picture that quote up on the poster. You know after a movie -- your question -- -- I sure do according to a -- Who was voted number one was that any Meryl Streep beat Jennifer Lawrence or seats and Jelena Joseph hates. -- -- I was not a man from Ohio Lou did not make all of this is our various calls over or 9875. The prize a movie pass it's going to have some that are valid through December 31 wanna Forte and when he -- all certificates and -- to the public guerrilla Miller sport or on transit no expiration date total value 43 Dollar General on this rules apply it will be back after this break. It's the moment shows that about Bob -- and -- -- national star. A man of of unlimited time. And that these fuel leak sidekicks and he's kind of the big deal the -- -- not the movie -- your question. According worrisome bolt Tammy star Melissa McCarthy. Is the second most like movie star in America who was voted number one and the answer would be. Jennifer Lawrence. Well. Which makes me feel terrible for Jennifer Lawrence why she's got the Oscar she gets great review and she's so talented announcer everybody loves there which means that in about. Twenty minutes. The pressure is gonna decide day hitter and they are gonna start just saying horrible things about her but she always knows she is I think you know she reminds me who. -- winners. When she -- -- what are his outlook. Didn't trip actors but you're right -- -- -- whether but when you see Shelley let winters on the Tonight Show -- and some like that. She -- winners did not have a lot of filtered you do where you stood with Shelly -- her she was always entertaining always interesting. -- large skylight that terror she really does not care anything about B and hello played each mighty movie stars she will lives and speak her mind. And apparently America loves her and it's a big mummies and the big screen today Tammy is this they. I hear though whoever wells -- -- -- no means an unknown. Apparently there are no whip wields in the and the at all there is no sign Debbie Reynolds or Sandra -- This is a comedy. That. Is starring Melissa McCarthy. It is written by Melissa McCarthy and her husband and -- own and it's directed. By her husband Dan fan I'll call so this is family. Project from beginning to end. Personally I think this is a very -- usual. Fourth of July weekend for July is its movie wise as far as being. The weekend when it. Big movies come I mean for years Wilson at. Always talked about how it's my -- man in black Independence Day men and -- they were all fourth of July weekend number huge huge hits. Usually you have some sort of an action movie or superhero movie. Coming out this major feature released this week which really surprised it. The review sports so far. Have been -- Mary -- it is. Yesterday on rotten tomatoes it was that a 19%. Positive -- not doing well at all. I personally have been kind of surprised at some of the that turned that down Melissa McCarthy has taken career wise. I was first aware her -- tea around them up fourteen years -- year 2000. When girls TV shows started -- she played salukis shot. And two. Little bad breakfast that was featured on national. She was very funny very clever played a very sweet demure but funny. Character. A few years later she was on the show Samantha who once again. She by money. Clever character then in 2011 she had bridesmaids should -- your. -- has hit. And she played. Just an absolutely hysterical over the top. Boisterous character larger than life. Although nearly Chris Farley and drag I'm just sheer how on old and just everybody would be emerging and Oscar nomination. And since. She pretty much then. Milking that same time she's been playing that. Similar -- character in just about every movie cents a then. And dom it's a little frustrating and I know she can do. A lot more than -- brother goes well yes she is an experienced farm girl. I I would have thought would this movie being something that Chia co wrote she produced her husband directs it. That it would show a much greater shadings but a lot of the comedy here does go along that same -- Her character. Begins the movie with one of those. All those days it only happens in movies where everything goes wrong on the same day she she hits -- -- Helped bring it back to life -- her car -- completely destroyed which means she's late to work at a fast food job she gets fired. So it used to go home early and find her husband is having an affair. So she decides to take off on the road. With her grandmother. Who is an alcoholic diabetic. With no filter and the grandmothers always wanted to go to C Niagara Falls so they decide -- Niagara Falls so. Whole areas hijinks. In school this year is that Davis is basically a road movie and that I tell you -- movies. Because they're so episodic. They look easy to do. But they're very tricky I mean for every. Rain Man. Or planes trains and automobiles. You've got about a dozen movies like Barbara Streisand in the guilt trip that just don't work at all. And most of the people losing its -- have been on quite frustrated. By the wildly shifting home in this movie. It'll be very very broad at that moment at least it's feeling like scenes out of bridesmaids and then it will try to be real sensitive. May be moved wise it's all over the place and as far as not. Just the actual technical aspects of the movie several people found to be bit amateurish incredible test. Melissa McCarthy's grandmother is played by Susan Sarandon. She's the one on the road with her her mother is played by the wonderful Allison Janney. Although I do it Tuesday. The -- is a little funky in that. Melissa McCarthy's 43. Allison Jennings 54. Susan Sarandon is 67. So far. The daughter mother grandmother scenario to work each of these women. Became mothers at age thirteen. Apps -- stop -- a little bit but what ever. You've also got to Kathy Bates and Sander hello and that Droid mark duplex -- COLT who we collect. Outs and in tennis really really strong. Strong people and for locals. You do get the treat of seeing stuff that was actually filmed here at the falls within the film viewer call last summer they were in town. Filming their stuff if Europe big Melissa McCarthy fan if you enjoy seeing her in just about anything. You'll probably find stuff to enjoy -- about the majority of people have -- -- to be rough ride. It is also. Rated. Planning on going out with the family and your family likes to see Melissa Mike and Molly. Language wise this one for the little kids. Well Susan Sarandon should feel -- kind of -- felon always -- judge's. Fabulous and and and I think I think that probably is part of the reason why they grabbed her fourth that's just that little bit of fun there but even though they trying to make her look old. I'm sorry she even old age Susan Sarandon and all the photos and clips I've seen I thought you know. She looked awfully good -- I would take her to an early bird special anytime -- she got rid of a lot of weight she dumped him -- Us. It's an ugly bad. Our -- that that wraps up this segment we're gonna run of the mill -- come back we're gonna go to the next movie hitting the big screen with a movie -- similar ball. Economic and it is they won't show cinema -- ultimately Sandy Bridge big movies that are moving screen for the fourth of July Tammy when Melissa McCarthy has discussed that. Next up deliver us from evil. Yes yes this is this error appear or horror movies or are there really hasn't been one that captured. Other -- fancy Jersey boys the rules are Luo and one -- -- scary. When he hits those high notes lol yeah outings kids. This one. Is as -- have to have them now inspired. By a true story not based on trichet inspired by or reject it inspired by at all. Why it's like. I can go all eat something out of a picnic basket and say I was inspired. By the cartoon you know keep your yeah you can beat them. That -- -- but this is inspired. I mean this is about ralphs are. She who was and NYPD. Detective. Who eventually. Became not paranormal. Expert. This film asks the question what it. The exorcist. Was very special episode of NYPD. Blue. A New York police officer is looking into a series of crimes. And he eventually. -- to realize. I think these people is actually put cost Obama the double wide and I guilty -- place and possession and his guilty. -- -- It was a trip -- actor for the Australian actor. He plays the NYPD. Detective here with a Bronx accent. That was described by most critics as -- all over the place. He's got a lot of lines like forget about it -- I saw. Edgar Ramirez. Is. Catholic priest who doesn't play by the rules he drinks smokes and leers at women that. He knows he can never actually -- -- among plays Erica -- is. White. Now she is given the bulk. Of -- wife cliches and she has to open up to read her lines every time she's called upon to say anything she has great lines like. Even when you're here. You're not here. You know so we we've. -- all of those and Joel McHale from community. Is. The happy go lucky -- Who. Kind of a wise guy that gets things done he's unconventional. And most of the people writing about this film has had walked ahead. Did he think he was on his sitcom Molly's doing this currency is completely in a different tone. The movie has all everything you want -- good exercise to type flick you've got to ranged war vets. Your counterculture priest lapsed Catholics. And you've got Jim Norris and lyrics to keep popping up over and over again people crashing through windows. Creepy voices speaking Latin messages on the walls written in blood swarms of. Flies flying furniture. And the thing that everybody wants when -- allowed to the movies what's that a woman who tosses her toddler into the lion pit at the zoo. That's entirety and an -- yes they don't know Lionsgate film. Don't think so I don't think so -- lighting. Is very very dim and -- in this picture. Which several people noted you know you might think they're doing that to us to create a mood but instead of the audience going. How -- creepy audiences saying. I cannot see what is happening on the screen not. Somebody tell me what's going on so. Yeah I I don't think this is going to be the scary movie people have been anchoring. -- I like breaking bad on TV one of the reasons it's brightly lit reduces it in the desert I hate similar films -- really do. -- will bat man's stuff everything's DM and dripping through it very dark very dark in the cave about -- -- appears sure. It's no pierced her which I thought was the name of an adult film. About snowman turns out now now this a different film altogether. This Chile is the best reviewed film of the week so here's this 94% on rotten tomatoes and this is why I'll hang on for this one -- illness Tilda Swinton is that this is written directed by eight ju ho bong. Yup he is a brother with Samsung. I don't never knows what he's. He's young Korean director -- movie few years ago called the hopes. Which was a low budget monster movie from Korea that was all kinds of -- who's really wild. And a lot of actors. Really like this guy. Which is why he was able to get to -- if you've got to act Chris Evans. The current Captain America he stars and it Tilda Swinton. Is when your big bad guys in Ed Harris is here Octavia Spencer John Hurt well. Here is -- concept. It is the near future. The world is having trouble with global warming sold this X and is -- experiment they figured out how to fix it they're going to seed disguise it and feed the -- with this -- That actually. -- the plan. Turns out war didn't check the third stat because what he does. -- it creates a new ice age. And everybody on -- is kind of you know killed except. For a few hundred people that Iran wait for a super train. Billionaire mogul Ed Harris has developed a so train. With a perpetual. Motion. Engine. And a special. Snow piercing devices -- that allows it to go through the built up snow ice. It is circling. Bode well. These couple hundred people on here -- the only people who lie. They have cars. 44 dining classroom car. Food preparation or garden car Spock or meet our aquarium car -- Disco car went on dancing. The world is ending your -- Disco I've got all the needs some entertainment. But here's the deal you've got a couple hundred people on this train. It is divided by class acts the friend that trains the first class the rich people and middle class people working ticker -- middle class met. By the end of the train and you've got pretty much cattle cars with people barely surviving on just the tiny it's acts of what is left from the upper classes at the front. What you have then. He's basically revolution. Followed by all out war. On train -- circling the globe and about 20300 miles per hour. If you're thinking and well. I'm tired of reboots I am tired of sequels. Why doesn't. -- with the movies come out with something original something I've never seen before. Well here you -- yeah this is it it's kind of like Titanic. Meets metropolis. Meets under siege parts terrible should be Sandra Bullock should be and that's what I tell -- the truth she probably would have jumped at it. But a wild wild interest in movie I mean a lot of reviews of said yeah it's a little over the top and crazy but. I didn't care. I don't just moved up on the trend obviously westerns all the time they climb up on the top they walked forward and suddenly got better food. -- -- A problem solver but look out for the -- -- diamonds and you swing around. It would take a break and we'll hit from our big movies hitting the big screen after this. Christopher Walken wasn't even good in your voice I mean that's that's set up plenty of sunshine tonight seven -- and so complaining about bad Jersey board. Anyway we've reviewed Obama's review -- Tammy go over so many lowland snow producer about urged to echo. Yes -- to echo. TET. -- oh yes this movie wants to be ET very badly. Even the poster. For this thing. Shows the extended our -- young boy a reaching towards. The the alien and they're both kind of glowing with stars in the background and I just in case you weren't already thinking ET from the concept. This is done. In that found footage stop -- a group of like writing young teenage kids from suburban area and one of them always videotape in what's going on -- this has put together from those videos. And -- suburban homes are going to be destroyed to make room for a three way. In the midst. Checking out in the construction area as they find a little metal alien -- soulful eyeing us. He looked kind of like the mechanical owl from my clash of the titans. And they try to help him rebuild his spaceship. So he can fall -- whole. This. This movie. Goal is despite a cheap way. By using the found footage thing it's one thing you can do with that the phone footage format. If you wanna skip some scenes. -- -- With found footage -- -- making jumps and all the sun August this happened. You can also save money. On special facts because who have scenes where something. Has happened and they have a little bit of a sound effect. And then they'll have a quick close up of one of the kids and now. Why did you see that. Yeah but so far are you know it's kind of like the heyday of radio program yesterday we never saw -- reviews closet open but we're able to imagine it. So is the case with the effects of earth to echo. This film was a rich only financed by Disney this was going to be. AD is in the release apparently fox and Disney got to look at the rough cotton sent. You know a lot of fine with somebody else releasing this and relativity media has put it out but it. Four for parents. Who Lorie taking their kids how to train your dragon. And there are not in the mood to take their kids to a three hour long violent transformers. Roller rack. Didn't take him to this thickens -- I think it's okay. Mom and dad you'll be gore about the kids might. Tomorrow is -- July 4 Independence Day and its next -- is called America. Yes yes this is may need to buy. The writer and director. Of the documentary between sixteen Obama's America. He also. Just in case you don't remember that documentary. Or remember the point of view of this film maker. The other movie that he's made was called Michael Moore hates America I. So all -- about why yes yes. This I think this is. Very much on the along the lines. Of the Michael Moore style of documentary where it's really more commentary. Then it is documentary. Purse say. This -- dull I mean Michael Morse obviously is. From the more liberal progressive no angle of politic. This all research all of IO. And this film is more from a Tea Party conservative point of view here on the -- ten. The poster says America. Imagine the world without her and in the first seat -- -- eat we have. Revolutionary war times. George Washington and that is in the midst of oh lead in the soldiers and all that and he's assassinated. Sell -- to be counting on -- so this is going to be a movie. You know we had a movie CSA a few years ago the confederate states of America where they said one of the south -- -- and and they get a movie based on. This is gonna be like one of the revolutionary war. Was lost but kind of abandoned that. Pretty quickly. On it essentially. Runs through on things about America. That. And this filmmaker feels that America the media is asking is is suggesting that people feel bad about. And they're trying to get a different perspective to. Things like capitalism the Mexican American war and native American genocide slavery the Vietnam War Iran chorus they call it the oil war. In this particular -- got a mixture interviews. Archival footage and dramatic re enactments. One of the odd things about this movie. Dinesh D'Souza I guess is the filmmaker here. At the film's. End he's shown in handcuffs. And explains how he recently pleaded guilty to campaign finance violation. And is going to be sentenced to prison. This fall for that which isn't a usual thing for a documentarian. They rarely at their end of the film say I'm going to jail amounts up. Is that something it Eric Holder actually prosecuted. That's that's -- motor right yeah I doctrine not telling you I don't know that might be his next -- but who -- Now they're putting it out on a fourth of July. And yet the last movie. Twice sixteen Obama's America did 33 million dollars. This and Evgeni gaining as much attention I don't often do is that well with the 33 million dollars from 2016. -- -- -- people. But I. I will have to go into it is until I am the only liberal progressive voice that -- upset by WB yeah. I would like to take this moment just to remind their our. Time Bob I got here. And everybody and microphone. That's Fahrenheit 9/11 -- made. 119. Million dollars. I'm just saying no I don't know why we respect him talk about move back to launch an amount every once in awhile and it's bursts out of -- well covered it. Great weekend and not look like jets loaded with blockbuster movies. It's really support it because you usually. Have something and I don't Tammy. Because you're viewers have been kind of rock I don't think it's gonna have an enormous weekend and the fact that it's rated -- Car maker you're not that's gonna hurt it -- -- the whole family can pull it usually you have some sort of PG or PG thirteen rated super -- or action -- Ask your question -- -- -- -- every week we don't get to all of the titles but every week you go red river on here with John Wayne Williams talked about it OK so you leave it until we talk until we don't really releases don't already have. Released -- everywhere great western great lesson learned I got a new new one version and restoration nodded and now that we talked about it. -- exactly John -- was nasty. Great for -- went on my favorite movies of all as a game. And let's see another movies are Montgomery Clift. Personally that about wraps up ahead that will see you on. See you Monday. When I'm tomorrow sure no 10 listen to myself. I'll -- my -- home occasionally drop by -- you wait don't start to like get there well. Monday handers are denied that it every.