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7-3 Best of Beach Hour 2

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- my imitation Jimmy Cagney and now I'm a Yankee doodles and he. The story of George M Cohen. But tomorrow is Independence Day -- asking about your thoughts. On patriotism. Knows some people word ominously about professionally. In in the media especially. Some people quietly are patriotic and some people have a great disdain. For and they they think it's almost like cut embarrassing. When anybody brings -- patriotism. Patriotism to me is in superiority. Is zoom. It is a pride in what we've accomplished as a nation and and the nation has given us. The ability to accomplish and I would I would consider myself that. But we have a president I'm sorry it's too important not to talk about it we have a president who should set the pace on this sort of stuff. Who obviously is not that thrilled. -- with the country or where the country is or where the country was going and is determined to change the direction. And we're going to ask several questions here in July 4 Independence Day. Are you patriotic is patriotism. On the rise -- it on its deathbed is that hanging in there best and worst presidents since world war true. And the reason we're asking that is this a quinnipiac. College. -- which came out yesterday and the best in the worst since world war true. And fireworks. What do you say I mean do you go to fireworks and do you enjoy them and where is the best fireworks now we've talked about. The best and worst presidents. Voting on the Quinnipiac College poll. And the best is seen as Ronald Reagan. And the worst is seen as Barack Obama and also now a majority of -- of people think that we would have been better problem light for this. We would have been better off -- Mitt Romney then we are with Obama they also say Obama doesn't have the ability to get the job. On the overall job approval numbers I'm looking at. Obama is upside down by thirteen points -- only 40% approving 53%. Disapproving so I guess in vodafone's. Or enough cookies. Because that's a 5% slide since April. The public also doesn't trust his handling of the economy. With only a 40% approval or foreign policy with a 37%. Approval. And so these are dismal numbers and overall. There all you reform. In this survey. And now as much as -- voters are down on the our current president the star of the year's survey it was Ronald Reagan. He rated as the best. Of the twelve presidents who have served since a Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 35% of the voters poll by quinnipiac just short of the number of second place Bill Clinton. At 18%. So Reagan. Reagan 35%. Bill Clinton and 18% or wreck and it was it in presidency because he managed to get some things done. Managed to work with the opposition party but stood by his principles. He was an actor and so maybe there were times it was and he he was acting. A but he had a -- a persona. That people liked them. Which was very very important and so if you to some of his speeches now. In every once in awhile though resurrect this speech here and there which seems that the moment. He was right on -- there's not much question about that there was criticism about him some said you know we didn't pay enough attention or is asleep at switch and there was. The Iran Contra thing but. By and large people remember him well and they're not remembering -- were living a nightmare. Barack Obama Bill Clinton it's funny about Clinton -- he got 18%. He finished second to Reagan but Reagan 35% -- it was significant but. It was a funny idea of funny case because. He is president. That was impeached. We -- forgot that impeached. Who'll admittedly. Later on did some things in the White House that should have been done in the White House in the Oval Office. But yet he could get things done and he -- a charm about him too. I mean think about -- dislike Bill Clinton for his personality or perhaps even his policies. It was his lack of respect for the Oval Office. It was like -- you've heard the expression. It uses that is as his personal piggy bank when we're talking about of people who have embezzled from companies they work for while I think he yeah. He used the oval office for his personal pleasure and we do mean pleasure okay and he was impeached. But people like -- like them now and he could still be a good president. Trauma that he could have been had he been -- -- -- his sexual -- a little bit. At least. It would have been even better but people still like him and I dislike what he did but I still like and so. As -- only got 18% Kennedy came in third. At 15% now the problem with trying to. Judge Kennedy wasn't there very long. Before the assassination and that's that I that's the first. Person in politics that I ever had an interest. A simply because he was from Massachusetts. And a he had the same -- I had before once in a school and and because editor personal charisma. And that's why I liked him I was devastated -- -- assassination has there as the country was but he came in third. Obama and 8%. That's it. And they came -- and fourth on the list in the worst competition. Obama edged -- bush. 33%. Via the -- the incumbent the worst president since World War II 28% for bush Richard Nixon. Watergate scandal only president in history to resign and office distant third 13%. Jimmy Carter was 8% now. Jimmy Carter. The difference when Jimmy Carter. And Obama. Aren't all neither one of them are good president or word or presidents neither one of them but Jimmy Carter. I don't think was embarrassed by the country I don't think he wanted to fundamentally change the country except I -- in his idealism. And I think he had a good heart. I don't think his programs -- over while funded and we all remember one point in history. I remember buying a van because my life has been cars okay. And what I when I found out Olympia interest rate was almost all of this off Leo off the -- 18%. It was 18%. On and it auto loan thank about that mom my god so Carter was incompetent but he had a good heart. Obama is incompetent. -- agenda. I think there's a difference 3% of the respondents rated Reagan the worst. Only 3% there's that is -- a radio call high acceptance or rejection. The more people like you just many -- nature -- awareness if if you're not in that probably should not doing anything worth talking about. So basically you expect tiger idea acceptance rejection but in this case Reagan's at the top Obama is that the -- And -- will take some of your calls will also. A go to the FaceBook page with Chris in a -- 93018061692. Visits and start nine Thursday. -- an idiot because I knew that the best and worst the survey was out and they said since World War II oh. And so what I decided I just jotted down the names of the president's. That I could remember. Off the top of my head. Because I didn't have much time to go -- -- -- ago. And I wrote down the names and now I see in the story it's as twelve presidencies. And it looked in his eleven names on here I'm left someone out. And I don't know who so here's our -- read the names. If you know who are left to uphold. This is between. Between the end or or -- on included. That's it I -- to leave everybody out. Because I didn't butcher went in there maybe they -- Truman because he was still the president on the war and it. Well policy because I don't eleven names here. Eisenhower Kennedy. Bush the father bush the son. Floored Nixon LBJ Carter Clinton and Obama and Reagan that's it because that's eleven and is supposedly twelve so I'm guessing. 'cause I didn't I didn't councilman so I'm guessing Truman as the it but if you know pilot anybody else so maybe I was in a coma is complete. Let me know let's go to a neo and Williams bill -- you're on WB yen. -- calls on the you know years ago there was a movie called seven days in May. Started. Burt Lancaster Kirk Douglas and that was about a rogue element in the kind of comparable place -- -- a lot of good like that direction the country was going with the -- All over the country. It was a secret until actually the president found out a stopped and the track. You know I wish I could say. Our president with incompetent but it worked a man and I and I believe -- -- the birth and at the attention it appeared that the apple everything that we ever that war. Now there are. War ranked in the government executive legislative judicial. -- could help the military. Although almost seemed to be corrupted. You know the president holding hands with the attorney general Eric Holder. There is not -- -- Momentum. To do an impeachment because. There's not enough votes also a Democrat I would say. And so my question is I mean were being eaten alive from the inside. Isn't there a trip wire negativity judicial scholar that would yet support going into oblivion the country can do that. Even at the Supreme Court wanted to let them if someone had to bring them action but at that blocked by the attorney general I mean what choice do we have really. -- you bring up a good point well first of all if you really think about it. -- he's hiding in plain sight he's in the Oval Office but I think you're right. He's not acting in the best interest of the country the only thing I can think governor I don't know offer would have standing with the Supreme Court. Is the old that that he takes as -- which he's broken many times. And Andy's publicly stated that. And this wouldn't be impeachable but he's publicly stated that if congress doesn't work he can work alone. Which doesn't goal -- how the founding fathers our government. So the only thing I can think of off the top in my mind would be that he took an -- a solemn oath to uphold the constitution. But which is not done and uphold the laws of the land which he has not done by by not in forcing them you are indeed not upholding them. Now know he's gonna step forward for one thing you left out and that's the racial angle. They're not gonna step forward with the impeachment they're gonna ride out the storm and that was term is done. Because you don't wanna be labeled a racist you don't wanna give ammunition -- and -- and so that they can cover up his ineptitude by saying you just don't like -- because he's black. And then by that time it may be too late but I'm still there I'm just hoping that there was accomplished that. Legally can be done to. You know that the country from going on the drink -- Look at recently there have been several calls -- Prosecutors. Independent prosecutors. Article or thing about the older -- allowed that and not do exactly right hole testified before congress and end it wasn't contempt rarely. And nothing even happens to him we're -- situation. Where I don't know how we get out of this a morass. Bingo I asked if they want technology though and the country Jimmy Carter I'm not a Republican but Picard is credited you with that. -- command he was in the military I think our president of the patriot Patriot. Act up. Obama he I'm our present term president is not a picture that's on the. Happy that we got to thank you very much -- appreciated. Our guys it's very difficult because. Aware of the with prosecutors being appointed if the attorney general on -- it's one of these things where. They have a strangle -- you you -- the movie hide in plain sight let's just think about the title. This is what he's doing. He is not even really trying to hide in plain sight. His attitude toward America where we are how we got here and how we should proceed forward. It's a detriment to turn off from most presidents what do you agree with them or not most of them. Have a feeling. That this is the greatest country in the world. And that work from that is a perfect no nobody's ever claim is perfect that we made mistakes yes of course we as everybody. But name a better place. But instead of pumping up that side of the equation he goes the other way what are what does he talk about all the time. -- the big big difference in an income diversity. The the word diversity by itself how we lack it all these things that he sees as as a negatives. All these season as a all of these things he sees as. A leader of another country might think about ours but we certainly don't expect our country who think that way any does. And I have to laugh sometimes you gotta take your humor when you can't the name of a new Press Secretary. Four of the Oval Office. Josh Earnest. He's so you know usually press secretaries of the least earnest of any you could imagine. But that's that's his name. Of both throw line weasels anyway because they have to be where asking hands down it says Obama is the worst president since World War II do you believe it I believe it. The best according to this survey from one of the act. Would be Ronald Reagan Ronald Reagan has been appreciated more. After he's come out of office then when he was in office there was always criticism it was a very effective -- so Bill Clinton by the way. Clinton ahead -- you know so much baggage. If you know if you didn't have velcro and as a wardrobe it it would have been easier to admire Clinton at an earlier time. Think of how effective he could've been because it was effective anyway. A without the scandals so there you have aboard the Reagan. -- and indeed had a certain personality is certain charm. Bill whether you like them and I personally got things done. Ontario and Montreal 1806169236. And star and nine -- Now we're back we're paging company tomorrow is July 4 Independence Day for our country or talking about patriotism. Are is patriotism. Is still alive and well. Is -- on its deathbed is -- hanging on by a thread is a growing give me your opinion on that we. Every time we -- we have to mention the president. Who does not seem to be our biggest cheerleader or boost there every once in awhile I mean if you think of moments in history. Where. These chief executive really. Gave us the pep talk we needed more work -- accords. -- with the fireside chats. Things like that we got we go through some tough periods but. The thought that the president isn't particularly. Among our our leading boosters is. Disconcerting. To put it mildly. And the best and worst presidents since World War II according to Quinnipiac College a -- A rating via. Awe of their survey yesterday said that the best was Ronald Reagan since World War II 69 years. I -- the worst is in office now on -- President Obama what about fireworks like can be go to see them do you use them -- of FaceBook postings I give me a couple ways. This one comes from Bobby says I agree with your take on president -- priorities now seem to be habitat for humanity and for me. I almost remember a more for that than when he was president I feel that Obama is much worse the Carter Wallace. Our goal of Carter as I said. I I think Carter meant well it's just says is programs. Were not. Particularly well received or effective or whatever he is a bright guy no question about that very bright as a matter of fact. And a decent guy. -- and I -- I guess is that these but totally misguided as far as I'm concerned and a different agenda I don't think. I think Carter had his values. And wanted to achieve certain things in office. I think there's a difference between that in an agenda and I think that the current President Obama has an agenda. Another -- -- phones this is from company says. For those of you out there think Obama is the worst president you must be living under a rock both bushes were terrible and -- was almost as bad bush bush and Reagan were terrible and corrupt well obviously. Quinnipiac and talk to him. It does video survey tells a different story. Let's go to low blow in Asheville -- here on WB NN. Yes sanctioning -- or a couple points that they give -- -- demographics of that -- are pulling it. -- -- -- I have the what I have is the story from The Washington Times about the poll. And I don't have the poll in my hand lost. I was thinking a couple of points or I people who put the polls don't remember remember president strongly much more than thirty years ago. And which is okay to I think Reagan was the greatest present to other Deborah. Good to me between Carter and Obama is Carter was the presidency. Of omission I don't think -- who knew that he omitted. Doing things so we're right and I really think. Obama and his approach you call mission he knows exactly what he's doing this country and they know what I'm -- and I think you know not to eat is driven by somebody out ideology that. He is beyond me it should it should strictly stayed at number I think. You bring up when you bring -- a good point because here's the deal would -- member of the hostages were taken by Iran Carter was in office. Now he is not effective because he was weak. Now we're still dealing with terrorism. With the Obama but he's not effective because he is he sees a different path in the -- -- -- weakness in him so there's a correlation between -- -- I think it's obvious to anybody who wants in this country are in is that when we got to present them there it -- personal and totally disconnected I think but doesn't really here. And I think he does in this country are well -- say one thing -- -- to -- the second greatest president was and I -- -- really desperately try to remember it is. Eisenhower. But I think Truman was the second group to the than theirs drop a bomb and the worst war we were -- and up to that point. And they don't give him enough credit policy that -- -- -- -- You know domestically that which get really excited ignites Steelers. Pretty pretty sure doesn't concern reluctant or without expecting it. Yeah and -- -- EO of first of all is getting more respect act after he left office and he did in off that happens from time to time. We brought up some good points and your national you gonna get any of that weather heading up the coast. I would note that North Carolina aren't actually you're just does it is spelled the. Oh okay it's is that it. -- -- are today -- are zero are closer to us and I thought and. Saying that bush and be that the Democratic. Party. And led by Obama again has tried to do it bush since they've been in power. As totally ruined any. Possibility until history hopefully get revised back to where it should be. On -- popularity because people just call bush you know communities that I MTV won't actually that was Mehmet and these -- -- And and do is rating I think at least two lol I don't think you should be in the top two or three. But you know. Part of that has to live with a kind of beating they've given him some Obama -- at all. Well history always judges and one thing we need to do is wait city at night I think you were probably right -- that hey thank you -- thank you very much you are right. I have always -- Carolina's. Facing that first that actually it's -- now. It was a tropical storm up two -- and out the other difference it's interesting. Comparing. Carter. With the presidents. Now with the Obama. Both had problems with terrorists. Both praise of both perceived. As a week. The by our enemies. Iron you'll notice that -- well aware and a before Reagan even took profits -- I'm not mistaken it was like just before. The hostages were released they were not released before that I remember there was. Of the problem with trying to rescue them once in the copter went down whatever -- during a Jimmy Carter's term. But is I think they understood that Reagan was not to be trifle. If you don't believe that -- in the air traffic controller. On that works how worked out for them. But the bottom line is that they were similar in a perceived weakness by an American president ware and terrorism is concerned. But I think as Bo just said Obama gives the he gives the impression he just doesn't care. And there are times when you know. That your thoughts are your thoughts and and they're real to you. In and -- your impressions are you are wrong -- you believe them and when he does not at the switch. When he's playing golf when he should be at the Oval Office. A -- yeah we know when he's on on the plane that it's the same as the Oval Office and they have all they. Technological advances and anything that can be done in the Oval Office can be done there. But the perception. Is not right. The perception as the general -- with the troops in this case the general being but he the president of the United States should be -- his executive team as military team. Right there figuring it out. Not playing golf. You know not on another vacation. The perception is this guy doesn't know what he's doing and he doesn't plan to spend a lot of time frontal war will be back after this. Chris so why don't we do a couple more FaceBook and then I'll go back to the phones. This one comes. From Wendy's she says I'm still probably an American I spent a good amount of time at the -- VFW and the Eden American legion it's hard not to be patriotic. When you're around all those veterans. You guys are rarely has them and because we have military stationed here and and in uniform we see gumbo from time to time. It always reminds us the yeah. A true patriots people willing to put on the uniform and and stand up for our country and we appreciate that. I think that basically despite the president that we have. I think this president may be turning more more people into -- At a if there's and this is not the way -- wanna know something's wrong with this road and you can feel it. The unholy alliance between him and Eric Holder. You think a lot of between those two guys the the Chief Executive Officer the president and the the top. A prosecutor which would be the attorney general Eric Holder. It's very difficult even with congress when they get annoyed to get things done as far as special prosecutor is a concern. And whatever comes he seems to be -- a big road block. But -- so we'll see how history judges but for now. He's judged as the worst president since World War II -- and that was 1945. Another please. This is from. 34 and since Clinton left office we've become the divided states of America. I am probably in America minimum barest of our leadership. Well I am -- -- I totally agree with you it is to deal an entity. That is the question a very good yeah I agree I totally agree with you it is embarrassing because the president doesn't act. Presidential. I mean there are people who you might not think the best president's but they try to act presidential. And occasionally. And they'll do a joke here and -- I mean Ronald Reagan -- do it a bush years ago whatever. A but some things are totally inappropriate. I don't hear the sound -- the other day I don't know what the event was because I didn't see -- I just heard it. Where the president referred to the White House chef says may be putting crack in the birthday cupcakes or or birthday cake. And it got to laugh but you can clearly hear Michelle Obama. Corrected for those who didn't get the joke and said no no he didn't put any crack in there like she had to explain that right size as. He's not a presidential type and he's not presidential -- he does not have the right stuff. He was probably okay as a community organizer. But that was about yet. When somebody votes almost all the time as president. That -- to tell you something about their ability to make a decision. Let's go to Jason in cherry creek Jason your on WB -- Andy is. A backpack I look at independent band opened like a book my own calendar which is like market for the biggest -- ever worked. Anyway I look at it and independent -- and what. Operating we're almost sure they -- the idea and -- Vietnam and we played like -- and -- in my -- what are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it taught me if more people in jail that Russia and China combined. What do we really independent. And you left one thing out remember what started the whole ball rolling was taxation without representation. Do you believe that we're being well represented in Washington and Albany now I don't. Not that you got a six figure check. -- That's right they'll most welcome you can -- the Lincoln bedroom too well so you're not feeling for you on the fourth of July. I looked at an ounce after I had -- are a publicly until I do think you're right in the aspect are there are people patriotism and calling. Because I think people are finally with social media and Internet where it's not just six companies owning the entire media. You know keeping people that I didn't think people are looked at her out -- -- Ankle regulate it like minded people and I don't I look at -- like -- you're gonna see a lot of Beijing if you're just you know. It's a good thing we have. This I'm telling you Jason because as you just pointed out. Before -- what would happen you'll probably didn't know what your neighbors thought about a lot of things going on the world unless you were close of them. Now everybody's a neighbor as you said it was social media -- where the word gets around and hurry and ideas get floated an -- I think that's a good thing. I think -- optimistic for our future I just think they're going to be external forces. Struggle the world and -- an -- -- and then from there we're gonna have to clean up our own -- and the people help themselves either Bridget and you're right as opposed to taking. The social answer out of a government -- and everyone acting. You know you can -- society without the productive contributing and -- tower at the point where the productive just don't want interviewed I -- -- like that and he's an -- at. Yeah be a productive are treated -- suckers the non productive are treated as heroes and something's upside down -- that I hear you loud and player Jason thank you very much. Yeah -- you really think about it one of the things that I that I do fear. Is. If we're perceived as weak and we are now aren't. Bad things happen. Countries take chances. They do things they wouldn't do if you were not perceived as weak that's the reason I think going back through. The administration of Ronald Reagan that is before he even took office after he was elected -- before it's her office. The of the hostages were released. And that the reason is Reagan was not perceive to be weak he was perceived to be strong anyways -- off the -- Aren't we have a president now. Who look at a foreign policy he's perceived to be very weak it's almost a joke. What do you think our relationship with -- Israel is right now what do you think our relationship is with -- almost anybody in the world now. It's it's a weakened presidency. If I'll tell you this will be a sign. Of how great a country we really are if we can survive this present. I mean usually a good company has good leadership mediocre leadership. And sometimes bad leadership and if they're good if they have if the fundamentals are still there and they're still strong. Then you can survive it but what is he done right from the B king right from the very first speech and every speech. He gives the impression how come somebody else has something you don't have instead of saying if there's something that you that you would like to have. Do something about it earn your way to get there earn your way to get what you want what you desire what you need instead of how come they haven't you don't. And that's that's a -- -- everybody pays the same everybody has the same here on every private law of land ownership stuff like that one that's not what this country's about. And so he started he started off on the wrong foot and every speeches like that you know -- pitting one American against another American. Pitting the people who have succeeded and done something -- their life through a lot of different ways. Against those who haven't done. Anything -- their lives are guaranteed there are some. Intangibles maybe somebody has as something as part of their bring either -- being raised that didn't allow them. To succeed on the scale we would like. But the bottom line is. A lot of people who made it made it because the hard work and a lot of people. Who didn't make it -- sitting on their ass complaining about it that's basically what it is who's getting home. Let's quit pretending to have a life book deals and unfair hand to everybody that hasn't succeeded. It is true with some but certainly not at all. And that's what he's done. And that's always hear about the difference in salaries between the the top earners in the less errors. Blob blob blob -- -- it will be interesting to see what he does. Tomorrow on the fourth of July maybe he's gonna clean his closet that a painting a room. Libya patriotic. If you take the flag. Put him on display. From that that happens we'll be back where remarks column only show right after this is cinema Bob.

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