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7-3 Best of Beach Hour 1

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How long. Hello US jobs act didn't win the contest ID I saw him he can't jam mini version right over there he did when that Alan Harris -- Think a guy like Allen Harris who played with Bob -- -- -- for crying out loud -- resort to cheating and can jam hey. -- Bob must be very embarrassed by the. Odds are way out by the fact that -- John Zach won it fair and square and Alan Harris had two -- should eat americanize it gorge. He got a dunk shot on it. And -- -- -- why were Bob -- Bennett the Wednesday a point guard near. Went on to blow obviously hall of fame. Credentials. And I would've loved to have seen that I didn't watch any of the game Lanier plated Bennett. -- but I wouldn't bloggers that that would have been great. At what time. In buffalo we had playing basketball here at one time Calvin Murphy. And Bob Lanier. Tony -- CEO Randy Smith all playing at the same time -- -- his -- And so remarkable little three basketball is huge amount to the ought to be sold out forget to sold out lights out. And I'll never forget the first however saw Randy Smith. Play he was fabulous Calvin Murphy almighty god America -- is not very big guy. And the first game my software Niagara -- Calvin was playing. I saw him dunk the ball up to his noble and he's a little tiny. -- -- -- He never ever see it while you're probably a little young your mother or father probably took in the -- -- now we got smaller guys now it -- Robinson who can who are just small guys while. They're probably big guys are to -- normally and Alex XP Talbot and still fly over the -- 67 borders and -- college basketball it was horrific I mean that was like great. And then we have the Braves so what -- a basketball -- gaga. Like you couldn't believe and then things kind of went away. And were world where we are where we are now. OK a lot of stuff going on a first of all day and production delay with a ball blown. A it always happens on Thursday's. Is there a reason -- -- different crew on Thursday the in my I don't think Randy ever gets the reason Regis outlines the delay -- notice of the machine break -- Thursday's -- get it at 1030 I would get it later so. Little double check that out a meanwhile lot of things. I'm on a -- right now when -- on -- -- I can't think of anything else when I get into these moods. It's it's almost a tyrannical. Here's the deal I have a vehicle. Then I'm interest it and yet. It's it's a vehicle -- -- but I know exactly. What vehicle I want I know exactly what happens is this. You'll pick a brochure you see it and at a car magazine you can never find it ever. And error. When I was by tomorrow several years ago. There was a motor home a pictured in a pictorial. And it had the coolest thing is at a fireplace not a real one obviously electric fire was a product that is really cool. So what I did is I went to the local -- all of it now one. And so I got a list of dealers in my column data and have won the and that one. The final call the manufacturer. In Indiana. And I said -- really want one of these with the fireplace can you tell me what dealers. Are sucking the mice that I'll get a plane and go somewhere. To make that -- and they said that may. You can because we never made one we made that one for the magazine article. Does that make it one. And don't about don't take six months as it no thank you so -- I think every time I want. It's a specific. Vehicle. I find out they only made two of them the sultan of Brunei has won and the other one was of a cliff Charlie yeah. Charlie Sheen drove Robert click affair and Jessica I think it is now to get an idea how crazed I am right at this moment. Last night. I visited by email -- but not by now by yeah iPad. The following markets to find his vehicle okay. Buffalo though Rochester no Syracuse no Albany know Binghamton no. -- Cleveland no Pittsburgh no. I found one. In New York City that's that's the only one in the whole East Coast. That I checked there's one edits and York's city. So that kind of stuff drives because occasional -- though. I'll have to go to New York City. Because once I get my mind focus on somebody it's really hard to distract. -- well this Independence Day is tomorrow. And obviously. It's a big day for picnics and the parties and stuff like that and Brando -- from. Brenda is bites is a posting on exactly that food facts things separate incidents. Twenty billion hot dogs a year consumed by Americans and this will be a big hot dog weekend Iowa. A leads the pack when it comes to the most hot dogs and pork sausage on July 4 well. I mean they grow it they eat it and there. Texas. A video of cattle in the calves raised in Texas are for most of the -- hot -- steaks and burgers are come from Texas are a kind of thing. Almonte exes come from Texas. The sunshine state that would be Florida leads and watermelon production about that. And she talks about pineapple rings sweet potatoes love sweet. With the general fragile X within. I do I do when I was a kid and I sort of like in Amman with a last year's big yup they're really goods and you know -- -- sweet potato waffle Fries. I've not had those of the law -- ordered -- a little different spice guy. And no -- whole lot of catch up. So you can go to WBN dot com and check out of the results of the Johns -- athletica. Competition and also. Get an idea what -- is talking about if you wanna hear our. Or are her show it's on at 1030. 2:11 o'clock on Sundays at KB radio 1520. This week they'll have the owner of Lee bros on. From Campbell but I hope somebody I -- Brenda Song about their giant meatball. -- grows features is not a manual but it's a special every once in -- -- element of if it looks it's a meatball -- ever see. Raiders of the Lost Ark where he's running away and there's a giant boulder and back Obama about to squash him that's the size of these meatballs you can actually a sand one of these with climbing gear. And it your way out. -- of have him on and also. Sweet melodies will be there's a Lotta Lotta good things are going on with vote this weekend. Meanwhile we'll take a break it all come back -- would be huge company and that we got I think there's something to chew on besides food on news radio -- thirty that Libya though I'm sure that if it's not on merit now we will becomes very shortly the video. Of the athletic competition between. Allen Harrison Johns. -- -- -- Cleanly and fairly one on the confidence he was standing back here and I use actress. He was standing back here or -- or I'm sitting. And I asked the V8 or nine feet away and the east one. The other bowl against the law and now an ally and suddenly locks up and dunks one at point blank range -- done to them actually and he claimed victory but it was not via a real victory kind of embarrassing. Allen was bragging about how is gonna say John apart all morning line -- started at 6:10 in the morning -- trash talking all our trash. Talking to the point where jam executive brought up other games it was Garnett is that spin the bottle. Which I'm not sure how that fits in well I think you know we should -- -- some drinking. -- aren't the only event that video will be on and you get this can jam -- -- could have played. I am not -- I've known about it for a few years but it doesn't seem very enticing to me like horseshoes. But the Europeans -- frequently I'm never gonna throw for -- shoes because it amuses weapon. That's really dexterity yeah Adam thank you throw a -- few times and you you usually have a dog -- you wearing a neck achieved to attract women I mean that's what you do you go out. You know some some public gathering 'cause the women are -- of the -- even a little Tokyo or at the park I think -- seen that -- department recently resulted last week happens all the time guys are guys -- And it's the same thing they bring their dogs. To Allentown the art festival whatever because they think women are going. Well this guy has and dog. Can combat team in -- -- government that I mean really seriously. You're out of the game you are not in the game. You've got got Viagra written all over a man assists and you could be the Viagra poster boy it's a weird sensation who has I have a dog and went and our interest in the dog wouldn't really care about me so if you're if you're that guy I don't know what you think. And who's going to have a -- with somebody brings a dog and here. Every once in awhile like Janet will bring her dog in art or wrote one of the other employees will have their dogged for some reason. People all works stops it just stopped all acutely dog you know -- that dog out. And now hold a dog whatever we are attracted to babies and dogs. And when -- former employee comes then after they've given birth to a baby it's the same thing baby and dogs. So that's -- attraction -- lonely. Issue like people with elements are targeted. Now tomorrow's July 4 occasion and yes it -- today is July 3. It's Independence Day in the fourth of July and thinking about a couple of things. One was a quinnipiac poll we came out yesterday. About. Our attitudes now on the best and worst presidents since World War II oh. Keep remind the World War II -- around 1945. So we've got a nice a wide. Pictured a look at as of the various presidents who served in the best and the worst. So I was looking at that I was also thinking it will will discuss the V wares and while. Blow up. And wise of of that -- So thinking about the term patriotism. It seems like it's almost. You're either very proud this your patriot. Or you it's your your embarrassed to say your patriot -- product sales of patriot and what is the patriot many does that mean that. You believe that everything that your country has ever done has been correct smell does mean that ultimately. To me it means a pride -- what this country has accomplished and a pride in in what the country has offered to people. For them to be able to accomplish things that are done here that -- done anywhere else. Perfect country of course not I don't know if we've ever had a perfect country but that patriotism. Is. I think well deserved. However here's the problem we have now and it is a problem. I think we have a president that doesn't feel very patriotic at all now that you know if he said that a few years ago. It will be it would -- ball you couldn't do but now. It on -- seems like President Obama from the very beginning of his first term in office. When he went on the apology tour member when he went all over the world. And -- went on the apology tour. Well you win his campaign he promised a fundamentally change the US. At that time most people thought for the better now is gonna change for the better row -- come on because it hasn't worked out that way. And because he apologizes. Here there and everywhere and he seems to feel bad so we. Are getting credit for more than we deserve and we have more than we deserve. And that he wants to be the equalizer so I can't remember there have been times when a patriotic president. Would have been doing some thing at various holidays. To show -- patriotism to lead the way and I recall on several holidays and don't ask me which ones. He ended up like wants painting a room. He and his wife painted room. I'm in just in just it's like he doesn't get it or he does get it doesn't want again. So I'm thinking it's kind of on usual where the public might be more patriotic from the president they elected a -- talk about that too. And fireworks. People love fireworks. And I don't know if you're planning to attend a fireworks display was talking to someone the other day about fireworks and I said. The best fireworks they've ever seen. Were Disney course Disney. Knows how to put on -- show fireworks will be included so that didn't surprise me. And we've all I saw fireworks in Wisconsin. Our fabulous because a win they have summer fest and whatever. Which goes through a fourth of July in any of the ethnic festivals they shoot the fireworks over Lake Michigan which is really really cool. And I went to a couple of -- while I was in Wisconsin. So here's here's how we're gonna start. First of all the bidding independents they'll wanna know if you think patriotism is still alive. In this country. Is it alive is that driving is -- barely holding on is -- dying is it dead I mean basically -- familiar feeling about patriotism. Are you proud to say that you're an American and this is our country. Are you embarrassed to say it are are you anxious dissent I'd like your opinion on that also. Regarding the best and worst presidents. Since World War II a witness in World War II as a as a marker. Because though we went from one footing to another from a world war footing. To an industrial footing again and and a suddenly -- -- the factories or making tanks and airplanes and making cars and sewing machines and things like that. I saw wanna know basically the best and worst presidents for those of you didn't find out about the quinnipiac. Poll in which they asked. I'll give you the king James version of its first. The best president since. The -- or true. In the quinnipiac poll a was Reagan and the worst. By far. It is though Obama. I mean and these are contemporary of people being asked you the question just just ahead of Obama was George Bush actually. He would be behind Obama Obama's words George Bush is an excellent words and Reagan is the best I'd like your opinion on those. Intimidate. And and but the today -- I'm going to get I'm going to give it to Obama for a lot of reasons but I'm thanking. Carter was a train wreck. But with Carter you've got a feeling the Carter did like the country and was probably country wants patriotic. He has said. You know I didn't have the ability to do it. And what's what's wrong with the Obama is he has got a deadly combination of two things. Arrogance and incompetence. And if you're arrogant you better have something to back it up where. Are you fabulously talented are you rich. Did you come up with a great idea because if you are just arrogant and and you have no basis for that it's spelled loser. And also if you're going to fireworks we're gonna -- you got any suggestions for people in Western New York will be back after this. Yes tomorrow is the fourth of July independence day of our nation and I'm asking about several things patriotism for one. Is it alive and flourishing. Is it on -- you know hanging on -- threatened is it in danger is it dead. And I'd like to know how you look you gauge that -- express that. I don't I don't ram patriotism on anybody's throat but I think there's a certain pride that that I have about this country. And that what they offered. The people before me and my family and what they'll offer the people laughter me. And about a having a feeling bad. It's strain right now because our president doesn't seem to thing ago wearers go to nation as perhaps along the world does the world is a it is not in -- corner because of various reasons but I think where very. They're human and we do a lot of things and help when we when there's natural disaster and things where there. I and so -- I would consider myself a patriotic person and I don't Wear red white and blue shirt to work. But idea of the country and I feel good about it how about you. And what he's seeing around you. And of the best of the worst presidents since world war true. The poll was out quinnipiac came out yesterday the best is Ronald Reagan according to a poll the worst is. Barack Obama and we like your opinion of the others -- somewhere in between according to him. According to this survey and it went off fireworks -- is it fun is it a family deal. But do you do you have any illegal fireworks if so you're under arrest them uses the citizen's arrest now -- I do you go to fireworks displays a lot of people do. And they're very popular and let us know where you think the best fireworks are. Let's go to Rambo Jim always good to talk to Jim here on WB yen. Yet and you are -- its story. When I was ten years old I would started that if I fear my mother's uncle. We're a veteran of world war war. During world war war. Germans use mustard and trenches through. My mother's uncle was exposed would tighten it and it is a protective massacre -- And I believe was exposed to. Direct effects but forget. Any in between you know bullet whipping by he was -- did he was wounded -- get by artillery shells. -- -- I got he wants a -- I was certain your results. In our map maker as a I'll never forget my mother cried. Outward he would sit there. They're well. You know people gave up a lot to defend our country and it. Give him along when people tried to stand in the way you being a former paratrooper I'm sure you're aware. The. At the during the point out this country. I'm very proud of that arrogance of -- now it. I don't like it -- I I can't even describe what it was like I was ten years old flight was old enough. Harder in the if I would not -- And what the doctors that that the Veterans Hospital what all they can do with Medicaid you're. They told my mother every is that both sold more work. It while solar heat of the ultimate sacrifice. He was. He left at all on the battlefield thank you Jim and a good fourth of July to thank you very much Jim's former paratrooper. And prison guard how about that for -- -- -- -- gonna screw with him. President -- paratrooper in Arabic edit. But the as a great resume I -- what would argue about with patriotism as mortgages waving a flag. It is having an inward feeling I think that. You're proud of what this country is done -- there are some things we did that -- mistakes obviously noted no country is -- no person is perfect. I'll go by and large on the hole and if there's a better place to live I don't know about it -- -- that would be a question. But. Away and when Jim -- a mentioning the current president I don't want this is just beat. And Obama -- show but the point is that it does affect I think. People in this country from the top. As I said I've seen other. The holidays come up where would be appropriate to thank the military do this or do that. And Obama President Obama and his wife. Painted a rural home. It actually got rollers and were painting a Rome. Instead of reminding the country of our roots and and what we've done how we got here. Some asking about patriotism is it still alive and well. A you'll you'll see it. In the media as some people word on their sleeve and that's they're calling card. I don't I don't think I do that but some do and radio and television -- prominent positions and and some can barely. Mask of the disdain they have for the country but I never understood is I've never been an America love it or leave it. Person that that phrase. Came up during the Vietnam War okay I'm. I I made tapes of for the Department of Defense during the Vietnam War they sent out. A message to radio broadcasters that if any of us were interested in making tapes where that they would be most welcome. In and so I made six and it takes I made by the Clinton. I had. I had anti politician stuff woven in there and I didn't -- or get through or not. But I found out that some of my tapes were played on them on warships. Off the coast of Vietnam and I got a lot of letters back from people who appreciate that so that was very nice it was a small gesture. My part but it was a nice thing to do because I I'm in a mints. -- an -- fan of the military I think the military are the best that we have the best people we have. There have been the most focused. They're the most dedicated I mean they are there for the long run we can count on them. And sometimes we have good politicians and sometimes -- politicians suck but one thing we can always count on is the military. So I anything we can do to help the military I'm -- -- of Europe and the gold standard I've ever noticed. If -- -- ever sees the via public opinion polls on oh what they think of congress what they think of the president. And that goes up and down depending losing congress in -- in the White House but the one thing that doesn't. It doesn't fluctuate now. Is the military people have great respect -- and at it there was not true during Vietnam they were not treated well when they came home to go over. Two way afar and shore like Vietnam and get shot -- and many everybody's our comeback and then when you come back you're treated like crap. How would like that that stick and micro bit but now it's different. Now we have an appreciation. And I don't know if it's because of a television we actually got to see some of -- stuff. We have things now like on the Military Channel. I think the military has done an exemplary job. Of showing people what they really do and we appreciate it so that's good so my questions for -- July 4 Independence Day to how is patriotism. It is is it alive and well is it on its death bed is it that hanging on by a thread. Best and worst president since World War II -- give me your thoughts and fireworks went about fireworks do you go to fireworks displays and you have any on will be back after this. By the way today and a whole lot of Clark we will do the -- show. Seeing that is scheduled on Friday and tomorrow as Olivea Warner behavior so we will do it today with cinema Bob. At 11 o'clock but were asking questions about the patriotism Independence Day is tomorrow so. A what do you think about patriotism is it alive and well is it dead is that on life support what do you think. I don't think it's helped by the fact we have a president who if he's really proud of this country has done a heroic job disguising them. Because we I get no impression that he is. My impression is. If I could only be president here's what I would do and suddenly as president he finds out that he can't work with congress congress can't work with him. And -- nothing nothing substantial. Against -- and -- the ram through your programs which are full of flaws like obamacare. In order to. Yeah that threaten them bribed into all kinds of things to get people vote Florida and now we're finding out all the flaws -- it. You've given all kinds of exemptions of doesn't apply it here or there or anywhere. Four -- amount of time and more they're totally exempt from -- so what happens is. I just don't feel that he is and a proud. Two big president of this country except for the fact that he has -- an executive -- order -- which uses a lot thrown out of -- And you are all presidents have used it. Make no mistake about that but he uses it. As a sword as much as Japan and some of his quotes does that sound like a patriotic president's view or guy that can get something done some of his quotes were in -- two days ago. He told congress if you have a problem -- that Sumi. That's really adult is that if they. He's been criticized overseas. By chewing gum. During the wrong guy and the deadly combination of arrogance and ignorance. Is not good. In theory if you're arrogant you shouldn't be ignored if you're arrogant in the -- that earn arrogance. You earned it by maybe your rich. On these embryos you talented can be arrogant. I you know just that somebody -- -- Steve Jobs you change the world can be arrogant. But if you haven't done anything. You shouldn't. -- humility would be very nice. It's it's that you wrapped him for a while. Or network cloak of humility it might be becoming. Meanwhile we have this day. It's a real service I'm not making enough fact here's -- you can go through serve in this. Couldn't -- -- -- anything else was it worse so here's the story in The Washington Times about the survey. President Obama is dipping approval rating -- recent months is as manifested itself. Wednesday the crow has cut today a new Quinnipiac University survey found the voters rate. Mr. Obama as the country's worst presidents since world war through. And to get an idea I just jotted down -- randomly go about in order. These -- some names for your Eisenhower Kennedy bush bush. For. Nixon and LBJ Carter Clinton Obama Reagan and there's some names. And he's at that top list of worst president that's right since World War II oh. Among the things deploying troops to Iraq failing to find compromise with the congress. Seeing major defeats in the Supreme Court. Voters are going. It's our -- the Drupal also revealed that voters now say and this sticks in my craw. -- -- even read this. The voters now say the GOP nominee in that Romney would have been a better choice in 2012. Well off. That wasn't hard to figure out but you know everybody gets a vote. Quinnipiac found 45% of the voters say the country it would have been better off of a Romney have been elected. 38%. Say that Obama remains a better choice even Democrats aren't sure as they told a plug holes there's mr. Obama was clearly. The better pick in the last election but it was down to 74%. Of his own party. Also. The open cities open changed guy it was worse than his predecessor George W. Bush. Who left with -- area. -- our approval ratings so. Bush go bad approval ratings and Obama ago worse approval ratings it's hard to improve things. Why you find out. Over the span of at this 69. Shares of American history. And twelve presidencies. President Barack Obama finds himself with George Bush down the bottom of the barrel. A Zogby analytics ball quite a bit if you order for a football baseball well look it's an analytical. Are released Wednesday also found Obama slipping in that survey to 44% approval his disapproval jumped four points to 54%. So -- ten points behind the ball on this one nearly half of the voters tolls are pretty. That Obama is unable to leave the country and it is the kitty. He is in over his head he can't do it and usually. When you can't do it you reach out to people that can't do it. To help you to two -- -- It's a period again over a hump -- or by yourself. He doesn't do that he really doesn't do that India and he's his own guy he has his ideas and if they're wrong once stood by them. -- repeat that half of the voters polls agree. That mr. Obama is on able to lead the country that's in floats. He's turned increasingly increasingly into executive action. Where it is a policy Eagles. -- he has been mocking. -- the Supreme Court during his State of the Union Address. He mocked Republicans for failing to work with him say it's always there are failing to work with him it's never he's phase. Failing to work with them. He doesn't understand apparently. It's a collaborative effort that there are three branches of government. He taught constitutional law you think it would've listened to some of things. There were in the textbooks but apparently not. End -- he says if you wanna Sumi Sumi. As long as knowing nothing I'm not going to apologize we're trying to do something he's. And listeners if it is fair or campfire he wouldn't -- help. That's just the way it's as easily -- that we we've hired him for the second. Diamond at which are. And people. In this survey are extraordinarily. Cynical about Washington which is no surprise had been. Cynical about Washington prolonged time but now a full 54% of voters. Believe the Obama administration is not competent. Of doing its primary job of running the government. As much as voters -- down on Obama. The star of the -- of the survey is that. Ronald Reagan always come back we'll talk about that want to hear from you know a couple of questions for you. Tomorrow's the fourth of July -- -- little bit argue patriotic. Tell me about patriotism is a dead as alive as a flourishing is that on -- support. That's the worst presidents -- -- -- and works feel like it's human world will be back out.

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