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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Studio Kan-Jam Tourney - Brian Mazurowski

Studio Kan-Jam Tourney - Brian Mazurowski

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can't jam is -- made in buffalo product for finding that out as we have here Bobby pins for an -- Huskies report Bryant's here to talk about. Garbage can frisbee basically right garbage can for is can you mansion. Sitting in your backyard to going to a park line. And throwing a frisbee around it garbage -- imagine just doing that and then a decade later. Your role in the -- sending these things out all over the world wouldn't say. You were saying in your report New Zealand Australian assist on global New Zealand Australia and it's a competitive sport -- we were playing for funnier Jon you're thrown around for SP. There's -- world. -- gene gene. Then because the team it's troubling here. And throws or maybe John should answer the European. And now an Eleanor playing by the way in Europe there is championship they're going to fly the winner of the European Championship. Over to the US to play the winner of the North American championship and McCain GM's world championship now okay this is exciting staffs in the studio and gets on an island playing can -- Johnny went in yeah and Alon US India and the scoring. Well OK you know us as one out of twelve. This is the mini get kisses him. We we have the mini keynesian setup and they have the many -- you now the keynesian splash which is basically a mini version came -- but it floats in the water -- late mechanical -- -- their regular can jam. That you see it beaches -- gates it's -- -- regular part of tailgate parties they are at their regular part of everywhere John you were just saying they -- you see them. All over the beating is that this audience -- it we're visiting a friend of the church and were on the beach shortly there must have been twenty. People in different parts of the area. Well in this game so -- -- are now let me ask you questions you're just throwing the -- here a little bit and did you deflect the frisbee at all. -- -- and are your hands hurting a little bit from throwing the frisbee throwing well you only did a couple of times but if you were to play for multiple hours. -- hands coming up -- jam. -- With a pair of gloves would impede your if -- -- -- him but I guess people who play in these competitive tournaments played for hours and hours and hours. And their -- big blisters from throwing the frisbee or deflect now -- -- so they're coming out with keynesian gloves and I'm gonna guess that there are specially designed this is gone through testing signature dead doesn't -- your throwing ability I'm excited to hear about the -- in the there can't stand. Cologne a whole line of glow in the jerk. Glow in the dark change and you combine the glow in the dark for its v.s but also the glow in the dark hands she can play at night things like that. The products they have are unbelievable and coming up he wouldn't tell me too much about us trying to get the outcome but they have a new product that's coming out. I'm very soon within the next couple months and then one that's a year to. On the line another new product from cage when I was not know about those companies effectively use old local companies. You know. For the ingredients that produce their final product you know that blocks the printing everything they'll -- you heard some of the list on the year bought. It goes on and on and now we didn't have enough time to. -- everything on that list. Everything in that -- in the box itself no exaggeration. Is made in Western Europe it's not a product that just assembled here headquartered here. It's truly made here a lot of different local companies are involved in putting together what you see in the stores and you do what you gonna do and actually. Well that's that's a secret John but I will say I I love to eye drops -- hints so if you follow me on Twitter -- -- some -- -- pictures. On the way ignorant. The enhanced -- as one the number one. Hey this is a cool we'll have video for you very shortly at that you won't want to miss that yeah. WB and that county can look for that -- blossom a link on her Twitter page to it at news radio 930 at WBN's Brian -- are asking who covered. Can -- forests in -- made in buffalo series.

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