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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Celebrating the 4th Early - Bisons GM Mike Buczkowski

Celebrating the 4th Early - Bisons GM Mike Buczkowski

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Next on the WBM live line is Mike which koskie -- general manager of the buffalo buys -- other big doings at the ballpark today I might. I'd like Oreo were doing good tonight -- Coca-Cola feel the annual independence eve celebration not only a baseball game on. Fireworks on the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra is. These guys sold out. No they're still -- couple thousand tickets left. So. People could still get those today are -- opened -- -- being I -- I would recommend waiting that I think will be sold out -- very close sold out and put a it's our twentieth a year that we didn't do -- -- the consulate would be locally dramatic. -- yeah I think I've talked to you guys are twenty years about it and I think we can't remains yet story integrate well and it's become one of the great summer traditions in Western New York. Is is this one of your biggest nights of the season. It is you know. Her body you know. Opening date depending on the capsule now and then that are star or united -- -- sold out night and appreciation night of course are part -- inspections -- Still remain our most popular -- but yet this is one of about which one of the paper -- -- because of and everything that that happened combining great ballpark Chinese -- the wonderful our own philharmonic orchestra and fireworks and it's holiday weekend measures and I think you bring all that together with baseball makes for great. And it's almost always chilled out every year or so with that said 2000 tickets remaining. You'll probably be a solid by the time things begin what time does everything start. Well ordered all we opened each earlier today the games start it's 605 organ opened the -- 430 give people a chance to come down and and have dinner early before the event the game six hopefully it's normal -- game which but such so. You know already 45 or so we have to post game. Fun on the field it happens right after the game and then that the philharmonic orchestra will take the state just. Feature is good that people have not been -- the game it's what their arguable legal party deck that they take over and a place for urged the bottom our period music pop music on music or patriotic music in military salutes the men. The towards the very end of the harmonic below the larger firework -- overseas and start them. You know usually about a twenty minute on the actual minutes that fireworks display. Yeah because you're regular Friday night fireworks are pretty great so I -- this one is going to be just spectacular. It. Yet on debts of about five or six times bigger I think -- about a regular credit that's pretty. While I did bison is that we understand will be wearing special camps tonight. We we do. Minor League Baseball and Major League Baseball works -- underwear -- course from a buffalo. Are they where creating a special -- cap for each miner eighteen due to be worn on the third in the four. The cutting them when your call ours of it has of the local it got started strike and it. Proceeds. Of that cap -- to bottle of veterans organizations which is great so. The Biden will be one that we will have a -- America shops and Major League game well. And proceeds go to a great cause so -- kind of fits the theme of of of being patriotic and players I think enjoy this special. And the sounds like the weather is gonna cooperate to Mike thank you for joining us okay thanks for having me you are welcome him okay. Mike discuss skew the general manager of the buffalo was.

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