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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Buffalo Sector of Border Patrol Keeping Watch - Matthew Bitterman

Buffalo Sector of Border Patrol Keeping Watch - Matthew Bitterman

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Matthew Bittermann is public information officer with the eight buffalo sector of the Border Patrol which no doubt will be busy this holiday weekend. And Matthews on the WB in life like good morning good morning space for the time do you put on extra staff for the holiday. You know. We realize how many people are in the dollar on the boat and what's on the holidays we are actually gonna actually step. Remain consistent throughout the year depending on you know weekdays weekend. Same thing at college -- out there protecting the border so it doesn't really change with local time we realize you know. People will be out in little more traffic in it with this -- more people are on the border but that doesn't really really change -- operations. OK we have a lot of water around here and you mentioned a boats. But you patrol land aerials also -- are areas that don't have fences that are unprotected. Yes so awful Specter has -- station spanning from Erie Pennsylvania it's a while now -- New York about an island area. With that it's 341 miles of border in its entirely water border. -- We have boats that we utilized on the Niagara river and saint Lawrence river. The lake are patrolled by Aaron marine kind of a sister agency to -- and then on top ball that we do patrol on the land so we work from you know. At the land borders through the marina and whoever someone me may attempt across. Do you participate in rescues. We do bomb. Just by nature of our duties -- Because Hamlet talked about the vessels worked well maintained vessels so we're out there on patrol verses was a police agency money and they're -- to calls or out there doing specific operations. And with that because. People are -- cross border year round we keep our book out there and as many days as possible due to weather or the ice. With that we come up I think usually we're the first people on scene. You know I we don't really keep that reason being is. I'm in southern border most of the people that were rescuing people that are talking illegally entry there illegally after the last. On the northern border most of people are countering it just someone that ran into trouble or -- and you know I mean the -- on a -- park couple years ago. Our boats were the first one that -- not a slam and they -- -- pull her out I think last year there was someone trying to swim to Canada under the railroad bridge -- from Hillary that -- violent. -- for the first on the scene to help them. So we're really nastiness and illegal entry point is what you're saying it's more. Accidents and things like that. Further rescues for the most part yet just YouTube you know that the nature of our job Rodham patrol or there all the time sold almost the time we're the first people on scene to assist in you know. They're their patrol to make sure that no one of the illegally entering the country brought there -- You know work part of the border community we want to make sure everyone if we wanna help people you know beat Indiana and sometimes situationally. Do people call the Border Patrol -- with compliance or tips about suspicious things. I mean you know a lot subjective but that is something that we do I guess that would for the sector we have 341 mile border. We have roughly 300 agent. Throughout sector throughout the six stations. Put something we we do you know we have we have outlined on the 1803310353. You know the people that live in the community they've they've been here for awhile they allowed me. Big -- and they're old they're out on the but the border fishing. So they know what looks weird what's different what you -- -- out of place. We don't want to hear from -- we wanna go check that out it may be nothing but you know it's it's something we're not going around looking that. Matthew what's the most common saying they are called upon to do. I'm just someone crossing. It does people do colleges the you know like it I think they know what's going on no look different the people -- their output along the border people a little long -- rivers say I'm grand -- they they know what looks different -- shouldn't be there. Pure and their -- about daylight time so it's good that they call home -- -- looked. It would on nice talking with you and we hope in a safe. And -- not too busy fourth of July weekend. That's Matthew Bittermann public information office officer with the buffalo sector of the Border Patrol.

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