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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Canalside 4th of July Plans - Robert Gioia

Canalside 4th of July Plans - Robert Gioia

Jul 3, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome our next guest on the WB in -- talk about what's on tap this weekend it's Robert -- chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. Mr. joy -- good morning thank you for joining us happy fourth of July. Good morning and happy fourth of July to you folks. Boy if folks who wanna have a good time with their families or even alone is a lot to do around here for the fourth of July weekend not the least of which might be. A visit to canal side to take in scheduled events or. Just to see what's new what is on tap this weekend -- canal side. Welders there's always a lot going on that canal side and what we want it really created event Uga. There's always something for everyone. Especially forces alive which well the culmination -- -- -- fabulously fireworks displays as possible -- have been so generous to help support. What I would like to remind your viewers or inform them that debate really starts at 11 o'clock with the kids activities. Four have been by explore more and everybody else. Does that last till 7 PM. -- would -- I'm it'll come on another buffalo like com speaking of -- self or. And and -- To perform from seven to 9 PM and then there's other brands and everything else sold quite it'll be quite an event. -- a full day. -- a lot of people will be coming in for the first time in a long time or maybe the first time ever to seek an outside they're they're in for big surprise Anthony. I think so there there -- a lot of confusion and activity going on but that's progress all the time. Obstruction in the harbor -- you know canal one canal side. The old Donovan building is complete. We're in the process of -- -- up the historic canal also. Well with that comes a little bit of confusion while also activity and there's also many things going on with Clinton station food trucks from the likes -- We just -- people to get there early. Park and there's plenty of parking in and around the area made the walk two blocks. But we should be a walking community people of the outdoor so Serbia on time for everybody. Tell our listeners just a bit more about mr. Salvatore -- involvement and this event. Well he has been historically involved with the Delaware park fireworks and became. Much intrigue. This success of the fireworks. The waterfront and he is all the ball. Enjoying music with the fireworks goal when he wanted to really make this a spectacular evening deepening. That was actually Mike but Lonny from meals on wheels who made the connection with Boston. And and our folks in they came together and really understand it in the people from. The eve fireworks or a guy lighters and and match on this folks really promising and exciting night and they're they're telling affairs going to be a lot of loose and and they claim that the final likable really cover the sky with color so you should all bring your cellphone would you take great pictures. And it's always been one of the premier firework destinations and -- sounds like tomorrow night is not going to be any exception to that you know. And just. Just enjoy a beautiful Western New York -- that though that's not a not a bad place to be. REN as far as coming in with any thing. You don't really need to because like you said the food trucks are there and if you don't wanna do any activities that's OK too because it's just fun to sit in those that are on deck chairs -- -- And or bring your own chair and just sit and enjoy the beauty fusion. Hearing your weather forecast -- like it's giving -- beautifully. Yeah I'm sure will must enjoy thanks for joining us this morning. Or everybody Robert join the chairman of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation.

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