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7-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to the New York. If they -- -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one hung with an assault rifle. -- Tom hourly and that's must be within 200 feet of this boom or refugees and these live. It's local prevent this guy it's Tom hourly -- -- -- -- question. Trying to get this much this isn't real she's just announced he wouldn't. -- live here. -- now. So on news radio 930. Everywhere and -- -- what you meant some sort of things feel confident. Let's not members coast to W. All right sorry let's play it funny that's threats. Anywhere it's by hourly curry got my own unique Mitch an MB field of conservatory in talk radio. And I have to tell you. -- -- Because. There's a time with anybody. Anybody want to be carbon copy of Rush Limbaugh everybody want to be a rush. -- -- I love rush. But. I decided and it actually it was some how. Calculated thing it's been a metamorphosis it has been a gradual. Transformation. If you will. The keyword. In the transformation. Conservative area that was a key word to me. Because it actually gave me something on which they're paying my act. Because I felt kind of guilty saying I'm a conservative. Because I support equality a better edge and I actually like homosexuals I don't think they're going to hell. I actually have no issue with people or transgendered. I mean that's just -- -- get bigger fish to fry. Soul a lot of conservatives would like. But I can't really say I'm a libertarian. Because. They have some rules you gotta have some standards and norms. Otherwise. What does an intersection without a stop sign. I'm oversimplifying. It but at some times when I do. But anyway long -- short of it is like do my own thing my own way. I like being unique I don't like being a cookie cutter and a funny thing years I was not expecting the feedback. On the picture I posted just before it came earlier today -- myself. Shirtless with the head -- I just bought today. I put it up as eight goofy goofy picture. To mock myself. I wasn't putting it up as an iconic thing all right iconic. But if you're really liked accomplish pictures -- put more up. All tricks on vacation if you want. They're going to be selfish. It is -- twelve minutes after five who's -- -- -- thirty WB EM I have a good talk with -- and I'm not -- a good time with the illegal invasion of America too many people have given their lives for the unique nation known as the United States of America -- to see this and medical and -- make you -- individual in the White House. -- -- Folks I resisted this for a long time you know. Get if you -- they show that I did not buy into the argument that Obama hated America. You know their right I thought that as long as I could. And then it just. Dawned on me -- you guys were right. Those who said that were absolutely right Dinesh D'Souza was right. And I can sit here without any. Reservation whatsoever -- you. Obama hates the America you and I grew up. Okay. We talked about this over and over again but in order to understand this illegal invasion of America being counted in east. You must start with the idea that if Obama didn't want this to happen it wouldn't be happening. He wants this to happen why does he want this to happen. Because he believes America fundamentally is an immoral country that was founded by a bunch of evil white men. Which must be made to cry uncle before the advancing forwards for Central America. And must be made to Hubble itself in sack cloth and ashes. In front of all those. We've offended over the years. And I have a very intellectual and two word response for such specious logic and political philosophy. Bite me let's get to -- Niagara Falls we'll get by Ricky -- another shot here because he did use the word out -- the -- and I like that word anytime you can use anything magical. In the describing this man's politics animal port -- Well eight it's not saving me a whole -- all the money you've just -- but at least I don't have to buy it because all they have to do is. There's -- in the name out of my mouth that you mention pearl but aside from that. What he does. Things like. That he's he's executing the law. Well you have to understand exactly how he's talking you to work wizard equality for what he has he's award which are. She is accusing. In other words the first definition of -- the dictionary just to terminate or for example kill. Or terminate the life of a criminal or -- murder. He secured the laws of the land that make America. And many acute or put into a -- -- -- Just like -- if you remember I'm sure you do he's going to fundamentally. Transform. America. You have done in order to lectures on man in the past couple weeks. Yeah no but understand. It's you're out there. Like what we know we're human error and seeing an ambulance behind you. And ambulance is in fact we're gonna hook but when you look at your rearview mirror your real name. You have to do doubt what you listened to help. When he says it's fundamentally transform America. Hit me. In other words shouldn't -- it is -- he's going to totally change. The fundamentals that make America what it is. We -- I hit the tigers but I have brought this point up almost on a daily basis for the past three weeks and I must also tell you. That both sandy beach and myself at this radio station we call this man for what he was during the campaign of 2008. And I can't even begin to tell you. The people that call us racist which was so predictable. By the way because we did not buy into the mania and we started talking about people like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and we told the world as much as we do. About this mystery man and hell even Tom Brokaw after the elections -- well we really don't know who this guy was are you for real. You want to trust the media your wardrobe girl. Her father flavor there's. Jeremiah. -- Flickr there's CEO of the black Panthers -- -- failure to apps you'd. Or two to Poland random -- when her intimidating. You know people -- voting -- You know holding out polls. Well again. -- you know -- you live and work we're going over that history and I'm glad that at least somebody remembers and puts it into the framework in context of what we -- seeing happening today with the want and and promiscuous. Violations of the most basic law any country as what is its. And I told the guys that before what you read peace treaties. Whether it was the treaty of Paris that ended the revolution. The treaty but again which ended the war BT twelve -- looping it -- -- Most of those treat these folks what they. Talk about. Cars here's what's ours -- what hurts. Me. Does anybody read the stuff. 8030930. Here is. -- the it and it. Niagara county -- what do you think of the brave people in Southern California who stood in the middle road despite police resistance and said. -- -- -- I love it and I I've been thinking for quite awhile that it was too bad that the people that feel like we do and by the -- there. God speak the year is speeches on independence in year talked yesterday and that really speech it's around word but they're great other inspiring I've. And I think a lot of people really do. I -- you don't like what you do. This microphone I thought I'd do a damn thing to -- to shut off. We're gonna put -- -- -- she's got a call wait. And we need to get her off for the call waiting so regular back on. Because every other word is being Paul waited well what are we just say but I can't do with the call waiting. There's a cold you can dial recall we showed it will kill your call waiting before you do it. I can -- this is it's. Moody's. It's stars on federal. It will kill your call waiting. Because what good is a phone call it every third word is eliminated from what you're trying to communicate. It's not her fault I should we -- we should really say that when you call in killing your call waiting if you've got. 8030930. Is the phone number what is it joke. Star 70 op thank you Joseph. We have to make -- note that the future because that this -- the first time that's happened right does his Kathy take care over the phone call okay. Here's a Kathy again Kathy I appreciate what you had to say or at least what I heard about what you had to say about my monologue regarding sacred. Anniversaries. Of our -- are simply the sacred anniversaries of July 1 second third and fourth and why they mean so much now ago. Okay and also the week ago you had a great to talk on -- in history of the nation -- -- he donated great but to get back to the California people god bless them. I think we need to somehow. Get a group of people for let freedom ring or whatever it that we need to be ready this is gonna happen here. And not in the other thing is that I think that President Obama names should be changed to president I turn. President icon. Up let. Again this this man -- basically. He he was a product. -- white guilt. In combination. With a media that was desperate to see a black president. Of course as long as it wasn't a Clarence Thomas type where Thomas soul to. And again that old white guilt thing I know people who voted Obama in 08 who. Has just been beat themselves up over. You got caught up the hysteria I warned you against it sandy beach were you against Sean Hannity Rush Limbaugh we all -- you against this area. And some people felt for -- those days when women were swooning over Obama a new poll today says he is the least. He is the worst president since World War II. Do and keep up. Well no need to thank me what I what I like it -- is spread the word. Because the more people around the country who tune in to the show look I don't get any ratings credit for people listening in Montana but the message has got to get out. And we have got to promulgate it. So spread the word not for me it's it's about not about the I've got everything I ever wanted -- it's about the message. It all right thank you thank you very much you know they don't have. -- it's a 21 minutes after five bad news radio 930 WB Ian let's find out about the very latest in traffic here's Alan Harris. And AccuWeather for -- up for tonight partly cloudy sixty to below the license that take on the Yankees farm team in the Scranton Wilkes were real writers first pitch -- ballparks a little five. You may wake up to a shower or thunderstorm in spots tomorrow morning otherwise not as warm intervals of clouds and saw a little bit less humid in the afternoon 75 right now 81 degrees -- news radio 930 WB EM. I've got some emails asking about Mike. Apps. You that's very nice of you Haley cat. Bounced back from her extra actions wonderfully. The only difference is now just out of courtesy of her. I give her wet food which is just easier on her -- or lack thereof. And -- the veterinarian just have a tremendous. Tremendous job. And -- I believe charge a fair price she actually did a lot more than -- thought she was gonna do. For the money so you know -- he totaled about thirteen but 14100 bucks by a fair. It was money well spent. And really that's only a couple of extra nights at the truck stuff from so it all works out here is what is bill on WB Ian Soo hello. Hi how are you. I actually agree with. California citizen. Supporting their country. And I do believe you are unique. But a -- which I won't let things you know. And I can't stand how he and Obama. Can keep bypassing congress without the voters having opinions and -- are. He can do it because he's the president he is the chief executive of the land he is the commander in chief. And if he wanted to. This would end it now and why won't he stop it suits -- this is this what you have to ask yourself as a rational American. Why they won't president Obama's stop this invasion -- Well because he wants to make it. His country. Right the simplest answer is he doesn't want to he encouraged. This invasion. We know he knew it was coming by that January Ed. Requesting escorts for 65000. Children went there to it was more like 5000. Yet to open. Very disappointing the way things are going in this country really. Well aren't the people in California get short excuse me get your vote of support for a protest it. Are right does -- I'm glad you called end and we will continue this are coming up if you are just joining us. Folks it was around this time. And and I I'm big on metaphors if you ever listened to -- Metaphors. I can always find a metaphor. And the citizens. Of the San Diego area. -- -- sing the invasion. Of illegal invaders. On -- streets in their hole and now in their whole state. Folks. To consider the fact. That today is July 2. Went back and 1863. The union left. Was blockaded in the same way. By a handful of brave federal soldiers against repeated confederate. Uphill incursions at little round up. There is a parallel there is a metaphor and I will explain that unless -- an abort the crap idea after the news at 530 on WB. Again I can't stand up right now. It would be awkward. That is friendly movie Gettysburg. And against my better judgment perhaps. In light of yesterday. I simply can't help myself. Yesterday in California. Wait did I just make a mistake that I mean you talk and I mean Montana that I mean North Dakota. Texas now now I mean California. Protesters blocked. What they call immigrant detainees. Buses. Feds will discuss new plan. You know why they won't discuss the new plan. Because Obama and his America hated cronies. Want to get these illegal invaders throughout America. Because what they're going to do is demographically. Gerrymandered. The country. We'll talk they'll be in the country but they can't vote. Sense. Oh. Because. It's racist don't you know and discriminatory. Don't you know. To make people show ID to vote. So tell me why I couldn't vote. What. There is no way they won't be able to vote goes to look eighteen or older apps are going to be voting. Whether it's legal or not. Again folks you have to except -- except -- you understand the new reality. We are through the looking let's. Up is down doubters -- left is right right has left. The world is inside out. We're through the looking -- Do you really think. That people whose very first action in the United States was to break our territorial sovereignty and our immigration laws do you really think they're gonna think twice. About well I can't legally vote. This is so hard for a lot of get a grasp. Because it is still far out of your world view. And the way you were trade and the way you were raised and how you were educated that there are certain processes through which you go. Through. It life. They got into the country illegally why wouldn't they blocked illegally. And because ideas simply racist. Of course they're going to vote. They're going to vote Democrat. Obama knows this. Is America meeting cronies notice. And the end game is again. To eliminate all opposition. To the progressives. That is the end game. I would say to eliminate the Republican Party but the Republican Party has committed suicide anyway. And you know I feel about the Republican Party and I used to be -- registered Republican. I left the Republican Party after John McKay. Doing need to say anything more and I have a great abhorrence for the Republican Party because they are not the loyal opposition. They have been acting like sheep and a world of wolves. And their -- so let nobody makes me want to puke. Where are they standing up saying. Legislative. Judicial executive. Where our day. They don't know what they are. And what you hear phonies and frauds. Like Chuck Schumer. And again folks I need to remind you of this because nobody else in the media will except maybe Shaw and stand your rush. Or Michael Savage. Folks this whole war on women thing. Have you any idea what I sham that is and what a marketing. Brand that is that was put upon the Republican Party. Chuck -- Who called a flight attendant a bit each. Because she told him to turn off his cell phone you know like the -- -- like you and I do upon taxing. On a runway on a jet. Yet somehow the Republicans are to war on women. Chuck Schumer calls a woman a bitch and life goes on and it's like it never even happen he's like the surf -- politicians like it never even. -- -- like that that's rather brilliant thank you to all the welcome to so. He last week was talking about the Republicans just don't understand. There -- a demographic. Chasm. And if they don't get with the program there are going to be dinosaurs. -- think of myself. All yeah like Chuck Schumer really cares about the Republican Party seriously. Folks. If the Republicans actually believe. That these illegal invaders. Are going to vote Republican ever. There even dumber than I thought and believe me I pretty much think they have collectively a very low light you. But yet George Bush advance that argument. Other Republicans. Have advanced the argument that well you know -- the crap we were spoon fed. Well these -- family values people that are. Hard working Christians Catholics. Of the same values is as you would I have been there for their very likely to be Republican voters. All MFG. How can anybody be that -- -- how can anybody beat that plain foolish and stupid it's beyond. But let me not digress. Because the big story today. I love it. Citing safety and security considerations. Well I don't love this part of it. But I'll get to that citing safety and security considerations federal officials are declining to discuss what's next. For about 140 immigrant detainees. I call them illegal invaders turned away Tuesday. By hundreds of protesters who blocked their buses from entering a Border Patrol processing station. In a myriad other California. On Tuesday. But a 150 protesters met three buses took a few blocks from the Border Patrol station with chants of go all -- -- all and we want to be safe. We want to be safe. The buses now of course this is the LA times so this is the liberal bias. The buses were carrying immigrant detainees. Many of them women and children from Central America. Who it recently crossed the border in Texas they were flown. The San Diego on your -- by the way by the Department of Homeland Security. Which by the way is a joke to begin we don't even get started on that. Immigration and customs officials met with city officials and -- had a before the protests. We're sensitive to those issues and were seeking to address them. Really. Have a great way to address the concerns of the people of California. Get these illegal invaders and send them all. So people actually showed up to protest. Now. I -- hearing repeatedly folks. From those with connections. To the Border Patrol these men and women of our Border Patrol are utterly demoralized. They have been assigned tasks which are best described as menial. Nanny tasks not Border Patrol. It there it's not just ladies and gentlemen it isn't just the fact. That these illegal invaders are breaking our laws. They -- Trojan horses of disease. Does anybody remember the very beginning of god father to. When Vito Corleone arrived. And they put him in quarantine. Because he was set. Well guess what. Many of these men and children. I love I love this women and children. I'll might make me -- Medical workers. Are seeing diseases. Among these women and children. That are absolutely. Horrible. This did not surprise anybody and this should also not surprise anybody what I'm about to tell you next. The Obama. Regressive America haters have told medical professionals to keep their mouth shut about all the diseases. These women and children are bringing into our country. Of course we will end up paying for the treatment might you. Medical workers. At a San Antonio air force base were illegal immigrant children were illegal invader children are being held and treated. Are allegedly sold disturbed by the conditions. They have broken confidentiality agreements facing threats in order to share what they say is going under. The blaze its Glenn -- site has already reported on a case of Swine Flu. Officials said it was isolated. At -- air force base. That prompted the shipment of thousands of vaccine now unnamed sources speaking with conservative commentator Todd spartans have shared information about other. What happened diseases. But alleged that security forces have been brought in to create a very submissive atmosphere among the staff. There were several of us who want to talk about the camps but those agents made it clear we would be our west that we were under orders not to. Say anything folks. -- understanding of -- fascism has arrived in America do you understand this. What part of this don't you get. You have medical professionals. Who should be the voices of reason. With public health. They are being intimidated. By this criminal trader in the White House and his minions. In -- being quiet about what is really going on with diseases. At these illegal invader camps. They are being intimidated. And threatened by agents of the state. If it looks like it and walks like it and talks like it and smells like your what is it fascism. And let me also make the point. And this is were we get at the metaphor -- -- waiting for about this time. July 2. Of 1863. Right now. Under a setting but yet still sweltering Pennsylvania song with a rampant humidity. Brave man from Michigan Maine and New York. -- pulse. Wave after wave after wave of -- charges. By the confederate. Army. The confederate army wanted to take the high ground which was the far left of the union line known as little round top. If the confederate forces had taken little round top. They could have rolled right up the left flank of the union line. Capture the senator battle over confederacy wins there in a great position. To negotiate terms apiece with the USA. Granting itself it's independents. That was stopped. By a few brave men. Under the command. Of colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain the twentieth may. View. Who were listening at 533. You heard the theme song from Gettysburg. And you're hurt the word. That was what colonel Chamberlain actually set. To his men here's what you might not know. Folks. Chamberlain had to hold that ground. At all costs. After hours of repeated assaults by the confederate it's Chamberlain's men. We're out of ammunition or practically out of ammunition. They could not run. They could not fight with ammunition. Chamberlain. At one of the most brilliant. Field thinking. Tactical moves in military history. Ordered his men to fixed adapts. The confederate charged up the hill. Chamberlain said. Charge. Totally caught the confederate off guard they had made repeated attempts to capture little round top. When they saw. The federal bills coming downhill with bayonets. Many of them at that bowl. It gave up the ghost and surrendered. They had no idea. They were surrendering to a lot of guys who had not one round of ammunition they could shop. Now. In 2014. Americans. In a street in California held the moral high ground. By blocking the invading army. Of reason and children. From going into their community and destroying it and turning it into a Third World style ghetto. And I've been to Third World get those you don't want to live in such an environment believe me you don't. I don't -- friendly the people are you don't wanna live. It is -- 547. News radio 930 WBE. Business what happened California give you hope. It gives me hope you don't the next step by the traitor in the White House will be. Any movement now of mass waves of illegal invaders will be done clandestinely. It will be done in the middle of the night it will be done with no fanfare no advance warning. And even if you are cop and you were told you're gonna do escort duty for the buses. You will be threatened the same -- the health care workers are being threatened with your career if you say anything to anybody. About what's taking place what's going down. Folks. Are already told. The walks like -- talks like it and acts like it what is. If they're willing to intimidate health care workers. From talking about genuine public health threats being brought into work country by these invaders. What's next. What's next. It is that -- folks I'm not given to hyperbole announced I'm not given the dramatics. Just in my personal. It 03 on -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB GN. -- as far as AccuWeather grows a patchy clouds tonight low 62 -- for ball game devices take on the Yankees formed in the Scranton books are real writers first pitch of the ballpark 705. Tomorrow he'll wake up to shower and thunderstorm in spots in the morning. Otherwise not as warm intervals of clouds and -- little turn less humid in the afternoon 75 sometimes I find myself waking up and spots but. 81 degrees and news radio 930 WB the end. Joseph you're give -- -- what you wanted to do it now -- 55. 55 spoke. What do you make of these protesters in California and by the way. The brown -- tactics of the Obama administration telling medical professionals they can't tell the American people what a storage of diseases these women. Are bringing into the United States here is. Know who's next here is -- WB Ian Walsh hello. -- Thank you so much for continuing your positions. On the subject. One of the things that I wanted to mention to us. Well I didn't remember that you suggested couple mythical. I think Valerie Jarrett who's very. Instrumental. What is going on. Well in the Obama administration chief senior advisor. And -- Yeah she's very important to them. She had mentioned in the was caught up about ten days ago. That that her children that are coming in this country from all places in Central America this is the future. Of America. And I thought that was cheering for any parent. Rory grandparents. About you know what does that mean for the children that live here -- In other words she basically verified what I have been saying they want to turn America into Guatemala del -- -- pulled -- all talk you more after the news it's six -- wanna -- your fair shake but that we have to get responses -- fair shake as well.

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