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7-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's so it's a it's an act of love it's an act of commitment to your -- Yeah -- com hourly. Guess what day it is and guess what day it is. It's live talk and I know you can hear every local that it's something Tom hourly. On news radio 930 -- WB. Yeah now I hate that I -- Tuesday earlier in the show is -- -- operating on Tuesday frame of mind all day Saturday and I suddenly feel of a better mood early Wednesday. No it doesn't have anything to do with the -- issue. These are -- -- is just up. Birdied I didn't always just up front would give the stuff. The swelling of the brain was at its worst over the wintertime okay and it had nothing to do with the other stuff by the -- just you know. And I mean I'm not saying that sarcastically but the the the situation is that with anti inflammatory. It is a manageable. Condition. OK so it's not that. Hey my -- is -- that's why I thought it was Tuesday when it's really Wednesday it's just more of a summertime thing like -- to chemical and it was summertime frame of mind. Over the summer time friend of -- My brain is. It's -- cognitive processes are are terrific they're fine. The the only downside and I told you guys this before and I do not -- your -- It is just I get a -- and most excruciating headaches I've ever experienced. Like I wouldn't wish that on anybody. And I'm not usually prone to those kinds addicts but they go away when I'm on the year all the one day. So. Keep up to -- and that stuff and you know what -- just wanna wish regenerate the best and that's about all I'm gonna say about -- general. Who's been diagnosed with throat cancer a lot of respect -- privacy. Because you know folks I worked with were in the 8283 hockey season. Believe it or not I was the sabres intermission reporter and locker room report. Jim Moran was his partner Rick was -- the broadcast Booth with Jim and I respect guys in the locker room after the show and Don do -- -- he was that the master control Beckham Franklin street and every now to get our equipment actually worked. But none of the irony is and by the -- wrecked or wreck as a performer okay. And just imagine this for just a minute you are regenerate. It's 198283. You were already a legend. If you're introduced to this nineteen year old kid it. Mrs. mr. Murray he's going to be working with you the look and Rick's face was like you've got to be kidding me. Because he had no idea the kind of greatness for which I was destined but. Long and the short of yours. I just have to so much respect for regenerate. And I wish him nothing but the best he is. Honestly folks I think he is the best. Hockey play by play guy who has ever lived and I know that's a bold statement -- darling was very good. Regenerate vote is in a league all by himself. I'm sorry he's better than Foster Hewitt he's better than any of the old time guys I've listened to an audio. Regenerate is a he's a treasure. And I might also -- here. That -- Lawrence. Is truly one of the nicest people now I need to lower part of -- broadcast group. Gym rats as one of the nicest people. And the most knowledgeable hockey cards and one of the most decent human beings I've ever met. And -- it Brad parks scored in overtime in game 71983. Boston Garden sabres Bruins play -- series. I have to -- something Rick was at the top of his game Jim was at the top of his game. Our equipment were -- Boston evening to get to the game in time for the middle the first period. And it was one of the best hockey shows we ever did. And that's a bold statement I have to tell you but it was really good somewhere got a tape of it. But just RJ I asked the -- and I know you don't want. Rick is not a -- to become a guy any more than item or appreciate your well wishes but he's not a dweller are right. 413 let's get back to Mary in Niagara Falls so yeah well. The top of my -- I just kind of mentioned as something about school buses and darken windows and illegals and -- you never know where they're going to be they're gonna do it's helpfully now. So what you saw was a caravan of six buses school buses with darkened windows escorted by a state trooper. Now it's July our school's in session. That's right now I can't -- the -- -- -- -- it just happen immediately was striding. Well I got -- -- Lewiston you know our biggest SP Lewiston and I think they've got to substation somewhere up there -- Now all of not all of -- to get dark windows just some album and that's what caught my Ike. Because I was looking up but I -- see people in the build one out. No he couldn't tell their children are all so whatever the -- another one. What do you drop. Like we -- to black white and black -- an -- -- -- Rebecca. And I think that -- impacted by the -- as a black like. Okay. Interest. That -- think -- -- you know like. OK I noticed that territory but that return back in California -- had darkened windows you could see who was in the boxes like. It. What toll -- something at what time did this take place today this very important. I didn't quite. She's almost as I was saying it. Our -- right. It. That it that is because -- because I hate to tell you this but I believe I could be impact. Armed and that's like when Peter Griffin says I think -- be Jesus. That's a joke and -- Jesus has a sense of humor but I'm all right. -- We have to find out about this caravan of school buses here -- the choices -- It's totally innocuous and has nothing to do with the illegal invasion of America. Beat. Deep it had something to do. So if you have any information on the caravan of school buses. 3:35 PM 104. Just outside of Lewiston New York today and they were heading north. You are heading out. What -- at all. So they're coming up we didn't know twit Niagara Falls. Course coming up the hill you can do it for either direction that's where I was confused. Know you're coming up when -- gonna help. Trump who -- -- not follow that. That sort itself. But they were heading toward the fault that the important thing. Well -- that yet. You were a point where I've lost track and at that point but it could begin. C the ramp that would put -- maturity or it could have continued up into Niagara Falls but. But that point I -- it onto the traffic light and it turned -- right it's unlawful. Well -- clear what. I have but in recent weeks got on my knees. To tell the police who while the agencies around our park what a great job they've done with traffic after the Tuesday concert which are crammed with like 101000 peoples so. Some of those guys if you ask around -- some of the state troopers. Around Lewiston you'll have access to my cellphone number so let me know what was going on up here it could be totally unrelated. Or it could be the feds trying to jam illegals. Down our throats remember they'd considered -- old Wal-Mart. As a site. But my suspicion -- is ultimately the game plan is going to be to put. These illegal invaders in areas where they can make a political difference they're basically trying to. -- demographically. Gerrymandered. Elections in the future. If you look at the last election. Buying all the computer fraud being major metropolitan areas were won by the Democrats and all that. The more suburban and rural area to what by the Republican. W -- both areas. -- illegals. And given that you don't. Wink wink right to vote that they don't have. You know. It's just -- city beach today. -- sandy beach that a fun. The whole show on this subject I'm on the illegals. And he talked about something that we have also talked about the idea that these illegals are going to be given the franchise to vote. But here is what I found myself thinking and saying out loud to sandy when he was on the radio city we don't have any voter ID requirements so we don't even need to legally tell them that they have to be registered to vote. Because nobody -- to show I. -- Legally or illegally they're going to be voting they already have a demonstrable track record of thinking not think -- breaking the fundamental all of America regarding entree into this country. So why wouldn't they vote illegally. Of course. -- we get you get counties in Florida that have greater than 100% of registered voters are voting. Well saying here's the -- network but you know -- -- -- here's the thing. City PH and I we both were raised in an America where rules and laws meant something and it's very difficult for us I can't speak for sandy but I I I -- city well enough to be able to say. It's difficult for us to wrap our heads around the idea. That the president of our country actually hates our country. It's not. Going. And we are going and going to school at practice in and government etc. And it's happens that I am a retired. Teacher and and because of what they've done -- art and art school. Prohibiting certain things -- be right. At California. We'll learn how to use the obvious because actually Christian principle bought into the work. Appointed. To where we can say that rounding up at the ultimate state. Time -- time you heard it here here's where I have to disagree and that's always pisses off my Christian listeners and I just have to deal with -- when you look at most of the world's great religions you will find common themes so what you might perceive as a Christian ideal may also be a an ideal of Judy is in an ideal of buddhism and an idealist or Austria's. -- great great. OK but. What what I'm saying is. I think the better argument is they don't want people understand. Aid the greatness of America and what got us here. BE I believe that. There is an assault on religion in America I'm not a religious person I can't be any more clear about bet I. Very much believe in god I adhere to no specific religion whatsoever because I think most religions are crap to be brutally honest with -- A but I believe in got a big difference between god and religion which are human construct at least I see them as such. But I will defend it to my dying breath. The rights of Christians and Christian business owners to the free exercise of their religion as I will with Muslims and buddhists and Jews. It thank you -- welcome I'm glad you called thank you very much where you'll see we can't get to the bottom others. Thank thank you and folks it's it's a typical thing for some people wrapped their minds around. But I'm real serious about that free exercise of religion that. I'll go to migrate all laid -- my life for your freedom of religion and that from religion to personal choice you've. You and your soul if you believe you have a soul and god that's a personal thing. Let's go to traffic right now and a hopeful -- without any blasphemous comments here's Alan Harris. All right thank you very much register the senate emailed my brother who did not know but I was within feet of Ringo Starr last week. Nor did he know that irate and burn him a copy of some of the songs from the show. AccuWeather for today partly cloudy. The overnight low 62 degrees tomorrow that you may wake up to John and Susan. And save -- doing in my bed but after that you will find a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the morning otherwise not as warm with intervals of clouds and sun turning less humid in the afternoon 75 the hi I'm a very funny men are back 81 degrees at the WBE. And folks. I don't wanna severe -- my own -- But what I do on the radio is completely. Different than what any other talk show host -- I have broken the mold okay. I have a tremendous respect for sandy for rush and show on its savage and a lot of other people Glenn Beck I I love them. I'm just different than they are and I revel in the fact that I -- a bit of a rebel. And I revel in the fact that although we see the same issues in many of the same ways. That. I've also got that edge. And that biting sense of humor sometimes sarcastic sometimes -- likes it just but. I like to wild thing. I hate to talk about branding. But. When I die. I want people to remember. Like to abuse say I -- is unique you know he didn't copy anybody else he was a zone -- that's all I want. That. Attendees at Hedo and life is good. Almost. Cut my hand and -- and I can -- it's a -- -- It happened just -- -- today. And you know. Yeah it's that every opponent and I wish it. And and it's. -- Good stuff there from the ball. I use our great album by the way I Crosby stills Nash young deja -- It. -- -- I'm thirty WBBM. It anyway up folks up. We have if you're just joining us I've been remiss in saying this lately. I wanna thank you sincerely for making me. Part of -- day. Com. -- -- And really. Gratified. Morton that I could ever possibly. Express to you by a what we've created here in by York. Appreciation for the most part of what we're never gonna agree on everything you know any more than you agree with your loved one on every. But. I will tell you I'm gonna tell you how I see it. And I don't hear who I offended as long as I know. That I am telling the truth to the best of my ability to -- so. And I've gotten some. Some communications from some people have gone a long time. Expressing concern. Forty. Given the zeitgeist. The spirit the ghost of the times. And whether I was putting myself in on do. Risk were at undue risk. By being such a militant. Proponent of freedom and the United States. And my response is and what two point. Because I really don't hear. -- this is what you have to understand. Okay. I appreciate your concern I truly do. The worst that can happen theoretically anybody is death. -- -- to three times. It was a life changing experience. If I'm not scared of black well. Really. It's a serious split Blackwell. You know I always say. Make sure it's at least a sexy tape that's all I care about. Because in this -- in entertainment stuff like that to -- older. So what he got. And as I said couple weeks ago. I am more talkative on the ear volume off the or tentative required person off the year. Patient in note. And I'm trying to be a better person off the year except. At the Ringo Sheryl when the guy. Wanted to talk to me when Ringo is doing boys -- my claim The Beatles exemption for not being a nice guy at that particular moment. Bike does bad timing dude bad -- But I do appreciate. The relationship that we have and I and thank you for your concern about me. I'm a big boy. -- no the game is played. And there's so much I'd like to tell you. But I can't. All I'm gonna say is. I know how the game is played and -- and a freaking master at all right so don't worry about me. Now for 36. -- news radio alive thirty WBE. And questions asked David Olivia. Now what else do we have here talking about this. A busload of illegal invaders and folks please stop using the term immigrants when describing these children -- Who have been dumped by their parents or their families into the United States sandy beach. God bless you. For your brilliant show this morning and if you wondered why I am blowing smoke -- -- rear end it's because hey he always does a great show. Awful lot like I -- cut it because it it out it's it's like wait a minute. This is a bigger game going on here this isn't just about the illegal invaders. This is about politics. This is about totally making this a one party country. And I was at all I was just like -- best and you -- less devastating beaches entire show. 9 until June. At WB EN dot com. And he by the way is also ridiculously funny and you can check him out and I suggest you do I -- show ideas on line in every interview with the Buffalo's early news folks do is also on line. Can we please stop -- immigrants when talking about these people number one. -- an immigrant issues in my opinion an -- -- somebody who really gets into the United States who waits in line who does the paperwork who does due diligence somebody who -- the immigration lawyers somebody who goes through the system who goes through the channels to become a citizen of the United States. And if you are an immigrant illegal immigrant to this country. Hey I welcome you we need that immigrants. We need the best and brightest this world has to offer America is an all star team we are in a position to be -- to pick and choose who we wish to have in our country. As American citizens too many of our ancestors have given up. Their lives. Everything. To make this country possible. For a budget illegal invaders but for immigrants who have done it the right way as well as native born Americans. So if you wanna call me. Everything that you would ordinarily call somebody with my. Political viewpoints which are conservative area and you wanna say. Racist South Pole but. You don't know what about. Hell you're talking about which I could use the other work as well. I welcomed immigrants. I -- there's I have to say that I welcome immigrants. This is. Up about immigrants this is about invaders. This is about eight calculated. Political. Move. By the U progressives. In the United States who work in the hole and power. Who bought the United States to pay for it past sins and the way to do that. And by the way folks this isn't just because we have a president who hates America and everything that it there too it's good for. Because the other side we have global -- who want to control. Everybody. This planet with a one world government. Because that makes it easier to control people. And again folks. We did you do -- America. America. -- is a great way to start dismantling freedom. Made you DE. Unite the United States. -- you intentionally. Fail to educate your children. And others children. About the sacrifices. Made to make this country known -- the United States a number of possible. That is up big part of the you know when people I joke when people say you have -- -- -- right and they've got no clue what the country actually stands for. I joke about that but there is something to be said for loving. At least what your country stands for. These people. All pawns. These people are being used and they are willingly being used. It is a symbiosis. Between those who want to bring America down to Third World country levels. And it. Those people from the Third World. Who want Americans free meals free education free health care they wanna live off of your labor. Right. Folks this is such a bigger story. -- the dirty children you'll see in the newscast every single day. I forget whether it was -- -- Sean Hannity who made the comment about the nightly news every night they show the same mud covered kid. You know almost like Sally Field -- applies. Like we're supposed to feel bad. You know what I don't feel bad. I love children. I think these children need all. Of the land in which they were born and be productive citizens in those places. Why should we be told how horrible we are. Let the wrote the column in the USA today today. Why should we be told. Hope anybody look at these children. -- feel we -- not feel we have a responsibility. To take care about all I can do that really really easily. I know stand -- but why go back all. Folks. Here is a telling bit of information related to you every single -- because it illustrates the conspiracy. Behind it. What we're seeing right now sheriff Joseph Arpaio are Arpaio he got it right this is an orchestrated. Conspiratorial. Chaos this is an orchestrated. Crisis. And what is the proof. What is the proof folks. If you. -- in charge of our borders and every year. Since you started keeping statistics. The usual even a record number of on accompanied by adult illegal invaders is 5000. 5005005005. That go back ten years 5005000. But then in January 24 team. Which was over half a year ago. You on a government website start putting ads. For escorts and we're not talking bought Vegas -- were were talking about escorts. For all of the unaccompanied minors 65000. Of them. Do you really want to try to make the argument. That this isn't something that was orchestrated that this isn't a major conspiracy -- epic proportions to. You really wanna believe bet is if you do I think you -- naive you don't get it. Politics is blood sport. These people in power now. All about power control and dismantling this country. And if you put your hope for the bush family luck with that I hope that works out for you real well because Jeb Bush is just as bad as Barack Obama. Because -- that he might be worse because he doesn't even know. What he's doing illegal immigration is an act of law make me puke. I always like to say it illegal immigration is an act of love is -- a handshake. I sure as hell don't they sell these people are criminals. He's their children well. And they ought to be home with their families in the country in which day were born. I've got nothing to offer odds. That got a legal right to peak years. The aren't they -- -- folks immigrants you have to start using the word in Bader. That is the proper terminology. When you have tens of thousands of children or anybody. Illegally coming into your country. Any other era any other country it would recall exactly what it is an invasion. That's what it is you have to get away from illegal immigrants you've got to start calling them illegal invaders. And I wanna give credit to Michelle Malkin she first coined that phrase about ten years ago. Because she got sick. The misnomer. Immigrant in referring to criminals. Because immigrants are not criminals. Immigrants are people who did it the right way. Which is a giant pain in the past you know what it's like trying to deal with the government. Yet these people. Who do -- within the system. Persevere. They jump through hoops they got guys that crossed the t.'s. And we welcome them to America. I'd be honored to do a speech to those newcomers. So don't tell me that -- against immigration don't tell sandy -- against immigration because he. A speech to new. Americans a few years ago and it was one of the proudest moments of his life he's talked about it on the air. So you can never say that either one of us is anti immigrant would not. What we are anti illegal. Invasion and there is a huge freaking difference. And I'm sorry if you failed to grasp that. You're really shouldn't be listening to and you shouldn't be on my FaceBook pages should be playing over and NPR's page or MSNBC. Because I can't abide. Foolishness. You know I do not suffer fools gladly. And I find it as like become older my ability to have patience with people who just don't get it. Wears thinner and that are in that are because sometimes I think it is a deliberate. Not getting it. My goodness folks. I'm sorry I get so passionate about this I can't shut up. I didn't give a phone number. Do you support the people in California who blocked the road god bless them. Who blocked a road to stop. The busloads. Illegal invaders from coming into dare -- To destroy their way of life. The last thing you wanna do folks -- if you are caught erase that you go ahead call me a racist because you don't know me. If you listen to the show you'll know that nothing is further from the truth. I believe in brotherhood I believe in peace I believe in harmony. But I also believe in borders I've got a security system at home. I've got locks it by the hole I -- my car -- like -- would be convenient store for two minutes. Because it's common sense. 803 old I'm thirty. Do you support the people who stood in the street in California to block the busload of illegal invaders from coming into their hole. In their hometown and folks. I'm telling. These people will turn any town in -- which they go into a Third World place. Because that's what they know. That's their culture. I've been in it in two world Mexico. I've bitten into rural Venezuela although -- -- -- venezuelans in this -- are -- have been some real crap holes around the world. Believe me he called racist if you want you wouldn't want to live the way they live. Not unless you consider. Or middle finger to be good toilet paper the -- It all three -- thirty starlet 3180616. WBE NN. There are ready to editors AccuWeather for a WBM buys and stayed on the yankees' farm team be Scranton -- per rail riders prepared to the ballpark 705 PM. First pitch forecasted as patchy clouds overnight low 62 this -- the hate mail and getting an email. I go the IP address and it's like all you again anyway is shower or thunderstorm. In spots in the morning otherwise I'm not as war with intervals of clouds and sun turning less humid in the afternoon 75 high right about 81 degrees -- the WB yeah people get keyboard Basel you know. Joseph we're it was a use a keyboard Brussels. To your expression. We're different PP it could have been something I created. You know not be your views would be your muscles. And it went. Do you support the people of California who said. Illegal invaders. Turnaround and go hole as archer is held do it's about time. And I don't know what happened with these buses in Lewiston I have no idea what they were all about could be completely innocuous. It could. I don't know I'm ignorant stupid ignorant here is Rickie Lee in the falls on WB -- -- -- -- About this. -- -- not immigration you know there incremental either they're changing the -- for bush people. Don't use that word please don't use that word I hate that word. I hate it when I use that word I hate when other people use that word. Tired -- birdie the American now public Bridget. You know digestion. I. I said now we're talking now and some kind. -- They're changing the perception that that's all -- perception that's not it's not true it's not -- it's all personal. They're changing the perception and incrementally. Oh big big goal from -- immigrants to you know we should be aliens not immigrants in central emigration out there. There migrant children and migrants. And are gonna be something else -- there. They're coming down the first option. Well there's an essay I -- frequently I don't have the time to read it on the year but George Orwell wrote it politics and the English language and it is as true and as salient today as it was when he wrote it almost 100 years ago. Now they're preparing as though that the immigrant 2007. -- knew that thank -- -- Now this is -- this is my opinion -- and I'm not you know telling anybody -- ask anyone to believe or agree with me. I told. Your counterpart on the radio are called in 2009. When you're you know they're getting from. Doubts about -- you know and I called them and I -- this man. Is he able. This man hates America. This man has a vendetta. Against America and this man is. To all intents and purposes the American. Antichrist but in the wake he works this way. -- people not totally a lot. John Boehner few days ago he made a statement. -- -- -- effect terror phrase I can't remember verbatim but he -- prohibited at the Cadillac are G used to name. But president -- Refuses true execute the laws of the land. But when you're working with people. That really not illiterate but just don't know what -- He loved what -- or I think it does accept you can. The laws of the land town but yeah. He is a necessity lethally inject them operate -- -- -- -- Rickie Lee and the only reason I'm gonna keep gone after the news is because anybody who uses the word a project. And who makes them at medical reference to this president we're speaking the same language because every time -- pick up what you find myself throwing open my mouth a little. And I say look folks I I I resisted this for the longest time I really that. But the only logical conclusion is Obama genuinely does hate America. And he's trying to destroy it in the final two years of his office the sad thing is. The global.

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