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7-2 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And. And and and just system. The speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- They're going to -- Yourself it's live it's local ethnic food and you hope it's Tom hourly. Arthur -- news radio 930 AW. Thank you both did what they've just come do -- in the Europa them. It's a checked my FaceBook page lately. Anywhere to be rather quickly let you know some blog on my FaceBook page and I saw it does double -- in great gales of laughter. Bet that the picture to -- the again. Like the post pledge pressure. And that picture that's something I talked about. Yesterday the fact that I have broken down I have turned into total DB and I have a lot by I had bet. Because it's. My hair is long no I'm not gonna cut its ability to beat it if you. Can't handle that on FaceBook I suggest you grow a few years and then come back to the page when -- mature but by -- enjoy every monitor -- -- don't wanna kind of partner though popular with shorter. So anyway. I took a picture. The -- bad but I bought just before the program. Because I need beat -- ban that to keep -- -- going in the eyes driving -- and gardening not necessarily in that order by the way. And I wasn't sure I was wearing. Did not match that band. This -- owners didn't go up with me and I thought about it. It. Doesn't matter if I show a little -- and so all I -- a shirtless sulfate. From let me just tell me -- all if you ought to see the doing this -- -- I -- this is the blow up also brought a lime green one. Which certainly does not it's feature. I don't think there's going to be a photograph coming up the lime green headband but I did that. Lot of reasons I did that a pilot doing goofy things -- -- again beat. And I don't like the mold of he is right leg talk show host because people have these certain preconceptions that you. If you are you talk show host and you tend to be. On the right even though on the standard conservative and I'm gonna libertarian conservative conservative very impressed describes. But people still have this preconceived notion that you're supposed to look a certain way you're supposed to address a certain way -- you're supposed to be out of the bolt. You know like we all at the same place to get groomed hair cut it fitted pursuits its -- So I figured well I lost the way. The delay says it would be short list so pretty it at least from the chest up anyway. Let me get. -- have a little. -- was bottom but I and I'm looking forward to the avalanche but DB comments that this will generate. But anyway it is July the second. 24 to eight. And yeah well I happen to love metaphors I don't know if you listen to show enough you probably know that -- have a huge metaphor then. Then something happened overnight California that I have been by the talk about ever since I first heard about it and that is your fellow citizens not. In North Dakota not in Montana. Not in South Dakota not in Alabama Mississippi. No place like that Texas. You're fellow citizens -- of all places Southern California. San Diego. Actually got off their asses. About a 150 people literally blocked the paths. So that busloads of illegal invaders to this country could not be re located in -- Their neighborhood by this criminal treacherous traitor his administration we have in Washington known as the Obama administration. God bless those people in Southern California I would personally like to hug and kiss every one of them. And thank them for doing a great great job and -- here's the problem. What's gonna happen in the future is that the feds and the party said -- they're gonna be stealthy now. They're not tell where they're gonna put these people Curtis got a place. And you don't even know you'll see school bus as you'll think it's the local football team it'll be school buses with darkened windows filled with illegal invaders they'll try to resettle in your neighborhood. To destroy it intruded into Third World country. Because that's what this game is all about folks you know. I'm glad that certain people who used to think what I said was paranoid I'm glad that certain people are finally getting it. When they talk about one world government. Well I don't know what took so long. But it is very heartening to me to be thought of a -- and not as a crazy man but as they profit I told you. I told this was happening. And -- -- we welcome Tony welcome to my world. This was and work is this is an ongoing. Orchestrated invasion of our country. Which is being sanctioned by the Obama administration. The end game is to destroy America because Obama hates America. Whether or not you have come to that conclusion yet it took me awhile. Because it just didn't make any sense it was it contravene everything I have ever believed about anybody who would run for office in America but I finally reconcile myself to the knowledge that we have a man in the White House who hates America who wants to turn this into a Third World country and that ultimately the game plan and by the way it's not just Obama it's the bushes and it's all the elites. Ultimately what they want is one world government so that you can be controlled through well Google. Or whatever government the agents they want everything planned. Okay they want a big collective they want everything in their power everything under control. And what stands in the way of the elites. The American sense of sovereignty. The American sense of independence the American way of life and appreciation of the United States of America what it stood for what it stands for and what it is all about and the -- who have made the sacrifices necessary for this country's continued existence. They want that destroyed. Because they'll call it jingoism. Alcoholic. Pseudo patriotism. They think that's a bad thing. And using Obama as their front man. This is -- Absolutely positively a major major major step forward for the people who want to destroy the United States of America and turn it into Guatemala Honduras as subtle Bob -- -- -- Out -- wanna turn it into Guatemala they'll repair it. But I heard it correctly I don't know I don't care I love Spanish but I socket but as just another story altogether. But folks this is what this is all about. -- I don't know if you heard her interview the other day with Bob -- with the federation of Americans for immigration reform but I actually -- Do we still have that interviews at work joked that we can replay it was only about a ten minute interview but that maybe we shouldn't replied I don't know I've unjust economic behavior but. -- -- What do you think is gonna happen with these illegals if you are a Democrat if you are an Obama lover if you are an America hater. And you pulled yourself and thinking that this Obama Fella sure board he he's just the best thing since sliced bread. On. What the game plan is going to be your news Democrat. Hegemony. In America. Until the crack of doom. And mark my words I strongly suspect that what is going to happen. Is that. These illegal invaders are going to be put into areas where politically. They can make a difference. You know how every election cycle suddenly -- military bases in key districts get extra grants. Military contractors in certain districts get big contracts why do you think that as you think it's coincidence. Well they're buying. Vaults they realize the political importance of funding the machine and funding the machine in areas that politically can make a difference. So what is ultimately gonna happen with these illegal invaders is. They will be put into areas where they can make an electoral difference the goal is to totally destroyed. And Republicans don't really need any help with is because they're dead already up but to totally destroy any semblance of opposition to. The one party Democrat. Regressive rule CE I have a hard time thinking of today's Democrat party as the Democrat party even a Bill Clinton. Hillary's a different story but this is a a completely stayed list. Regressive. Political movement it's designed to gain absolute and total control of every aspect of your life we have seen this with health care. Well -- starting to sound crazy and paranoid. I've picked piece. I'm by FaceBook page. Bet you might wanna check out because. I called this I don't know how many years ago I called Burris. And I make no apology for tuning my own horn when it comes to spotting mega trends pointing that out to you often years before they happen. And there's a story in time magazine. And they have this big conference in Aspen. -- But Lloyd the French -- holes. Sorry to live from dumb and dumber but there they have this idea this thing in that in Aspen. All these intellectual people get together and discussed intellectual things -- at any Thai food which optics but what they do little. What they do is they talk about future trends and what they said he is that by the year 20/20 five. Which -- that far away. Every baby at birth will be genetically. Mapped. Now if you don't know anything about Eugene your genetics your DNA I cannot start from the ground up let's just say that you -- traits. Some of those traits are good at some of those traits are bad. So in 20/20 five. The guest is the estimate is every baby born in America will be genetically -- now why do you think that it's. Why would they wanna do that. Here's the answer because that government will be the single Payer health care provider by that point there will be no choice for you. And the government. I -- The government death panels ultimately will become involved in this DN eight mapping. And the mapping of a new board is only the beginning mark my words folks. I wish I had written down the date I've said I've said -- so many times that if you don't remember I'm sorry but I told you. Back during the obamacare debate. That someday in the not too distant future everybody at birth is gonna have their DNA taken. And there are going to be screened for all these diseases blah blah blah blah blah I call that. Now the next step and I just talked about that either this week early last week let's follow this logically. We know that certain diseases are passed on generation to generation right okay. Now what else do we know some diseases are more expensive than others. So if you can't eliminate bloodlines. By culling the disease genes from the population. You have just improve your bottom line in terms of health care I didn't say anything about the morality of it. I didn't say anything about the spirituality. Of it. But that is the ultimate goal folks. And I make no apologies. For telling you what I think this future is going to be all about Huxley wrote about the brave new world you're seeing the beginnings of -- already. Do you really thick. Do you really believe that the government is good. Do you really believe that the government. With bills to pay and budgets do you really think that they will continue to allow people. With genetic. Strong. Genetic predisposition. To very expensive chronic diseases. Do you really think they're gonna allow those people to emerge from the war. Why do you believe. This is also by the way part of the -- truck that abortion on demand is some kind of a sacred right. Because it will make it all the easier to convince future generations that -- calling the diseased genetic population. From a future births that we're doing epic cut costs. So it's almost like. Death panel but a death panel for genetic lines. Mark my words. And one thing you can't. Ever say that day nobody ever told you and B you can never say. That I -- off the wall with everything I have said since the 1980s about mega trends that are coming. And when I saw other story today about the ideas conference and Aspen. And every baby genetically mapped. Upon berth in 20/20 five my first thought was hey that sounds familiar my second thought was well the obvious next -- them will be to make sure. That people like hunter Kelly never even get -- Or people. And -- I only mentioned hunter because that is an example that. Brave kid an example of the kind of expensive chronic disease the government is not gonna wanna pay for. And again when you convince people that a fetus. Is nothing but a meaningless for a blob of proto plans and that human life does not begin at the moment of conception it will make it that much easier for the bureaucrats down the line to be little Hitler's. And little mega ways. And destroy. Wives of families. And genetic lines that are likely to produce high cost illness people. Mark -- words. You know -- right. And that's what's frightening. I wish I was wrong. But I know I'm right. And you combine that. With the ubiquitous of the cell phone. You combine that with the global reach. Of Google. And by the way I realized Google is you know -- private company. It's that are made are not the government is what I'm trying to communicate to your. But you can tell me that this information can't be tapped into everything you do electronically. Is recorded. Is filed and unless your lowest learner I should point at -- I'll let your lower smarter people in the IRS and so some of your emails get mysteriously eaten by the dog and nobody seems to think that at all. In the least suspicious. So we have so many things to talk about today. And I wanna talk about these people in California. And the metaphor ladies and gentlemen of what these people in California did. Yesterday compared to what union soldiers did on this date in 1863. At Gettysburg cannot be overlooked I have to go there I'm compelled by forces larger than myself. Don't go anywhere it's by hourly you can check out the door he FaceBook thing I've posted before I came on the year. John do you think it's sexy can I think it's -- she I mean I I wouldn't posted it if I thought it was sexy I think it makes me -- you think it makes me look homosexual. No you'd be amazed they look hot. Really just let the door -- and that's why put up. All right well. Thanks Joseph what do you do them later. They don't -- like thirtieth news radio led thirty WBBM. And two dollars on scratch off tickets still. You actually -- owners and you're always. Long ten books in the woods and Chester guys. -- -- -- -- advance -- important question and I think it is at 333 hitters radio and -- thirty WBBM. So the story of the day as far as I'm concerned. Is the protesters in Southern California. Basically clogging the road. Refusing. Busloads of illegal invaders. Entry -- to bear community amen what a man came at you get these people amen. By the way. I -- you know something then I am so rarely banning and the leading people. Whose ignorance on my page -- and -- it stupidity. On my page is simply beyond my ability to deal with it without going in to some kind of a week may have. Because believe it or not ladies and gentlemen are still people out there. Who believe. That there is no difference between your ancestors who came here legally. And these people these children who are coming here illegally. There is a huge difference between legal and illegal. If you can't see that I don't want to what my page I really don't care populist into the shallow. Because I can't do basic education. I try and but I can't bill. But if you don't agree. Folks -- just use an analogy here. If you're on the freeway doing 65. And you suddenly accelerate to 85. You have command and illegal. You're gonna get pulled over you'll be issued a ticket. You -- they arrested the ticket is actually a favor let you go under way without having to go to jail so did believe it's -- future. The ticket is a favor they could actually take you to the police station I kid you not. Would you complain about. Well you know federal. -- which are doing was illegal. You did it anyway. -- got us that. LL. That's like somebody else on my FaceBook page. Obviously not a Ronald Reagan fan I say -- three cheerful Reagan for destroying pensions and the air traffic controllers union. And I've taken to myself excuse me. So why then. -- I remember it was an illegal strike. I remember the president Reagan's cold air traffic controllers. Cow he said if you go on strike I won't fire you. They did hit it. And there was a president of the United States. Who one point was governor of Massachusetts. Having come from these small town. Actually a village of Plymouth notch Vermont. -- that was Calvin Coolidge. And one of his most famous quotes was there is no right to strike against the public safety by anyone at any time. Because he caught -- For breaking a strike. Involving law enforcement people just as Reagan took -- For firing at the air traffic controllers. Now I have numbers -- even in Buffalo, New York. In Buffalo, New York ladies and gentlemen. I was doing talk radio event. The over the majority of people to call -- Cho. Agreed with what Reagan did. At this was at a time when we had a lot more UAW people a lot more steelworker union people than we do now. This was at one point. A very very very very union community is even then at least the people who called into the show well. Agreed with what Reagan it. Not everybody but it was the overwhelming. Majority. In others -- reason that the poll today. Has been released that shows Ronald Reagan and that was the best presidents at the end of World War II -- I have taken great pains to try to tell you that. Although Ronald Reagan is my favorite president who once. Alive as I've been alive. -- the idea of set the fine him or writing ahead geography about him. Is it is incorrect the man was saying that he didn't do everything right. -- that's a pretty stupid things along the way one of them by the way involving. Amnesty and illegals he got snookered. I bought on ballots. Were you proud to be an American -- Was the country heading in the right direction then. Did you feel as though the country had a solid future candidate then. Well most of you would say yes. Do you feel the same now. Because if you do I sure as hell don't. Now just to remind you by the way about the presidents since the end of World War II. President Harry Truman in World War I veteran he served in the trenches with his guys. He was the guy who made a very difficult decision. Do what we dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. And then do we drop the atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Folks. -- difficult decision. Harry Truman made it unfortunately. Why did he do it unflinching -- because he knew ultimately it would save hundreds of thousands maybe millions not only of -- American lives but a Japanese lives. Any -- I don't like the idea of new king a Japanese city. But. In the great scheme of life. It is not unusual for leaders. Military and civilian or otherwise. To sacrifice some. For the benefit of more and that's what Truman bit. Now after Truman. You have. Dwight David Eisenhower. After Eisenhower. You read John F. Kennedy. Followed by. One of the most corrupt president this country's ever -- LBJ Lyndon Baines Johnson followed by Richard M Nixon. Who also was exceedingly corrupt. At least I can point to some good things Nixon did. Like resign but he resigned over. You know the irony here is folks. Richard Nixon's biggest cry and again you for this is zillion times and it's ironic that Howard Baker Jews died. His biggest crime was the cover -- it wasn't the two bit burglary. At the Watergate. The biggest crime was the culture of corruption in Nixon's White House which aided and abetted a couple of that's what got Nixon. In trouble and that is why he quit. And he was followed by Gerald Ford. I'm just refreshing -- guys in the memory of presidents since world war two. So Gerald Ford served for a couple of years and he was so bad he was beaten by Jimmy Carter. Who was so bad he got one term -- and he was defeated by Ronald Reagan who got two terms and Reagan was succeeded by George W. Herbert walker bush. And he got beaten by Bill Clinton. And then eventually George W. Bush was president followed by. The country's worst president in its history for most of us but keep something in mind he's not kidnapped. And this is something the caller brought to my attention several weeks ago. Obama is doing exactly what he wants to do. When you operate under the with the knowledge that fundamentally this guy has had a hard on for America since he was born. And that everything he is doing. Is to destroy the United States of America fund -- met toll. Then all make sense what he's doing and what he's not -- only under those circumstances does it make any rational sense. He really does hate America I never thought I would say that of an American president. This latest border issue is just one they law. Litany of criminal offenses for which this man should be impeached. And thrown out of office out of last. We can talk about the IRS gamble. And the missing emails we can talk about the MS AA and its incursions into your liberty. -- we can talk about this border crisis that has been manufactured by this man. And his cronies. -- word you wanna stop. Will would you like to stop because there is no end. And it's just gonna continue and continue and continue. So there's something -- other stuff -- topic there as far as the best in the worst president of your lifetime. Obama is the worst by my definition. See Jimmy Carter may have sucked. Jimmy Carter didn't get it. I don't think Jimmy Carter hated America. To understand what I'm saying Jimmy Carter was in fact inept. Jimmy Carter at least his heart. I can't believe I'm gonna say there's Jimmy Carter's heart I think is at least in the right place. Because after his term of office what does Jimmy Carter been doing has even on the golf course every day it's even collecting 300000 dollar speaking fees well he's been houses. I've got some respect for Jimmy Carter I truly well because I think his was in the right place. Inept but I think his heart was in the right place and I think it. The right place now here's what's scary folks. Talking about Obama and Carter. Did you ever read or hear the interview where -- Carter. Has told. Major media now this isn't may. This isn't some well he must be paranoid radio host this -- me. Former president of the United States -- Jimmy Carter has told interviewers that he does not communicate -- way. He does not communicate via computer with other world leaders because he knows he is being -- not. Folks walking up I messed up. Other regions. Jimmy Carter. Does not communicate telephonic or electronically with world leaders. He says he is spied upon a former president says he is being spied upon by this administration. I don't paranoid right wing talk show us. President for God's sake. So he got he communicates with world leaders the ol' fashioned way. With letters. And I -- somebody needs to tell Jimmy Carter that. It's just as easy that. Steam open an envelope that's what it is to break into your email account but I don't think as you go there. Italy is at 345. At news radio 930 WB EM. And about what folks I make -- apology for telling it like it is and I will continue telling it the way it is until a I'd die. B I get arrested on some trumped up charges or CIA. I I decided just had enough that I go to dig ditches somewhere. Our district wanted to keep on doing. Because you know what somewhere up there. Are going to be people who were suckers for the truth. Somewhere out there are some -- you appreciate what I do every. Not a -- I'm not looking for for pity or sympathy or anything like that you other reason I do various. Because the day and I'll take yesterday I was very depressed. Late in the shell. Because I had the distinct feeling yesterday that nobody cared. About my incredibly. Awesome monologue and Gettysburg and early July. And -- early July it is an orgasm from me a patriotic events which evoke. In me. An absolute love of my country the way it. It was and the sacrifices. That's already made. Him making this country what it was including those men who this date July 2 1863. Talk to the fields of Gettysburg a date to. When -- cycles. A Psycho New York congressman at one point who got a general ship because -- -- connections not because of his military experience which was pretty much zero. Dance circles. Took his entire war the third call poor and moved it up well I. Well in advance but lied opening up the flights and exposing the other guys flanks. They maelstrom and shoot at Gettysburg places like the peach orchard. Doubles then because what shackles that in not following orders. It was on this day by the way if this is where the metaphor comes in that I mentioned at the beginning of the show. How many of you have seen the movie Gettysburg which Jeff Daniels how many of you. It's one of the greatest civil war movies ever me. And there is a reason I have to bring up what happened right about now actually. But well a little later. At little round top -- and 1863 because what those people -- California yesterday. What's kind of what. If not what these guys from New York Pennsylvania and Maine did. The left flank of the union line on July 2 1863. At Gettysburg. The American people in Southern California 150. Of them. Stood up against an army of invaders and read polls them. Not what -- that's. But with signs. And with an iron will determination. That hold these illegals. That's. Up afflicting contrary. You've -- no legal right to be here we. Return our country into the afflict in Third World. -- before. Love Spanish. I have nothing against Latinos even the issue. The issue is you have got borders. I've explained this to a zillion times -- -- -- -- realistic that surveyed. Why so you know what -- what your neighbors. And the old saw about great fences making great neighbors is absolutely true and away anybody here or crowd numbers that. Does that sound familiar offenses don't work wise but what about -- around the White House. You've -- last week when I talked about. The fans at the White House -- some borders are at that protect that lets you wanna see -- I wanted to try to hop in the sense that the wide enough to see what happens next. Well great minds think alike know I'm sure he wasn't listening to me. Because these are just universal -- anybody with a quick break and concede that the smartest guy in the world at cedars. Okay yeah pretty. No I'm not those. Aren't I can't change my own oil but even more X 349. News radio 930 WBBM. But. You can see the picture. You can see living proof of why eye socket on my FaceBook page I did breakdown and by a head band but I couldn't just stop there I had to take a picture of me with the head band. I couldn't just stop there I had to take a picture of me without the shirt and a -- bed. -- put it on FaceBook and I'm still laughing about it because it's really -- I think it's gonna do you personally on WB. And there's always something happening on my -- sometimes it's even relevant. AccuWeather for today patchy clouds the overnight -- 62 for the rest of the day. Tomorrow a shower or thunderstorm in spots in the morning otherwise. -- will get a break from the heat intervals of clouds and sun it will be less humid in the afternoon and 75 the high temperature right now 81 -- news radio 930 WB EM. And otherwise is take on the Yankees fared -- -- the Scranton Wilkes Parra. Real writers first pitch at the ballpark 705 and a decent night for ball game. Better night for soccer but. Team USA's out of let's get to the calls here's Mary in the fault really haven't even asked the question yet that you guys but -- that's fine series media animation you know -- 930 Mary welcome to future. Hmmm I'm not sure what they think the -- he. I think you're adding some -- -- back on the night at all. And while for you know how well welcome to the question is so you have emerged in traffic coming off the parkway what what -- 04 times in the center street Sutter street turns and a 104. Sure went street well and it often -- up. And up at an well -- hope for. Eagle. And stuff. Pulling an election that the -- -- -- -- department of meat into help for. Coming coming up will it can help. Oh OK now got you got you okay -- got you know now. I tell her about -- you know. And you get traffic on the left side also I would go over in the teacher immediately OK but the public school -- -- -- vehicle production on him. So I thought I reflect light let them go over it in the -- and get ahead and took up. Pulled out behind Jupiter island economic union -- -- -- -- and no school but should. Six minutes aren't typically that there was another one creeping up the -- and then driving can't do that to an art is pretty -- -- -- he can't feel the and then you're probably up maybe and -- It could be this good. Well let's not jump to conclusions here let's not jump to conclusions -- a whole lot. Aaron Murray. Mary asked Mary Mary where I I I appreciate your passion a lot of talk you more after the news at four okay your passion is appreciated thank god I've got passion of people out there. Now here's the deal happen to have I mean. Some sources involved in various law enforcement agencies in Niagara county who know the secret handshake phone number so. Is this woman right are these illegals Obama has set up here. If you can't. Without damaging your courier let me know what's going on. I would like to know what's up with these six school buses with the darkened windows G I was just speaking offered cup earlier when I mentioned. But there coming up on 356 news radio 930 WB yen Joseph. Are simply amazing to work -- Seriously I know all the pain in the past but all at all you have to admit you learn a lot -- more here than you -- in college. Like not to buy a blue had for him.

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