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7-2 Best of Beach Hour 3

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As far as I can see is they get through one party. Country and that party would be his and you wonder about his mindset though. -- Ollie says you know I am way area pen and a telephone I don't even need congress. As we said a little while ago. What he said yesterday -- impressive if congress doesn't like what he's going Sumi. -- fourteen. Does it linger and send him to his rule and you know as does say he's got a -- -- timeouts. So ridiculous. What kind of a person that we put in this office this is supposed to be an office for grownups. Supposed to be an -- somebody. You know mature enough to Wear long pants. But no this is what we this is what we voted for our grand scheme of being so it's oh so liberal thinking. Boy winter and wide and Campbell leave me. But he was chosen and now. There was a recent survey out in fact it's out today I don't have information -- but I saw. On the screen and of people were estimates are ready to pick the best presidents and war since World War II oh. Now were were to -- -- one in 1945. So you go planning it time to pick from guess who was voted worst president since the since World War II. That's right Barack Obama second worst was George Bush always voted the best Ronald Reagan. So ago we might discuss that only time that I don't have in front of me but he was Leo voted the worst president. Since World War II oh and I think I think that that's probably going to be as high mark. Some asking you are we being played by them flooding the border with illegal children. The children didn't make those choices their parents that we don't wanna punish the children. But by by taking the children we're gonna end up taking and the parents. Or taking and the children and being the parents of these of 40050000. Nobody knows how many. Kids and I think we are being played the kids are being used for the -- -- somebody tells you it's for the children it's really put them. -- Mitchell is of them. In this case that's what it's about it's it's about the government. Wanting to what a target your heart strings so you'll feel all warm and Fuzzy about these children who should be kept here. Is -- president have an ultimate goal. I would like to explore that with you as well. Well -- who line for which should be nick and amorous nick you're on WB yen. I attended -- to put that in my crawl this -- I don't. An immigrant that came here illegally. Good good start though in July and then you're -- so -- right there's. It is not easy and it's actually standing in line means fittingly goes scene than hiring a sore knees -- to be able to fight the system. And -- all the complicated paperwork. Just like where you would finally over. You attacked -- it right and then I went to school. I am working illegally now I sit here regularly so. I just don't get it I think I think there are you think it's tightening their curator just like. The Second Amendment just played there you're -- This shooting. -- young man in Auburn -- that's marketed PetSmart are here. Well first of all I compliment you for doing at the right way we want people like you to be apart of America. Because that's how we grew America and that's how will continue to -- people willing to stand in line and make the commitment to become sick as citizens and to be here legally so I compliment you on that don't you feel betrayed by the fact that they want -- either race or delay all the other roles than all the other hoops that you had to jump through instead of just reforming. The system you had to go through to make it easier. I think I absolutely do and then I think. They're doing it on purpose then and now it is it is outrageous I mean I please go to -- and I still alive and now I wasn't able to war. While I was here because I didn't have the right papers. And they're just you know take your kids and I'm sure you know they'll be giving out the the war people than they can work you know right away so that. I'm just that I think I am I don't feel betrayed. Well you're in -- you have to know that it's not just me but it's all America that welcomes a person like you Americans and I wish you all the best of the future thank you. Here's a -- certain line. For the time it took the effort it took the money it took but he didn't right away in the government's playing of the people like -- Against the people who just wanna just come and flood the border to which -- and yet. We have no standing in line and the reason the the stat -- comic came. He is in these sound bites out of out of -- Marietta like I always wants -- Georgia because that's all right think of Marietta but this is Marietta California. There was a woman from bullies. Who is here legally just like neck okay and she said that she says I stood in line. And did it the right way I did at the legal way. She said there's no reason that these people should be given the same things that I had to stand in line -- work for and paid for. And do it illegally. They should not be allowed to and and so that's it I've always thought that people are taken advantage of the follow the rules. The benefits are being given to the people don't follow the rules that screwed up I mean that's is backwards as it gets. But that's exactly where it is how would you feel. If you did what was necessary and it took time and money and hire lawyers and doing this and that jumping through hoops. And you've finally you're so proud that now you're here legally and you find out that 40000 kids. In the left at the border to crawl across apparently. Some of them were -- was tell me how they got there -- like to know how to -- him get there from. From El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras. How would you feel you feel betrayed as I would. Let's go to Al we haven't talked to -- awhile it's good to have you onboard -- -- and I don't think we're gonna -- and always waiting for like fifteen minutes I punched a pro line I said it's good -- to -- line went dead. -- I was warned about Alec as we hadn't talked to Allah in on -- Allah is the shiver my timbers lady. She called. While back a long while back. And -- -- used the expression shiver my timbers and I thought she was a pirate something. And we love talking to -- And I syrup on the screen and there she isn't and I punch it up and she's gone. Wow bad connection let's go to salmon Rochester Sam here on WB again. Is that India has them you know the Mexican government has been sending their poor. And their -- Cross the border into America for years. Whoever is president of that country. That given instructions on how to get here. How to answer questions that they needed at welfare. They don't want to take care of being noted there's a bunch of dummies that America that'll take care of them. So. There can't be any love. For that kid. From the parents who willingly let him go. And that's how they get here and don't know local. For their kids from good government debt pick them out. Can -- imagine leaving your children at the border or and letting them cross the border illegally halt praying that you normalcy you don't get them back that they -- not deported at. America will take care of -- what kind of love is that for your children this doesn't. There's no world war brewing malware -- you figure that was their only hope and you weren't fairway at number by their side. Now and they're pretty important and in danger. With the drug cartel roaming around. At stake in the Mexican government -- -- if we hit it puritanical that one of the airplanes. Fired at their Border Patrol agents that -- tired of the border. Now we're we're told that there was the drug cartel that happened during a government plane. Well they can always say that to happen. Yeah especially that government plane. Taken -- that's that Arab Border Patrol. Well they have the foreign nations that want a -- us and in deplete our resources. They have the right president here to do it he is of the right mine and even when he talked about well we need more judges and whatever -- for deportation. Things. He's also talking about. The impact that would have gone on illegal. Our fathers and mothers who are already here so we know worries going -- this and he's not fooling anybody thank you. -- truly isn't and for those have you read the same articles I did while back saying you know you're camping critical of the president. Under here as large show we've deported more people than ever before. But they leave out one important thing there are many more people coming across illegally so even if the raw number is more. The percentage. Suffers immensely. -- don't tell -- that. They assume your brain dead. -- you're not if you're listening to talk radio if you're one of these Bobble heads that says those got a then they may have fooled you will be back with more with the -- and you know how can we expect people from another country. To respect our laws. When the president of our country doesn't respect our laws. When he decides he's not going to enforce an aspect of the law that is that of the largest sign of disrespect you can imagine. I keep my -- laws get there are gonna -- a lesson on how bill becomes a law but the bottom line is the house passed that. The senate passed that and the president signed it. But he's gonna disregard -- because he's all knowing he's Barack Obama -- meanwhile in a recent survey voted worst president. Since the end of World War II oh and -- forward to end in a -- I think around 1945. So battle tonight something best was Ronald Reagan according to the survey and I don't have a problem. But I'm asking are we being set up -- these children because their children and -- compassion and -- one narcotic just can't come out. In some cases we have to put Amanda and a baby carriage and wheel them across the border they got here. How does how does a toddler how to somebody under two years old this article by Alan Gomez says. Hundreds of children make in the dangerous trek across the border are just toddlers. Younger than two years old. So you tell me how somebody younger than tool. Gets from El Salvador Guatemala. Or Honduras. In the United States how does that work. How does that work I'd be very interest of the now they're being they're being used. And this is the Trojan horse -- were bringing in the children because we can't get them out in inside that course. Are the children's parents. And so we're going to be stuck -- all of them probably come taking care of on the rest of their lives your tax dollars work. Let's go to ten and Ripley Ted -- on WB and thanks for your patients. Go ahead and answer. Yeah -- -- Ricardo bodies get across. But it mine from all ala he came across Chile about twenty years ago. Arm and it's it's not any journey and it took them a year to get across. I can't get Mexico republic bought but the Mexico. Arm ran out of money and yet -- our how to speak like Mexican because the Mexican people on the back while all of a restroom. All in for him elude it it was a roll out material -- journey got sent back twice he got captured in the United States so back twice. Third time is able to. Finally get across got a little PayPal and then eventually got Arizona and then now. He got education and now he's working in jail and the family gathered censorship. But. Thirteen -- he -- he went up my -- -- -- in that bad on all Molly is that not one not. Young man or Mexico has very strict immigration rules and Greg thinks we're -- -- and I'm paying attention well thank you that story because we heard from illegal immigrant -- few callers ago. Saying he stood in line he did have the right way and he takes exception to what's happening now island and I think we should listen. To the stories like you just told and he -- thank you. It's it's the kind of deal where it -- -- it's almost a suckers -- to do with the right way is. Is that I mean it really sure why you spent time. You follow the law you spent money he had to hire lawyers. Well. Have to do that agents not yen this is Obama as president what you expect you really. I was no respect for the constitution. Well let me get this right now. He's the president of the United States he has no respect for the constitution I think we can all agree on that he has no respect for congress he says. If you don't know what I'll do without you I have a pen. And a telephone. So he has no respect for before the constitution laws or anything else he also has respect for an oath that he took. He took an -- when he put his hand on the Bible. That he would uphold the constitution. And enforce the laws of the land goes with the territory he took the -- and he's violated. And he's publicly violated its not like it's questioned. Whether -- whether he's violent and not and he finds ways to do it. You don't find something. Okay then you're ignoring it. You don't in for some thing. Men you're ignoring an -- and ignorance of it we always heard that we've always heard that ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you commit as some kind of crime. A -- he shouldn't be ignoring the constitution. He used to teach constitutional law one can only guess. With the what kind of vigor he did that. Oh Allah is back -- let's check outer timbers Allah you're on WB. You know what happens then -- -- all the facts. You -- their. I think your timbers diner -- -- -- got shaken and that's what's gonna what do you think of his immigration thing Ella. I think -- -- I'll number one we can't take care of the whole world. And I think that pushed back in the long overdue Andy. I think it's time now. That we took care of our old people and that every -- straighten itself out with an album but weak in that do it for them. I agree week give -- says that given technology whatever. But they've got two in the end -- with themselves we can we can't be responsible for the world's population. Sandy I was sick weeks so we're making over to this country. I was my mother first born. My father had to prove to the end of means that support before they would let my mother in the -- -- You know they needed a job sure absolutely. Now and I think it certainly could anyone that wants the com. Find the -- correctly. And as far as you see these children. -- like black -- in the children. All if you want. A better life for your children. Number one you don't make more than you can take care. And number so. Armed if they want to come over and make a better -- for that let them all com and then they then do it and rightfully. Well if you think about it how we looked out -- terrorists who the use children as human shields I mean there have been scum of the earth. -- how do we think they're using these children they're using these children for a political purpose. I think you're right out of the somethings we get that tipped over here while we can't separate family absolutely pathetic. And we can't we can't do that. It will it takes more effort to going to Canada and come back here. Then it does to two across the border down there -- so they're being flooded with illegals. The agencies are overwhelmed. And meanwhile the president sitting back going he actually said. To congress if you know like it's Sumi. I think what kind of a child that we elect as president. He has no regard for what's right and wrong. I mean this idea of all I needed the end. And a phone you know I want it to I don't know what he's he's missing the crown I didn't see the crown on his head okay thank you validate the doctor again. Yeah I if you don't like assuming. The latest real presidential thing I don't think he'll ever make it -- via dollar bill. We'll be back for more on those regular service WB yeah. And that's about this movie -- -- who said it good cinema Bob and -- by the way we're doing a movie show tomorrow. Because Friday we're off. I love it when a good plan comes together. Okay well this is plan -- thing -- a good climate and as a planned on various aspects are coming together. With the what's in the president's mind I'm not a mind reader number knees golden but I can tell you this. It's quite apparent by the ground work -- blade as what they would like to see happen it was not that long ago that the president by executive. Order raise the minimum wage of four -- via federal workers and solve that could be in anticipation. Although incoming illegal immigrants. Also the constant talk about the disparity between. Minimum between the minimum -- workers and the maximum workers as far as salaries concern. So there was talk about that differential that can be the ground work to. I think the -- the simple outline if we -- diagram this is. -- as many people believed by turning our rush head the other way. Casting a bland a blind eye on it -- as many come in as possible. Then what we do is we say we're gonna tighten border security but those who are already here what are they estimated thirteen million that's I mean and only -- announcement. Thirteen million plus -- -- 40000 kids nobody knows that either. All right well -- tightening the border where getting serious about this but anybody here Wednesday. And so that's the first step. The letter Tuesday second step well you and now we've we've got to give them amnesty so we're well on Wednesday and if they have amnesty. Not enjoying the full American experience like the NFL experience -- -- -- have the -- it. Sol let's let's nationalize them and let them. Become US citizens and -- that comes the vault and that's the crux of win when we have thirteen -- you know whatever. Brand new Democrats who. And however many more Arabic and cram hair that's the end of the two party system. Where the -- that two party system you're adult it's worked for a long time it will be over. The party will just begin as the giveaway part of the Democrats will be able raid the treasury without impedance and that's just the way it's going to be. And and -- when we do get jobs. For these people they will be who have an elevated minimum wage. So you're looking at thirteen million at a higher minimum wage a lot of them will be doing minimum wage jobs but for those who think this is swell idea. Would think your job's going to ago. -- going to be competing for your job somebody very happy to take your job at a lot less money aren't. So unless you're on a specific talent or specific need. This will impact you to do it doesn't favor anybody who's paid taxes paid their dues and -- follow the law. This just screws you you're you're -- -- -- But those who snack and doesn't -- send kids ahead censure toddlers I had sent the baby's ahead. Across the border. You're going to be rewarded. Right now we reward the end in state tuition to illegals. A state of Florida. As they special identification card for illegals because you and -- pesky problem. -- being an illegal is proving that -- an illegal. You know it's easy to prove your link -- But it's -- hard to prove your real legal so you should have a card so if there's any question. As to whether that government surplus card is really ours. Here you can prove to them naturally. Swell ideas and candy let's go to. -- -- in and these -- and hauling a long time Dan -- on WB yeah. Cindy thank you so much at all in your article. Comments. I I kinda have this I can have a that's OK you don't you ask should we. We send Obama back to a room I think we share I think we should send him to a edit room with a street Jack about it make any phone calls or. Sign any paperwork -- silly bet takers and a way yes it. -- -- My weight but I could not have children we spent thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars out and -- and fertility bad week it's out get a daughter we have one child. We did it through and Beecher couldn't have looked into going to China and Korea and to adopt -- -- Follow the Korea shut their doors trying to shut their doors we have not -- that knowledge -- Now all of these kids. Are going to be a product of the state in the federal that are my tax dollars. Only two of them -- well he took the plane trips from Texas to California they took the bluster from the airport and and a place where everybody was protesting that's on your and mine that. I've got a better idea. Let me I would gladly go down and adopt at least one or two of these children. Under this circumstance. The children. There aren't aren't the parents get no amnesty. The parents have no say about what happens they're children. If I set my daughter to the next in order and walked. The weight from her just like you should -- -- parental rights stay -- your surrendered the child that's correct yeah. The child's level. Let let wanting -- at least now there's 161000. Children. That's a thousand lobbying and Kirstie that could all these kids at various stages. And that I would pay taxes I would -- there. They're health benefits to believe me I don't stop off obamacare I have a job I work hard. You know all that stuff so -- -- and we have kids of their own. Adopt these kids rated them put them through school load them being there and get one. Not a single one of those adopt kids are gonna attribute part of the north. California or the federal government I will not have EDT car. I love I love your idea because hey it's a loving idea it's a humanitarian. Idea. And their children would be it was somebody who wants them not somebody who abandoned them. Then I think that's a terrific idea I hope I open -- some public official comes up -- floats that because I think. I think it would work thank you Dan thank you for that while applaud them for that excellent. -- -- oftentimes the availability. Or wrote two to adopt is very difficult. A lot of things that much like the process of becoming. A yeah a legalized citizen is arduous and expensive the same thing with the adoption and you've heard a lot of people tell horror stories about waiting and waiting and and being disappointed being despondent like his idea. And any parent who abandoned their child to let him wander a crawl across the border would have no as far as I'm concerned. -- no claim on parenthood. We'll take a break we will return on those -- -- -- thirty WB. Kind of neglecting our our FaceBook entries last couple of days because we've had full banks calls on on immigration very hot button subject. Are gonna get us some examples are Chris so vote or people are posting on our -- Page this is from DC says of course were being played by the compassion for kids Karen I see the post all the time from bleeding -- promoting these four children. This administration will do anything and everything it can't to advance its agenda. Yes in fact Alan Gomez USA today there's a picture of a baby probably less than a year sitting there. I have a very hard time understanding how anybody could object through the idea that the United States should properly house and care for these kids. As a matter of of them on our kids as a matter that there at their real parents their actual parents just turned their back on him. That's the feeling and that's the and that's the yeah. A bill that type of a reaction and again from probably -- mainly in the left what else ago. This is from Cali she says we should kick these kids back to their native cultures we have enough freeloaders here already. Make those countries support their own problems instead of pushing them off on the USA. I liked that idea I like the idea of the gentleman called a few calls ago said make the adoption process. A little bit more streamlined because a lot of Americans would love to adopt. Children that are on wanted by of their parents or their parents are unable to take care of them. So -- like either but if you're sending them back. I think you send them back assuming it's not a tyrannical government. You send them back to the govern government of the country from which they came and let them reunited with their family one more -- ago. This is from David he says this is all about power you get them here you get them into the system get the voting Democrat that's for the liberals want. And the GOP isn't really doing enough to stop in my opinion. But mainly just about power and control. Well I think I think you're right now of the GOP. I can't believe that. They are so dense that they can't see where this is going. This is obvious to me maybe they feel by being a little more liberal in their thinking on this. That the sun will shine on them if these of people ever get a chance to vote well forget that Charlie it's been drummed into their heads. That the Republicans don't -- I have a war on women ever warn children and they -- Warren immigrants Bob Bob Bob Bob bought and your only friend is a Democrat. You're not going to be able to overcome that if they get citizenship it's the end of the Republican Party. Unequivocally. There's no question in my mind that that's exactly what happened let's go to Jerry and no -- there Gerri what's your position on this. They aren't in the -- They're stated recalls I think you know the the Border Patrol in Mexico they don't they don't. Watched the borders so. It's very simple why don't we just -- and when it comes across a bunch boats and taken back from reverend dropped ball well right. Now all the law says that each person that lands over your has to have a hearing. Are now first of all why they would do that remember what we learned in Florida. That if you set foot on -- land then the you have certain rights that you didn't have if you were in the water you're in the water as I recall. You can be turned around and back to where you came from. But once you set foot on land is different I don't know if that's the same law that that that would apply here but that's the problem that they each need. An individual hearing -- you know along that Tuesday. Well I would just get some votes to all the water and ending up. You know reportedly got. Exactly that's exactly right and and that's what should be done. Or reform the existing setup to make it more efficient where we're at a digital age we got a bill. Yet one more things her own public ceremony -- well it -- -- great grandkids. -- -- -- Our -- -- got a guy that -- a lot about you thanks for calling we appreciate it. -- I think about like this if they really cared. They would reform the existing system. The existing system make it more streamlined. Certainly with computerization. We should be doing that. What more immigration judges on the bench have more social workers they are ready ego rule work and take on the load. And do all the things necessary to make it enticing. To do it legally. Why do you not want that instead you're making it more enticing to do it legally. I mean I don't get why would you do that there's no advantage to do it unless you have a political advantage which is what we've been talking about. If you really want reform. Then we can have reform and the President -- is low in two executive orders he could certainly make that happen. But you know what he said -- doing his way he goes in the congress he doesn't need the Supreme Court. He has a phone in the -- and yesterday he told those in congress if they didn't believe in what he was going to sue him. I mean what we've got here is a guy who should be grounded and sent to his -- and not be allowed to go to the prom borrowed dad's car this is a child. We have put that she killed in the Oval Office how and how that happened is beyond me but we did because we were so oh. Forward thinking. We thought at first black president boy people -- -- thing we are they -- cutting edge of countries. While -- thought was okay the the implementation of it was wrong. First black president -- nets that school. Him not cool just the way it is and -- -- new survey which just came out I think during the show. So I don't have it in front of me says that the worst presidents since World War II -- which ended in 1945. Is Barack Obama. The second worst is George Bush recording this this survey the best president Ronald Reagan. So. I'm saying that the great social experiment. Was just that an experiment and in this case it failed it shouldn't have failed on its face value. But it failed on its implementation. In other words the the the best ideas have to be. Have to be followed through with the best people. And he certainly was not the best choice for president by any manner of means we should know when most of his votes in the senate were present. That was that was his vote not -- not -- or may buy presents. We should and when he didn't learn anything in twenty years with Reverend Wright. Who sets and any room for twenty years and those alarming thing. Made outside of me and most of the management network for I mean seriously. We should have the signs went air budgeted Wallace and and now you don't wanna have to deal with the mess that we've created we have a runaway government. That's exactly or -- -- president who has no respect for congress. Willing to go around them as no respect for the Supreme Court is coming up with one crisis after another to make you forget about the last one. I don't know how long -- over the next one of those road signs X amount of days till the next crisis. Last poll before those -- way. So that wraps it up and we'll see tomorrow. With Beijing company on those rated at thirty WB.

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