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7-2 Best of Beach Hour 2

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Elliott back square in -- governor have sandy beach America's beginning to push back you've heard and Dave's a newscast. The mayor of a Mariana. I'll led a protest there's a couple of buses from. The state of Texas were being brought in to relocate some of these. As illegal immigrants to San Diego. But before they got there -- people showed up in -- and said we'd do not want this to happen now there's a couple of really significant things about that. First -- all. It's California. Look where it's coming from California -- most liberal states we have not only -- very liberal but they are used to illegals coming across the bar at the border with Mexico. So if they are pushing back. What does it say about the people who live in Kansas. And that the midwestern states or traditional states that though probably wouldn't think this is the greatest idea in the world. If the liberal state like California. Is starting to rise up and say not acceptable. What does that say for the rest of the country. -- so I think it says a lot to be honest with you push backs on illegal area aliens and I'm gonna use the word. Illegal aliens not undocumented. Okay what is undocumented. Mean. Try that on somebody some time cop stops you for a speeding on the young woman. I'd see your license registration I'm sorry among document. Or railway your undocumented. Here get the crews are put your hands behind your your back as we -- few. But Bob what they did it of the way they're doing it now is with children. It's for a vote children. And as I said in this article in USA today by Alan Gomez. They show a baby I mean a baby -- -- walk. Sitting on the floor holding a baby bottle. And the caption is says I have a very hard time understanding how anybody. An objective the idea of the United States -- properly house and care for these kids so that's when the daycare center are now. Of the universe if you have children that indeed you either can't or don't want to take care of send them to us we'll take care program. Now here's the deal in his column. Alan Gomez says this. And if this doesn't make an app is perhaps inappropriate but -- might be more appropriate. We've been flooded with children. Traveling without their parents. -- not even able to walk. You're telling me he came up from El Salvador. Guatemala. And Honduras. Without without without of his parents or adults. What do they do that they did they bring a bus right up to the border and put the children on there whether they can be a wok or there and a a playpen or something and and hope they get across the border. So that they can be taken care is that what it is children dropping the kids off you know like you would do a daycare. Except that America is not a daycare center. We we love children as much as anybody else and I think they they feel that it would be. Two barbaric if we dealt to partially with children and -- we can't do that sort being played. And that's what I'm asking are we being played however. Being a creative person that I. Am. I've come up with a solution you know be all when somebody gives you lemons you make lemonade. You know we're talking about building a new football stadium. And -- the question about building a new football stadium where the new owner the bills might want okay. Is that what he would do with the old one. Well I think maybe somebody like Brian Higgins. Agree he's a but boy for -- the president maybe he should suggest that we turn Ralph Wilson Stadium. Into a giant daycare center for illegals. What do you think at least that would be a good use of the stadium let's do it as an -- 70000. Scott restrooms there. You wouldn't even have to worry about parking lots of settlement would have a car or anything like that and that what you're doing this is exciting. The National Guard could drop supplies in to Ralph Wilson Stadium. While -- housing illegals what do you think it's a big. A secure place we put the illegals and Ralph Wilson. We have fly overs where we drop flowed medicine. All kinds of good stuff there and we can we can handle 70000. Or more. So this would have it would this would take care of our illegal immigration and we could set up schools right in the parking. And day and emergency clinics because a lot of them will be arriving with some kind of medical ailment. China if we're gonna be a Third World country let's be a Third World country has put tents on the part. That's what they want. So nobody nobody is is salivating over the idea of deporting children. But what choices do we have their parents let them go. Their parents may have driven them to the border. Who knows. -- but they didn't get there themselves and that's -- whole K so I feel we're being played. They're playing -- card the kid card. Who can say no to a beautiful low bubbly face that a kid and even on television I saw the some of that. The other night the children are horrible course their children and get this I was talking to an employee here America. In his but he says every night he watches the NBC knows which will tell you -- this this person -- he watches BC notes. And he says every night. That they do a story on immigration they showed the same like ten or eleven year old kid covered with mud. So the kids covered with mud and he's crawling through the mud trying desperately to stay in America. And they use this kid every night. In fact this employee told me that he and his son were watching the news together. As they started the story the son says that a father who's who is our friend here are employee. Science as of a father I wonder what the -- is with the -- up very wild rich same same mud. So that's what what's happening were being it's being forced down our throat -- a great idea. This isn't about kids it isn't even about immigration it's about the destruction of one party in this country. So that all of us -- -- -- wide open there's no need to show any moderation anymore let's just declare ourselves a Third World country. Let's say send whatever you wanna send whomever you want us and we have no rules no regulation. I've given ice a settlement to all of the border agents let them enjoy your retirement because is no need to have them. Is drag whatever you have across the border will feed you. Will house you will educate you will -- with -- you -- your -- revision bailed -- self. It Treo not trio 1806169236. Start -- thirty. A push backs on illegals. Off is pushing back and if California pushes back what does that say for the rest of us. Verses compassion for kids are we being played. Are we being played. By using the kids as a wedge in the door. And President Obama what is his ultimate goal he's thinking well let's say I screwed up the presidency as much as I caught an eight years. Now I can make my name by taking America to its knees and leaving it a Third World country. Yes when world go. Men. President of world government arrives. I'll run for that office because on the guy that took America down will be back -- -- would be huge company a new Israeli and I'm thirty W via. My basic question is the first all this pushed back now on illegals and of all places. California. California which is first of all. Used to having illegals flooding across the border it's it was some measure. -- now our group from -- of Marietta California. The mayor of Marietta. Organized this protest that a couple of -- -- coming in from Texas so when. Liberal California that is used to this sort of thing thinks it's too much. A lot of the restless night. And a is that compassion for kids card being played. We are we being played. I think we are because it's hard to signal a kid but that's what they're doing figure in the kids get in here the parents got to follow if the parents are already here and how to they get here. Well this Alan Gomez. Our columnist for the problem and of for the USA today said that they were traveling without parents. At toddlers. Is the babies they show pictures of them. However it traveling without parents relatives of a crawling without parents where they airlifted in. The they have official Chrysler Jeep that they drove him -- I mean really how'd they get here without adults. So this is what we're facing what's the president's ultimate goal I'd like to know that I think I don't know it. I'd like to know if you agree with me and that is the ultimate goal -- a -- a two party system the way to do it is to bring us down -- this level. I'll flood the market with illegals get them amnesty eventually I'd get them their right to vote citizenship. That's it that Republicans can kiss it goodbye when that happens. Mark and buffalo mark -- on WB yeah. The -- they -- all bark when he got. Well look there's no first time -- -- but -- right now I understand my -- that regard I want to know. You. There's been brought here for the sole purpose of voting democratic -- currently being brought here. Are -- is coming here to be part of democracy. I I think it's -- I don't think it's that I think it's twofold the first part of your question. I I think that. It's being they're being brought here and allowed to come and to drain our resources to bring us down to more worldly level instead of being the the most seven pages boys in the world to live wanna bring us down to where will we will be comfortable in a world community. And secondly. Every story UC will tell you. About Republicans who are pushing back now if you are one of these people who wants to come here or you're already here. When that day comes that it their citizenship who -- going to give your allegiance to the people who allegedly fought for your right to be here and that would be Democrats instead of Republicans who were trying to send you back to your home country so I think that's a pretty easy line to draw. You you think -- leave their -- because as dangerous. If that -- of war refugee problem. Whereas the UN where -- the United Nations. If indeed it yeah I have indeed it's a world problem how come it's our problem -- There. -- and and it makes the job situation worse for the people who are here illegally. In the in the okay thank you -- in the morning news. They played. They played a sound bite from this. From the situation in Marietta California. From a woman who was from bullies. And she was now a citizen and she said what I thought all along she said I'm here and I came here the right way I stood in line. And standing in line is more than actually standing in line. It costs money to do it legally cost time effort whatever and maybe that's what they should be looking for as far as reform is concern. And she said I stood in line. These people meaning the people here illegally shouldn't be allowed to stay simply because they're here illegally. So that's that's another aspect of all of the people who have come here illegally. Have to feel like oh come here illegally. After -- feel like chumps. It's like you're standing in line for a concert. And it's raining January in line overnight the tickets -- 200 dollars apiece but you -- forum. And you got there are new budget tickets. As you're walking into the arena. The EPA assistant comes on the says everybody else can come and -- and and suddenly you're overrun with people. Who didn't stand in line who didn't pay 200 dollars for the seat that the area. That they want and who didn't make any kind of sacrifice they just got here illegally. And that's the same kind of thing if you really think about what's the difference between this will vote and they don't know how many there are about. 4040000. -- and I've seen a number of 40000 on a regular basis but have no real way to know that number. What's the difference between that or an individual basis. You blow you'll open the front door of your house. To go to work. In there's a basket on the step with a baby and and so what what is this naturally you've got to take care of the baby it's a baby. You probably contact authorities to find out whose baby it is and words should be in whatever but you feel a need. Not that just disregard and ignore the baby you can do that. But since when did that become your responsibility. And I'd like to know this I mean wouldn't we spend billions and probably trillions over the course of history on a humanitarian thanks for other countries. During natural disasters and disasters of government all kinds of things we do our share in the world to make things better for everybody. Wind and we'd become. The baby sitter for the world. Where if you have a child. And you no longer wanted to care for it or feel the need to do it it just compliment the border and that's that we take a man and take care Morris realizes that what it is. Is that what it is if they were really truly honest about them. About reform they'd make the current system easier. They make it less expensive less arduous. And and hire more people the process other people. Bring people in the right way so when they take that that oath and they are. A US citizens. Then they really are in the right to be a citizen and they are on the right to vote. Breaking the law by sneaking in here or sending your children crawling across the border is not my idea. Of Maria. A good -- we're goods a -- of citizenship. Or humanity. Will be back -- more would be in company we want an overview. The basic questions are we being played because they're flooding the borders with kids. What's the president's ultimate goal and how do you -- -- you look at these push backs coming from Southern California. It's a suburb of San Diego two buses of illegals from Texas. Were rebuffed by people who said the blue we don't want you here your illegal we do not want you here this is California. This is also a very agricultural state where a lot of vote. Illegals. Not only get across the border but they work there. And also don't you think the skids were -- when the president just unilaterally. A government wage increase of minimum wage for federal contractors. You think that's by accident just before the flooding of all these illegals. And a sort out the they have both the minimum wage. And they talk all the time about the income disparity between the top -- bottom wage earner you'd think this could have anything to do. Without being flooded -- illegals. If you can't figure this one out man you're not paying attention we'll be back after this. We are back -- did you governor yes you're good news -- him which some residents. Of Marietta California. The mayor -- led the protests as three buses came in from Texas of the illegals. And -- they were bringing them to someplace to load to look after them and the residents said not here. Now these are the reason this is outs there outstanding. As an opportunity for us to express our thoughts is the fact that this is California. While most liberal states we have it's also California one of the largest agricultural states we have which hire a lot of people that are illegal so they're used to illegals and even today. Even the right on the border the San Diego border do not want it. And so -- I think this is the beginning of which backlit so let's hope that that the president is not tone deaf on this. So push backs on illegals. Vs compassion for kids are we being played -- -- using the kids. Almost as immigration she -- Where we don't want anything bad to happen to a kid. The kid didn't make the choice the parents made the choice. And a I think they're using him as human shields basically. The president wants the president's ultimate goal I think it's too good to knock America government's high horse. So that we can be edited a different level a by draining its resources and that's a quick way to do without firing a shot is -- And then have a world community and he would that be known as the man that made it happen by taking America to Disney's. So I think that and another way to do that is the fact that if if he gets. From let them in and let them stay and to amnesty because there are already here to citizenship because there were already here they should have been a good life. Tube being able to vote which comes with citizenship. And watcher -- -- vote -- got a standup where you're gonna stand of the people you think made it happen. That's the Democratic Party Republicans. As close shop because -- obedient to the party for them. Let's go to Adam block port you're on WB yeah. -- Okay we've got to. That's situation where we got kids upper -- -- Got to be prepared now. Could. These countries where Japanese kids and are committed. This would it be worth it but -- this country just the safer birth control programs stop in their country. To try to avoid the problem future. Well it certainly makes cents. First of Volvo's against birth control would do would protest budget makes -- it makes sense. Iron and I think -- education campaign an advertising campaign whatever. To be responsible if if you can't take care of them don't have home. -- -- The kind of saved 21 years or so from the area of child or the cost court in this country. We have audio of creative -- people in this country I mean I consider campaign like keep it in your pants. I think that would be very very forthright and truthful well it it would help a lot okay thank you know. Well you figure that yeah I I get out some push back Chris what are your -- that I keep it in your pants program. And it would probably or care not sure how to would translate -- well so now we have to working we'd have to speak in their native tongues and -- celebrities from El Salvador Guatemala and on doors to endorse that. No other basic thought is this. If you can't take care of your own child it doesn't make much sense some of these. Some of these illegals are toddlers. The picture of this one on the column by Alan Gomez in the USA today. Is a baby who probably looking at the picture can even walk yet so it's less than a year. He's holding a baby bottle. Now what I mean nasty Republican is going to look at that gulf know he must be catapulted across the border. Where he came from I can't do that. We love children we understand that the children did make these decisions the parents there. And the parents if their decision as here drop a drop them off at the border we hope they're taken and what kind of parenting is that. Do you have any compassion for that because I don't because even if you look at the documentaries. At the world's worst times like been. The Nazi invasion of foreign countries. Where people were at risk every -- just walking outside their door of being kill -- they did not give up their children. They did their best to hide their children flee with the children. Do whatever they had to do. But they didn't just give mob that is -- its hand them out the door tournament Padilla at the border of Germany so that that the Germans could do with the well. They didn't do that. But that's what's happening now. They estimate and I don't know how they estimate that 40000. Already and they're coming across in droves I remember a couple of weeks or reading a story saying. That officials were overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Law enforcement Border Patrol people couldn't keep up with the numbers coming across this was a planned invasion. Of of children and it's the kind of envision where the kids are being used as human shields. That's what it is they know that -- aren't going to. Just immediately -- them back through there it's of their country and they must by law each person. Must yet I'm hearing. -- think about Utah long court case on. Picture just with the number that they give out 40000. Right there may be a lot more nobody really knows picture 40000. Individual hearings. And how long that would take. And Wallace being taken we got a freedom. Make sure they have hydration and make sure that they have medical care and education and clothing. I mean this is a nightmare. My thought about converting a Ralph Wilson Stadium if we buyer and if we build a new stadium. And airlifting -- to them might not be as ridiculous as it's announced today. In five years. Let's go to blob on a cellphone Bobby on WBBM. The audit board and think well we are taking this approach wrong way we are. Compassionate Americans who really worry about children and well being. Instead of thinking on how we can take care of them. What we think about how they got here and what her parents. If that happening in America we call -- kidnapping absolutely. No -- to check tapper I think he's in Washington. I think we should -- is not put them and how we should put him and AMBER Alert. And you know people held accountable for just turning a blind. If you really think about it. Matching up the children with the parents. How did the kids get here where the parents already here. And they figure all right we got in here illegally and then we had some all the relatives send the kids over the border. And they're not gonna wanna separate the kids from the parents he got that. All right so that'll work are good for both of us are the kids go first. Now they've taken the kids and now weakened sneak into the country. And they that they won't wanna split up the family because that's what that's where they are and that's what we are we we our country of high ideals. And or for the most part they service well but occasionally. There -- weakness and in this case that's exactly what it is what they did not too long ago. Is though mom and dad before they became mom and dad. Would come into the country and if the child was born in this country they were born with citizenship. The main -- the people stuck him. That we wouldn't deport them and leave big kid here that wouldn't make any sense so we'd let them stay that's what it wants. It is and does so why I agree with the thought of maybe. There and educational campaign number of control. I think the keep it in your parents. -- campaign could be very effective I really do on newsroom at 930 WB yeah. We are being played that we really are it's easy for us to say. Into to say to people you made bad choices you made illegal choices regarding illegal immigration. But we can't say that the children can point. They didn't make choices at all that -- make choice to be here and they certainly can make a choice to be here illegally. So it's very difficult situation and I think that's part of the of the using of the children most people would say it's for the children. Have a way to use those children to their own. End and in this case it's illegal immigration flooding. Flooding and the southern borders. Allegedly -- from El Salvador Guatemala and Honduras. Babies sometimes included in this columnists. Sticks in my -- by Alan Gomez USA today. He says we're being flooded by children traveling without their parents. Now I wanna know how that happens. If you have a child. And -- let the child wander off the front lawn the authorities would take judge particularly to task for it. How do children. Get from Guatemala. Honduras and El Salvador. By themselves. -- does that happen. I can't figure that out so where it we're taking them and it's like a Trojan horse. We're taking -- men and that ends -- once we get them and inside the Trojan horse will be the adult illegals. And there are going to be your true there are some in many cases are here already. So what's the answer I'm asking are we being played because they're using children and what is the ultimate goal for the president. Because he has won the -- he laid the ground work by signing an executive order. For a minimum wage for federal contractors. And we're also talking all the time. About income disparity. Between the highs in the low what do you think this is all about laying ground work. For amnesty. And citizenship. And the and -- one of the two party system. That vesco to line three which is Jay and Angola GA Iran WB again. Good morning -- -- I absolutely think that we were being played and I'll give an example I have a friend who -- in the country for quite sometime from out of country with oh with a work visa that would actually going to school here paying for school working at the same time. When it came and I am war hurt you re apply. For permission to stay in the country it was unbelievably difficult actually had to get a lawyer. -- one true and find whatever she had a usually going to be denied. Her ability is stay here legally. You know having to pay close to 8000 dollars before they are -- gave you know provision apparently she actually very. Another friend of mine here so that that helped out with getting green cards and all that sort of they put out are you kidding me. Someone who is it is is contributing to society. Have to jump through hoops. And aren't supposed to feel bad because it came over on the train and some of the people on lecturing a lot and -- the Atlanta. And now boo boo -- who is taken it I'm not against our immigration. I absolutely not. I am I totally get. This it's really cheesy way of trying to pull a heart strings of people that -- oh geez what are we can do whatever interview we like we can't let them back and make it there. Well it kind of makes me sick -- and here's the difference between the woman that you know they have the government can't count on her vote. But if somebody comes in here legally and they make it possible for them to vote they can count on their vote and that's the difference I mean look at they are college tuition. College tuition for illegals. They get these states rate. At the end state rate if you lived in Erie Pennsylvania water or UBU pay through the nose but if you snuck into the country would be it'd be cheaper figure out wanna. And that's actually what I talked in the in Northern Virginia. A few years back were that obviously area had a very large immigration population pretty large illegal immigration population from the number of different. Countries one of the things that a lot of the kid who came here legally with their parents in period a problem with the fact that a lot of the kids and their peers. We're here illegally and getting knocked -- -- benefit. And and and that sort of thing you know like quietly into the right way -- you know you're you're doing that and not -- this around the time when they had their character remember that they walk out we're all of the illegal immigrant but a walk off their jobs. No idea all out there with flags in the streets I think I do remember now that weapon away a lot of advocate. Who are here illegally from Mexico were saying derogatory. Some. Went -- It was their idea and I share your run your regular floor over this thank you -- That's the point I mean that's the point. -- we are rewarding people breaking the law. And went have you heard any politician. When they're talking about alleged immigration reform and put the word reform in quotes. Have you heard any talk about reforming the existing. System. Now they they don't care about reforming the existing system the existing system is cumbersome. It's costly. It's time consuming. I -- but we've had a forever and ever and ever -- right. If we're talking about real reform they would say all right well aware of the bottlenecks. They have to go through hearings and procedures we don't have enough judges he put on more judges we don't have enough caseworkers put -- more caseworkers. We are road it's too costly he streamline -- make it more effective. We're not getting the information and timely fashion you make sure everything is computerized they shouldn't be -- do. All of those things. Would would make the current system more usable more user friendly well people who have been through it will tell you that. But they do they still do it and the reason they do it is they have they have the right idea in their mind and in their hearts they wanna come to America. And enjoy the opportunities and contribute to what what is already a great country and might even be greater would their -- they don't want a sneak again. Okay they don't want handouts they wanna come in command legally and earn their way. The government doesn't give a damn about them. All they care about is the mass number of people who want to take the shortcut. Who want a sneak in and once we get you in here then we'll get you on the road to citizenship. They'll get your vote and that life will be wonderful because will keep you. Under our thumb by making you -- depend on all the government things so that you can lead your life and in May and meanwhile. The perfect storm says you vote for us will take -- you and how the people are good at the right way. Is that what the founding fathers had in mind I don't think so. But I think that's what Barack Obama has in mind. We'll never be mixed up without any of those people on mount Rushmore. We'll be back for more on those radio and I -- that Libya.

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