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7-2 Best of Beach Hour 1

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well all of his -- governor and I'm sandy beach and got a lot of talk about today including a continuation of part of what we talked about yesterday's off. Sam -- of that domain allow the party's over for the US soccer team. But as a party over for soccer in the USA and the posing as a -- -- -- bands are just as enthusiastic. Today. Or are there. All right let's just aren't they show it if you don't mind they're aware of -- our well wishes for for a good outcome flora general at. Who was diagnosed with throat cancer. He is a prince Rick Jenrette and this is nothing new if you you you listen in my show you know over the years. When you get as good as -- generated is. At what you do I mean that's that's as good as it gets. And then not just for his ability behind the microphone but if you've ever spent any time -- them. He's just -- got to be around so let's let's hope that he has a positive. Outcome there's certainly great medical care in the area. And I'm sure he'll get that Andy is back to the microphone and back in perfect health there is a sooner than none of them later. Meanwhile the US soccer team lost and I love this headline because. Well doesn't this work. When you love something you want other people to -- to and if they don't understand that or they don't love it you're disappointed like if if I ran and you and I said. You know those cupcakes and Olson's. You've got to try and their fabulous OK and I see you and Angela wakes -- -- -- -- -- cajun now I've tried them great. And MP you do that you want to sell things that you like. And you wonder why somebody else either has no interest in it or doesn't like it okay. I've always found soccer to be bought. -- and put a needle in my guy. I mean hockey it's about the same number scored but it's exciting it's it's a -- you know one and ranked every other and is fighting in the column and boring I mean. Soccer is boring hockey's very exciting. Even though there's not a lot of goals court. But when a soccer craze hit this year. We were told now we're finally catching up with the rest of the world and now where soccer crazy now let's be honest where happy. But the US teams and they won one game. Can we get out of the way they wanna game. So I mean I guess that's a huge step forward and there were 5000 people sitting around watching a big screen and sharing -- Now it will be for the next game that we're not again. And how about the neared the end of the cup was a more weeks. I like that progress. And I have discussed this on on the air before. I I think where considered a back woods. Our country because the world's game is soccer but our game -- football I'm just wondering how far this globe will go regarding soccer. I think a lot of it is over already I'm. Is Pressler when he take a look at these huge viewing parties when the US was playing with a viewing parties here you know -- out of the canal and -- and the harbor it was great. And there are a lot of people there and there are also huge ones like Kansas City DC and Chicago. I yet Phyllis places up again for Argentina Switzerland -- I -- whatever teams operate they played yesterday reiterated. -- Germany France is coming up you're not gonna get huge viewing party for that there's going to be a bunch of people who still care and that's great now follow the tournament as well. But aside from that I think BD fervor is going to be over much like one Olympic hockey goes away the country kind of sounds -- -- -- is that they get it got a breather for four more years and then you're told again. Now it's reaching epidemic proportions here I think that people tell you that of people. Hello who have a financial interest -- and they either would like to have a team more so outfits there soccer balls or whatever. I'll but the bottom line is I I don't think yeah I don't think the globe will last. Dot I can't argue and offers you its huge -- doesn't bother me but I saw like three sold. Then how come here and I'm you know he had on the bandwagon with with soccer. The matter factories started by Joseph have. Well look at this guy's last name. OP IL LK OW SKI. Bobbled a skiddie. Well it's as good as it gets and TJ -- are like -- announces name. The American outlaws are loud rowdy supporters of the US soccer team. Are packing up their red white and blue bandanna is and scarves and T shirts at least until the fourth of July after the team's improbable run. We won one game. And at the a twenty ports in World Cup in Brazil. And that's I guess Leo but bullies around his head and had a fabulous game but we still lost X to me the difference if you would. Between extra time and overtime because I understand all three goals were scored in extra time. If this was overtime the first goal don't want it so what is next with. Actually attack was essentially overtime that isn't sudden death are OK got it so he's playing here your 245 minute halves and it was scoreless after ninety minutes. Our men may go to extra time so they play an additional thirty minutes so those goals that were scored don't and the game you keep playing Italy -- thirty and then -- politics after that. I -- there's a quoted here. Football is the world's sports said Renee -- The director and sales of -- of sales and marketing for the Western New York flash women's soccer team -- -- like women's soccer better because they -- flash. Every once and while you're there at the end of the game -- Take your top -- but if it implies that wouldn't care anymore about women's soccer men's. Although the noises about the tournament continues until July 13 we're going to show every game said the bar manager of course the bars lava. Because it's the place the party and that's fine and excuse the party or don't choose the money. And and there happens to be a game on at the same time that's fine now I'll be busy at Dave and buster's playing video games. Trying to interest eighteen year old girls. And Alina and they've been -- interest than yours today as a World Cup has been good -- Smart. Forty years ago I couldn't imagine a place like this existing and this much interest excitement and enthusiasm for the game. While I'm I'm an open gets bigger -- is now. Throw please thank you very much. I would take a break and then we will return are subject on news radio 930 WB. This -- -- took a blow yesterday and here's the deal. I was out robo cars so what else is who. -- I think I've told. I as best now 82 cars sixteen okay my life is -- I spent all my money nothing and close on cars. And I enjoy it really do so I -- again and I start to talk to the salesman. And and you know oh the salesmen recognized. In his eyes light up and he -- poll. Who you aren't expecting -- -- I love your show I never miss -- I totally agree with -- you know rarely pat on the back. He said Adam could you get an autograph from cinema bomb. Idea I pretended to be happy about that I said yes of course like it and he's one of my favorites. And I told the act. -- go away via blue -- we show this week because support this Friday we will be working that day. Be emotional this week will be tomorrow all right so that's eleven known and you can -- -- and if you don't -- check outs and nobody can do. Now there's enough there's enough good worlds ago around. So oppose -- we want to talk about today but that was fun it was a fun moment. And then I signed by tobacco voucher today now I have never had a cigarette. In my life okay my folks used to smoke a lot they smoked three packs each. Per day. Camels aren't. I mean as that was six packs of camels. Today. That they smoked I've never had a cigarette. Between my left or anyplace else actually have never had a cigarette actually with a lot of smoking a cigarette and replaced but your lives has -- -- It but anyway I've never had a cigarette. But every year at this time is -- red voucher which says that I don't smoke. Otherwise there is right now they claim it's a reward but it looks like it's a penalty. What 75 dollars Chris is that it it and filling out my former us 75 bucks are -- a month. If if you would smoke you gotta pay 75 bucks a month more than if you don't smoke. And have you noticed there's a -- a change in the form this year besides the price you auditing clothes which it did last year. Really you have you look at that farm no I don't smoking cigarettes either so it doesn't really bother me but now he's a show for someday. In -- -- about. On insurance prices and forms and stuff like that but anyway so you have the fill that out otherwise -- 75 bucks a month more. And they asked if any member of your household smoking true. So it is that you're married because there are guys -- are married and why smokes or you have older kids and they smoke we hope nobody smokes by way. Just to make that -- It's an extra 75. A month so that that serious and including cigarettes -- superstars him on the formally. I know that -- cigarettes they're predicting that he cigarettes. -- end up selling more than the traditional cigarette. And I'm really don't know that much about. I know some people claim there is a lot better alternate choice and some say it's he shouldn't even have an ultimate choice though. Well see that goes but anyway the society you know 675 bucks a month yes our whole statement that like you lie and I'm not a smoker now -- more ballots of -- the if you smoked. I don't know how you can't in new York and anymore -- you know where do you smoke. Do you smoke. I mean. -- if you really think about it even for those of you who smoke after sex. Socialism Batavia you -- picnic table but that's about it. I'm so I'm I'm thinking there's no place to smoke. Not that I care about it but you don't six infected it would at a point now where if you see somebody with a cigarette in their hands it's unusual. That's unusual used to be the most part of the landscape but now. In early exit even outdoors even in public places where. It there's -- covering at all like the stadium like ruffles. And parks you see it's who like nobody I don't smoke some parks and now I know you can't park. You know -- was all over the -- one I mean the real advantage to not smoking is health that's the key and costs through. So help them cause that's the advantage of nonsmoking. But one of the things I used to hate when a lot of people smoked. Is you'd you'd stop at a stop light you'd be second in line OK there's a guy right under the stuff like he stopped. You'd see him open his door -- window down usually open his door and amp -- is ash tray right on the road I hate that. At that time I wish I had a cow catcher like they used to put on the trains in the old west. To move the cows off the tracks and just punch him right out of bounds. IE I hate that I hate -- when people just -- a cigarette butt out on the ground and stomp their foot measly. Discussing what is. But at least we -- announcing as much about. Are all right here's what we are saying we are saying both format. Exactly as I thought it would unfold. And I even told you yesterday. Is that with immigration. Here's what's going to happen. First of all we're going to have a lot of people in the country. Illegally and that's going -- for some time now. And then the president decided I'm not going to enforce all the immigration rules is because. Enough money to deport everybody that's here illegally it would cost too much money so here I've instructed. The proper authorities and this is what he said. Two -- Deport those who are committing serious crime. They should be departed the ones with serious has tried yesterday apparently any crimes are welcome this is America a we're glad you're coming in agreement there. Undocumented. And and so it would get to that and there are reports it seems so it's so obvious you think -- would be better view. Are you would see an article ever wants market I saw at least a couple of on -- that day. Are you picking on President Obama just remembered he's departed more payable. Then any other US presidents and interview. Think about the logical part. It's a percentage. If you've got a lot more people coming over. The border illegally while naturally if you have any form of of law and order you're going to deport more. It's like the -- from the Cuba bills that the deport bar. So it's like your deporting Marvin Leo the last two presidents but I didn't have as many people coming in illegally. So that that was an extent he's departing orbital and that then after that it was of the Republicans don't care. About children are or illegals trying to find a better life in America and so cordial look at the FBI statistics and you find out. In Los Angeles for instance that the overwhelming number of serious crimes in LA -- the FBI is that this picture oh. We're committed by illegal. Immigrants illegals. And that's the key word. And also if somebody doesn't do something purposely. It's to either make you forget what your train of thought was orchard view rail your train of thought. The word illegal is almost never. Lose by a federal officials. Watch the president doesn't use illegal they'll say. Immigrants though you use different cars but the word illegal won't be you know and it's the same thing would probably federal departments they just will not use the word illegal. In early because you know one because you're -- bush lumps of the world. Believe that you have to leave leave -- -- that is legal law abiding. The way and I enlightened enough we don't understand that we don't understand the popularity of soccer word just Schwab Simone I'm talking about. Will be back when Barr would be -- company and his record I'm thirty W via. And so I kind of does that mean I can't believe that they just put an email. We're gonna do some renovation to our space and they want to get rid of unnecessary space. And they have a couple of meetings were employees were -- stand up and and give them our our opinions. I'm thinking but Guatemala's while I'm on the air. I don't think that's by accident. -- and the other one. Is intimately afternoon Marty on taking a CS that but here I'll get mine now if you really wanna get rid of unnecessary space about the manager's office. Program directors is. Sales managers up this. Just leave a space to us the working people because we're traveling without parents would want other people to adopt us that's what we want -- -- Not that much -- a no it'll be actually good to see other members of the staff that we normally don't city. That's the one thing I miss from while we're in with channel four member of that. On the channel four people at that time Carroll Jason -- walker. Marie Janeiro at that time. He's come by they'd be on the show we'd have fun we'd like them they -- -- or whatever. But the witnesses set up. They're distinctly different areas you have a sales in one area a long ways from laws and their management and between them and -- say that this man. And you don't see them I'm glad I'm glad we're gonna do this -- the Obama touched base with some of those people. So you're kind of frees up my -- now the immigration thing here's a deal we've seen -- we've seen the wheels grinding. And I don't think it's by accident that anywhere and nobody really knows the number. But anywhere like 40000. Children have shown up. Across the border illegally and now what are we gonna deal with them and -- I don't think that -- -- -- of kids. Allegedly from aware also album or Guatemala Honduras. Was an accident I think it's part ago but grand plan. -- who get illegals amnesty. And they get -- the people. Granted amnesty. Our citizenship. And that leads of the vote and that leads to the end of the two party system in America plain and simple. Because there's some things that just don't make any sense. The reason their kids you're wondering why the reason the -- for all the thought that their kids let's go to -- first I got a column here. By Alan Gomez USA today I and I think we'd love kids. And where humanitarian. Type country would do a lot to help children is always all kinds of charitable efforts being made to help down and -- children children in need and they know. That saying total adults but it's really hard to say noted children okay. Now here's a picture. That's in this column there's a picture of a baby. Sitting on the floor of a baby probably not even able to walk -- Holding a baby bottle. And the caption on the picture is this is Alan Gomez is comment. I have a very hard time understanding how anybody could objectively idea that the United States should properly house and care for these kids. Now in his column there's a phrase air that I want to bring out. How -- these kids get here are okay this is very interest thing he says there are children. Traveling without their parents. This kid is can't even walk yet. You tell is this the miracle baby how in the hell did he get here from El Salvador or Guatemala and Honduras. Clinton at his age crawl across the home alone. I mean this is GPS maybe he will not only what borders across he know how we can get it here illegally at less than a year old. He -- -- baby bottle in his hand so you tell me how the children on their home. Were traveling without parents -- here. They got what what -- I'll -- blow up and mom said. -- risk rating you're now Johnny. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You'll enjoy the American lives oh please. Please they no way to say no auto adults and they know we have a soft spot are hard for kids so this was the play and this was the plan. Because it really wasn't working it was a push back. From from people regarding illegal adults. And what would happen is the thing we used to talk about. Is illegals. Coming here and having a baby used to call it an anchor baby because the baby would become a citizen. But the parents weren't. And there's no way to deport them the parents and leave the baby here that wouldn't be the right thing to do so they would come and hair have a baby. And then our son our daughter is now an American citizen. We're going nowhere worst day and that that that was built that -- up to now. But the board catching on that and will we need more border security they've been talking about that. But to save these children were traveling without their parents and how can we say notably children what that is. It's a Trojan horse. That's exactly what it is it's the Trojan horse. Where the babies the babies RR via lead so we take -- and an inside the Trojan horse are the parents. And and so we're wondering. It would this push back now that we heard about us and our newscast today. From California the mayor of a suburban California city led the protest. They Ted they had two busloads. Of illegal. And I'm gonna keep using the word illegal because that's the appropriate word of the illegals. A that they were bussing from Texas. To California now first -- think about this have you ever been at Texas. -- our big Texas is okay it's huge -- -- important doubtful work. All right it is humongous. I think next to Alaska it's the biggest and a square Ford's vote states that we have it's it's the size of the app for your for pilots coach. So they have America and they're -- on the California. Why do you think they did that and they figured -- a more friendly environment and not a lot -- indexes. Are not a wasn't the case was that. There were people protesting and saying go back home and whatever. And all of these things from the genteel -- -- make it sound like you are some kind of animal if you don't take in children children in need but the whole thing as a parks everywhere and it was orchestrated. By idea of parents and government or whatever or trying to follow the pattern a pattern that I -- view. From taking their men to amnesty over and taking care of them by the food. Health care. Education. Everything necessary there aren't enough jobs right now for people who are here legally and now demand this aren't -- from -- to embassy okay. Those of you beer already can stay and -- grey what's the next one well they're not enjoying the fall American life. Because they can't. Vote we we must give them citizenship so they can vote. And when that it is happens and that's what they're trying to do it's over. Goodbye. US today as we've known it. Because. If if somebody -- -- into their country and even though he is not the end and you broke the law. And they fragile and they club -- and they gave you education and all of us of the taxpayer's dollar. Claudia thank your vote for when you do get citizenship. Let's -- shall wait. Those who have allowed is that in promoting this and that would be Democrats. I'm usually not that much of a Democrat Republican kind of guy but this is quite obvious. So I'm asking you some questions. We now with a push backs on illegals. Vs the compassion for kids awaiting played. -- being played by the kid card parking is say no to a kid you can -- auto an adult. By saying you know what you Matt you made bad choices. You know what you broke -- law how can you say that to a child. You can't. The answer is you can't have his baby sitting on the floor with a baby bottle in his hand. He doesn't make any choices. The choices were made for him. So are we being played by our kids being flooded across the border. -- what is president Obama's ultimate goal I just laid out what I think is the ultimate goal of the Democratic Party. And that is the elimination of the Republican Party as any kind of a doable alternative to. It all three -- 301061692. -- six and start at 930. Pay attention. And put the whole thing together it's like a puzzle. What has just preceded. All of this of flooding at the border. By children as I said it's it's a lot easier to say no to an adult who makes illegal or wrong choices. Then a child who had no choice and so they're flooding the the borders with children and so I think that's part of the deal. And it goes along what I just said bugle from amnesty to you're here illegally but OK you can stay it's amnesty. To -- getting a full American value as a as a person so we've got a grant you citizenship which leads the voting which leads to one party. For the rest of our history of our country. But what they've done a grease the -- think about it. We have all of these people coming in illegal. What are they don't -- and to -- major. Goals of the Obama association. Okay. Johnny you're in the third row. Did you save a minimum wage. As says you recall day. Just that President Obama by executive order raise the minimum wage for federal workers so they start -- that. And now there's a big talk obviously about minimum wage in various states including New York State so if they're coming in here they're coming in on scale. And when they're coming in on -- they're looking for jobs but you can have -- just having jobs will aid a rate of pay. That might be applicable to that job in the demand for that job you've got to have a very minimum a base no matter what the job is your gonna make this amount of money. Does that go in with a flood of illegals and of course it does. And the other is income disparity between the higher earners and the low or no foreigners what do you think that's about -- and thank. It is the same thing it's presenting. A package that if these illegals are allowed to stay in here this is the kind of money they're going to be making with any job -- So you look at those two things now I did not I have not had a chance to read or even -- peruse our Chris Collins idea. He says the dairy farmers around here. Have problems that are getting workers and -- many times. They use illegals a first employees are with. The using illegals. -- me a lot of -- the word illegal mean anything anybody anymore. But he suggests that each farmer. Get a certain amount of these is that they can give out. Two potential workers so let me get this straight now Chris -- you know. I just don't get it. I'm here we we don't want any second class citizens. We don't want any income disparity. We don't want any you know anybody working below the minimum wage but we're perfectly when going. Today and of these that is somebody who is here illegally as long as -- work -- the Berry farm. Now you know a dairy farmers are great I like milk like she's my grandmother. Dairy farm on my father's side. And so I certainly have sympathy but what happened. Dairy farms run before illegals were needed to keep them afloat. Especially now since I know I assume nobody melts by hand anymore. I would assume that less people are needed now on their farm and used to be needed and so -- Emeka. Gonna make dairy farmers immigration people now that the way -- -- -- I'd have to read that so I don't wanna come down too hard on it because I read it. But just -- the whale was present and in the morning knows that's the way it sounded. So I'm just saying it's a cluster right now it is an absolute. Plus there but are we being used because they're flooding the border with kids because it's hard to say Knoedler cared. What do you think the president's ultimate goal is on this let's go to Jim in Lancaster -- on WB yeah. And you grow longer Koppel are sure you'll -- -- are all personal wars we get that it was sort of structured disciplined. That also applies in any country and even our currency that you shouldn't according. All we all -- -- -- of them -- number of immigrants coming into this country. How long can we sustain taking care of them for caring for them. We're eventually going to -- in time maybe not directly but in next generation -- com. You know we're gonna become a second serve her country you're right we won't fall and is -- uses then gonna take over yesterday nobody I mean. There's a durable and think we're now in a little -- -- the decisions now -- they're gonna affect the future generations. It's unfortunate but hopefully get the bleeding hearts to -- this. The people we have the bleeding hearts and god bless them for the director had to become a certain amount of common sense here and structure and discipline. In our country in the -- and got -- a player like the little release saying to start -- reflection. You know the government the Democrats as wolf Republicans. Now pushing aside your own personal. It or agendas to commune together to do something which is not rocket science. Well if you got a president that thinks that we perhaps have too much more than the rest of the world. What better way to flood down -- oh fund a border with children using proper resources to bring us down in the same level. As the rest of the world now there's some countries are fine but what I'm saying is is this if you think that we have more than we should have this is a good way to set a straight -- thank you. And maybe eventually down the road. Lead to a world government I don't wanna get crazy I don't get George Noory on your. I'm but I'm just saying if you -- way ahead this as an equalization thing because there is no such thing as a bottomless pit. And the more people. That are are on services and the more people that need without producing fewer people. Giving to those people. It's got to turn upside down like go like -- your caller just said and pretty soon. Pretty soon will be flooding into other countries will be sneaking in the Canada we'll be back tomorrow would be your company and newsreader and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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