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7-1 Best of Beach Hour 2

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back where they just got it -- sandy beach a massing very basic question do you trust the president. To do the right thing with the immigration reform especially the enforcement part. The president saying now that he wants extra resources and whatever the process these hearings and get immigration judges and all of that so they can work on the deportation. Aspect of this and that might sound very promising until you realize. That the real agenda. Is that it says that Obama would vowed to use his powers to address longstanding concerns. -- About the effect of deportations on the family of immigrants in the US illegally. So he is concerned. About illegals. And how they're going to take the deportation of their illegals. I mean among. You can you can't these serious about this is only John McEnroe -- you really can't day. So let's is concerned that if it's not border security. It's not that effective laws are being broken and ignored by the federal government. None of that matters to him it's just how other illegals are going to take that deportation of these illegals. You can't make this stuff up you just really -- let's go to view of Franken won the frank you're on WB yeah. You know not that president does surprises me anymore. And they liked it from the gay. If he were sworn in president of the United States. Eight it that the great yet at the college and he. A constitutional law he taught. Art agent -- that -- or the what we're doing lacked a BLA premiere. Or forty years or whatever plucked. It. -- a little tip it doesn't get its way. Think that the court where all our -- that he -- on the Miami he's. Articulate and that he. Are -- happy yeah I think but I mean there are a -- convert from he probably expect street report. And we don't want this guy we can't really -- there -- -- -- -- -- like our writer and that we do. He doesn't want it doesn't wander from -- that the cable without any blame Republicans for everything. I think you -- a person like it. Well you know -- said remember in his State of the Union Address. He said basically he's ready to go alone amendment and future members of the -- I have a -- an area and a phone. And so he's addressing congress he's there addressing the Supreme Court who was sitting right problem most of them. And -- he's telling them the audience that he doesn't really need them he's going to act alone -- we asked -- so you'll either get get in line with what I wanted to do -- I'll do it without you. That's is that too. I accuse the -- I think it. One guy how to operate it birdie earlier. The power of the presidency and you're here to change something here they kicked the goal I'll. A threat that practical role like this because. He tried it their partner. It's right. It and they got IP TV get away with or what he wanted to do great comic actor's actual slick proceed to -- -- -- next and have a dirty tricks squad and it was a Volvo Watergate but at least at the end he had the decency to resign this guy is going to at the last minute of his presidency. When the new president's ready to take the notes he's going to be giving executive orders that's just the way he has no. -- -- over the border. I'm sorry -- local children -- for a play or should be back here in -- what separated. It impacts that -- or there or. And it should be more off -- and air it for war -- And expected. On -- Dealing with these people. You can't be reasonable doubt and I'm sorry I thought he told me this morning that the president. Out on -- in -- statement there. They. Are the children are being treated reasonably well. -- Yeah I'll let -- and your country are resent that at acting meter reader think well. -- think that the president is worried about thirty deportation process and the effect it would have on families of immigrants who are here now illegally so he has more concerned about the illegals reacting to the deportation of the other illegals and he doesn't the American public. Right -- a result. And Obama it's probably -- about the -- like -- -- that's actually trying to book yet. Just moved onto one of the orders to Arizona for a year write about their per year and let me know how well -- -- it would be. People asking if there are Eric Reid 844. And well liked it here I'd like to know how which he'll. Can't get their -- ball -- back a lot of miniature house sitting at dinner every night and you're wearing street that -- -- Hitler days. -- -- -- -- -- -- And remember a lot of the -- from camera to a lot of the costs associated with these illegals. Are paid by the state and not the federal government. When the when the Rowling's -- about early but early for this this timeframe. Came down in California that California was required to educate them. California was required to give them free medical care that that money came from California. And Arizona Jan Brewer and tried to do the right thing and stand up to -- -- finger wag their finger and his nose. And you'll notice a lot of them -- getting dumb bear as a as a thank you -- gym work this guy is vindictive. He does not if he taught the constitution. I think -- ought to -- anybody who took a class from a because obviously doesn't follow it nor have any respect for. Oh absolutely I mean he has -- -- disgrace. To beat our you know actors an -- part -- it up this country I'm sure yeah it Democrats. There -- awful lot to dishing the ball. And everybody that supports -- got a big issue themselves to be a doctor and not. To order a couple are still in the future that they and they can't point the finger at anybody other than itself and how that. Atlantis -- where is today's version of Howard Baker in a Democratic Party all -- why don't we don't have one we don't have one don't just sit up. The heads of Bob up and down yes sir yes sir as long as I'm still in office as long as I still have my attention now what that laws who cares. There in there in office. To represent the people of their district who voted Foreman didn't vote -- than they represented everybody but all they're doing is representing themselves and their political future now they're not willing to take on this president I think he's ripe for the picking somebody wants to do the right thing. You're absolutely right now. At the thing to everybody prepared to bring it served for it to be all racers. Or they're straight get tickets being picked on -- is a minority. And yeah it's terrible because. He can be rock. Brought the part of is that there are so right synagogue that failed administration. Like -- -- or you can go up and down where everything he's done everything. Failed all these I mean -- stunts over there. It's. Been there weren't all that he's been -- into. It almost you can't -- you right. Think about it. The buck does stop barrel within the last year or so NSA Ben Ghazi IRS. Policy lowest -- part of the IRS the VA scandal and now immigration. I've seen bad presidents I've -- good presidents -- never seen a president with less regard to his colleagues in Washington. -- constitution thank you -- that's the whole point. That is the whole point. -- total disregard for. I think he wants to make his name in some way shape or form he's desperate to do it and the fundamental change in America they talked about. At his inauguration. We didn't note would be fundamentally changing the -- third branch of government as well. We're not electing McCain were electing a president somebody got to remind them. Will be back thank god he's on a second term count the days until it's over will be back after this. The president is very good at saying look at this instead of that. Even though this may be his biggest scandal was that you kind of forget about that scandal. Keep in mind when he announced this Easter day. Well and a ball Supreme Court rulings went against them. The hobby lobby case one against them the union case when against them and immediately. The headlines are that he'll go -- on immigration. So this is what he does this is his MO it's pretty easy to spot just that something is burning very brightly he'll bring up something else you know. In in firefighting I'm not a firefighter. Who used and never junior's advice on this but there's a thing called a backfire. What they do is a forest is burning. And they're having really troubled. They're having real trouble to put it out what they do is they get ahead of it. And then they set a fire that they can control. And though they burned that section. -- controller they put it out. When the fire that they're trying to fight gets to that section there's no more fuel all of its been -- -- so they have a better chance of doing and I think that's what he does. In governance. He tries to set these other fires which are fires is nothing positive about it problem. But they kind of get your attention span off the other. If you're talking about bank Gaza you're not talking about the NSA if you talk about the direction on target bubbling Ghazi. If you talk about the VA you're not talking about the IRS been Ghazi RB -- as -- if you're talking about laws -- that's part of the iris but then you're not talking about the general RS and Wednesday and Ghazi. Or any of that now it's emigration. And and now it's immigration and you're not talking about yesterday's loss in the hobby lobby case with obamacare and you know talking about the union situation we're very close to a -- So this is what he does. It's it's he did good. A good athlete because he's good at faking look over here move over here I'm going to be over here. But it's not a trail of success that's the point it's a trail of should -- -- And he's getting away with that I'd like to know why. Why is he getting away with about talk show inspired a host can figure it out like myself. I can't believe that most of America couldn't figure it out. So that's the way it is I -- know I wanna hear from you. You have vote if you think you can trust this president because John Boehner has told them there will be a no vote -- this session. On immigration and Boehner is basically says because they can't trust the president you know as well as I do that he doesn't enforce parts of the law. He doesn't prosecute things that should be prosecuted through Eric Holder. He has picking and choosing the and -- this is government Allah cart. All right this is government I'll take one of these into these and I'm not use these even though that's the law. If you don't enforce it is it's no law. -- -- to Jerry and hammers Jerry Iran WB. -- -- -- -- -- You know I tell you what -- -- friends from college and a couple guys in the service that was an agreement that in Arizona Texas carried out literature. And they said that that's listened. The situation it's like everybody thrown around 4050000. People he said he says they he does everything there's hundreds. Every every hour coming across. They're flooding yeah they're flooding and yes. So in other words like you know like he'd like to go wild estimate to be something like you know by Christmas we could have a 100000. More they just keep coming across in huge masses. But he says the border that can do anything like what to do public -- 150 guys show up and they're all under ten. Yeah -- bay where I read an article like a week or so ago saying exactly that there was so many that they -- it it's like everybody on the young men speeding at the same time. Well even if you have two or three troopers up there and stop Amal. And he had indicated indicate that and its very dedicated he said. That is about a hundred or 200 Mexican to come across still. It's -- -- it's amazing and you know what he's worried about Obama -- worried about the deportation process of sending the others who are here illegally already. I can't believe that but that's what that's how we -- I don't read. Yet never like say -- it's 100% but like his -- is they didn't see it all the time and every single day. Yup that's why the border state governors like Jan Brewer. And that at Texas governor and whatever -- have been yelling about this for a long time nobody's been less than. I mean -- that I did apologize Cindy had 68 but I look at it this way but that didn't twenty more years I'm gonna start spending enjoying like. It's going to be over. While you might as well because so you know our attitude is so once once amnesty as there and the voters -- the country is done thank you thank you very much. -- you know where it's going. It's -- And those sorts like this is the easiest thing it's like being a sports analogy is like being up as a major leaguer. And the pitcher is throwing a basketball. Across the plate OK you can hit as well out of the park every single time. Right now it's their children. And we were -- about how this would be accepted by the illegals who preceded these children. To deport these children. So he's worried about and concerned about the illegals being upset about the other illegals that's -- science. Next thing it's we've got to unite the families. Yeah out this person came and and now of his child her chiles and and we've got to -- the -- otherwise it's a war on families. We've already had the war on women. And now's the war and families. -- and I got the families here they have to enjoy the full American experience. What was that day. Well that would be among other things so while most important things the right to vote. Well if you're not a citizen. Do you you can't vote at least as far as I know even Obama as world he knows that. However you know I think the path to citizenship. Probably doesn't hear that the path to citizenship has to be there. So now we have the illegals re united and they they are now citizens and now what happens. They can vote. And when that happens it's over the two party system is done. It's cooked it's finished went amnesty grants them the right to vote. They will for ever vote big. The you know we might as -- be doing that because that's -- it'll -- So you can see where it's going it's pretty easy to see where it's going and I don't like it. And I don't think a lot of other people like it too but we seem to be sitting there with political correctness thing while upward. Poem it's more racist now we're not racist. We just recognize when we have the worst president in the history -- -- -- And sitting there. Yeah happens to be black. Wish to -- we have picked a better one but we didn't and so we got to live with it for the rest of his term. And we'll see where it is if there's anything left by the end of it. We'll be back we're more we're beach company do you don't trust the president on immigration and I don't will be back -- You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. That from all of the Bulldog Bulldog is the best he really is these -- real guy. What you hear on the radio the Bulldog is what you get. A while back he loves vital. And I have a good collection vitals like ambush them over -- in my home and said here. Take what you want to take what interest you and the enthusiasm for the different vinyl. Albums and in that cuts on albums is January as a program and and these denies rights. I don't know anybody that does likable so check amount on WGR. In the afternoon. We have. With with Mike shall who wears a pink visor. Okay that we we got to discuss that advises sometime might buy it yes it is a guide now. Let's see what we have here. What we have is the speaker of the house a manner. Basically doesn't trust the president of the United States for good reason. The president of the United States picks and chooses like he's -- -- -- today. The laws he wants to enforce or not and force and you know you don't have to repeal a law. To stop the effect all you have to do is is not enforce it. Yeah and -- anyways we saw that with fast and furious. We saw that with some other things. Especially the immigration and now is talking about immigration going it alone and this is a long -- thing of things. That were all negative and all you know not good for the country. And what he does is he just sets of backfire. For every fire that's burning and suddenly you forget you're thinking today. About immigration. But yesterday's headlines word the Supreme Court. And he lost both of those in the Supreme Court the unions lost. In obamacare laws which are not thinking about that you're thinking now about immigration and when he gets to a point he'll he'll move on to something else. But whether it's fast and furious and as say -- -- Gaza IRS. The VA scandal -- -- which is a sub plot of the IRS and now immigration the beat goes. I'm asking if you if you trust is this president -- the runaway. Government. Honest and -- Rochester stander on W via. And he goes and -- confines. -- I discussed it successful couple months ago with sound quality of this influx of -- aliens and so important illegals okay. Looking at the big picture. The world is heading forward eight billion people. So we're heading for a global or world government. People are our PV power brokers and this is all in the -- now. We can't do very much about what's going on with illegals or anything because it global movement -- end up. As we head toward global government don't be surprised if on a decade or two we're gonna have to chip and Irish -- opera and. I don't personally I don't agree with you -- -- ever -- the billion number it'll smile or a billion Muslims -- -- billion Catholics -- two -- right there but -- -- Would name another country right now that is being overrun with the illegal immigrants and then another one because as far as I know where the only ones that they have the doors open like that. I believe that England is overrun with -- illegals and yelling out. Finally got problems in Europe and overruns -- -- kind of peace. You can have problems but not not the magnitude of this and to think that you would throw up your hands and say we can't stop and of course we can stop and we want to. We have you know what the active Republicans. Don't want to beat the conservatives don't have the power -- A minority party -- this happens. Well you bring -- a good point the Republicans don't have the backbone they're -- they're so afraid that they'll actually be criticized. The Democrats are good at positioning they've you know -- position already yesterday's. Ruling by the Supreme Court as. A continuation of the war against women. Okay now what you believe -- birth control or not. That's up to you but I don't think -- the government old Jew every choice you wanna make if you wanna do it yourself open your wallet and buy something and and then get on -- that value don't think the government has sent that. Now -- you know you're right about detentions and seeing it for now from now on. It's going to be that we baby. Well yeah I figured out if she's going through she's gone after in a hurry. Start distancing herself because otherwise as -- and he's gonna leave a mess to clean up up on priests unprecedented proportions. Okay. -- either way you know that somebody better at because right now. You know there's. It's out of control. -- out of control like you very much. The bottom line is the transformation of his country will take effect the day amnesty. And the path to citizenship acute care. That's what's gonna happen because once the path to citizenship is there for illegals. Illegals. -- I emphasize. And they have the right to vote. The Republicans might as well on board up ago brought up the windows say goodbye say goodnight Gracie it's all over it is all over. -- will never win another national election and that it's a runaway government now and at least we have some representation. In the in the house. But this presidential petulant. That if he doesn't get his way you could spotter right away with his body language. And how many people have you seen that when they talk their chin is up like this. To that I know of him and Mussolini. Mussolini. Did better world or -- ago he would stand with -- chin up like this as a sign of defiance and strength. Where I saw Obama doing that I knew we when you combine that with. Definitely changing. The of the basic foundation of this country and hours. Which mowers going I'm surprised that people. In his own party don't have any balls to stand up to one. If you're in his party and what you are is his lap dog series but boy what -- how -- -- if he's not gonna pay and its engine very anyway it's a work around your back or over your head or whatever. What what good is it. Somebody's going to be Howard Baker somebody as a stand up to it because it's and party. Because we're on the same party in every critical. That that's the state of politics today. Meanwhile Republicans got blamed for being anti women and war on women -- on this war on that. Meanwhile they stand back and they have to defend themselves instead of going on the offense at least a Boehner. Is out there are enough to say is not the best speaker ever see him at least he recognizes that passing an immigration law. Is full -- now because the president will pick and choose what he will enforce and in my give much stronger hand than he has now. That's the sad part there's always you know -- given today. And better back and forth and sometimes even distrust but this distrust. But this is a monumental proportions right now it's not a control. And so we wanna know for me to a -- believe. That the president has to be trusted was an issue like immigration reform he's already said I have a -- and a phone. I'll do it alone that's a great attitude for the constitution which tells us we have three not one but three branches of government. Will be back after yes the beat goes on every time you'll get a really hot about some thing. This president sets a backfire. He gives you something else -- -- about but meanwhile. Because he knows gonna get hot about it anyway. Meanwhile you forget about the last thing the last fire was burning so it's like one at a time it's it's like a -- martial arts films. Where you know fifty guys surround Jackie Chan. Now if all fifty guys went in at the same time. Checking Jen but they don't they go on one at a time and they get pretty. And they never learned that -- say never taught them that don't go and -- to I'm going to -- okay well this is the same and we have festive periods we have NSA we have been guys that we have the IRS we have video V we have -- -- part of the IRS now we have immigration. It never -- It just never ends but you never focused on everything at once because we are you know -- kind of singularly focused on the latest thing. So even though tool Supreme Court rulings went against him yesterday. One. The -- hobby lobby and the other of the union -- they both were there win against them. Always talk about -- is now we're talking about this. Immigration. And when this gets to a certain point will move onto another another brushfire. And that's what it's been this president. End there is a quote here in this article. By Alan Gomez USA today. This is -- John Boehner. In our conversation last week I told the president that I have been telling him for months now. The American people and their elected officials don't trust him to enforce the law as written. And that's right what's the sense in writing a law. That is going on -- pick and shows the parts that he wants to enforce. So what happens that'll make whatever position he finally takes even stronger. And for have you effect while you know wanna think he had scores a couple of billion dollars they have. Vote more hard justice. Judges. Immigration judges. And to blow up attempt to speed up the hearings and immigration court now you're thinking. Well if he wants to do that he -- wanted to remove the illegals that are here but then UC. As a result officials said Obama would body use his powers to address longstanding concern. About the effect of deportation. On the families of immigrants in the US. Illegally. So the rest of the family hasn't shown up yet. And he's worried about offending those who were already here illegally. Screwed up is this guy I mean really seriously. And that's where that's where -- focuses. About the Republicans so far with few exceptions. Don't seem to -- don't seem to have the testosterone level needed to deal with a phony like this. He's the worst president I've ever seen I've seen a few. Starting with Lincoln -- Let's go to who done it and find out what she's thinking in buffalo and I am I think -- Obama. I don't think college is puck into iron today on. An. Anything good -- in a -- how he created the ethnic and drug. Big guns the other ones I wouldn't have blamed that haven't been doing at. I I don't -- it hit one of Mexico -- -- out in the breadth of the credit and potato gun conflict you know well look. Yeah. I mean even when congress talks about special prosecutors. He you won't even deal that he's just he's as much as stonewalling as the president and he's getting away with a 20 and he's the chief law enforcement officer and hadn't Obama's Chief Executive Officer so we got to get better by that roadblock senator to get anything done. Well well I think -- it was a big crime that he committed. And I hope so. Why don't they didn't pan out birth control -- bode well country by country. And there's no -- the dark. -- do not make any babies that they can't afford to they don't have a terrible I don't know why bring the -- into the boat -- you would have been put severe property. You know I just saw a video clip on my monitor of these -- children and some adults. And and it'll break your heart these are children and their wonderful children but they've been there they're uses a political -- right now. To kind of break our immigration laws once and for raw once and for all. And I we can't let it happen if if true reform. Mean just start with the -- you war and make everything there wasn't working make it work that's make it better. They need when it controlled and not -- -- and the women out there. And not let the they've invented the world got winded and didn't. They didn't even think Campbell. While that would require some thought -- looked -- -- it absolutely I think -- thank you. Yeah I think about it like this if you really wanted it to work what would you do you would say OK these are the current laws that we have. For people to come to this country. And stay here and become citizens naturalized citizens. -- what isn't working. Well it's taking too long. How can we speed that up. We're weary years query via a society now that has the digital age right -- -- sitting on our lap were ready to go. Why can't we make that faster. Do we need. More people such as judges and immigration officials. If we do instead of spending as much money trying to. Trying to house people who are here illegally why not do that to make it more efficient in other -- you take the existing laws that have as. They have a vote the other cumbersome bulky time consuming and expensive. And you make those laws streamlined to fit today's calendar. And then people come here come here legally. And I don't know about you but I've never I've never regretted anybody who's done what they have to do to come here legally in fact I applaud them. When I spoke to a group of nationalized the citizens on for judge our -- couple years ago. These were very happy people from I think 38 countries. And the first thing I -- congratulations. Your citizen and it did at the right way and they applauded because they know. There are easier ways to do it but they're illegal they took the ability tougher row but the right wrote. Next thing I said in it and I think is very important. -- if you remember anything from today's speech make an elected official earn your votes don't give it away -- it. And to make sure their representative -- If we did that would be a lot better shape but everybody wants the I'm not amnesty is not enough given the vote they have -- the full American experienced. Meanwhile for you clowns of their voting Democrat every time because of your your show brain dead that that's all he ever did a watch and think about how -- -- a job prospects are. These people coming into the country illegally are bringing money -- them. And they don't have jobs. Guess why they're going to be after your jobs you're going to be competing for the same jobs and you're paying taxes and they're not. OK a lot of these jobs will be under the table. So you're going to support them about that. Feel like it might have been taken for a ride but you're good. Well he's wrong on this and he's been wrong a lot of stuff but he's good at covering it up. And good at pretending to be president of the United States and indeed if he taught constitutional laws he claims in the ball reasonably be didn't. Ploy you don't learn much -- God help the people that were sitting in his classroom. We'll be back with more on those -- and -- thirty W --

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