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7-1 Best of Beach Hour 3

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However Activision got a sandy beach. Man I'm feeling good I may not have to do this job much longer I have investments. Fact today I invested a lot of money and they Marcel Darius driving school chain. I think I think that's going to be good for maybe maybe not as big is that he where Orbison tanning salons that didn't work out so well. But this Marcel areas driving thing and it can be -- A will find out. Now here's what is big the president. Getting your attention off of two Supreme Court -- losses yesterday. In the afternoon. And it. The address that fact that he's got to go alone -- PS2 and immigration reform. So subtly and not talking about. Hobby lobby you know talking certainly but the union laws about who has the pay dues and things like that you're talking about this. And that's what happens if it's not that it's this and it is not this is that but it's always something. Especially with him and he's good at doing is good at getting your attention off he is -- whack a -- president. He's good -- getting your attention op -- -- the event of the day and they keep you with thinking about something else. So -- -- Treo -- -- won it under is 61692. Music start I'm thirty do you trust the president to do the right thing. With immigration reform especially the enforcement part because -- John Boehner is quoted as saying in our conversation last week I told the president. There when I've been telling him for months now the American people and their elected officials don't trust them to enforce the laws written. You -- that of a fact. That this is his last term his last chance to make is his name his bones whatever. And he is an awful combination let me tell you this. If there are two things that you don't wanna have together he has both of them. He's incredibly. Arrogant to start. Now you're saying well arrogance is okay as long as him back it up and that's right. If somebody ever said you know Steve Jobs. So arrogant. OK he was but the kind of change the world and -- all right so it's -- to be arrogant if you can do it. But -- them he's arrogant and incompetent it's style it's combination you can have. Because people are incompetent often don't think of themselves as incompetent and become arrogant because of the office they hold. And what are they doing they're making and company and decisions they're bringing in company and people end. There rubbing. Some people wrong way in an incompetent manner. The Arab massaging other people which leads to incompetence. And so it's a bad combination. But you do not wannabe. Arrogant and incompetent as Korea's. Much question about that and Hillary Clinton is is next in line -- say today and that puts on one run with -- let's go to Bob and lake view Bobby Iran WB -- Sammy hey hey I gotta trust investments. Restore the industry Palermo -- twenty may have -- in this heat. Well yeah how will cool down a little sensors and -- I don't have very different thing. Listen -- that the term coming with the kids. Because that would make the border you -- -- and the -- Well the terms coming within its own children and -- they don't have this personal time. There's no good answer that either the parents are already here and now the kids are joining them where they left him with other adults in those countries or are they planned to join them later. But if you look at it if if you look at footage from World War II. People did not hand over their children on the if come they stayed -- even during very difficult times. Percent of -- border how -- -- -- -- the border at the ages they were they couldn't fend for themselves. Anyway it is a big governor M sandy beach and we're talking about Obama President Obama. He's are going after the GOP there really good at that. They're good at positioning. The opposition. Even with the yesterday's. Supreme Court ruling. Okay on the whole idea on the hobby lobby case. The first reaction was this is a war. On women's reproductive rights when I'm discussing that case today and just saying that. This is -- -- position everything. And the Republicans have already been positioned as the war. On women. The war on children. The war on immigrants. They don't mention -- ever say the word illegal. You got to search to find that will never ever say the word. So that's that and and then the president is positioning that. Meanwhile for those of you -- he's thinking he's if you watch the NBA those guys are very good at faking. You'll think they're going that way but they're really going that way. The president as wanted. To order up so he wants a more money. So we can order up more judges. Reassigning. Immigration judges US attorneys of the border to speed up hearings on immigration. On now you would think that that is. To expedite the process because nobody really knows how many kids -- there 4050000. I mean they're guessing. Because they don't know how they've been keeping count. And your feeling good about that well he he's seeing seeing wrong and he's correcting it. And he's gonna make sure they get their process and in the proper disposition. On each kid until you find out that. As officials have said Obama would now use his powers to address longstanding. Concerns. About the effect of deportation. On the families. Of immigrants. And have a US illegally. So here as the deal you're the immigration judge. Hears a child is here illegally. While his father is here illegally too or his mother or maybe both of them there might maybe both illegal now what he would do. First of all if you if you kick but mom and dad out of the country because they're here illegally what do you do with the child -- are you separating. You can dare just send the trial about hockey mom and dad. So your choices are basically send my whole family back or keep the whole family here. It's not a wide range of of of selection here. Because I'm thinking I'll watch a lot of stuff on World War II I'm fascinated by the documentaries or whatever. And even at the worst times. A world -- true parents did not hand their kids over. They hid them in the wrong country they tried to protect them but they didn't just hand them all over it and descendants of the border of Germany. And say walk in there and they'll treat you well they didn't do that. And what happens is as ms. bond between parents and kids -- separation as the worst possible choice most of the time. So maybe they think if if there's a kid and here now with the at least one parent they won't kick either want Obama. But that's that's the plan the plan is. To either forgive all those who were in here illegally now amnesty. And then after that the next step is well -- here we should give them the full American experience. And that is the path to citizenship. So they can vote and when they vote. What do you think gonna vote for. And we have hands and tobacco is -- Democrats gap right Republicans might as well go home put the elephant away. Nailed the doors close pleasure out of business we will be coming one party country if I think that's a good idea I don't will be back after this. Do you find -- My basic question is do you trust the president to do the right thing with the immigration reform. Special reinforcement part John Boehner said that the house has enacted because. They're convinced and their constituents are convinced. At least the people he represents. That the president. Has been a pecking and choosing much like a buffet. What parts of laws he wants to enforce and which ones he doesn't want to. And it's when you have that power. Of the either funding some thing or in forcing something or not. Basically your your re writing. The law if you don't enforce the law is at a law. If you let people. -- around the law and the law says that you're not supposed to. Who's broken the law you have -- took an oath to uphold the law. As the president of the United States public officials take that oath to uphold a constitution and faithfully execute the plausible plan. And he's not to limit. He is not knowing that nobody's going after him for that this is the closest we've seen through. The correct assumption that he is picking and choosing what he wants to do what it doesn't wanna -- and with fast and furious. By any account there should have been some prosecutions that forget it. Forget it so you come in with -- one disaster after another. There's no there's no winning streak here it's a losing streak fast and furious and -- say then Ghazi IRS VA Lars La Lois -- And now immigration. Has gone too long. Scary it was really scary Jones not want to thanks for your -- joke you're on W via. -- -- -- -- -- For him removed her courage to do this too shall we do do. I told -- onetime -- ago like a weight of the dark. But but you know this president emissaries -- applies himself as a Democrat. But he's a socialist. His father and grandfather remember -- we're Communists. And the constitution. I wonder with the constitution according to solve Olympian that he studied at Harvard. The other point is that and he said that there would be changed and most people bought it as positive change within the framework of a constitutional matters not the way it's and a. -- -- He's worrisome to me. I hate to say the but I don't believe at times it don't think he tells the true. I. Don't tell the truth more -- does it it's on non. And trying to be facetious. Wider view lighters and I have no group most of them. I'm with you Joseph you and I are on the same page thank you exactly up and Tokyo told the truth more -- What cool if we really did have a knows that grew when we will we didn't tell the truth. His ideology you'd need to. You need to -- Panama I have a very the caravan he'd have to put his heads of some of in order to get my car I mean just amazing. It under these very good at distracting your attention from one disaster to another. I explained it earlier if for a firemen fighting a forest fire and then not having much luck in the forest fires gaining on them. They get ahead of it and they purposely set afire that they can control. And by the time the out of control fire gets of that position. There's no fuel four -- it's already been burned and that's the way they -- in the one of the ways they can put it out. It's the same thing with this guy. This is like radio this is like via a fires set to distract the other flames of all these things we've talked about. And this is all happened in the very short period of time and he's running out of time in office. And when he's out of office he wants to have something. To be remembered by I think he does not to worry about that he'll be remembered. As the worst president we've ever -- let's go to Dan and how wandered to and Iran WB again. You actually any personal life -- black helicopters and what trucks covered toward WB's. There that you can't guys thanks a warning. But Iowa anyway copied and you think you -- prepare for the liberal socialist Communist. Democratic Party. Strictly due to what they want. Bailout story that we we. George watched as one of the best president. Are they Ronald rank in -- all in. They think of rock Obama that steps. Yet but it's true and they ate everything doing. What they want and what one. There are government if your partner product. It will be at your outlook all transportation and medical coverage collector years. In all the other goodies. Look better and of course that -- work hard at the -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- the -- -- -- Yeah I I wish we could I wish we had a more effective way of stopping it. Because the people don't understand that this can't go on forever because it will implode on its own weight their. The fewer people supporting the greater number -- a number eventually will crumble. And then what happens anarchy chaos and a and what are we have a New York State we have New York safe. I can't graduate provides. Yacht is the kind of thing that they -- -- But fundamentally. Where marry a you know a person has elected to public office. They are. Taking an oath they take an oath to uphold the laws of the land. And the constitution. I don't think he's done that I think you know. There are like our sins of commission and thing and sins of omission. I mean not enforcing a law is as bad as disregarding law because the laws there for a reason it's a it has a purpose. Our immigration laws have a purpose. They may be archaic they may need. Updating but why aren't we doing that instead of throwing everything out and saying here come on and as soon as you get here will bamboozled a public. -- will will forget what the public wants is what I want and eventually. Amnesty would be the next stop. Reuniting the family because we want them to have the true American experience and after that after amnesty. Is citizenship. Citizenship it ends there and ends there pleasantly. Because once once the people who are here illegally and now have the ability to vote it's over baby eight. You might as well not even have another election just forget it. Close it down and the elephants and a flea market because we have no more use for -- will be a one party country. It trailed Montreal wanted -- under six once it's not just for six and I thirty do you trust and Tokyo known as. President Barack Obama to do the right thing with -- immigration reform I don't trust them as far as again tomorrow we'll be back. However aggravation governor day John Boehner says that. Speaker of the house pitcher lost track. He said and our conversation last week I told the president that I have been what I've been telling him for months now. That the American people and their elected officials don't trust him to enforce the law as written why is he saying that. He's saying that because Obama picks and chooses the laws that they want that he and his minions want to enforce or not enforce. But remember that they take an oath to enforce and uphold the law of the land. And the constitution. But -- -- he's challenged them on on on a lot of these things and he should be challenged because I think that. I like all presidents use executive orders and out. End of blood not to the extent that he has in turning his back on enforcement of certain laws. And and the media is so complicit in this I Ottawa sound like a a guy is looking over shoulder. That's it was a black helicopters there. But I story a couple of weeks ago. That said the Obama administration has deported more people then blah blah blah blah but if you think about it one numbers missing. The number and it came in illegally. So that yeah you can deport more than the former president but fewer got to end. So the bottom -- thing is it's -- -- game. And I -- that that's the way it is so when he John Boehner doesn't trust I don't trust them either. And I'm not surprised that the house has not moved on immigration because what he wants is apparent it's obvious. And -- he's like a petulant child he really how it's like your child would -- out. When he doesn't get his way but he's very good at admits directing the anger. On to something else besides yesterday's news he gives you know you're not talking about a hobby lobby -- Not probably talking about the union -- situation. Are you talk about this as solely. Because he's managed to eclipse the two losses from yesterday as well as he's a guy that's very good at doing. Go to Joseph in Niagara Falls -- -- on WB yeah. Yeah and he got a great show and a great topic I recommend you on that. Michael a question as you know -- criticized president as an and all the great things you'd like to destroy America is there anyone that's taken -- seriously. The -- To impeach the know -- -- where all the action on -- and why do we let this happen. No because nobody's got the courage I mentioned earlier how how would buy a baker during the Nixon administration. Criticized Nixon's strongly and Watergate turned out to be on Nixon's wants on even though it's much less -- what's going on now nobody has that kind of courage to do it because of the of positioning of you couldn't possibly want him out because of his work you want a mile because he's the first black president and -- you've never liked it. That's the positioning and has not gonna change people are just gonna sit on their hands are waiting until it was time runs out as president. So this matters you know is -- -- the process run its course and the next -- -- is gonna destroy America and of course Americans not to be the same as the -- at all. 78 years ago. -- exactly right keep my what else he's doing. Joseph. He's raising all kinds of monies. He's on fund -- all the time even though he's not running for any of our office that we know of because that money can be used as a as the kingmaker for future elections. And because of that he's gonna have enormous amounts of money in the bank to do that. I think Hillary Clinton's gonna have to distance herself however big time from him she intends to run a series campaign. Absolutely absolutely well it's it's it's -- -- either repaired that would have never thought that. Well this of course we would -- Would would get to this I'm it is sad and that's the worst part about it didn't have to be thank you Joseph thank you very much. I wouldn't talk directly to those -- you voted form. -- -- -- -- -- Because you that you didn't like Mitt Romney and his second term you didn't like Mitt Romney wherever I how's that working out for. As a gone maybe you're okay aware -- it because you're still getting the goodies from the government. But eventually. It's gonna run out of -- people to grab the goodies from and give them -- people who don't contribute to the society it has to turn upside down. The laws of math. The laws of physics say it can't last forever. And so what are we do we set up a bad guys the bad guys are the rich. The bad guys are the people who have made something of themselves the bad guys are people who succeeded black or white they're the bad guys. Because the only heroes here -- the people who haven't done anything with their lives now in some cases. The deck was stacked against them and they really couldn't and you can understand that. But they have a lot of cases it's it was there and they didn't care to go after it if they had to actually work for. They'd rather sit on the rats. And watch watch the world go by while you send them free stuff I mean that's that's and not a politically correct way to sample that's what amounts to. But that's got to hand but it's not going to end if we do stuff like this. You know how long a doctor's. In any kind of emergency. To stop the bleeding first if at all possible. Or the hippocratic oath says the first things as is first do no harm. Well that's exactly what's going on now. Of the country is bleeding and we're not stopping the bleeding. The bleeding is continuing its being overwhelmed at the border. They estimate 4050000. Kids that they don't know they have no idea. They don't have a clue. And that nothing effectively is being done nothing effectively president's talking his game it's all designed for an end game that he's had planned for a long time. -- Carroll in Lancaster Karen here on WB them. I Indy Lights and with that I've been listening to you -- morning when I've been reading my parents and it seemed like everybody feels that there's nothing they can do but there is something that every individual can do. To make a statement about how the problems that we're having right now Allen the taxpayers ultimately. Control the funding of the government. Who are as tax deductions and protect every time. So what they need to do is to. Refused the following fund the government by blowing their income tax payment down. Without the money available and the government will have to slow down and the politicians will take notice the -- How you do if they can step the first step is that individuals should change that W two withholding form. Is similar service. That no tax is taken out of there weekly paychecks Ukraine maximum dependence. Very minimum withholding. Think you can do that right now for the. And I know you can do it go ahead and you know. Okay that's both the money going to the government immediately by deferring the tax payments to the time in the income taxes are due. And employed individuals can do that pensioners. And many people who receive unemployment or Social Security benefits that are -- can take that action because. Many of them have so that that he too would holdings. For their net income. That the money is that I put in a city campus under mantra that he would benefit Texans are finally do. That in January. You can apply for a six month extension on filing your income tax. You know -- of more than a six month extension you can get -- -- -- April 15 so you're Texas would not have to be paid until October 15. Well in the extension. Don't you have to estimate what the money is going to be and give that you can beat. You can get the extension on the actual filing but I think you have to send the money and as best you can. But you've already spent money and from January to June tell you may have already sent and not -- drivers that. So. Does that to raise your income tax -- until October 15. And that gives you sixteen months that your withholding money from the government. So I think -- enough time to make a statement and it's perfectly legal. Logo on anything it's legal and can do that I'm very much in favor of and that thank you for that information Carol you did a good job even a residual nervous we wouldn't believe -- You know the other thing different make -- more points -- the other part of this strategy is that -- the politicians other laid down the line Andrew Cuomo and the local politicians too because. A lot of the money that goes into the state and local carpet come from the federal government. So with the federal government are coming to craft where it says that means the state and then local politicians are gonna feel the impact and that means they're gonna put pressure on the Fed. You have things like a Medicaid to witches they joint. Version of what we're talking about that would slow that down to thank you thank you very much thank you Carol. Yeah that's amazing it really is just amazing how politicians don't have any balls really don't. I mean at least Boehner came out and said the people on trust you Mr. President. The stuff first voice in his own party. Other any voices in his own party your probably not gonna hear them. Not to any degree certainly simply because they like what -- I mean they've answered huge arms and if he can hand that time they Hillary Clinton they might get another two terms that's only care about. There are representing you they probably don't care that much about the constitution either. But they do care about themselves. And they -- they care about their reelection. And their ability to get things out of Washington. And they know that if they criticize the president. I'm even -- obvious things that. Washington has a long memory and they don't wanna be on the wrong end of that wrong memory. Where are aware the courage in this country we used to have it. People willing to sacrifice. Yeah I'll look pass up -- a -- job that I really like because I got to do the right thing when is the last time do the right thing meant anything. Specially in politics. Take a break will be back a -- Yeah I'm looking at -- obligate the rain and a I think I'm a little bit more ready for a than it was before because I've gutters at my house like everybody else -- right. While parts of the gutters are worth a pie is something I'm not gonna ever gonna oh latter claim. So basically I used to call me gutter people twice a year. To coming clean the gutters so that the drains would work properly and that's great and that one day. I saw bits. They were putting shields on the gunners and I'm thinking -- that's a good idea because few bucks but keep the. He's on my daughter so I. Saved me. Two expenses a year -- these shingles gather because. That'll be nice and tall woman that expands so they put the -- -- on. And now I don't have -- iguana got hurt but I had all the helicopters stopped holds. Does Sheffield and that's the way it is so what I have to go I had the gulf are better people and two or him. Helicopters drop the shield protecting the daughter. So I'm convinced it never ends it doesn't really doesn't. If you do this that shows up if you do that shows up it's always something and it's just like the president. How about this where his report card fast and furious and SA. And Ghazi. IRS. Veterans administration and -- -- sub head of IRS and now immigration. And I'm sure I've left some things out. Just trying to give -- -- thumbnail sketch let's go to our front cabin impaneled and Kevin Iran WB. Eighties and the -- That never ends up there. It never it's no war that -- or Obama orca and now all our congressional representative -- report card you know what. -- reach record -- guys. Because were tortured and beat her coming Tutu Tutu to -- -- Chris comment. Directly on the -- you don't want -- -- impeached. If so -- being -- it reached its -- would have global whatever. -- anyway you know. It is I -- a case can be made to to at least discuss that but I haven't even heard the words so far. No I happened to hand out school ignored so I'm afraid -- we resent another anti -- ticket bigger portion. Look we impeach Bill Clinton buddy -- -- -- stay in office though he wasn't voted out of office but he got impeached and now he's one of our most popular presidents though. A public has a short memory bug with the Bill Clinton didn't I tried to fundamentally change the government as much as Obama's line. Regular year here a small could beat -- we haven't. Senses and make it and it paid attention to that it's important impeached now we get everybody's potentially hurt. Oh absolutely. Yeah. And -- and lay it out it's gonna be somebody that isn't afraid for their own job it's going to be somebody that is an independent voice and you know bit if it if it works. You're you've done the right thing whether cost you your job or not not that many people -- willing to do that. No they're not willing to bear very -- or helpless. All right Kevin but he okay they're here on May be cargo -- his daughters including mine. The other those helicopters -- stick they come down and the impasse over themselves in all the slots. Of the it's very friendly all the slots. Of the as shields hoping to protect the gutter. And they were -- -- like it looked like radio and he brush haircut look like Johnny Unitas picture when he was playing for the colts. Let's go to who's next and let's go to show on in Niagara Falls show on -- on WB yen. You know I'm -- on what what's on your mind today. Are quite a relative to ask you bad luck to crawl out great but he sure that I can -- wanted to mention that. -- that spoke before a lot about talked about something that. Are -- content and do we get traction. Confirmed this and the gauntlet to take them in accidents as -- of one of the problem we he's. But we'll let you know become so disenfranchised. That. You can all -- you might -- -- -- to make a statement you know. The Goldman is hopeful to be there represented people people that I don't think election the people. Look at the polls are really crucial and I don't think its commitment and McQueen to look at. UD because. Out there you go to -- -- -- young and prevent people I'm this little they want to learn you know the people you've got to you know. That's surely -- throw. I mean and they were obvious about one Nancy Pelosi made her famous they're gonna we're gonna pass and see what's in it that tells you -- ramrod it through something that important they had me read it. Yet but that they do not what I wanna make sure I was. What country treat the problem of immigration -- that be united despite recent. You know it is an old country how in human chimera -- Would it be great articulate that stinks. -- and the people who. Property and go about integration and for all different people hold true that America -- Peter. You know it will contribute. But I'm. On trees and country is if it up on -- Medicare and -- treat you could. OK I have to say I have -- -- -- now OK I have to say -- -- -- because your your connection was -- -- it was going -- thank -- I hear what you're saying. Oliver Everett loudly yeah -- -- takes some courage. To stand up brand so far as much as people are -- John Boehner as their favorite person. At least the other guards -- tell -- the president that people don't believe they don't believe it's gonna enforce the laws so whatever -- that the congress would pass. He -- and shows he don't pick the parts to enforce that he favors and he would disregard the ones that didn't. Isn't that like a kid like a child. We still mashed potatoes. And he eats the hamburger when Joseph leads the p.s on the side. So you pick and choose what you wanna digest and this president's doing the same damn thing except he's playing live our lives. About wraps it up garbage company we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I thirty that Libya.

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