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7-1 Best of Beach Hour 1

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Beijing company and I'm sandy beach and I'm shocked. I am shocked. Our -- is in the paper again today. Ladies and I. I know what happened not long ago buddies in the -- burned by our laser remote Ben Berman I go all right we're gonna see if this is back Jolo. I hope as as and I hope this is gonna smear job. You know I -- the paper I watched David -- the radio I do everything but -- -- wiretaps. To prepare for the show but every once in awhile something jumps out at you. When I saw that Barley is in the paper today idea I thought it was my duty to dissect the show because as you know. The name Barley is you're well familiar. And yeah Dick Marlys in the paper who. -- in the paper he's with joy ride to ban these are really good musician. And he says in a very tones buzz column. That saw -- Americans column and as she writes on. On opera a lot in the classical music and I like opera somewhat. And so I like about. If you're gonna name our car column in -- -- -- laws that I mean really how lame is that but anyway here's what's in the buzz column. Apparently when you're gonna ban. And it's rarely hot outside and humid and muggy and when the set is over and you gotta pack up. I can be a little problematical so here's a quote from Dick buy -- of joy ride. Moving aren't here in last night's oppressive heat with a lot harder than the performance. Where those damn road he's now that's. Craig good. Every once in awhile Barley at the paper's worth reading and talking about so there I'm ashamed that while we play abusing -- I have not -- we did a show one time. Before the switch. And a woman college they're talking about I think weekly either played his band he's got some bombs as an announcement and a woman called up and says she was one of his group race he has -- I actually asked him about and he said he didn't remember profit believe. Wage it's one thing to have groupies but those -- -- groupie as some would remember them if you. If you said today. Is such irregular -- -- kind of guy and van and you forget them that things has been more than one they had their name to related -- was a lot of bands and this one has something to do with the bulls and they -- tell the brutal -- the -- that's. Like the go okay like the bullets that go in the gun and he claims he doesn't remember the name of the group let -- the woman -- house so that -- -- -- right so yeah I've never -- employed -- everybody that has seen employee says he's great -- -- And there he is unfortunately the wrong brother named Dick. Which which Tom mentions on Red Hook -- -- -- what do we got going on debt words you know I love that what I I was there about seven years ago. There while bill Hancock that's where -- -- shots on number ten. And it's a lot of historical stuff going on out there. And one of the largest gold nuggets ever found in the black kills is on permanent display. The potato creek Johnny gold nugget is housed in a 4000 dollar bulletproof display case at the Adams a museum. I want to be at a museum first of all the Calamity Jane in wild bill Hancock were buried somewhere else and then there -- moved. To a cemetery overlooking deadwood. And when you going to be on into the Adams museum it is really a piece of history it's fabulous -- -- -- Lebanon. While bill Hancock always a -- my favorites. Took a real coward fisherman in the back Al while he was holding aces inmates because he might want that hand. But it's a great place ago and if you wanna see a big nugget. I'll check that. -- Donald Sterling. Has been declared it. Saying yeah as O'Donnell was found to be mentally competent. In a medical evaluation among one of his doctors over the weekend one of his doctors fundamentally company. Because of -- fundamentally and company and they would have to pay the bill. And go over the weekend he was that's what he's declared I'm sure. It was a longer. Oh you know longer exam that a weekend the exam to be declared mentally competent. And that's oftentimes if you know anything about that it takes a long time because -- get a ride it's not you know how many fingers in my holding up. But that's -- that's that -- and -- got to go on with the divorce proceeding. Meanwhile you talk about that -- giving up applies applies going to be two billion dollars that's what they got for the clippers though Wendy's sale is completed. A C a billion for Euro billion for me as opposed to most of us won't get divorced you get the toaster I get the TV set this is a billion here billion there. And before you know -- Europe there's some real real money. I think yeah I operate computers and out of there is commuters but I think computers hate me. I really do I told you that I used to have a computer in my office until -- asked me to change my password again. I'm thinking who the hell wants that hack my computer. And you know and I put it in there and it was rejected. And what I did is that went down the engineering and I got a Dolly. And I took all of the computer stuff this -- -- our everything put on the Dolly rolled it back to engineering and I said keep the damn thing I don't want it. But I have a computer at home and never got one again. So I go last night to fill in my benefit. Package witches are and you've got to read read up every year it's not enough to say continue what we're doing. You got our Reno the whole thing improved and I smoking. I told -- -- smoke after sex therefore I don't smoke at all but they didn't have a sense of humor about that. But anyway so it's time for me to fill this out now the actual when you get took a site and you actually make your choices it's about two minutes to. And it's that set. But getting there that's where the journey is right. So -- underdog tag got a video it's on fire the computer and an idea I go to beauty of the site. And then I put in my codes and it and actually accept them about that and there's my real name up there and all kinds of information about me right fair. And then I go to start to make the choices it's as many choices now. And as soon as I did that. Access denied. It's eight. Access denied Alan let me get -- site but it wouldn't let me make my choices and that it said something that I'm sure you've seen C or administrator. Don't even know better how our administrator it's a president I ask you if you had to see our administrator motivate. Tim Weiner be my guess I would just maybe go to. It's either business are run or Jim Kelly. It's one of a -- because we you know we did today via con -- this morning. Got on. I actually got the step down with the help of Jim Kelly and business and and got it done and you know you know why wouldn't accept that while I was shut out of my own website. -- I was on an Apple Computer and it doesn't talk to apple computers. Snotty little website only talks to other types of computers while Apple's are very popular I know hardly anybody as one I've never hit it. And that -- down. How many days you have left and an orange and severely. This horse of being on parole. It one judo event if you are not signed up by that date -- long unique. And we don't care who you have for lawyer we will see to it that your punished severely. So it's ethnic. Damn thing done today but it's it's a job that takes four and a half hours so that's that's -- computers about the ocelot. And then -- a separate incident last night which they'll talk a lot later day when it's appropriate. But obviously. Computers are there to help us and sometimes they can be just all maddening. It's maddening. I have had a camera in my hand at times and smashed the car when it. I don't I don't keep a hammer anywhere near my computers because I know I would use I know I would use it I think okay how much was in the computer. Expert. Smash -- the hell have you ever had that that urged to just smash your computer. Yes it happens a lot of electronics have my phone plated lots updated today at the united -- -- -- -- -- start -- grow up. And you'll come and you work at all these computers through. Here especially you have to really all of them and there's usually with some of the tactical blitzes that we have from time to time and -- No logic to -- if you shut off your computer and everything is fine. When you started again it's been off what can happen to it it's been up nothing can get to it can't get to anything it's off. -- Tehran has changed. I just don't get that kind of some logical guy and I'm thinking if logic ever applies it should be in computers. Because they don't have they have artificial intelligence. Putting joke about management here very much. Am and that's what drives me crazy but I got my computer stuff done. And it's over and I had to make a couple of calls. I had to make a couple of calls the old fashioned way. On a telephone. And guess what neither one of them picked up. Nobody ever picks up ever for any reason I'm surprised that India that the 9/11 operator answers. We're gonna wanna automate -- to remember that doesn't barely got attacks 911 service had a lot of bat. If you if you try to make six calls during the day on the telephone you'll get five voicemails I guarantee you. Because everybody first you're judged all the time you're judged as to whether or pick up war but he. They see your name. And they say yes I'll pick it up because it's and so. Bart no I'm not going to pick it up because it's so and so but you -- never getting through to people on the phone anymore it's just impossible. And that's why put -- stuff from live on because if you get through its worthless it's worth the last few -- -- about it's very wrote. And very. On politically correct we'll take a break we'll be back would -- would be huge company and his -- at 930 WB -- Today's video of the day from my buffalo perks okay is a 100 dollars and ten again for a nine hole golf lesson. And a cart with a golf pro Chris Carroll at Rockland golf course in Akron for just forty dollars you'll also get free range balls. They fall. You get range while what are you hitting the ball too hard with a club. Would see your doctor and I don't know if it's covered by insurance forever range balls. Today you can get free range balls before or your wasn't. I'm thinking if you're gonna get range balls get -- after your last because it would be I think it would interfere with his swing coach Chris -- -- -- -- miles. I hope now managed Jack I don't doctor and a couple weeks I doubt golfer. I've off once and it was a disaster and you didn't have range balls no I didn't have -- gas and lava pit it up if you get it generic -- when it yet. Free range balls just make sure -- prepared for that before an ambulance and go to WB and a common -- buffalo perks logo a golf once. One time. At our senior picnic senior class picnic. Which was held during the early days of the invention of the game of golf on and I everybody was at a country club. And everybody was going to go on the Corson and try to gulf. If not golf golf is a very difficult game I mean very very difficult. I mean I I've played basketball and and does so I was somewhat coordinated and like me now. And I lasted about two holes and -- 'cause I knew that. These clubs didn't belong to me. And if I wrap -- around a -- they're gonna cost me big money and I didn't have big money so I don't go like two ago -- all you want. Just one time at a high school and I had the same experience I could I miss the ball to first MIT Jim I played baseball for like fifteen years and a golf ball sitting at a C and I swung and I missed. I'm very good at miniature golf is not the same thing in back once we get a TV show when I was on one also. And we had -- Miller and Carol Jayson on and Scott Ratajczak from the bills and myself this was before okay. And they were of videotaping it for TV for channel four and -- I've walked up to the first hole boom -- one. Walked up to a second hole. Hold on 13. Hole. Hole -- one not making this up because it's it's video it's it's on today. Fourth hole. Poland won the first four holes I -- The first four holes I was I was the admiration of the -- I won by the way obviously but a miniature golf tournament. If I have hour after hour were our you know walking around the grass trying to get a ball in the hole. My cousin loves golf. He calls every weekend he golfed I was a stag party over the weekend him and his -- went out. In -- you -- ninety degree heat and they golf all day he's a stag party -- all the fun things to do indoors and he went outdoors to play golf play golf all day and we had -- I was I didn't bother doing that I was at the dinner after his dinner was great. But job I don't know if I would have been able to handle six hours in ninety degree heat. Anybody believes a stag party to play golf ought to be examined by Donald Sterling doctor about mental confidence. Thinking about it stags -- out -- Women that show up. And and threw a semi rude things that's via the stereotype yes now one of the endeavour's children. Had a stag. It's one of the few snags that attendants I -- and I sent with Dan okay so in dire. And we know Meachem for a long time is my god my god -- god father. And I'm not making this up. If I'm -- nine. Both sun comes up to our table and says we're really happy you both here could you leave now. Too much and after much -- And I were asked to leave. His sons that party I've never been asked to leave anything -- radio stations and usually there's severance involved. But yeah I guess -- leave because apparently. -- They wouldn't I don't know what -- adult entertainment laws but apparently it wasn't suitable for your father and his friend. So -- well I think we just went somewhere and that's on the beat I that we get the there are provided to us again all of his -- the merits of the little late for that now -- them but just make sure it's a whole night. I don't think I've bought it. Got a free one otherwise -- as Rory refine. I wanna come back. On here goes again you know Ronald Reagan's famous and say well here we ago again. Obama says he's going to act alone -- fiesta or on immigration. And his wife and the way you he was gonna do something like this because I'll tell you why it's all in the rhythm. There's a certain films of the Obama administration. It says when this happens then that's going to happen and if you haven't picked up yet you're not paying attention. We'll be back Lamar is sandy -- and I feel like I'm gonna do a good show today because I don't have range balls on Tuesday. You'll never find range balls in my dossier. Or wherever -- ago. We'll be back. After this under his regiment third in Libya. No wonder he's president -- know -- that is going to regarded big -- -- understand all the women are wearing blue dresses short should be a fun time that's all I can tell you this -- got to have sandy beach and so here we go again. I am a cyber detective I managed to put things in proper perspective. As Americans what we what we tend to do. Is we don't want them I'd do a mental multitask. I would like to do one thing at a time. I have no way especially guys. Women can multitask better than men because they're used to doing in there holding a baby and border -- coffee everywhere it would put the baby down. Secure the baby and then get a double robbery but women into a lot of things once man not so much okay. But when it comes to Washington. This president is very good at this -- he knows that if if if that he is on on a certain area. All it has to happen is for -- video focus to change. And people are now focused on something different and they almost forget about what they are focused on. It's not like oh yeah I'm still focused on that and now you're giving me us. And hi -- really ticked off because of your focus one thing at a time. It's a little easier to work to weather the -- And I'm gonna give me an example just when the heat gets crazy. Something else comes out in the news cycle. Add it eclipses the last thing so -- -- still -- And the things that may that are still there. And the blame is still their budget not even think about that you've moved on and I just broke out of through. And these aren't necessarily in chronological. Order. Just as we're getting knots over Ben Ghazi okay as we should four people died suddenly the NSA scandal broke well. Forgot about doing Ghazi ordered its and is there snooping snubbing stomach and then before back a couple of -- eclipsed by the IRS scandal. What do you mean they're checking now lot of people -- -- Tea Party connections or. -- you went from one to another to another. And just says that he was getting a hot on the are terrorists in general the V scandal came -- -- what's going -- treating our veterans right way. And then as they've finally a point. Somebody. It's good to oversee that the president had people looking and -- that it needs. Top to bottom refurbishing. Then -- -- showed up -- part she was part of the part of the harassment pilots and no one okay. Now it's lawless areas under the heat for suddenly missing. A couple of years worth of emails which most people who work for the ad agency said that's impossible to bill what happens now -- And these aren't necessarily in chronological order but you Goldman does the NSA IRS. The VA lowest order and now immigration. So what this president is very good at doing he's what I would call -- whack a mole present you've played the game. Yeah it's a carnival game there's although our bench in front of view and has a lot of holes in it and you have a mallet. And one -- malls six's head up you'll lack. Okay and then the ball goes down but another mole shows up that's exactly what this as -- as they've been Ghazi IR SBA Lois -- immigration. And and you can't these malls fast enough. Black and but every time a lack of no motive forget about the global. This this should be cumulative. And radio -- ways we take area a rating is called the -- -- the cumulative audience that total number of people who were there. And in this case humor of it scandals on this guy. But now what he's doing is here. And this is so like Barack Obama. Let me just tell you this he has no respect for our constitution. None to think that he actually taught at the college level constitutional law he should've taken his own class. Because he sure as hell has no respect Florida and I don't think he learned enough. If he took his own class. We have three branches of government for a reason. We have checks and balances for a reason. And because you're like -- petulant spoiled brat because you're not getting away -- something is a well. I don't need you just do it myself. And what surprises me. It surprises me that there's not more push back on that would be president. The executive branch trying to. Go around over the top or under. The legislative branch and even the of the judicial branch OK they're supposed to be equal there's supposed to offset each other. It doesn't support it it does surprise me somewhat. The people in his own party. In in congress do not feel that they have -- speak up about being left out of this process there's a reason they were sent to Washington. They were sent to represent the people that voted for them and of people -- didn't vote form. They are supposed to represent all the people in their district. They've been strangely quiet most of the time unlike Nixon and Watergate where people. In his own party were openly critical and Watergate seem -- Tamer than stuff that's going on now. So mildly surprises me but what really surprises me is the fact that did the Republicans don't hit on that even more. Everybody is willing to sit back and just let the president. I assume powers. That rarely sometimes belong to of them now he has executive orders at his fingertips he said he had a -- and a phone. That's all he needed. And that's the way he thinks he has no respect for the constitution and now what he's saying is okay. I'm Bill -- says that he doesn't trust me to enforce the -- the laws that they pass and and so I'm going to. Work alone. Well there's a reason John Boehner doesn't trust him he's not to be trusted as far as what he enforces what he doesn't look if you have a law on the book. On the books. If you enforce it is not really realize it it's like you have the tree falls in the forest and always there. To inherit a bit to make it sound won't course humans but the bottom line is now when he doesn't get his own way he'd like -- Islam. And and -- has a press conference and says now how about how downtrodden he feels and he's gonna have to act the law. And this is the newest. Incarnation of that so as we put this package together. Aware of all the things we talked about. We the NSA scandal the bank Ghazi scandal the IRS scandals the VA scandal lowest -- -- scandal now it's going to be the immigration thing and guess what when this things fizzles over they'll be something else. It's like Rosanne Rosanna that I once said if it's not that it's this and if it's not this is that. But it's always something. We'll be back after this. Well as we said it's one is one catastrophe after another with -- as president. But within each one the last one fades quickly into the recesses of our mind. Because just says where outraged that lawless -- former FBI idea and so -- former IRS a personality there. Accidently. Lost two years' worth of emails which could be incriminating. We're outraged that suddenly the -- changes as now. He talks about immigration and how is gonna go his own way this -- the president. So what he does is even though immigration is a hot button issue. He said he's going to do well work on this up to the fall also until then because it's so important. I immigration and in the future of our country it is takes some of the oxygen away from the fire around slowest learner. So that's the way it works. You pop up -- pop up there. Luckily for him everything's not popping up at the same time but he knows how the media works the media likes a new story. Most -- might be old news by now but this is a news story. And guess what when this gets super hot by the fall it's abroad now but by the fall there will be another one because it never ends it's. It's I know the never ending. Saga of this president. OK Alan Gomez USA today and the basic question when asked by the way while I -- this out. Is do you trust the president to do the right thing with the immigration. Especially in forcing any new laws. Regarding deportation and things like that. That's the reason John Boehner says the house hasn't hasn't a move forward with this year because they don't trust the president. And the president can accept the fact. That's he can't have everything he wants you know The Rolling Stones have a song called you dog can always get what you want an obvious theme song. But I don't think he understands that I don't think he recognizes that I think he thinks he's no I'm not the president of the United States he's the king. And as far as I know we don't have a king. A lot of queens that we could talk about but no no kings. Now Alan Gomez USA today. After years of urging congress to pass an immigration law President Obama gave a fiery White House speech Monday. Saying the time had come for him to act alone on the issue. He said this before he said in the State of the Union Address at the beginning of the year he's perfectly happy to act alone. As the executive he doesn't care about balance of power a constitution and those things don't matter to him. The failure of house Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security it's bad for our economy as bad for our future these are his words. If congress won't do their job at least -- two hours. The president laid out in a letter to congressional leaders several steps that he is taken in recent weeks to respond. To an unprecedented surge in children -- caught crossing the border now. The number is I'm unclear it's forty to 50000. They're looking for places to house them. And they need more immigration judges and more law enforcement or whatever to -- video we can't just turn him back they have to have a hearing. That's the law. In an order to get the hearing you think about it like this you view now most courts. Most courts work there molasses. Slow. Think a processing. Forty to 50000. Children and these are children. It's harder to document who they are. In order to -- come up -- that. There most of these kids are from ma am because their children. I don't think it's by accident that their children. On and we are known to have good hearts and be humanitarian or whatever so kids older. -- -- Think about their parents who let him go across the border without them and that you can maybe you're gonna take I wouldn't say it's great courage because a better life. I'm saying that even in war. Even when you watch of the historical footage of war people than just hand over their children. They have they didn't but they are now OK and these kids are from Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador. And he has mobilized various federal agencies. Now now seat. This -- give me an idea of how tricky this is to even read. He has I'm. Got none of various agencies. To house them and process them through the deportations. Us. Now I just said that -- -- -- what he's on the job these people are here legally he's gonna send them back well don't be so sure about that. Because one of the his majors as. Officials said Obama would now use his powers to address longstanding concerns about the effect of deportations. On the family of immigrants in the US. Now when you put those two things together this is you know the first ones designed to pay -- look over here. The president wants -- deportation process. But then if you look over here this guy's unbelievable. If you look over here it's what effect will have on illegals who are already here or kind of affecting you think it'll. What are you gonna -- you gonna Seles that we need to keep these forty or 50000 kids here because in many cases their fathers and mothers and here and it will upset them and barely wait. Not a kid is just the kids the father and mother here illegally to and what would be. Will it be this you know how good they -- at -- the Republicans have a war on -- You know -- they have a war on women a war on come on a conception war on this war on that as other present things that's Avaya. That's -- they positioned things. Within the next we'll see them with sell extra others sitting on the railroad track -- seats I mean that's exactly what little bitty. When I'm saying is I'm not unsympathetic. Two children needing a place to live but they -- the first responsibility of their parents the parents who had them. On and the parents should be looking after them my suggestion was to send them back to the government's. Unless the governments of tyrannical. You send them back to the government from which they came and -- the government's sort them out. But what happens as they come here and then we have to do we have to find places to house them. To feed them to educate them to take care of their medical needs to -- them they come with nothing. Now are legitimate and immigration is one thing where you go through the process should follow the rules you do which -- supposed to do. Then we should be very helpful to people who wanna come here and willing to -- it has to be done to come here those who sneak in the country. Those who send their children in the country without any documentation. Knowing that we're not going to -- be nastier remains of them. -- process of worst that happens is they come back. As the worst and that's the -- it should be a -- what I'm saying is everybody knows that. So the president says and I knew he wants to get that the Federal Emergency Management Agency. To coordinate the agencies processing and housing the children for deportation. That is so disingenuous. Because the next step is how does it affect the others who are here illegally but other family members. Are you kidding me it's his soul obviously it's pathetic. We'll be back with -- -- would be the company do you trust the president to do the right thing with immigration reform especially enforcement. The that portion of any law will be back after.

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