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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Dealing With Throat Cancer - Joel Giambra

Dealing With Throat Cancer - Joel Giambra

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We welcome to the WB online -- former Erie county executive and political strategist jolt GM brought this morning -- nice to have you here. -- -- -- -- Jolt what did you think when you heard the story that regenerate is battling throat cancer. Well obviously I was startled like everybody else and sure electric in -- -- work. I'm obviously when you hear the words you have cancer is very traumatic experience. And you know it's such people and -- two ways armed you know I don't know a lot of particulars about. About -- -- diagnosis and our secure State Street. Which is treatable and curable. I was at -- war and you know Patricia got some great doctors. Patents aren't dictionary boats and fight -- this this terrible disease. We'll tell our listeners know how long it's been now. Modules -- almost ten years or ten years or more. Sports seniors while oh my goodness there are just terrific. I mean terrific that you know generally five years after your diagnosed and treated. And you're still alive five years after that that is terrific news fourteen years he has virtually means you've been cured. Well I I believe we are and you know -- I suspect server is going to be in for a little bit of a struggle. The treatment the radiation actually been very difficult treatments for one to endure. Opera he's a strong person and I suspect is good through what was that you know I'm yard record there's a 5% chance it won't be sure. That was pretty much of the senate arms over I was diagnosed and and here we have at the end and so -- -- we have another happy -- where. There are very great hockey legend Rick Chara. Yeah I mean you've you've got to be you're an inspiration to -- to western New Yorkers when we look at you and what you went through and and now as we see -- generate going to this of course everybody has been praying for Jim Kelly till I mean it's it's a tough time. Yeah it is candidate is a very good health think cancer affects so many -- and so many people on the other urge you people. And our roads today that it will not you know diplomat tired argument shelves are -- explosive numbers as good tour. Which Hamas fighting cancer but a lot of strides are being made. Doctors are finding more. More cheers and virtually mentioned a supporter also. I think we geologist at the hope for the press or folks are cherry red haired partner urgent now. Which showed you mentioned you're treated with radiation was that your only treatment or image of a combination of chemo and surgery. Well of course all of them using my particular situation worked for surgery and radiation reserves in the near the end. You're a different order follows our current minister -- on the type of cancer of the word cancer it's irons than not an expert but. And a little bit and I was so. It's you know it's different. The report also work to see what the doctors in the past for opera -- in his case saying you know they're the and radiation those search I suspect. The audience insurers try to shrink the tumor. And then look at the possibility of surgery but again that's just speculation on my. Yeah and they're saying six to seven weeks of radiation with the possibility of chemotherapy and they're not -- talking about surgery right now. But -- you beer can say. Has -- aware that rich -- emerging you know post position. Determine whether or not it is surgery. But these next several weeks are going to be. Tough for him to take. -- it radiation treatments atop you know I thought is certainly not purpose and my doctors. That -- you -- -- -- out by the worst financial well I'm not really sure you out. Irradiation very tough treatment at six weeks. And increase our support recent starts you really think -- hole. On the body. And sort them. Obviously New Year's hope for the best rates for -- in spare moment. Well -- who has been on camera despite. A very good poultry. -- how often do you go in for checkups. Our -- once you're -- John. And so my routine visit. OTC NC. Is -- doctor Gloria over there and thank god the last fourteen years -- -- children's cancer pre. Way it's it's such a great story and -- really are an inspiration. -- ready to join us this morning. They -- Appreciate -- absolutely that's a former county executive. -- number.

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