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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration In Focus - Congressman Chris Collins

Immigration In Focus - Congressman Chris Collins

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Immigration overload buffalo area congressman Chris Collins is with us on the WB and live like Chris good morning. Are reporting -- first the feds hand and looking at a couple of local sites for processing of these illegal immigrants are they still looking around here. -- because they don't keep up in the loop that problem but they should -- for the president who's created a toxic environment. We're congress. Basically ignoring the will of the people and immigration is another instance like that so what we found out that they were. Looking in Scotland and Ireland as well as one -- and Rochester area are in in Rockport. We we certainly expressed. Our opinion that is not the proper. Pleased to be putting these kids. You know we got -- humanitarian crisis on our opinions car for the president but just to ship them off. To New York route to California. I mean they're there in Texas and Arizona. That they should be dealt -- And we shouldn't be burdening taxpayers. Of other states in this case at New York. What they would claim to be a temporary. Residential center and don't -- It would probably turn into a permanent one and the next thing you know we've ever school bus stopping -- our property tax would go up and there reason. I don't believe they should be. Relocated to other spots around the country be crossed the border in Texas and Arizona. That's where the problem. Should be dealt with -- -- -- -- humanitarian crisis caused by. This president deciding what lies to enforce what -- to enforce. In this case sending the signal to these -- central American country that we would accept these kids with open arms. They become. You know citizens residents. United States we would take care. Congressman we talked a short time ago with the UB professor. Who who specializes in immigration law he told us that. -- many of these families with children are paying thousands of dollars to have their kids illegally brought into the United States against a question as. Where's all this money coming from a -- who are they paying all the money. What got -- that is that is the same thing we have heard these are smugglers here in drug runners that they're paying the money to. In their finding that they can make more money. Bringing these kids up to the border that they they do running drugs in some cases they do vote in time. And you know that these in this situation they're they're telling kids to go find the Border Patrol agent cool welcome and in the United States. And in effect they do that Border Patrol agents to welcome them into the United States not quite. The welcome they expect which is you know. And assured spot here but that they are being taken care of which we which of course Americans would do work. Gonna make sure we're taking care of kids. At least until we get them reunited with their parents -- that with the folk should be on getting these kids back. Two of Guatemala in the other central American country to send the message. -- that this money the parents are spending is battle -- are expenditure for the typical back. Why is this happening here and luck it was just don't understand why are we being overrun. By illegal immigrants suddenly. Are you you mean in the united yes. Well it because in some of these other countries that circumstances are quite dire. You know that there's so violence. That they're overrun with drugs and some cases there's no economic opportunity of and parents who are looking for a better. Future for their kids you know desperate people do desperate things and we we can't have them from an art it's. To another country and in parting ways with somebody and in some of these countries. Circumstances are so -- error that the parents. Are doing what they same. Is in the best interest of their kids. But you know that's not the way. Our immigration laws work. And that's again this mixed signal the president sent by not enforcing our laws. In that forcing them inconsistently. In the fact we have a porous border. It that we have what is truly a humanitarian crisis. -- right now. Chris you were told us above a unique idea you -- for the bond issuing visas through. Actual farmer's rather than have -- is being issued by the government tell us how this would work. Well I'd -- the biggest immigrant at one of the biggest issues we have a light district are the meat or. Legal farmworkers crop farmers as well and dairy farmers the dairy farmers approach me. -- the idea that they would be willing to pay. A substantial amount of money to have. Control over leader not -- visas would be issued. I would be in conjunction with star are the federal government. But the actual the would would reside with the farmer who working with the government will go down in our right legal worker. Or use -- -- for an individual currently working for them. They would have a legal workforce. And I think the other issue would be once we have a legal workforce there would be sure. Illegal immigrants crossing the border because they wouldn't be able to get jobs without having papers. I think one way to secure our borders is to have a legal work here. With employer in this case the dairy farmer controlling. The visa to make sure he needs 25 workers he could. Acquired 25 -- for the workers on this farm out again he wouldn't go down personally. And then. And bypass the government but it would give him a legal workforce something they don't have now. Allow them to expand their arms he got yogurt plant in Batavia. Vick could use more -- and you know be. Good economics or. Western new York and that it's one potential solution that I think makes a lot of sense inspect the government would get revenue a lot of it. What's the chance they'll get through congress. Well right now because of the toxic environment. That the president has upset with congress that it isn't just with Republicans with Democrats as well. I'm afraid to say that immigration. This year. Is not going to move forward and that we're gonna have to wait. And see what happens after November and hopefully. We can then pass good legislation in the house that the senate will take up something Harry Reid refuse to do. But I'm afraid Susan for this year we're just not gonna get the movement. Even though some proposals like I have would garner a fair amount of support in the house. If agreed would never move it forward in the senate. Chris we wish we had done better news to talk about with this but thank you for joining us and explaining and we appreciate it. -- Jerusalem that's representative Chris Collins buffalo area's congressman.

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