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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Immigration In Focus - UB's Rick Su; Pt II

Immigration In Focus - UB's Rick Su; Pt II

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's turn to rich who are in studio gastric and so UB law professor and specialty is immigration. Well we've heard about the protests in in California. But you know when push comes to -- I mean. Illegals keep flooding of the US -- our people to do and how are they to react. You know I think we do you have to reform the system we have to think about and a broader perspective. I did -- get to keep the current flow in perspective I think that there is an emergency situation and that it is sort of unique and we -- he's looking for Weathers the Haitian interdiction. Earlier on this were Cuban migration to come as sort of distinct patterns. I think the mistake would be to treat a very distinct situation. As sort of the general baseline and build a rules around that do you think that there is a general rule that we have to develop. We have to think carefully about all the different considerations involved. President Obama said this week and without congress he's gonna go it alone honest with executive action what can he deal. In this situation there's actually very little because interestingly enough a lot of the complications or because of congressional enactments and the law. The processing that's required to eat a situation with regard to the the settlement that we're trying to accommodate that led to the protest. These are sales management law he's actually asking for more discretion in or decide whether or not to process some of these migrants as opposed to saying the -- directly. This seems like congress is even paralyzed with respect to this kind of emergency situation professor let me ask you about a proposal from a local congressman buffalo congressman Chris Collins. He proposals that local farmers be given permission to issue the visas. So that they can keep track of undocumented. Immigrants. It's is sort of complicated how can you explain this to the average person. Yeah I think they waited to think about it it is actually Tony they use -- already been looking into. This sort of think about that. Although immigration is a big national issue in the certainly regular federal government that. Were all Ball State's localities individual employers that we're all accountable some victory. And that our interest vary so the degree to which we can think about more flexible ways of accommodate different needs different regions. A may actually lead to system that is much more manageable. And trying to come up with one plan that covers the entire country would this help with a farmer holds the visa and then migrant worker. I think there's some dangers to the farmer actually holding the visa depending on we mean were aware. Congressman Collins -- by holding these. There's all these concerns of exportation when it comes to an employer actually having damage control of it actually -- the proposals recently in trying to get rid of the exploitation which actually then leads on doctor migrants to be more. Let's say desirable in some ways for employers who want to exploit. To take those powers out of employers have little undocumented. Immigrant overstayed his visa. Who would then goes after this undocumented immigrant. So right now we do have a system's interior enforcement but it's not very good. And in some ways the visa system itself the way it's setup have there been more regulations. From -- agencies -- would be a good way of keeping and I am unfortunately those have been under. Professor we've learned a lot from thank you for coming -- hoping and invite you back it's a pleasure. As rich who -- UB law professor specializing in immigration law.

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