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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Rick Jeanneret Dealing With Throat Cancer - Mike Gilbert

Rick Jeanneret Dealing With Throat Cancer - Mike Gilbert

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our guest on the WB in line -- this morning is -- spokesman. Mike Gilbert Mike good morning. Good morning gentlemen good morning John. Sabres nation learning some terrible news regarding legendary broadcaster regenerate what what can you tell us Mike. Yeah I mean it is very sad news. -- called me. About two weeks ago and I've been in touch and throughout the process. Unfortunately other reports and newspapers accurate that. -- is going to be treated or throat cancer. Beginning you know later this week and he's gonna have but treatments. You know probably throughout the summer. And hopefully he's going to be back in the -- In September. 1 when he starts. It's our understanding Mike that Rick prefer not to do any interviews and he's referring all inquiries and questions. To the Buffalo Sabres so what can love hockey fans do live like to send their best wishes to a terrific. Well we've setup paying an email address. Yeah well RJ and neighbors that dropped out -- and people in. And well wishes to record they've got a heart they -- and they in a separate the Buffalo Sabres and you know when people get sick they elect illnesses and their own way and and Rick has decided to deal assessment assembly and a private way. You know he's going to do that it. Will be issued an update to the team but throughout the process but. You know he's he's just gotten a lot focus and getting better and and focus energies that beating cancer and being -- -- or the beginning of the season all. How is his his mindset talking with them. It is and -- I mean obviously when one or spoke -- are a few weeks ago. When it first happened it's like anybody in the news like that a lot of shock and and a lot of the unknown that the doctors have a sense that. When I spoke it them last night. There's -- voice was good -- -- he's ready to beat him like everything. We didn't beat it and it remains strong. All -- news ornament. Offer our prayers and he and his family and unabated it based. In my give us some of our younger listeners some background on wreckage looked the sabres -- 47 years. He then what has ever recorded three years we're -- -- all where I Allard we heard him the voice of the neighbors but that week but they remind me that apparently. -- so -- at all like that very much but that you're packed. Not just that awful book about the NHL. You know fortunately I've traveled and to a lot of the -- over the years and you are there other broadcasters that looked up films are you the inspiration as a -- of the game or. Different players do. If you look at it got exemption Reinhart who is just got drafted. But let me go back in the right Miller ninety. Eagle back even our other two other players are drafted. You know in the eighties and -- entire career -- -- -- is number -- and play it now. You don't need alumni players -- -- -- C span every ownership is at. With the sabres and yeah outlast every employee of that -- demonic so I think when you say Buffalo Sabres. Regenerate as the first exit from the -- New you know -- is mr. rich. Most serious illness and we've been with the team with the exception of a little fatigued now the heels of a rugged schedule and I know is -- reduced schedule now -- This is the first -- with a serious illness. This isn't the first like. Little last year that your report the it missed a couple games is currently on the little -- and this is all. You know it was going to retire years ago. We had -- accurate it's about idealists. Haven't over the next breeders' Prius you know you do last game. That's what we can extend it a little bit longer -- -- -- such an important part of our Brandon. And he literally cut that sort -- awesome and so now all year to have a three year. You know contract -- that -- that after that there'd Europe there are going Ortiz doesn't meet our. Long. You know Mike -- has more fans support that he'll ever now what about Stanley support user -- Stanley support foreign to. There is it -- or years old. And she was here for all fame induction last year. You know -- be negative or your sister Marcia. Is what -- Daughter. Step daughter Shelly and understands mark and Britain's brand is so he's got a lot of order around them and -- it would be it's -- and we're out there. Support not -- we -- as well. Mike we're glad you could join us this morning and -- Tough subject and that we wish everyone and the general feeling the best -- thank you. Thank you and and remember that LA yeah well wired its neighbors that anybody out there. And -- you know. I'm sure that in box is going to be pretty full very quickly that will continue to put an address out there thanks like. The -- spokesman Mike Gilbert said next to regenerate mother. The sabres came on nine B -- his world she is a spit fire she is unbelievable. I -- he has her jeans. But they get a -- addresses get well RJ at sabres. Dot com.

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