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Gov Cuomo on The Bills, Stadium Sites

Jul 2, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I you'd ever -- it is a very big deal for us so I'm personally involved in it. And the lieutenant governors don't understand until the end of the term so he'll be involved. And it also through the end of the year. And at that point hopefully we have -- -- governor and then -- the transition so between the lieutenant governor myself we've been handling it. I wouldn't say there's anything new I know there's a lot of anxiety and lot of expectation. But the process just past the play out right we have to find out who actually -- what -- Paul for actually is who the and it fell on the -- me actually wants to do business with the and then what the terms are. Conversation we had last time on the new stadium mice that lets not get ahead of ourselves right everybody wants the bills. Here. And if if every one of greed that. The only way the bills could stay. Was in new stadium and should talk about -- -- stadium but I don't know that that's the case. And sometimes the situation just -- the play out. By the agreement we came to already we put him over a hundred million dollars and two route to currency. So. Let's see how it goes. My earlier question about remembrances from time time's been management you. Nature that they could maybe possibly. I'm -- definitely. These games. It was first question is do we do we need new stadium and we're not there yet. And then once if you -- had cross that average day and what is the best place to do it we've got some consultants looking at a number of locations. And obviously we have a robust conversation about that. But we're not we're not there yet. And let's remember new stadium is great and it's fun and it's new. But it's also very very expensive. And all of these conversations with -- -- bring companies to river -- new stadiums. This is all. This conversation to see green you know a lot of money were -- barrier. And but the bigger context it is we're reducing the state budget with keeping spending under control we're reducing taxes so. Each one of these decisions as to be weighed very careful. Because. Would they have done preliminary report right now but. As far as I've been informed we don't have any. Final reporter -- recommendations.