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7-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB yeah. The fact he has yet floor dead Americans what I'm glad I protest it was because the guys out for a walk -- and I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it may. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put it. People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women and good news radio. All right World Cup it is one nothing Belgian. And eighteen minutes left to go into extra time. So in the USA. We have the score at least want to -- to tie it up well and then. While Joseph Joseph it was posted along the way. It that you need to know how is that it's been trying to go through intricacies of soccer. Here's all you need to go right now objectors like 99% of the people around you just keep saying you're tired you are athletic event you'll fit right him a matter of just say that. It's -- -- -- like that's the one with the ball right okay. Ten minutes after six. At W -- -- I mentioned earlier this is area that are important week. As many of you maybe aware. I. Feel very blessed that I was born. In the United States. I feel sad that I was born Seoul late in this country's history. As pricey -- on the way out. And as I see the ideals. Of our forefathers. Basically being urinated upon. Belittled. And insulted. By a bunch of Pip squeak pseudo intellectual American eating huge bags. I don't like that. At all. I do like the fact there is able to use that word one more time as a promise you're what. Now. This is a week. Whose importance. In American history cannot be overstated. This day this day I -- 1863. Was the first day of what proved to be the three day battle of Gettysburg. And I have news for. At the end of this date in 1963 things did not look so good for the army of the Patel. Not good at ball basically. The self got their first list with the most news. And it although Buford cavalry. Made a valiant attempt to stave off the massive influx of confederate soldiers. Via eleventh corps did not really to a very good job their worst and individual acts of heroism bottom line is. The solve basically took most of Gettysburg. This -- in 1863. The south made a major tactical blunder. Because today Robert elite was not feeling very well he was down with the trots big time. Pork traveler I've always felt for traveler given the circumstances. That was Robert. Joseph you're just waving your hands angrily when it happened to nothing Belgium is again. So it's. Barring some miracle team USA and will be out of it. All right what is it about this seven minutes left in extra time. Fifteen minutes. It just seemed like it article Brister. Aren't so -- malice -- again to nothing Belgium leading team USA. The URE. Was pretty much camp out on the high ground. It Gettysburg in fact if you go to Gettysburg there's a travel watch. And it's right across the street from holiday it does that basic area. That was basically the end of these southern area of advance and the beginning of the union and hold up. Because the union basically -- battled through Gettysburg and held the high ground the south did not take the high ground as they should have taken it. Robert. The south could have won the war and the battle that day frankly if Stonewall Jackson had not died. Weeks before at chancellor's bill as a result of friendly fire. My suspicion is the battle of Gettysburg would have been won by the south on the first day. And the union would have agreed to terms of surrender shortly thereafter with the confederacy. That's my guest of course we'll never know. So a lot of Americans black. In defense of the United States Tuesday in 1863. And that frankly it will continue. Tomorrow will be -- to those of you who watched the movie Gettysburg. The major events. Of that movie on the hill little round up took place on July 2 the anniversary of which we will mark tomorrow. We're Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the twentieth -- along with the New York regiment and Pennsylvania regiment the far left of the union line. They held off. A massive but uphill assault by the confederate most of them for a -- Alabama makes them from a North Carolina. To hold that part of the union positions so it didn't collapse in on itself. And then of course July 3 the anniversary of Pickett's charge which actually was. One streets charge he didn't want -- -- And how do we know he didn't want to make it he said -- in his memoirs after the war. And he kept waiting and waiting and waiting to make the charge because he was hoping the commanding general Robert -- leave which the futility of sending 151000 men that one mile across. The lines. To take the union position. He was hoping Robert Lee would change his mind that I mentioned Robert. And he wasn't thinking clearly he was dehydrated. It was hot. I mean folks. All I'll say this delicately. Let's just say his hind quarters were probably really really really release sensitive these were the days before. Baby wipes or any of the -- hygienic niceties we have today. All right so. It was a bad circumstance for the confederacy. Do I really need to tell you the significance of July 4. Maybe I need to. Save. Just this week folks and I don't -- to keep bouncing all over the eyes if you love the United States of America and if you had a respect for history. As I do. This is one of the most pivotal weeks. In the history of this country beginning of course July 4 1776. NASA review for to a as the fourth of July which is correct on the -- -- it's reported July. But I refer to it as Independence Day because the fourth of July to me does not do that they justice. Independence Day. Where -- in the movie with Will Smith that the aliens now not that one. I mean. When a bunch of early American patriots and -- that's that's. How important this is in the landscape of all of the total of human history. Our group of Americans. Led by Thomas Jefferson. Course John Hancock signed the document basically a big F you to the British huge. Huge signature. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence. By the way a lot of the ideas in it and some of the sentences were taken from the Mecklenburg declaration don't worry about it you don't need to -- -- but. It was so amazing. And it's time that in 1776. A bunch of colonial rusty ax told the British empire you know what. You guys are out of control. You guys are -- -- You guys are screwing us you guys are taking -- to the cleaners you guys have no respect for us we are not your vast holes we are people we are human beings. And -- July 4 1776. Told the British and the world. Why week. The American colonies at that point. Would no longer consider ourselves to -- colonies but would consider ourselves to be an independent nation. -- team USA is just scored. So it's 21 Belgian. Yes. Joseph beaver. I'm surprised he's even able to stand up right now. So team USA has went about twelve hours now. -- at a twelve minutes to tie. All right. -- just trying to trying to. Don't walk people through this so team USA has just scored we're an extra time Belgium leads to the one. So anyway. I don't -- deep inside trek writers but I realize a lot of people like us you know kind of following what -- best they can with the World Cup. But our American founders. Hold the British and the world we are done with -- we are divorce and the British are going to be our own country. And Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of independence went on to tell the British and the world why. We were doing. And basically. I'm gonna do my annual lecture probably. Tomorrow or Thursday. That it won't be here Friday I'll be marking Independence -- but basically. What it all boiled down to was. Our founding fathers telling the British. You'll have reduced costs to absolute. Feudal serfdom. You are treating this like crap we deserve better we have tried to be good members of the empire. We have tried to be good citizens of the commonwealth. And it is obvious that your interest mr. king and our interest in the united colonies are two different things. We must go our separate ways in this was even before journey. So. Considering the fact that July 1 second and third in 1863. What the battle of Gettysburg. In July 4 1776. Was the declaration of Independence Day. Also an 1863 debate Vicksburg Mississippi -- Thus allowing the father of all waters of the Mississippi to go on backs to the C. As somebody once said. So this is a week for Americans. -- -- at all. When I look bet. And our history. This period July 1 second third fourth. In terms of calendar days different years but calendar days. Absolutely. Amazing. Periods in our history. Now one of my questions to you right now it is. How do you deal. With the low information Americans forget about the low information voters. As I don't like when people appropriate other people's expressions without really having given them fall I consider this a low information American issue. How do you deal with it. Do you encounter. Ignorance. On a mass scale up the kinds of events I have just spent twenty minutes of my program explaining. Hopefully in a way that -- you hopefully in a way that -- say you know what. I really wanna pick up. A copy of a book and Gettysburg. I have put a link up on my FaceBook page to an article written by frank -- The battle of Gettysburg it's totally free. You can read it on line he was at Gettysburg and in particular starting on -- two he describes. Amazing. What it was like to be either while at the same time he tells the reader you. Nobody can ever properly fully explain the -- Every soldier had a different experts let's find out -- trafficking expert is similar here is Allan Harris. When how many of those folks on the bridges are heading up to our park and Austin. Got to leave early. AccuWeather we're supposed to see so much -- for every thunderstorms this evening although a double check of the raiders here that are showing up at all but through last I checked that it really see anything it was -- immediately affect us. Partly cloudy humid tonight the overnight low 71. Tomorrow some clouds some sun breezy and humid a shower or thunderstorm and 83. Right now it is 81 news radio 930 WB EN. So as I said I have just. Talked about. And maybe I wasted my time I don't know maybe it wasted your time. I just talked about why. The first four days in July. In American history different areas but in American history are so. Vitally important to understanding where we are and how we got year. I have just gone through that. How is it. Which you were at a barbecue. When you're dealing with family or forgot -- quit -- on the job. When the subject of politics -- America has come up have you had a close in powder whip. Low information Americans. Have you had a close encounter with somebody whose absolute. Ignorance of America. The way were supposed to do things. And our history has astonished you to the point where you shook your head on the entire drivable. Have you had a close encounter. With low information Americans. And I'm also gonna throw -- a flop question. Would you rather have it this hot. Or as cold as it was in January. I think you know my answer. I can walk around naked -- deuce. Government will be back under Israeli in my thirty WB and wanna hear about your close encounters with the incredibly stupid. The well the incredibly ignorant. Low information Americans. As well as. Whether or not you'd rather have a cold or hot on WB. Yeah yeah. Yes yeah. We. I had heard rumors of burials because they do like five but -- and -- -- over given obligation as stated very often taller than Bob Dylan Ringo Starr and a brutal. So there's that it is 633 -- is -- at 930 WBA guy you're waiting for your way and I'm. The World Cup was once every four years because they're usually. Joseph -- and John -- date date date basically they they they sit down like patient. Thorough bred dogs. Listening to each and every word I say -- -- please preach on brother preach on. But today I have granted them waivers. Because they realize that they're totally into this World Cup thing. Is it over after it's over it's over aren't so teen USA lost. Now I'm a little confused because of his Euro -- thing because they lost does that mean then I'll move onto another round -- they're done team USA will not when the World Cup. How many other countries are left. There are now eight OK so we've made it to the sweet sixteen. -- Syria I've been following very closely you can tell. I learn something new today that the name of the goaltender for team USA and be sure of Erie county are one in the same different people with the same. All right -- somewhere out there might be a really cool -- and you never well. All right let's get the calls and W be. What his waist and a half hour your time. With my desk camp about how important early July is an American history. And I wanna know if you've had close encounters with a low information Americans and how you deal with them. If you prefer this kind of weather which is like a hot towel over your head. To what we had in January. Which was like sticking your hand into liquid nitrogen. Which you definitely don't want to do there's Douglas and I can or WB and hello Douglas. -- -- All right apparently Douglas decided to waste my time. Apparently he thought that was in some way going to upset me like ethnic I'll call and and that -- dislikes them -- nobody goes to real hang up. My my life we'll just never be the same Douglas that -- that's gonna leave a mark but apparently I wasted everybody's time. I'm sorry about that I probably should not talk as much about American history as I do. Now -- I feel as though. But I gotta feeling is though in the new America this. Stuff just doesn't matter anymore. I guess is. Here's right -- help guys should should I just reconcile myself to the fact that nobody hears. That. The battle of Gettysburg which took place started this date in 1863 the first day anyway. That what those guys did this date back in 1963 really doesn't matter. Should I just. Assume that the declaration of independence. Doesn't really have any relevance today. Because it does not involve people carrying a ball across the goal wider draft picks or 25 million dollar signing bonuses. Or. Lady Gaga out brass should I just should I just reconciled myself to that. Because I feel as though right now. I feel like I just wasted 45 minutes of your time. And 45 minutes of my time. When quite frankly I could easily have done another topic which would have been a totally -- topic. Which would involve a hell of a lot less thinking. And a lot less work on my part. To be frank with you. -- This is where I need your guidance. As listeners to the show. Because it. It may well -- That. The things that are important. To me. As an American. Are just no longer important. To my fellow countryman a country where. I may just have to accept. I know that rush is written his he's written a Booker to right with a talking horse I'm being sarcastic. He also sells that he right I'm trying to think but I don't Rush Limbaugh is trying his best to. Correct that were to interest people in American history. And why what happened back then is so important in 24 team. And why freedom. Liberty. Or any sensitive. Any sense of. Independence from government. Really sprang. From this period. -- and 1776. Early July 1776. Because if if you are listening right now. And you are going to take issue -- The low information Americans. And the low information voter. I kind of think that may be the last 45 minutes. May illustrate. Why. We have an issue with the low information American. And the low information voter. And I I apologize for wasting your time. I'm sorry I you know what. I have got to get off of the historical stuff. I have to recognize that people don't care. And that's my fault. And I take full responsibility progress. It's my fault I I don't apologize. Sincerely. Former. -- -- -- -- To the worst thing a talk show host can be is boring. And I feel as though. What I've done the past 45 minutes has been is boring Israel. It must be boring itself. So. The biggest switch gears here and get into a a different frame. Are people wanna talk about this now about I don't know I should or not appears at this point. I mean. It may well believe that I need to do something else. Because. I mean career wise. I don't mean different topic is weaker it's. Because it may well be that this country's beyond redemption. It may very well be the case. That people are so out of touch. -- The sacrifices that were made and the balls that were displayed buyer founding fathers. That for me to bang that drawn is just wasting my time -- -- and corporately wasting your time. You know maybe I should just do movies are so often. And trying to to be some serious. I'm gonna have to sit down into a thorough analysis of up my approach. To talk radio tonight. Because I I I believe. That it. Very well may be time to. Consider other options. If this is this is what -- this is what I do. This is. How why. Try to do the show. And if people. Just don't hear. About the history of the land in which they live. Then. I get a -- disability. Here's Jonathan couldn on that WB -- Jeff. Talked to me how low information Americans. On the other. The first of all ever waste of time listening to you it's so it was a pleasure. I'm not you know honestly to be brutally honest I'm looking for compliments and I'm not looking for strokes -- IA I am sincerely. Considering the fact that it may be time to do something house. I'll begin on your topic the big thing that I found about most people that are low information voters -- -- also don't have kids. And they feel like they're on unable to do anything about the situation so they don't care about it they don't listen anything happens. And I've got orchids and that the and I'm here by quorum. I -- think about my life and I say you know. The one adventure that may be left for me all leave the baby fight a war for my kids they're meeting all police say part of this country or. So you know to do what I need to do to continue my light enough. Hopefully you know you are built and what it was the great services public here not. -- -- -- It's you know what it's all. Only a service if people care and -- if an outlook again I'm not looking for sympathy because you'll find that between syphilis and excrement in the dictionary. I am just having a real. Existential issue right now it's probably not the right word to use whipped. Why. Bother even talking about why America is special and events that made it that way. If people just don't get RSS which may be true. And that's it's aimed -- people forget history in the forget what happens is there's -- or what what actually. Happened and occurred in how many people keep up their lives and and it would be -- for this country and you know unless you have relatives -- and unless you can relate and and unfortunately we are not -- outlook people come from other places but it. You know you gotta have gotta have you know somewhere in -- only got -- somebody. And that lying that there is open for this country that makes you feel the -- you -- and or its allies in nature remember eat Adrian make sure remember. Although you know they're they're the reason that it happened in this this world where people have given blood for this country and anything they desecrate them order episode -- know what goes so brown and France over those. Those great to bring those guys all bring all your right out of there you know I I just it it -- respect and not. Well but yeah you he'll be bringing the hole and this is the treachery and this is how I feel like I've wasted. The monologue was a total waste time. Bet people just don't hear because people no longer think about if you put the sacrifices made by other people. And it's all about them and what they can get out. Of the country and not about what fellow citizens did to make this possible years ago it's almost like the boss. What have you done for me lately. And I totally agree with -- Amber's. They're it's a questionable situation in this country where we're actually allowing. You know. Went to go over eight hours. I remember in history class where you know -- -- when they thought -- the proper way were they said that if you're. Back in the day if you were party candidate you're. It was -- -- -- call another. The constituent was that you were dirty person. And you know -- I I'm along your line is our party lines are concerned but I just can't help -- in -- no matter what. The Democrats are just people that were left doubt they were part of the group. They were the top of the class they were invited to the -- they weren't part of that the click through this. Prepared when they came home in the prize for her to sit it got out. You got to use -- -- and given government can change things and make things equal for everybody and unfortunately it's it may be partly true bit. That somehow they were mistreated her they they didn't have the life that they should. All bitterness. All right Jeff thank you thank you -- I'm glad that I'm glad you called. Are we in the situation in America. As I said it maybe I just need to adjust my way of bank. Because every July 1 second and third I think about what happened in a field in southern Pennsylvania. Gettysburg and then Independence Day epic about the absolute balls of steel took for all those guys to sign their names. The British considered them traitors and we're paying them. Have they gotten their hands on. But if in this new America. It's all about you use use use use you know. And not about those people that made you. Or this environment possible. Then I've got to adjust my topic select my topics election. Industrial -- thirty is the appalled members are like 3180616. WB -- it believed. It's a lot easier for me to say hey what's your fair report site in 03 on my third. I mean I can do that all day law you know what's your favorite site seriously. Call. That's easy that's -- radio that's easy money. But. It's work to do what I -- that. I always say if you can do it the easy way why do the hard work. And a about what I'm not on the complaint I've just I'm is I'm seriously asking myself the question maybe I'm just going down the wrong road. Maybe people just quote here. Unless it involves them. Where their benefits. It's just don't year. And a bet if that's the way it is as sober at that I've got to except that. And -- I can do a whole week's worth the show goes on dumb and dumber. Maybe I'll do that it'll do the entire show tomorrow in the movie dumb and dumber. When you think. As an experiment. 803 on -- thirty WB Ian. Yeah it. Looked low information Americans and I guess I have to come -- five questions in to deal with low information Americans if people just don't even care about the land it wins bay. -- Where they were born. Let's go to David in Akron on WB it gives folks honestly unless they -- -- reduce waste -- You're on. -- -- start there. Ought I don't want to say it. It's not the arts educator reports. But Olympic historian and and do it for years. And I think what I get most out of doing IB is affecting your always teach people cool stuff. When you say living historian what period and what do you make. I've done not civil war history. Currently due for a new war and world war college -- actor. Okay cool artsy girl. -- People vote TV people all that garbage at their to the media that's what they know. Into the net interest. When people come to an event. And -- -- ill or enthusiasm. Hopefully we can teach him -- and not get an interest -- insult the -- in the water go learn a little bit about it on their role. -- to -- one of the ways of dealing with what rush calls low information voters. Is to try. And feeling I'm afraid to give people the information about what happened before they came on to the face of the earth because. I think a lot of people don't realize that before they were born. There were people in this country who made it possible. Absolutely. Absolutely. What -- -- to want to where they're got a spark here. You know him an -- debts are culled from all the people in the year that you take what you can pick somebody and you say you know. Right into work I addicted on the ball bearing factory will work to look -- seventeen. People say. One I would beat -- all bearing factory that makes no cents. Indicating to explain it -- secret and -- mop you can do there. People are. Slowly we can we can educate people. We can count on the school we can't count on in the -- the cup are you brother and meet educate people. Well MI over emphasizing. I major honest feedback about it over emphasizing the first four days of July in American history different years and why they're so important. Absolutely not absolutely now. Everything Gettysburg was there. Every. You know it. Here is all history I'll relate. I'll really tight -- tonight because. Without the -- in war we wouldn't -- rebel real world without revolutionary war we wouldn't it work well. Peaking while oracle and enter this civil war understood Alex beat the other got to make an extinct for people. But again we live in such a self centered society and I'm really beginning to wonder if anybody gives of you know one. About all these holidays we have other men and whose house are we going to and what are they gonna be grilling. Director -- -- crap from TV. It's they're alert from opposite order from their neighbors. Who get up to 5 o'clock every Memorial Day and go to great -- services with guys died in Vietnam. Understood hey I'm glad you called a thank you thank you very much. All right two lifetime for one more let's go to us in the Dunkirk on WB and they dissenting opinion sandy you're on hello. Hello I am I'm very hurt when I hear about. -- talk about the meaning of the independent. That was never important when I was growing up. I knew it was important that I didn't know how important and I love you talk about it. Well in -- and they were just a few people who stood up -- right in going biggest failing now but that the movie we need a majority are. Not many people -- call in -- -- that the that they don't care. Embassy. Is this not just there is -- phone calls it it's emails. It's you know I know what I'm here's what I'm trying to figure out. I'll try to figure out if I should even bothered doing the lecture of the declaration of independence I do every year because again my job is to get the most number of listeners for as long as possible. And if that's just gonna pour a hell lot of people I just as soon do your favorite team back comedy you know. I'll about a sitting at a -- you know what out of the question up on FaceBook about this Andy's our hope you'll take part of it brings up by tomorrow because of massacres. On thank you very much guys for the calls and I. I'm sorry if if it were Bellotti. With the declaration of independence and civil war talk Gettysburg. Know yourself. --

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