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7-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Tom hourly and that's was -- within 200 feet of the school. Or refugees and these lives. It's local -- -- -- it's Tom hourly ask another question. Trying to get this -- this isn't the real seasons knows who wouldn't. He's Olympia. You know. So on news radio 930. Everywhere -- -- what it meant an important moment things feel confident. Most men first class double. -- -- -- It is our land Israel 930 WVD and two today and it is Baja one. -- anybody complaining about the heat today anybody how many people would you run it. It's not I can't stand -- OK can we please think back to January stepping outside your house and not being able to feel your fingers within ten seconds you prefer a rat. I know many view preferred wow off him. He's. -- house and now. And anyway if it. Under our belt and go to the Philippines. That's got to play and a can have a house may. Out out out out of a no no I've just to be a major just to be a may. That it. Anyway ha -- Art Bell did it. Never heard bill anyway do you get eaten by the Filipinos because we heard anything from another few years anyway you have. Talk about. So far today. Who you'd like to see as the next president of the United States or qualities inherent in the individual you would like -- running at the United States -- the executive branch. Because we do after all have theoretically. Three separate coequal branches of government. So. At this point is it too early to say. At this point I am looking more seriously at Rand Paul than anybody else. We have a lot of people were huge making suggestions on my FaceBook page all good ones as well as ones that I consider to be idiotic Ted Nugent. I mean Charlie Daniels. What's wrong -- Charlie Daniels what's wrong with our John -- -- we wanna go down that road. You know just because somebody has guns and likes to shoot does that mean they're going to be great president. That's gonna make -- -- sick joke but. Well nobody's looking for Mark David Chapman to be president okay it's twelve minutes after five WB -- now the other thing here is -- -- question for rip. And it is this. As you know. And people are gonna take this as a -- of Rush Limbaugh and it's not because I love Rush Limbaugh but I am sick and tired of people common theory his expression. Low information voters and it's almost become this month for. Low information voters low information voters. And say here's the problem I have with a K I don't like it when people use cliches. Unless I used -- that it's perfectly. But the other thing is I. Something I need to know it's all wrong. Nice. Broker whatever it is -- we have some ways. Anyway. So little inside baseball stuff. Anyway. The other thing is low information voter -- doesn't even begin to cover. Because aren't real low information voter. You have to be a low information person first right you have to be -- low information Americans first. And low information voter. Just doesn't quite cut it. Not to mention the fact that common gearing Russia's expression all right that's Russian not Russia. 8030930. Is the poll numbers are 930 in the cell phone 180616. WB yet have you had a close encounters. With a low information Americans. Somebody who says. -- I bet when you say the Gettysburg address. Where where Gettysburg what I find that. It will three old I'm thirty years on in Eden hello. And yet I actually -- and other people Ali -- I guess at this point there -- there. We will do it. It is your radio on in the background his whatever is that in the background you -- showed off. -- Yeah this is her -- they're called once or twice before this services. -- -- and only everything grandpa and -- seems to be the only thing that I. Would consider China would go on the bank and to let him that he did not backing. But Green Party. I don't know what Ben -- stands for. All I know is that he's really Smart he's a doctor he's black he came from incredibly adverse circumstances to make something of himself. I know he's proud to be an American but I don't always use our immigration I don't know what his views are on the war on drugs I don't know what his views are and civil liberties I don't know. I do know that when I heard him filling in for Sean Hannity I was less than impressed with his ability to communicate. Oh boy that's important that's real important. Unfortunately you're content to limit keep it real output. -- -- spewing out there isn't gonna work wrote that talk about you know the quality I don't I don't know what he's doing what you. He's totally I think that strangled can't come true with. -- you and I he doesn't think anything it's that -- volley squash the -- and he he kind of pick in the only don't play a good game but he didn't. I think I'm gonna I'm sorry but umps are kind of shocked that your regular listener and you haven't figured this out -- -- now. Well explain explain what I'm gonna say now. -- well I. How can he get it if you don't know what I'm gonna say what you adult. What your failing to grasp when you say he had the ball and had a chance to do something with it. Is. I'm -- seem like I'm doing the same for you show your excuse me. Excuse it was gonna seem like -- doing the same show of them for the past three weeks but when he said fundamentally change America what did you guys think. -- old -- RE LK event. Not a good thing not a good thing I app and I. Mean he's running the ball exactly where he wants to run the ball. Wow yeah. -- -- -- all we need to change that we need to change that I think grandpa would be the guy. You know get Garland. Our what do you like about Rand Paul that -- other people just are doing for. He he he. You know I think every time I see something very ticket count good looking you seem to be about the accounting error he makes good point that. It would not the parking is -- Kelly really -- that and I -- outright and I just can't complain analytical about. Every time I ruined it brings back I'm out of that they -- immunology here and there. -- everywhere we need to go out of that. Well I also thank you very much I also think he communicates -- quite well I think that he does have the ability to go directly to the American people to communicate -- ideas. I've heard and communicate effort and do so well and he. Doesn't seem analysts say this delicately. He seems a lot more shall we say grounded than his father. Although having watched on YouTube via. Bit -- his father Ron Paul. Explaining the collapse of the German mark in the 1920s and the German hyperinflation. A thought to myself. He gets that he gets that because so many people -- -- putts all right here's Dan in that LeRoy -- WVM pin high. Out it may. Two out there. The more now or -- -- beat you off the by that at. I'll -- that that. I like and don't we -- at the -- -- I liked a lot op I like green ball. I name. Lately that it might lose or -- -- -- like I don't poppy. Everything they -- eight world there. Aren't that it worked out and yeah it all. Out. I guess what what would you consider to be a legitimate foreign policy because I'm a real big believer in America first and we only do things are in America's best interest not the best interest of anybody else but in America's best interest. Hello America for now -- we were in Iraq. By the Specter there but that we've worked there and it -- like that up to throw out. All of but it -- kept people there -- leaked out there and. -- said we didn't whose that we didn't keep intelligent people. Believe I mean they're there are assets American intelligence assets all over the world you know what if you went Antarctica you find American intelligence assets. -- -- -- Not only partly. Out I want to want out a -- like walker. -- -- I was come up with a few times. His name has come up quite a few times. I'd like Scott Walker I don't know where he stands up or I'll -- I hit hard economic fact that. Op I just -- outlet that is a negative. Jim Webb I think Jim Webb -- the in what. Air and who would ever been senator except out the look that up by Nortel about. Out -- support -- out out of oil. You wept -- barely got it. And now felt like it very short one at 18 at about -- or speak it well. Or is so what you know about Ben Carson. Is is up your Alley. I will tell you that reading some of his positions on line I'm not sold on Ben Carson because I'm afraid. He's just he's did to me in many ways he's just he's too conventional. And for such an intelligent man to. Continue to advocates of the same policies that have been demonstrable failures I -- the war on drugs -- speaks if it speaks to me a mind that is not nearly as shall we say brilliant as it ought to be given his background. It's that you know badly want think too much Rick Perry or an enemy that -- in here but that again. The way what a beating they always have a liberal moderate or dirt -- but you could be -- odd to be here here like went. -- at all. All you shirt you're absolutely preaching to the choir because I've said repeatedly that if I were a Republican or Republican Party. I would absolutely positively make sure that Rush Limbaugh Sean Hannity and Michael Savage had a chance to moderate eight debate. Along with the usual liberal Jewish bags that they end up -- these gigs. Yet but I like -- a lot so. That started at -- -- all the late report. Don't know this or not you're you're so good quality fuel and because you put some thought into it by the way how many of you know the Ben Carson would have you arrested. He would consider you -- drunk driver. At point 02. Yeah you do not get my vote doctor -- here is Allan Harris with traffic. And AccuWeather others say a shower or thunderstorm this evening -- I don't their definition of evening news because. I'm. Not saying everything had -- -- and they were very reasonably close to us at this point. There's nothing like a good thunderstorms you'll get hit by lightning. Others nothing like a good thunderstorm I love a good downpour you know when you're safe and -- you hear the rain is flooding in your house and you see your living room liquidated by these streaks of lightning and you hear the thunder clap directly over your house. -- cool on a scale like the fireworks without -- a drive to. Wherever you see the fireworks the overnight low 71 tomorrow some clouds some sun breezy and humid a shower or thunderstorm and 83. They're holding at 81 degrees at news radio 930 WB EM. Yeah I mean I said earlier that one of the one of the prop. Looms ahead -- Ben Carson and you know you might think that this is well there's a minor thing it you're making a mountain out of a ball well I don't agree. You have to be able to communicate directly to the American people in such a way as you can be understandable. And clear. And as I say look I know you -- cannot judge a man based on one fill in radio appearance I get that but. I was expecting a lot more from doctor Ben Carson in terms of thinking on his feet. And in terms of communication. That he showed when he filled in for Sean Hannity I I literally had to turn him off after about five minutes I tried. And it was it was bad. And I thought to myself well this -- go to be president. One of the things for example that I don't like. Is he might call himself a Republican or conservative but he's another nanny -- He would actually consider point 02. As. A drunk driving offense. So you have what essentially you would have won Beers and you'd be considered -- In doctor -- person's world. -- -- -- Seems to work well in Saudi Arabia. All right 524 WB Ian. -- Yeah. You know. There. Car. It's the you don't and. I had no intention of letting him play that long red -- who wrote. -- had -- -- our part to edit your blue rodeo manner of -- to go to the shows in our park grab yourself a good time and again I'm I do. To show that it's it's all that that -- in the medium build a talk show host is not always all negative and always try to admit it. Things. I it will repeat. Something has at last Wednesday. And that is that. I cannot begin to say enough good things about the people are -- And all of the law enforcement agencies who have been tasked with clearing out our park and the traffic after the events. And I mean this sincerely. Well all of you people in law enforcement and all -- CEOs. You should be taking a major bow and doing a victory. Because. Folks when they started these concerts and art park. I wished a year ago because of the horror stories I heard about trying to get a lot of -- because they didn't pick. Expect so many people would show up art park. And -- two really worst situations where people were jammed for the worst. And some of them. The law enforcers in the traffic pros. I have to target they could write a book for other departments. On moving traffic they really -- if they have gotten that good. And I I give the the the parking the law enforcement officers who do the parking. Two at the the clearance of traffic after the apartment. I give you guys an A plus plus plus plus plus plus and the only time I had a problem. Was in the park lot itself. And that I brought to the attention of the guy in charge are parked in the immediately fixed it because they understood that I was right. Bet you do not just hold up one line and let another line goal for twenty minutes that you got to do ten cars cars you know alternate a little bit. But again I just want to let you know that kudos kudos kudos. -- koppers in the Lewiston and I'm just right for UBB -- that the state parks police. State troopers ethnic Lewiston koppers. On Niagara county sheriff's deputies I don't know. I don't know but that they that they did a terrific terrific terrific job. I would also like to tell one of the auxiliary west Seneca cops who did the beer tent on Saturday night dude I would strongly suggest that you read up. Wind you can appropriately touch a citizen. And the guy basically chopped it my arm four times. Like I'm complying. I was actually scared to -- is about to lose. He was an older guy. Probably about five foot two. And I got a bigger federal case out of it but. It was a community days dude it wasn't a ride it it wasn't. It was actually nothing wrong. Anyway I'll I'll address that author more. Because that. -- I -- pro police. When the police are acting within their constitutional authority I'm pro police I -- disproportionate number of friends and acquaintances who are in law enforcement. So it's not like they've got some built an ax to grind. But when somebody is so -- alive and that even I turn around and I literally had to tell this guy acts will acts. And well. You know what it's like one of the loses hatch. 'cause I figure in his declining years it probably doesn't some good to get out mingle a little bit. But on the other hand it's stuff like -- That gives cops everywhere a bad. You know the minute you put on the uniform interprets an auxiliary uniform the that you put -- -- you represented all police. And you know. I was I was definitely taken aback. I have never been what I've never written a letter. Complain. About a copy for a -- a lot of commendation letters probably two dozen in my life. But this guy was definitely analyze I mean I know use and I know -- -- know. The law and he was just -- Anyway it is -- 530 maybe even like my here. Maybe he was having a bad day. I don't know but. I just wanna make it clear by the way. That the full time guys who were policing the beer tent at west -- community -- but hey it worked great. I saw the breaking up what should fight. They were as. Professional as professional could be. They put on a clinic they really. But this what little auxiliary guy. And need. To talk and I don't say these things you know I think I have a pretty good track record in terms of my views on police and law enforcement. And for me to be able pissed off about something believe that takes. It is up by 39 -- news radio 930 WB EM. Friday. Have been talking to you about whom you'd like to see as the next president I thank you very very much for all of the calls that we took on that and all of the different names. And I look guys I'm sorry the -- -- people. Part of that is my job when I -- nit pick people I mean when people call up for example and say doctor Ben Carson. I think it's kind of incumbent upon me to tell you a little bit about doctor Ben Carson and his positions on stuff. And I don't know but you I don't know too many buffalo -- who would wanna be considered to be -- drunk driver after having one would be year. And driving hole. I really don't. And I have also maintain in the past. That we as a society we do send out mixed messages on drinking and driving because we really. They don't drink and drive what we mean is don't get blank faced and drive. Don't go over your limit and drive that's what we really me. Am. Point one vote to me is reasonable I think point 08 is too. I really -- I think it's just. I think it's designed for the benefit of the heavily lobbied insurance companies. I don't think there's any correlation with safety. Between points 08 -- point one hole. And often wondered Joseph. I've often wondered I try to space out my idea medications. -- -- a -- wonder if I sit -- the driving simulator if I took through knee pain pills. Whether I would still drive. As well as I do when I have. And I'm not saying I want. But I have often wondered and I've often wondered if somebody who habitually drink six Beers. Get so used to it that it does not affect them the way six Beers would affect me because it just that's a polite -- All -- support -- Saturday night I did have one beer. Oh I'm sorry it was a non alcoholic outlook bats NA because they ran out of water its reasoning of these non alcoholic beer. I'm such a wild man anyway. That let the mark I think because. You know that's that leaguer show at some point in the future but I don't like it when people do things that make an entire profession look bad. And -- or something had it should be and somebody who is pre disposed to not liking cops. It could have been a bad state article one of my buddies from Iraq repeat the -- that he could have been a real Betsy. Gerald each hop to -- no no reason. Not what's -- punch but it was an awful lot more than a love -- Which was surprising because I was complying with his instructions there was no reason even put us and them. So I will be writing a letter to the chief I've got his picture. I could tell that he knew. That I was taking his picture because he keep -- -- afterwards I'm like you know what. I I can't let this ago. I can't let this go because this is going to be at some point this is a lawsuit or a PR disaster. For the west Seneca PD waiting to happen all because of some bad Chevy auxiliary. I'll put my pro police record against anybody else in media. That's -- the point. I also know when you are and when you are not supposed to put your hands and so. Anyway. -- -- I guess I'm just such a rebel and joked you don't you work with every day. You know you you know -- Felix. Right. Do you believe -- Wednesday. And I can produce character witnesses the laws that would which would you -- you wanna fed it to the stating you want a local human ability Q what is the State Supreme Court justice to an account just this as a character effort what do you want. Anyway my psychiatrist and -- all right it is about 544. Or news radio 930 W Vietnam Christopher teammates. That is definitely a routine maintenance anyway. Five up from you guys -- -- yet. I'm I'm morphing topics here a morphing topics. I happen to like Rush Limbaugh I have an enormous amount of respect for Rush Limbaugh. The low information voter concept I understand. But I don't think it really goes far enough. I truly do not. Because it'll be a low information voter you must be -- low information Americans. That ladies and gentlemen this is a very special week from and it should be a special week for you and all Americans. First of all this state in 1863. Marked the fur. Marked the first today. What -- -- could be the three day battle of Gettysburg. In Pennsylvania. Which was the pivotal event. Of the civil war between that and the fall of Vicksburg the day after. On July 1 1863. Interestingly enough ladies and gentlemen the weather in Gettysburg. Very similar to the weather we're experts outside now in Western New York except if you ever been in southern Pennsylvania heat in July you know what's even more intense than what we experience here they don't have the late. From which they derive. -- cooling breeze keep that in mind. Can you imagine. And by the way this goes as a tribute to the men of the north and at this out. The North End itself. Because. They were. You know the civil war folks. You know read the article about -- line over the weekend it made me wanna puke with some of the sanctimonious crap I was hearing from people. I'm. Folks most southerners. The overwhelming majority of southerners did not old -- slaves can we just get them out of the way. They didn't it was a small percentage of the aristocracy. That -- -- slaves. That doesn't make it right. But it's not like these guys who were fighting from North Carolina or Virginia or Tennessee or Florida or Texas it's not like they were slave owners chances are very good that they were. Slave owners. What they were fighting for we're their rights -- they were fighting for in their minds was the tenth amendment. States' rights. And I've argued this before of this before that before the civil war. The emphasis was on states. The United States. Of America after the civil war. It became United States. Of America. Efforts same words different emphasis. And what I read that article with some people were upset. That the suns -- sons and daughters of the confederacy. One -- something to do with memorializing count line. I was aghast at the historical ignorance displayed and of course these say patrimony displayed. By those who would refuse. QB. On the receiving end of a plaque from the south. Ladies and gentlemen I wanna share something with. President William McKinley. Was from Ohio. He was a combat veteran of our civil war. He later was elected to the presidency. President William McKinley ladies and gentlemen. When he would visit with confederate veterans. The same guys who shot at him during the civil war. He didn't turn his back on them no. Do you know that at least on one occasion. The president proudly wore. I believe it was either a confederate flag or a metal. On his lapel along with the union. Lapel or label. To demonstrate the unity of America and his respect. For the southern veterans -- did you know that. President William McKinley was shot and who died here in buffalo. Was truly one of the great American presidents and one of the great men who ever lipped. When you read his story. His courage his bravery. Beyond question beyond dispute his magnanimity. Beyond question. The man was a -- he loved his wife so much. Joseph you're you're clapping and they're. Soccer USA beat Belgium what's up. Almost complete with full time it's 00. Tim Howard just had -- another. Another amazing -- it's amazing that the share. Architect -- from a scheduled to be the goaltender for team USA in soccer but Tim Howard basically -- -- -- goalie for team USA and he has been on freaking believable all -- 00. To -- you know. Now. I wanna continue this theme of why this week is such an important week low information Americans. And get into little little bit with the and also have some fun in the time we have left today is everybody okay with that. That's what you're gonna get and I hope you like actors. On the Treasury Secretary to respect -- servers that are WBE. Edit. Ought to think Lisa graft -- -- via FaceBook page for coming greats at Z humor. I. -- AccuWeather. -- tonight a shower or heavy thunderstorm in the evening otherwise partly cloudy and humid 71. Tomorrow it's gonna be cloudy and and sunny as well breezy and -- a shower or thunderstorm and 8381 degrees right now. Now if you hear sounds in the background that sounds like a man having an orgasm. It's going to be Joseph beaver and it's gonna have something to do with soccer and team USA. Joseph is keeping us up to date his eyes are glued on the TV absolutely glued. I have given Joseph dispensation. To and a resides completely glued on the TV. And he's watching the World Cup live USB Belgian. All right 00. And that. We're going to expert -- That's the update from Joseph -- a lot folks. Don't ever think that I hate soccer. I never sent it well maybe but I think I really don't hate soccer. My skepticism about soccer is simply that skepticism that it's going to be the next best thing the next big thing about it here in that for 45 years I could see it regionally I don't see it nationally. And I've used hockey analogy before that I love hockey you love hockey Detroit loves hockey Chicago loves hockey. But the rest of the country real. Do you think anybody gave a damn in New Jersey when the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley cups you know they had their Stanley Cup parades in the parking lot of the arena that's where they had the Stanley can operate for the New Jersey double digit. Like it that seriously -- regional. But. For TV USA. And soccer's a fine day. I just don't but a lot of time watching other people play sports. Anyway. Welcome it is 553. Good news radio I'm thirty WB yeah so -- question for your. Have you had dealings with low information Americans. And what convinced you that they were low information Americans -- I bring this up -- we just did a great. Almost three hours on. The person or the qualities of our next president of the United States and a reminding you effect that this is a very important historical week. And I kind of got sidetracked talking about William McKinley. Because. I read the article over the weekend about column line. And some people in town line being almost offended that the sons daughters of the confederacy whatever it is gave them a plaque. They didn't want any association with such a group. You're more on. Whoever that person or people work your morons. Because if you knew and if you know any thing if you if you even open your eyes and looked at history book you'd understand. I'm certain guy. Named -- -- know Abraham's son and brother Lincoln said something about malice toward none and charity for all. And you'll see that William McKinley as a union veteran embraced his confederate. One time enemies. And you're mean to tell me that you can't do the same thing in 2014. That leak it did in 1865. And on the Lincoln man and that McKinley did. In the 1898. Before you say stupid things in the newspaper you really should crack open a history book or call me. I mean it it was embarrassing. But again you know what it is it's all about. You know having this liberal pseudo sense of sync them. We couldn't possibly accept something from them because they're there they're model maniacal they think this civil war was only about slavery it was not. And I got news for you folks by the end of the civil war the confederacy was training black regiments to go to Contra act I'm. NATO -- at the combat but they were treading on. Yeah and also by the end of the civil -- 10% of the federal army was black the black then fought for his freedom. I just I like the point these out. Now up up to continue why this is such a special week and related to low information Americans coming up on WBBM. Also keep an eye on the other World Cup game.

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