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7-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome and you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. Yeah it is the time. Tom hourly how -- -- let -- in the economic environment and how linking and. And Kurt right and welcome. It's live these local ethical. -- -- blood looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happens in Vegas stage -- make the trip for her recent. And 930 W. And now. You've crazy like it yourself home. -- -- -- Well number one minus -- -- it's the Samsung galaxy yet to attend an -- -- that big government but it's. It's just it's far too big number never true. The on the on the camera settings like just when you find the button for which you were looking the camera settings in battle. Joseph and the -- the but again to bring back the controls is there a way to work to modify that I know I should probably just go to Verizon have them show me but it's just a colossal pain in the -- -- -- you're looking for something. Did you find it but then what you tried to hit the button again if it's -- it. It's. Hard to which may explain your two. OK -- trying to do screen shots from Ringo concert right by the time to figure out which shot you want. The camera icon disappears Sega press the fault again where the icon. Yeah it's like there's got to be a way to make it show up -- right. I suppose it help if I read the manual. Dat who -- manuals. It is four on such a mechanical wizard itself fortune editors ready at 930 WBM hourly with -- And -- real simple questions for you but actually questions which are to require just a little bit of heavy lifting and Europe apart. Number one. Who do you want as our next president is there a name you have in mind. Somebody asked me this over the weekend in the first in the game in my mind was Thomas Sowell who is a lover of freedom and an intellectual. Do I know every one of his positions no I do not. Do I know that he values freedom and the American way yes I do. The other person that comes to mind is a member of the political class even if that we don't -- -- about libertarians or anybody -- insert -- Paul was being a -- beat political class as such. Rand Paul. Of any of these so called political class he is dead the individual. For whom I would most likely vote today if push came to show IQ they can anybody. Who is going to. Possibly -- probably be candidate who would get my vote over Rand Paul. Again do I agree on everything you know and as I've said if you were listening and listening to the beginning to show. You're never gonna find a politician with whom you agree 100%. And also politicians just like you just like I do. Often have to find our way through issues. And I don't think Rand Paul has been as clear as I want him to be on immigration. And that may be less deliberate ops escalation. Then his simply trying to find his way through a complex problem. And it's a human being he's entitled to take some time to effect. That being said it. You've still got my vote today in all likelihood. Just serve put it up there were. 803 don't like thirty starlet 3180616. WB and if not a person. What are you looking for in a president. I mean obviously if you're listening to WB -- we we need to get a white person back to the White House you know that made it just goes without saying if you're listening to the station. That was sarcasm by the way -- via lunatic -- can't even call the lunatic left anymore the regressive it's. The progressives are even more -- though it left I can deal with it. Liberals I can deal with because liberal libertarian there's some common ground. But when I say it regressive. I mean regressive as an act of Stalin's Soviet Union that's an -- when I used the term regressive. Just -- you understand. Here is the next caller in line Fred in Lancaster on WB and hello Fred. Quote I'm out the other woman that I would want to be president I would have to be sent troops. -- another country to die for country then it won't decide I shouldn't you are well the bush twins or Chelsea Clinton. So -- are all out war at. And I don't think that I want a person it won't despair reports insult. To lobby the president of the United States. But what if eight presidential child chooses not to have a career in the military for example -- Carter I don't know whatever happening Amy Carter. That you have a sex change operation terrific of Chastity Bono but. I don't know what happened Jimmy Carter's daughter. Along the way but there's no way she would have been a military -- That's that's what -- be willing to get there that's an option for them that they're not willing to column. And avocado and that he keep you can't force someone to do that brought. If they would get there wouldn't be bought for them am I should be -- an older kids children into law. Into a battlefield I wrote an article that trade or want column. That there -- dealt with. So like that why why we sent troops over to our Iraq and in the in the reasoning for a. Well I and I don't want to send troops back to Iraq we've done our job I don't. Got an -- you know what I I will go with -- you need -- president. It's a main military service should not be pre requisite wasn't to the founding fathers and it it will be for me are right. But you need a president I think who actually takes the time to understand the soldier the grunt mentality. And again. That is one of the reasons another reason why. I feel the way I do and I think the way -- do about our people in uniform because I've actually taken the time. And not like it's been some big ordeal I like talking with them. But that I have they have enlightened me a lot. As to why they do what they do. And I will never forget the conversation in Atlanta with a guy in Afghanistan who said forget the baby wipes so those twinkies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Sarah Palin. I understand her appeal to a lot of people I also think that she's -- damaged brand rightly or wrongly I think she's damaged brand but again that's not the question the question is who you'd like -- and why why would you like to see Santorum or Sarah Palin. I'll watch in the debates. The Republican debate last -- our Rick Santorum. Well a lot of good issued in years not your typical project global public and that he still put up a reasonable time to. Get squad but I older Democrats. And I agree on that one it's just unfortunate that his name sound so much like a mental health facility. And I'm not trying to be a really I'm not trying to make fun of the man but it's just so unfortunate that his name is so close to sanitary him. That it just opens itself up to all kind of jokes. Don't think and don't think that they can't have an effect on somebody's reputation I'm not saying this gratuitously. But in any in the real world. You know people make that association. All it. Already called a -- either -- I'm not that sir I'm not criticize it look this is an open forum for you to tell me what you want -- -- president and and give me names. But I'm all I'm saying about Santorum is. You know if his name was brown I wonder -- Might not have had some of the issues -- -- that's all. Our men and I'm glad you called and I hope I've I've made my point clear com. -- It would be like somebody whose name was. One island is about I think the point was made it -- -- at thirty start at 3180616. WB CN. You know it's interesting because a few years ago the named Fred Thompson might have come up. Today he's on TV talking about reverse mortgages. Here is Jerry and I needed to do very well here's -- in buffalo WB EMI jury. I -- I agree with your previous caller and one thing we're Shankar reported that two guys that I would pick and I -- extremely impressed with them during the Republican -- And I boy he -- seeker really demolished Obama might be gotten a nomination and it debate I other pathetic performance. That Romney did and Santorum and I watched him in those debates she could get made mincemeat out of Obama it would be a great. I did disagree with you jury believe it or not a number one. At the -- performance was the 2008 campaign John McCain in the debates was an embarrassment to the Republican Party. -- for Mitt Romney the first debate he can't. Obama's ass all over the stage and then his idiotic advisors told him to back off and and and not go on the offense and it would be like a football team just let the other team get back into the game. Romney could have continued the momentum and he chose to back off and I just don't get it. You're right in the tech industry can debate it's not look at the other person a minute but his second debate when Obama made a pathetically stupid comment about. You know water -- out of aircraft carrier and I'll let. I'm super I don't know why. Probably let get away it was one of the stupidest thing I've ever heard anyone. There -- debate since Jimmy Carter -- you know quoted doctor -- It was pathetic but Romney let it go but OK so the second person I would say is Scott Walker the governor of Wisconsin -- up. But they wouldn't know I don't know something tarmac -- no more I have no idea -- or policy views are the idiot told district he has had to do them. I am very impressed. How. Resolutely he handled everything in Wisconsin and you know I mean that's fairly liberal state and yeah I thought for sure that the unions and the liberals would crush him but they didn't and he didn't do any -- exceeded. He just calmly just push. Everything through and you know he wasn't afraid. And what that reminds me out in regarding foreign policy ever percent think the Russians said after all the Soviet Union. They said that in the Kremlin -- thing impressed them about Reagan. Nothing you have ever daughter ever heard great. But the way he handled the air traffic control -- didn't back down. And it crushed him -- that the Russians -- that are used to people like Carter and Gerald Ford and I thought and that Reagan guys talk yet backed down. It means what he says and so I think Scott Walker has that quality I don't I'd like to know these positions on immigration. And I -- this useless stupid foreign wars like Iraq. I would like more over -- position on what his favorite cheese would be. Well you know the other thing actually what I like. Like don't know yet what I love about Santorum is it like Pat Buchanan. He is against this free trade he wants us to -- protect our industrial base. He's a strong industrial economy -- it -- that the Chinese and are -- else. You know what our market that there are stubble and the industrialized countries like don't know what Scott Walker thinks about an -- if -- sitting here. But has that you know the quite get all of out of that because I -- who loved. I -- follow up with what you said because the well those areas Allan mentioned that the cameras not working -- feel free to call and let don't know exactly what is going on because the cameras are chilling temperature rise again. 8030321. Is the number two WB -- traffic command 8030321. Here is the WB EN AccuWeather forecast for today. We are looking at a shower or every thunderstorm this evening otherwise partly cloudy and humid overnight -- 71. For. Tomorrow some clouds some sun breezy humid a shower or thunderstorm around an eighty story right now 81 at news radio 930 WB -- Who would you like to see as our next president if you -- -- -- -- name or to give me a name or two if it's a trait or quality. Give me the notes. That's raw quality as opposed to equality. And an NC eight prop Bernadie. I mean it's bad enough speech to text is what -- views. All -- issue which speech to text lately -- to live an issue with it. Anyway here is a jury again in buffalo Jerry. Is it too late to talk about the re industrialization. Of America. Given the fact that. The American worker is not going to work for the wages the Chinese worker. Will accept and I've heard -- Limbaugh say that if the iPhone. Were made of the United States at prevailing wages nobody be able bottom could it be like 4000 bucks. Well I -- no lately in the in China and wages IBC in there but what I mean has. You know what Boeing builds something in China they have what would -- when the Chinese buying Boeing airliner. The only way they'll do it is of Boeing agreed to you know put plants into trying to. So what they're trying an -- little more -- their technology Beijing the Chinese are trying to do it to greatly did everything -- -- Including eventually all of their patents and all of that are. All the innovation and eventually like in -- a long term view that made it twenty years Eckerd extol and everything it can't upon them important to make it much there. And basically they're -- cut borrowing and is that there are planned for everything. Well they were Paris. I've been reverse engineer everything I'm sure right now Beijing there's somebody listening to the -- showed trying to reverse engineer -- come up with a Chinese being that'll work cheaper. Well yeah I called -- -- and unfortunately the one thing NATO plan and stealing -- it was built on irritating we got out we still bet. Yeah but well that's a question. But my point is that. I believe they -- trade like with Canada because you know we -- and what place is that similar. -- just -- economic living standards are also rule of law and you know. Things like that with dictatorship or -- clip -- -- you can't have retreat because them. You know it. You know of course you can't compete in that way so I would say is Chinese reciprocity. Is basically. It will we mucus out here what are we console there and didn't and nothing that we can't tell where else and so. -- VI I I. I've been hearing president to people running for office say that that's exactly what they would do for a 1216 years now and I'm still waiting about your. All great like create a bipartisan thing between the Democrats and Republicans for different reasons for that. Democrats as they're trying to curry favor with the unions the Republicans. Because they want to look like I Nationalists and patriots I -- in both cases they're selling out. American small business and America and -- workers. -- I got to move but I am glad you called great points thank you 8030930. Yeah. Sounds. Don't let them. I -- vehicle wasn't here in a -- really. It's 433 there's radio at thirty WB and it is -- hourly review on the radio and a my question use simple. But perhaps not as simple as you might think. Whom would you electricity as the next president of the United States and if you can't get the name. -- that kind of person. And the kind of policies. You want in this country. It's your world. You build it. You sure imagination. It 030930 -- 3180616. WBM. Here is that chucked in Lancaster. You are on WB yeah. All right regular much. We'll put it the other side I think the next president of the -- Webb from Virginia. Everything that the Republicans -- He's a Democrat he's a graduate of and a look at I served in Vietnam decorated marine veteran. Underrated. Is assistant secretary of defense and then secretary of an eighty. He served as senator from Virginia. And I think hurry up and are I'm if you judge she'll win. If she doesn't -- level one probably. Wouldn't -- And YC. -- for all of the reasons you mentioned is beginning of the phone call I don't think the Democrat party are 2014. And eventually 2016. Will -- Jim -- It. Do I need to explain and Hillary and Obama's politics stereo vs mister Webb's. He's been married and the Washington already mentioned -- That which I here's here's where I think you're not understand. There is an agenda at play which is shared by Obama. And the clintons and it is not a conservative Democrat agenda it is an extremist. Regressive. Agenda. And I think that you know Jim let's put it this way Jim Webb probably feels about as comfortable in today's Democrat party as I would in today's Republican part. No I -- you don't you read that Mike you know play against him but I think he'll come through I think good Democrats think of and well I don't think he will -- I think if you read and she wouldn't. I think she understands America and American people much better than any of the knucklehead did you mention. So -- Hillary got hit out of what. I'm having a hard time understanding here this is a woman who cries horror with 200 dollar years speaking fees and she's you telling me that she understands America better than any of these so called. Any of the so called knuckle heads that other people -- The reason Hillary is slipping. Is because everything she has touched lately has turned it to feces she steps in it every single day. The clip again we talk about understanding America and understanding americans' struggle her daughter. Gets a first time out of the box job at NBC news for what 600000. Dollars a year. I can't even begin to tell you. As a veteran broadcaster. What this does to -- well at a broadcasting company when somebody comes from nowhere. Has zero experience. And makes. Three times or four times the amount of money you do. They just trade strike in to a job. Mean that's not the real America in real America people actually have to work. For those kinds of positions been left -- paid their -- for those kinds of positions Hillary Clinton 200000 dollar plus speaking -- How anyway shape or form. Can that be said to reflect America. While she claims horror at the same time I have no objection. Two people making whatever they can make -- whatever they can hurt. But when you have more money. The win you are -- 1% or that would Horry 110 of 1%. To bitch about not being wealthy. Shows to me how incredibly. Out of touch the Clinton -- -- that act is old. But anyway I do expect by the way that you want and -- I do expect Hillary to recover from it. Because you have a client media to -- circle the wagons around her. One she makes her intentions known and once people are convinced that her medical situation is okay. Let's go to bill buffalo on a WB -- Bill you're the qualities or the name of somebody you'd like to see as president of the United States. -- first -- walker. Second choice very. Return the government around -- security are different. Somebody's got to -- -- and there -- entity. Despite initial left wing politics. Obama is not a manager he can't locate the people that he Irish for tensions are much. Our -- -- and have no management ability. Are -- brought in somebody who approved. Under and that would be -- -- for walker. Perry had a shot last time did not do very well why do you think that is. No you ask me who I'd like to. I I know what I'm asking you follow up question. I'm and he ran last time -- didn't do well I'm asking you are sincere question why do you think you didn't do that well. Are because people. Vote for politicians. Who think like they do they don't think in terms. Whoever they haven't been there and got different management ability. All I don't all of a characteristic. Attendant care having manage your ability are somewhat likely. People didn't vote for Kerry because -- watching a great speaker. Our doors are shut level ability. In a person. Well I'll try to get elected -- you've got to have. Okay thank you -- to get elected though you've got to have first level abilities to communicate with the American people. And that's one of the things -- Reagan did particularly well. And this is something that by the way George W. Bush did abysmally. I Ronald Reagan has the ability to bypass. The media and the filter of the media and the spirit of the media and keep in mind most of that was -- in the Europe before talk radio and alternatives you know when everybody watched the 630 news. Ronald Reagan directly went to the American people to make his case I would argue that the ability to clearly concisely and popularly. Communicate your ideas and ideals directly to the American people. Are very important first level skills of a president because if you cannot properly communicate exactly what it is for which you stand. How do people know what their -- out of people know for what their vote. The bashers you know again this is my opinion Rick Perry. One of the things that I love about Rick Perry. But again seat I don't know how others would play in which counts -- I don't know how would play in North Dakota I don't or play in Florida I really don't. But what do Rick Perry came to New York City. And challenged Cuomo to a debate when Rick Perry came to New York. And basically called out Andrew -- well on this nonsense. Welcome to the -- New York campaign. I thought it was awesome. And I found myself thinking why is it that a guy has to come from Texas. To make a point that New York's Republican establishment will not make. Does that does that illustrate the absolute corrupt nature of politics in New York. And the fact that. The Republican Party establishment and the Democrat party establishment are Porsche -- entangled in this state that it took somebody from taxes and income tax free zone. Which by the way every year has a budget surplus in the tens of billions he comes to New York. And calls -- Cuomo New York Republicans failed to do so you know why because are all part of the same club. Membership includes a strong penetrating desire to screw you at every single term. Start the need to get off the get off the topic myself. You know three all right thirty. Whom would you like as the next president I am kind of stunned you know -- -- -- four era in which are we hear so much about the war on women not one woman has called him. Maybe the Republicans -- it weren't women. I'm being sarcastic. But. I have often wondered. If men and women view the political world all that differently. Or whether these so called gender gap. Is just a figment of the media imagination. Design as always to make people other than liberal. Democrats look bad. Just questioned. By the way I check video weather radar and I'm not seeing any of the huge kind of thunderstorms. Yet in this area. There are some but there are they are quite a ways away from our area. But weather changes it is dynamic we will keep you posted. All right you know three all that thirty is the former group that's of interest names. But the other -- the web -- thing. Again. The remembers having Bill Clinton got elected the first time. Against an incumbent president which is almost impossible to do. Because he promised to be a new kind of Democrat. Okay Bill Clinton. Ran as essentially a conservative. Democrat like it or not. Any one. Since then the Democrat party has morphed. -- to something that is as regressive. As any political movement I have ever seen it. Now some would argue that it was that way all along that Bill Clinton was simply a snake in the grass well may be true but he knew what he had to say to get elected. Today's Democrats. Of the up Pelosi stripe the Harry Reid striped. And the nanny state stripe and -- gun grabbing stripe. They are not what I we considered to be the Democrats twenty years ago where they're more like the F stalinists. Eight years ago. It is -- 445 a news radio 930 WB EN 803 all of -- thirty -- would you like to see is the next president. Or what and just what traits should that person have. And by the way I'm gonna add an expanded the topic horizon for you. I've got a phenomenal question coming up in the next segment to add him. You'll say I've been waiting for the chance to tell somebody about this Tom trust me. -- news radio 930 WB yeah. There summer's -- reminds me of something. 451 AccuWeather for today. Shower or. Obama. I shower or heavy thunderstorm in the evening otherwise it'll be partly cloudy and humid tonight the overnight low 71. For tomorrow periods of clouds and sunshine breezy in humid as shower or thunderstorm around an 83 behind it and we're still 81 degrees news radio 930 WB EM Joseph how much water you drink today I'd seen you go through one gallon of water already. How much more. You know people have died from drinking too much water I'm just putting it out here dude what's up with the all the water you're drinking it to lose weight. Are you drinking at the hydrant because your -- Have you checked yourself for diabetes. You have a good workout -- OK but -- a gallon of water really. That's a gallon that's a gallon -- it yet all right. You haven't -- the whole thing -- merited a struggle poured the water before all the other employees -- That's that's where Joe's doing do you concern about Joe's helping at all. You know. If your kids -- -- starts getting up in the middle of lighten drinks eighteen glasses of water you'd best get the hospital because that is eight -- sign of diabetes justification -- -- thrilled at thirty all here's my new topic by the way in addition to the other ones will morph into this one. You know sometimes we've done shows about your close encounters with the incredibly stupid. I have a specialized -- you're close encounters. Whip. Low. Information. Americans. You go to a party a barbecue. And you almost have to leave because of your interchanges. With low information Americans. Got to hear these you know 3093010. In Amherst Europe WB and hello. Satellite nobody's sure. Just -- better than checker can't here at the a society that we'll permissions -- and its -- every that's why don't terminate she'd be -- -- -- Newport Beach but a few years. Although information on every single blue collar church -- on the road. Trying to that chocolate they knows something about something and then it -- it -- its -- the out of land mine. And the other part of the -- don't think you're talking about today they've ever get it at the color anymore no slight bit. But you're talking about like the presidential election and we want to run. Accurately that old Richard Pryor will be back that they -- number is about none of the above. I'm -- -- and -- of -- -- I can't think of anything or anyone I like what he -- around cute picture there but when it like in this. There is nobody with -- you even find yourself moderately compatible. You don't like I can't say for certain but haven't studied -- -- them and every aspect of what -- you know what you stand for -- you know Ecstasy bill in the context. Like look a little bit more -- -- but what I liked in the shade between playing straightforward -- that. We're gonna take the last eight years of what Obama gave us so we're gonna turn their goal right around and do something completely structured pretty get rid of obamacare. Or to get rid of that pretty get rid of that the end where to start from scratch and -- -- to turn the economy around and not give so much on your way and close our borders -- little -- that be nice. Yeah and now you're just being silly well I'm sorry don't have anything to add to -- -- close encounters with that low information Americans. Now what I don't like about the expression low information voters is I think it's far too narrow. Because to be a low information voter beforehand you must be a low information Americans. You know it happens all the side and when you're not you're on the road and in America might mimic what I needed I can't get any more than. All industry has changed in twenty years have been out here especially with the people that try and and he should be about -- you can you know talk about extremely intelligent topics. On the road and people knew what you're talking about but nowadays people we care about themselves. And what -- -- yet. For themselves and all that and the that's all they want. That's human nature though that's immutable it's always been that way people are always interested first and foremost in their own breast personal interest that's our humanity -- there is nothing new under the sun. Gotta go on the ledger call them sorry that you left. By the way I'm trying to think did -- have intelligent conversations on the CB. It is 456. At WBE ends. NN skip Brandon stepped land that's when I get a receive your radio.

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