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7-1 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- Yes they broke the law but it's not a felony. It's kind of -- it's it's that it's a it's a it's an act of love it's an active commitment to your family. What was it. -- repeats Tom hourly. It's life -- local park. Being. Third yeah he had. Not being injured Tom hourly -- facts. On news radio 930 hey everybody happy and user fees go up. Okay yeah. They're getting better -- double move. All right. -- -- -- -- grabbed it is up. Hourly and -- -- -- 930 WVU and Tennessee Wall Street is be Dow Jones industrial averages are flirting with 70000 because that god doesn't -- those road rules crisis in my driveway beaver -- very shows up as private helicopter -- gotten private jets though in a world are well with the stock market doing. Now you're not okay never mind. Anyway up. It's hot out. Some like -- hot. So like it call some like it always some like its coverage. I did not have a chance to service and as a reason I didn't to figure out. -- actually good FaceBook question. How many hours of sleep do you need a night. -- you feel like human being in the war Joseph -- you say five hours of sleep -- -- juncture and use very. 4201. 77. -- What that meant that seven hours of sleep at night so I'm trying to figure out if I do better on less sleep or more -- There I'm trying to figure out in my body is trying to tell me something by waking up after five hours of sleep. Because they say you get older you actually need less sleep -- being I don't know my mom that she told me that once I've. It's. It's like five hours of very very very deep sleep. Is it's got to be better for -- -- eight hours of tossing and turning sweet deal isn't your body. At night. It is a great -- of yourself and you are sleeping in Africa that are I was sleeping at all there's a period December January where I was just I was to deal. I'm coming back from Dominican Republic and a all the other stuff that which -- keep me awake. With that might test lines and everything else that was a good. And I don't think it's good sleep too much because don't you kind of feel slugger Lee when you sleep too much. There somewhere there's got to be happy medium somehow we've got to there was showing them how much sleep you get much sleep do you need I don't think that's going to be today but. What are the things that that is are gonna ask you about today I think irrespective of the topic. -- -- New sounds good I'll have that. Is whether you'd rather have a hot like this or cold like it was back in January may remind those of you were bitching about the heat. That back in January. You stepped outside for ten seconds you could not feel your fingers. You stepped outside for twenty seconds -- cell phone battery would dream. You step outside for a minute. And let's say we're working at something in the car your flashlight batteries would drain. How many. Megabytes I don't get paid for saying that but they are to be the ultimate flashlight. Ball I looked at me a mag light any day of the week I the big ones it's got to be the force no one's there is terrific but may -- just remind your. That wintertime has its own problems like frostbite. Like shrinkage. Like Coca licking your nips and having them totally dry and cracked. Several. I I have to tell -- there. I personally haven't really heard too much whining about the heat wave that we're going to right now and I hope we don't. Because all of those people need to go back to January and just imagine stepping outside of your whole. In January remember that period where it was about a month where it was bitterly cold almost every single day whoever. If I don't. And give me this any day of the week now I have to tell you I was ever exchange with that to Borger our program director report to show. The only thing Joseph and John and you guys listen the only thing that I don't like about this weather. Is really brought on by myself. And it is the fact that -- here is law. And what I don't like about it news that when I sweat a lot that here gets heavy. So would you lean forward to weed what happens here grows right in front of your eyes okay now you think well -- baseball hat. I don't know what it is would be even baseball hats will slide off if I leaned forward and they well if I leaned forward to week. Because you're twisting you're turning and you know you're here is moving underneath the cap. So I'll have to work today I have to do a totally sushi thing I have to go to sporting goods store by head -- That's the only way I'm gonna get through the summer and look it's my fault. Players have -- Erica I said well what you get shorter. A BP. That the guy said something similar to -- so that's the only thing I would say about the the heat. All all and those of you who -- glasses. Is there anybody left in America still wearing eyeglasses between consequences of laser surgery yeah I guess I can -- as the people here I Wear them to read. But the only bad thing years. When you are perspiring and you leap forward with the sunglasses. How many times have you had your sunglasses just slide right off your nose and just hit the ground and break hopefully about the expensive sunglasses. But other -- met. I think summer is the best part of a year fall is it bad. Spring is not a lot of fun think about all of the -- muck and mud of spring and then waiting for the wetter weather to finally break winter to me is is sheer hell it's -- ICL. Brought on by evil malevolent forces to -- -- us and grip I like that. Two and -- us for about seven months of the year. Where we don't see the sun and where we shrivel and shrink and shiver. So the summer kind of guy. And I'm like gonna complain about this weather now we're gonna keep an eye on -- weather situation which may deteriorate. This afternoon. It is Tuesday and those would be heading up to art park. It looks like you should be okay. But I do know this if you had the art park and the weather because of blue rodeo was playing tonight if the weather looks at all threatening. Everybody and his brother will be on their cell phones looking at the radar app on their cell phones. And by the time you get around to bringing yourself all on your person your pocket you won't be able to get a signal. This horror or worse yet you're gonna get bounced into the Canadian towers and pay the Canadian rates. Which is something I'll be taking up with -- Verizon her -- don't believe me. So that's one of the questions I wanna get it to today or not it's kind of -- throw away question. Would you rather deal with this heat. Orbit or -- cold -- January and again folks don't forget how bitterly cold it was in January even with gloves on folks. Thirty seconds out there and you know you seriously got. Now what are the topics that I have that selected for your listening pleasure today is. Dealing with the presidency of the United States. A wanna start off seriously yesterday. But I don't wanna cover the same stuff that I've done a million times before over the press that 23 weeks. I don't wanna focus on immigration today. I don't wanna focus on anything in particular today because all of the big controversial things we have already covered -- nausea. I mean seriously we have more than an -- job. We have more than done -- due diligence we have more than fulfill our duty to you as a talk show host. Who just referred to himself in the Third World person which is just bizarre. But we have done it this is how kings in the Elizabethan -- smoked the refer to themselves as weak we decree. But. A wanna find out for you. Why. Not just cool but why you want. Whoever it is to be the next president of the United States. Think about that's. Who'll. Or whom would you like to see in the Oval Office. Somebody asked me that over the weekend and this is why bring it up. And the first name that came to my mind it was Thomas sole. Who is. Very very intelligent very very American fellow he is one of the leading. Conservative intellectual luminaries. And he is not afraid to speak publicly he is very well spoken publicly. And he knows how to make convincing and compelling arguments. So that was the first day in the came to mind interestingly enough was Thomas sole. Now the other name that should have come to my mind and it didn't and I'm trying to figure out why it didn't was Rand Paul. Now. No the what are the issues I have with Rand Paul is I don't know that when Paul has completely decided were heat is on immigration. Because it depends on which article you read. Because sometimes he says X sometimes he says he permutations of acts and then sometimes he says why. And you know what he may be trying to find his way on the subject which I've done it -- from time to time. But I will tell you this much. -- of all of the -- the current politicians out there and Thomas Sowell is not as much a politician as he is a thinker. Up all of the politicians out there if I had the vote today. More than likely I would vote for Rand Paul for president I would vote for Rand Paul. Because I believe in individual liberty and freedom I believe that in general Rand Paul. Stands for the same basic beliefs as -- Now will you ever find a perfect candidate in the -- peace talks about this all the time. And my issue with the Republican Party. It's it's not that I'm looking for a perfect Republican candidate. I'm not. It's just that the Republican Party just doesn't offer me anything -- it has become the Democrat party of twenty or thirty years ago. So I just can't go to I can't go -- published a Republican. If Rand Paul running as -- Republicans and let's -- it libertarian I'd vote for Obama libertarian line if I had to I'd vote for by the Republican line. But of anybody who's in the political class right now. My inclination would be Rand Paul. Now how about doctor Ben Carson now that name has come up up folks I disappoint you guys up -- Ben Carson yeah. SA as they leader. -- if you're out on this OK I think Ben Carson is a brilliant man. I think Ben Carson is. A real living example of the American dream. Ben Carson should be a role model for your children Ben Carson should be a role model for you. Ben Carson has pulled off in his wife the almost impossible. He came from an exceedingly impoverished background. And a neighborhood in which the entitlement mentality flourished and he made something of himself. Because his mom cracked the whip up all of her children. Having heard doctor Carson City and for Sean Hannity. I have to tell you that in terms of leadership he went down a few notches why did he go down a few notches. Because I did not think he sounded that good. And I know that I -- somebody might think the Olympic and apple bottom pepper here but I'm I'm really not. There is something to be said for charisma. There is something to be said for the ability to intelligently articulate an argument that makes sense in a way that can be understood. Doctor Carson is not beyond redemption on them for a right now I don't think he is ready nor do I think he even wants to enter the full fledged political -- Now I have to tell you there's no indication that Thomas -- would want to enter the full fledged political realm either as I said he's a thinker. More than he is a politician. Of the political class Rand Paul to me makes more sense than any of the existing political class. But he's not going to be perfect for me if he's not gonna be perfect for you. You're not gonna find a perfect candidate. Right that we and we decided that. And I wrestling with -- personally. You're -- New York's there. Because and -- me because. You know my feelings on Andrew Cuomo. And my feelings politically toward -- vocal and I have to buy for Kate I'm -- local. Because personally I have no issue with -- personally. I think she is a wonderful lady and a wonderful person -- right I think. She also is the lucky as persons as Ringo Starr but that's another story I think that personally she's okay. Politically I can't stand her in a legislative role. And I wouldn't be able to stand her as a lieutenant governor. So my personal feelings. Notwithstanding. There's just no way I'm gonna vote for it won't -- Just because he kept at the local Kathy -- showed her true political colors that month she spending congress. -- -- she wasn't a moderate she wasn't an independent she was a full fledged far left liberal that's how she voted. If you got defeated by the way. But again personally it's not a problem with Kathy. And and your humble -- I think she did a great well. Our organization did a great job at the county clerk's office and then I realized all the paper she left behind for mr. Jacobs to clear. You know I think she was guilty of dereliction of duty toward the end of her term but I don't think I need to go older. So my question to you and forget they produced just you are continuing to shovel out words. I have a tendency to do that the first part of the program because. I can't wait to get on the year to talk to you guys every day and I told you guys this before I get -- break. It's like if I don't need Jack Kelly my words in my thoughts too intelligent people on a regular basis I'd develop blu brain. So I basically rush to. Spewing. Great volumes. Of words. During the first part of the program because they've been building up in me. For 24 hours. There is no -- for their whatsoever to anything else spyware. It is at 344. I mean I speak like a fighter I'd -- the first part of show. If you were in charge of America. Tell me whom you would like to see as president and more importantly why. And as much as you might like somebody are there things that you say you know what. I'm not so sure of his or her position on X Ed as I said folks don't get angry -- -- Rand Paul if I were voting today would more than likely get my vote but I I still think he's -- his all the way on immigration I really don't. And politicians do this all the time. I K I changed my view on abortion. It doesn't get much more of a 180 than what I did with -- abortion so while I flip flopped. I found my way and I'm sure you have to -- your life it's part of the human experience. If you would please get into the course and this. -- -- -- Thank you know I -- -- that's all I want to thank you very much thank you power station. -- on the power station anyway it is 330 foreigners ready tonight thirty WB. -- It's really funny Joseph knows more about music of the eighties that I and I actually you know was a young men in the eighties and go on out listen and all this stuff. I actually danced -- To the original land careless whisper. To great slowed him so. Wynette song came on and you were dancing you knew it was going to be a glorious early more. -- -- -- Arsonists -- back to the show. Folks -- welcome. It's -- ended Tuesday and this is the first Tuesday of work and while I think there because -- Ringo was last week amendment before that was all notes are a couple weeks earlier. My question to you because I feel like doing another show exclusively on immigration I don't feel like doing another show exclusively on what -- heard the president that is. And what a constitution destroying. Evil America eating tool you guys sent to the White House. What I wanna do is look far were. In fact I'll even say the work correctly say and how seriously are about there's serious yeah. Let's look forward -- thank you thank my question to you is. The next president of the United States of America you hope is. Blank. And more importantly. Why. I do not consider the Ted Nugent answer a serious answer. I don't understand the Ted Nugent -- I will never understand the Ted Nugent -- If you're gonna go down that road I think you're being grossly unfair to Charlie Daniels I think you're being grossly unfair to Johnny van Zandt. As well as erotic. If we wanna pick up a rock and roll guys who were pro America you know hell the big -- Let's let's make and the president of the United States I'm sure he's got guns and I'm sure he's -- -- things. So I don't I don't pick -- this series answer. But then again that your vote. The next president of the United States should be blank but more importantly. Most importantly. Tell me why. No one of the things that I would say. Is that. As a parent. Now my kids would not be eligible for military service OK they would not be eligible they would not you know unfortunately they -- my jeans -- So. This isn't a personal concern. For me personally but I I worry about military families out there you know how much respect I have for. And I also wanna say something -- Before it totally go down that road. -- The military is not as cool and option. Back in the early 1980s as it has been since 2001. I guess -- keep that in mind. I had met never intended at all to go into the military and even if I hit tried they would not accepted because of a heart condition. So. The military. Circuit 1981. Unless you came from a military family and my dad did the -- It I'll keep that he did his duty he did is two years but. They kept -- The promoter and he said now now -- a private that's all I want I want out. I did it again I don't think that makes him a bad. He did his job we did his duty he just didn't want that as a career he just did kids in all a new bride my mom and he did not want a military life. So. The military is a lot cooler now than -- age when I was 181920. Years old but if you are apparently. You were probably about the same age here's what I want I want a president. That you can actually. Frost. To do right by your military son or daughter. I want a president as commander in chief you'd trust to genuinely do the right thing. To only use American military force and put your son or daughter in harm's way when the national security interest of the United States are absolutely positively. Tied to a military action. I also want a president who understands. That America's commitment to its men and women in uniform should not end on the date of discharge. But that there should be continuing and free psychological. And service related physical treatment available to all of our veterans I don't -- of its 23 years later. We need to take care of our veterans. And again folks I feel very very very very strongly about this now I did a little Psycho analysts myself. -- cycle analysis of myself. And I've asked myself. In my this for all veterans because I feel guilty that I didn't server and the answer is no. I am pro veteran because I realize the sacrifices made by those who have served and those who continue to serve. And as I have gotten older and more mature hopefully wiser. I have really understood that our way of life. Would not be possible. But for. A strong military and commitments made by your sons and -- your daughter's not just of our generation but generations gone by. So that is a big one for me to like believed that the president of the United States -- I believe the military service should be a prerequisite no I do not. I do not. We have a military that is under civilian command. Our military is powerful it should be. My opinion it should always be subordinate to civilian command that's lawyer founding fathers sought that's the way -- -- That way kind of keeps -- crazy generals for doing crazy things with the tools at their disposal. I read that might sound silly but it's kind of a safeguard of our of our liberties. Who should be the next president and why should -- be our next president what are we looking for in a president. And again one more thing don't wanna say before right. Get -- and phone calls is that. You will never ever ever find a perfect politician. And the example I always like to use folks is you might like you like your wife I hope you like your husband or wife well. You know what there's love there's like if you like your husband or wife and you love your husband and wife you've got to may. But even if you have the best possible most compatible relationship in the world. You are not -- -- agree on everything there will be. You know. Which towards the forks throw away should be this one out and that's -- You're never gonna find somebody who thinks exactly the same way you do on every single subject. It might be it's not something as simple as TV shows you wanna watch the reruns of added twelve. She wants to watch Hallmark Channel. And it's just I'm stereotyping but you're not gonna find perfection. But what you wanna see is the next president and why. Why do you want that person. And I won't even accept. Your prerequisite for the job. In order for anybody to get your vote they must be blank. I love this topic by the way. And it's gonna edges into other topics as removal. 8030930. Starlet 3180616. WBBM. However president reminder for start taking calls -- -- that a babbling to rest of the hour -- -- to take calls Lotta people wanna get -- in this year's mark in a Cheektowaga on WB and hello mark. You -- sir yes Matt I'm grateful it's -- you. Aren't I want I want them from president. President I have a whole list please. Now I presume that -- speaking metaphorically. I mean you don't want the actual weather report who is a Communist. Individual I mean he's got more common -- the Obama and garlic I'm with you. While it went ideally you're not the worst. Derek I'm. On the about it on I want what helicopters and -- heard on radio show you know. Let me. -- -- a report not believe would follow the -- doctor. Which was what well for those who don't -- augur well for those who don't know a Mexican military helicopter last week. Only crossed our southern border from Mexico but shot at our Border Patrol agents the reaction from Barack Obama the sound of crickets not a word. Now the -- doctrine. Would go this way. Mexico either pays us one million dollars for every bullet they fire at our Border Patrol people -- we take out -- Mexican army helicopters it's their choice furthermore Mexico is put on notice that if any of their military aircraft. Crosses as much as one inch into -- airspace it will be shot down with the extreme prejudice. -- I agree I agree I can't expect another example. These. Part of thousands or hundreds of thousands of children that are going to be prosecuted in these orders would you do. I suspect that he would -- fortifying. The border. Because the Russians learned a thing or two about border security because there's this whole Hitler and Stalin fellow and style actually thought it sent a peace deal with Nazi Germany and they were actually each playing for time against the other but operation -- -- was enormously costly to the Russian military and civilians and Russia understands the importance of a strong well guarded border. You know what you're caught on yes he said that -- so -- this is excuse for me in a pervert by the way but go ahead and yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even at that -- you -- -- -- that I'm one well. -- you wouldn't it. The did to you and and and your name is mark but have you anybody in mind. -- have you anybody in mind you'd like to see it as our next president. Com. Arm that was in this country errors people around here. Well event that would fit the qualifications in a natural born citizen 35 years or. -- -- much additional -- so I mean you know I got all worked out and about that. On. Are currently I'm basically a one world order -- currently down. Great what language. No religion or belligerent or shot 100. You know imagine a world with no religion. I'm not even more money. Snowboarders. Will be quick yeah. I see what's going on and -- not understand how important it is. Mark I don't even have the time I don't even have the time to deal with the inconsistencies. Of the past five minutes and I will. Well I'll let you go I I will respectfully -- -- If you want a lot of -- and type believe me John Lennon would not have been down with -- -- okay. Certainly would not have been down well you know some people claim whether it was turning into a closet conservative. All believe bet when I see it's it's it's been quite a while since c.'s depth. Look I don't like Howard directorate your. Peace brotherhood and love. I believe in -- two. Might Shockey. I believe. I also believe -- good fences make good neighbors. I also believe there's a reason you've got to lock your door hole. So that's. My metaphor for immigration. Unfortunately. Peace love and brotherhood. You have to think of people like Neville Chamberlain. Who negotiated with model Hitler in 1938 in Munich. And basically rolled over on his back. -- maybe he bent over whatever he did but he came back and he said it was peace and our time. This deal over the -- -- and with Hitler. All he did was show Hitler. That Hitler can do whatever the hell he wants. An -- a leader. Where nobody stands up to call foul. And eventually he starts thinking that he's the -- they can do anything he wants without any opposition. -- you'll be really hard pressed to think of any modern parallels. And if you see any additional traffic stop for you can safely take a picture of things that are going on -- you wanna get a tuition you can call 80303218030321. Or send your pictures that you safely take newsroom at WB EN dot com whether it's traffic work any weather crap hits later on today I think you know the drill by now and top pocket. He multitask as much as I do he's always checking his email and put stuff on live and he is he does that he doesn't work of five men. AccuWeather I just was pausing for time there actors in any updates I shower or heavy thunderstorm in the evening otherwise partly cloudy and humid tonight the overnight low 71. Tomorrow some clouds some sun breezy humid a shower or thunderstorm 83. And right now Joseph we are what 848581. Wish yesterday this time it was 84 today it's -- -- yet it feels warmer up that it did yesterday. I guess that would be the real field temperature jail. And obviously guys who watch yourself in the heat. You don't need heat stroke and you don't need to dehydrated. But your big boy your big girl I think you know there's let's go to -- next John Lancaster John. The next president of the United States should be whom or should have what qualities. There's no during the Obama. -- on. And are there any. An outward -- I'm -- -- and I think our product I think. And -- Found out out there and -- -- -- wherever we're gonna reverse engineer is that you're gonna build on over China is reverse engineered rip off artist. Look I appreciate the humor I really do but I was also open -- get some serious appeared today but it if you guys are gonna goofy mood I -- role within the. Well -- -- and you know art out of everything and then and you don't think that President Obama they and he yeah. Get fired up and the other thing Eric Chinese -- -- And the Specter RP RRR that the government -- gonna be some great era that the that the. You know what you are correct how ever. The executive. Of office has a lot. Of power not the least of which is cheerleader in chief and I would urge you to go back and look at the Ronald Reagan administration. Was -- Was Reagan perfect no he did some really stupid things but he also was a man who obviously loved America and who brought us back from the Jimmy Carter mandates. Well I mean I think -- Martin -- regret not. More people are in social program and under the all of under the control and not like conservative very little lap he. Up -- -- -- him analyze our our leaders there and not. You know Republican and that at poker and our country -- that anymore but he -- like. He -- figure out how to get a break every mark is then -- our program they gonna have a president that. The president -- the social program that the united they -- not it's. I don't I see what you're saying that well I'd I hear what you're saying seeing it would be something else up but no. Now go ahead go ahead I'm -- I wanted to sit -- out I mean. You know you -- met the president the that it is now. That's of interest thing frightening and we'll see if anybody has a counter argument better than the one I can come up with right now I'm glad you call thank you very much what are continuous. Do you have anybody in mind as the next president and more importantly. The next president of the United States give me some of the traits give me some of the characteristics or does not even matter. I think it does matter. Although frankly well about a time.

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