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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>IN FOCUS: Immigration - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt III

IN FOCUS: Immigration - Dr Bruce Bryski; Pt III

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Everyone agrees something needs to be done about immigration system needs to be reformed -- we get there though. Our guest live in studio is doctor Bruce Bruce -- professor of communications. At SUNY buffalo state college how do we get there Bruce what needs to be done what would you do first. Well there needs to be cooperation I mean this is just turned in to a political. I don't blame game between. The year Republican congress and the Democrat president and I don't think that. You know the American people her body and I think that I'm sure I guess I'm surprised that the Republicans are. Not challenging the president a little bit more I I thought that they would -- it I thought they did it take harder stance and -- on the other hand. I can understand why Obama's frustrated he's just not getting any cooperation and his opinion from the Republicans. One capital Marco Rubio from Florida here was a champion of immigration reform all of a sudden it's been quiet I. Again nice I think to mention this earlier I think that they're looking at what happened to Eric Cantor and he took. A more moderate to maybe even liberal leaning stance on immigration more accepting of immigration and don't look what happened to him in the primary. -- total political upset. So I just wonder if the Republicans John are sitting on their hands thinking I don't want that to happen -- mean that was the a mid term elections coming up. And backing off the president threatening to act on his own by using executive action this is not the first time we've heard him. Mentioned executive actions that he's done it before he in -- he he made that that's famous pronouncement during the. Stanley unions and union in January and you know he has had his hand slapped. By the courts indicating that when he wanted to make summer appointments or appointments when congress was not in session they say he can't do dead. And again I think the president runs the risk. Although appearing like a bully. And not wanting to incorporate their views in the perspectives of the another branch of government and I think he needs to be careful there. I'm trying to remember president Ronald Reagan gave a blanket amnesty to. Immigrants who are in this country illegally blanket amnesty did he do this do you recall Bruce by executive order was there -- lot of cooperation. You I really I can't call their job but I think that you know the one of the things that you are given -- credit for is he he did reach out. He reached out to the Democrats and he he was obviously more successful than. That Obama's -- I just think this is gonna linger on to 2014 point sixteen it's going to be. And there's not going to be much progress here. I just -- how this -- -- does it go into the 2016 and it's always at least the mid -- Susan Ike's -- can't see the Republicans doing anything. They're probably saying look we don't have to do anything right now on the other hand they're going to be labeled this perception that we have all of the do nothing Republican congress. That could come back on too so it's it's kind of a catch 22 -- both sides. No Americans continue to -- Germany and Holland wall these illegals get across. Our southern borders remain -- -- anybody looking out there so many big holes and gaps in our border control. That they just make it easy. John I think he used the right word illegals and I -- that's the one thing that Americans. Aren't happy about there are there are laws that we have eroded laws on the books if you wanna become. An American citizen and there are certain rules and have to be follow certain protocol. And I think with one especially with these this recent episode of these. These young children draw intense approach is coming to the border that's not the way it was intended and I think the American people are not gonna accept that. Bruce thanks for joining us is always always fun guys thanks for coming in of those doctor Bruce risky investment and studio with -- for the past half hour. Is professor of communications at SUNY buffalo state.

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