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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>IN FOCUS: Immigration - Dave Levinthal & Dr Bruce Bryski

IN FOCUS: Immigration - Dave Levinthal & Dr Bruce Bryski

Jul 1, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking immigration this morning President Obama says he's going to act on his own to fix the immigration system since Republicans and house are not willing to act today. I'm getting a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I can on my own. Without congress joining us on the WB and lifeline is Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity in studio. Is SUNY buffalo states doctor Bruce frisky. Both be good morning good morning. Hey where is this going to start with you. Well hey for city where in which is that marked by -- action and -- do nothing that spoke pretty much the entire congressional term. Had a heck of a lot going on history and whether it's immigration -- in court decisions. Are terribly and that concern -- the president does effect was that what congress we gave you a year you have and that entire. Twelve months to really had decided where immigration is going to happen acted. But so I'm going to do it myself so what's the -- now it's a little unclear what the specifics are in -- speech yesterday. With Joseph Biden by his side he did not lay out its specific plans in particular agenda that's very clear that he's gonna do everything that you possibly can. In his power to go ahead and try to enact some reforms from the executive perks. The big question is exactly how far is he gonna go you gotta remember last week the Supreme Court really smacked down into the oval reaching. -- powers as a replied it's some presidential appointees. So there are definitely limitations that the present pace says it's not like -- can that go and you can't watch it. Yes I was about to ask David. If there was a limit to what the president can -- let's bring a doctor Bruce Bruschi in the mix here Bruce. Is there a limit to what the president can do and if there are limits how effective can -- -- Yet there certainly are limits I think you know they -- would agree with that I think the interesting thing though Johnny is that I haven't seen president this angry and some time. And what we have here now is the political blame game. And I would just as David he agrees with this. It seems to mediate is that immigration is going to be you know front and center is the key issue in 2014 and 2016. -- you're absolutely right that this is a key key issue going into the fourteen mid terms. A lot of people are excited very excited excitable about this topic. And we have a theory they're real problem on order right now I am certain sure many of the listener well now. It's been an influx particularly and unaccompanied minors. Children and women with children coming to the border that is the -- dealt with one way or another regardless of how you feel. About immigration policy and as a result it's going to be in major -- topic. Certainly 120 ports in the terms but also for whatever presidential candidates. A running in when he sixteens that are the president effectively as saying what we are gonna feel that that's gonna feel that my way. Big question does remain in effect could be something that is going to overreach two point where either the Supreme Court it's in all of that or congress because -- act. Is this going to. -- -- Washington gridlock look mild right now that what weary but we're going to be seeing Bruce to thank. I do think so like in and you know quite frankly you know that the president said yesterday. That the senate has already passed legislation and now it's up to -- to congress to do something or at least come up with some laws pass some laws that's their job. So again you know -- I've never seen the president -- this angry but. There is a battle could be to be fought here. India coming months. David and the Republicans -- sand that we do need immigration reform -- a that they want their own plan is that what -- amounts of. But there's a fight for a really and the greater soul of the Republican Party at its most existential level what has its specifically applies. Immigration and others -- going -- over this topic is well. I you have some more mainstream Republicans if you will that the any banner carriers. It's to to say. -- -- -- more conservative elements of the Republican Party some Tea Party activists. Sounds of people who have been. Our elected by more conservative districts said that he'll hear you very strongly. That immigration reform the way that Democrats won Buick. Is that tantamount signaling in the -- in the wrong direction for the country's -- This is not necessarily that the Democrat. And Republican issues that they Republican verses for. Public an issue and the -- that's really act and it kind of crystallized by the mission but the senate was able to ask. Bipartisan immigration reform legislation and how to effectively froze up and now wasn't that willing or able to do something. For all year even when Apollo and its core itself. At security of more than anything the struggles that bad that I heard that that the Republican Party and -- -- you're going to face trying to work I think that together. And congress' appears very clear that nothing is going to happen legislatively. And congress on immigration during quite fourteen. But played fifteen will come soon enough and now we'll see what happens with that. -- well pursuant attempt gave DD think that the Republicans are going to be sitting out there answer they just saw what happened to Eric Cantor I mean if you think about immigration was one of the reasons that he lost so. Maybe they figure hey look we got too much to lose and nothing to gain if we challenge the president on this issue right now. I couldn't agree with you corporates and -- -- it's something that is simply where they just don't want to let you address the issue in a major major way like Democrats do it knowing full well that there is. This -- -- -- that's the argument that's going on within their own party they can't all get on the same page like fight amongst each other I have -- and amongst themselves. Going into the mid term election does that not really a winning pop prop proposition. Politically speaking out which is perhaps while we're in the situation in order and. Aren't that good stuff Dave thanks for joining us this morning. Thank you are right Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity doctor Bruce -- from SUNY buffalo state.

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