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6-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. And and and -- system. That speech. Worthy of Abraham Lincoln. We're here the most annoying sound of the world. Tom hourly just when I think you could possibly be anything -- You go and do something like it's there and told. Yourself and it's live it's local ethnic -- you know it's Tom hourly Arthur -- news radio 930 W. I can -- -- some other things I wanna get the voice of common sense on the America is border crisis I wanna go to Bob Dane like you have to give Bob for a few moments you -- sought after guy with fair. Federation for American Immigration Reform. Bob thank you very much up for being with this and -- get your thoughts on. The president's rather disingenuous. Claims that. He didn't really want a -- executive authority here but you know congresses -- and do anything about he's gonna have. It doing that. Thanks Tom the a block that was a brazen. -- apologetic. Genetic attempt by this president and shift the blame for the ongoing border crisis from himself. All of the house Republicans. Every. It is tortured logic. Is that we're having a quarter surge of illegal aliens because we didn't passing amnesty. While he refuses to admit. And everyone knows that the lax enforcement policies that -- -- the problem he he he blamed others. In the speech he refused to accept responsibility for his own failures he completely dismissed the legislative branch entirely. And declared yet again he's probably gonna accomplish what you want by executive action it was incredibly on presidential. It was petulant. It was frightening I think one of the most frightening abuses. In -- and threats of using executive action it's certainly -- constitutional. Well -- I again not only was it the juvenile and churlish but if also basically p.s in the face of our founding fathers whose declaration of independence we will mark the anniversary of an Independence Day on Friday I was appalled. And even further appalling Bob is the fact that. Where is the loyal opposition where our people in congress to stand up and say hey dude there's a legislative branch to. Good good point. Because you'd hit the nail on the head now the president didn't and it mentioned this in today's speech but he needs two billion dollars right now. Good deal with the crisis that he's created he has got to ask congress to also represented as a two billion dollars to process and -- care for these kids. He's created chaos in its need for money which I guess legitimate. Put congress and all of us in a difficult situation because even though we want our laws and where we want these kids to be K airports. That's that. Congress now has the upper hand. I mean Obama's lax enforcement policy to blow up it is -- now the House of Representatives. As a company need money so here's the deal there ought to make. John Boehner and House of Representatives tell you Mr. President will get viewed at two billion house and process the kids. But in return buster you're gonna guarantee that they're going to be removed. Your going to stop abusing executive power you're gonna start -- the immigration laws as we intended that nonsense. Have to stop working it takes steps to make sure that doesn't happen again -- that House of Representatives doesn't exercise the power of the purse right now. With the border in the constitutional crisis when the double hardly. I made believe that a bunch of new jurors occupy. The seats in the House of Representatives and many of them -- in the senate -- you a couple of occasions -- -- we're speaking with Bob -- he -- the communications director federation for American. Immigration reform he is on the side of the angels in this. You can talk about lax enforcement but I'm sure you were aware. That even in January. The Obama administration requested funding for escorts for 65. Thousand on accompanied illegal children invading our country. When the previous. Record was 5000. This I don't even think it's a question of lax enforcement. I believe this is an orchestrated. Political. Invasion of America. Well I think idiots. But it's ultimately there's been wholesale dismantling of interior and perimeter for shipment or seven years now. And then the Obama administration response to this is laughable I think about that -- -- Joseph Biden down to Central America last week. He did that's gonna make a huge difference so Biden tells the international. -- Central America don't enter the US illegally. But he tells the audience in the next -- how to make it asylum claims so they can stay. It's sort of like telling somebody don't break into the bank of by the way. Old -- the security guard who's half blind and has a rustic gun wink wink opens the ball every day at 715. It's. If it's the Ludacris mixed message in and out obviously green light for those coming. Bob what kind of feedback are you and your organization receiving from those whose job was sworn duty is border enforcement. The men and women who put their lives on the line at the border and in the -- in the interior of the country I'm talking about traffic stops to load that you -- border incursions. Are very very demoralized. Because. Eight new narrative has emerged in the country in this is where we find ourselves and that is that simply quote. Violating immigration laws in and of themselves. Is entirely inconsequential. So for the men and women of the Border Patrol and -- unless an illegal alien has committed a violent felony or some. Somehow represented national security threat they basically have to let them go of course. That's not what they're sworn to uphold the law to do. Not only that but it is my understanding that our trained law enforcement officers. With the Border Patrol and other agencies tasked with protecting our country. Have been taken off of their duties and basically have been turned into nannies diaper change yours and bottle feeders. It's unfortunate. What if it you know the solution here is simply to enforce the laws already on the books that won't Kostis two billion dollars. Congress has got to compel the president to do that clearly this is they last detail Mary power grab the end too from what we saw today it's only gonna get worse as the summer heats up. He's got to be reined in on the executive. Power situation looked you know. You and I and many disagree. Whether illegal aliens ought to be given amnesty or even a flat screen color television -- you've got to be alarmed I mean even those on the other side got to be alarmed at the one for a -- the -- power grab. Because what goes around comes around. Here's the problem ago Bob and this is what is very disconcerting to me and several people who called and is that not all lead do you have an acquiescence congress which seemingly has lost its vocal chords and its ability to protest the incursion into the border incursion Obama is making in two legislative authority. But you've got people like Jeb Bush calling illegal immigration an act of love. Which to me is like calling -- a handshake. -- -- -- It's a perversion to opt out of the language you know look where we are all concerned about these kids come up here and with -- coming up here -- placed into the custody of health and human services. I mean that agency is so overwhelmed right now. The they have no choice to put the put these kids into the custody of any adult who comes by the claim so you know that you're looking it gang recruitment force labor exploitation possibly even a prostitution. The most humane thing to do. Is they have an orderly administration of your laws not a cold calculated. Utilization of immigration to serve your political. And that's what Third World desperate to do that's what this president is doing in the kits are paying the cost you want an act of love. Hubble we enforce the laws already on the books and send some reasonable clear expectations worldwide that if you come here you're gonna be returned. If you even try you're putting your kid in jeopardy. Well -- play have often brought up the metaphor of the -- casino cheaters justice in the movie casino with -- Robert dinero. Not only do you could leave our place but you spread the word among your friends. This casino is not for cheaters one will get around eventually. Yeah outlook we've got to make sure we don't encourage more by sending the message that the US is serious about enforcing the law and you've got to make sure that the laws are enforced and I'd problem and third but there's no way around you have to remove those who came illegally. Or don't apologize to me that's animal one rafts. Well the -- I would -- congress wrote to say that those who entered the US illegally are supposed to remove be removed and unless and until that was legitimately changed by duly authorized legislation doesn't sound like the fourth grade lesson we all got. I don't think today's people are receiving that lesson. Bob do you believe that part of various is an orchestrated attempt to perhaps flood Republican oriented districts with illegals to guarantee Democrat political hegemony until we crack of doom. I liked the way you put death I would also add this is that -- -- for deliberate neglect calculated strategy by the administration to create massive incentives. The key into the US and fuel the Democrats need for massive numbers of new league heavily government depended voters its strategy to maintain. And build the favorable -- for the party it's being used. Our our immigration policies designed to server -- national interest you one guy and -- taxpayers and citizens. Of our community. But this president is using it as a political instrument ways we've never seen before and again the kids are paying the cost. Bob but one question and you have to go -- -- -- -- a lake up to your organization. Talking with Bob -- Federation for American Immigration Reform. Bob what can my listeners do as individuals. About this situation. When the chances are even if they have the one Republican congressman from Western New York. There will be no serious attempt to stop this ambitious. Over reaching Obama power grab. Yeah outlook -- a couple of days ago I would have -- told you listed as two really. The question hardly the mid term election candidate they have as to whether we need amnesty -- more match. Massive increases in foreign guest workers but now there's this whole the whole thing is going to be done by executive action we're we're really going to have to persuade our lawmakers. To persuade this president. To rein in the abuse of executive power he's giving the middle finger to the separation of powers. It's on constitutional it's it's unacceptable in unless it's -- it will get more of it what the next. Well again I'd refer you to the state of the union speech and when he fourteen where he said whenever and wherever I can and I will bypass congress for the good of the American people yet today he said he really doesn't like using executive -- Bob I know you've got other places that watching your religion demand today I'm a man of my word thank you for your time the link is going up on my FaceBook page now we'll talk real soon. All right thank you Bob Dane with the Federation for American Immigration Reform and let me just won a quick based button. And I shall have his website linked to my FaceBook page. There we go there were ego there -- -- got. -- now we will post in life is good and I'd encourage you to share that with by your friends by the way in fact -- put that at the top of my FaceBook page -- -- pin two top. I'll end up. By the way. If you missed the beginning of that interview. Or -- this sandy beaches are great show today or any of the Buffalo's early news interviews you can always check out what we do 24 -- -- -- -- -- seven. I mean you can listen 24/7 but we don't have every bit of programming. In archives. You can go to WB EN dot com. You connect click and listen to sandy beach. Listen to our morning news interviews -- John's second Susan rose and listen to up my program as well -- for a you are so inclined and again thanks to Bob gain it from Federation for American Immigration Reform. Gonna have some funny you're after. After traffic but here is -- terrorist to get home. AccuWeather forecasts today it arrested and anyway shower or thunderstorm in spots early in the evening. Partly cloudy warm and humid tonight the overnight low 73. Tomorrow I. You definitely don't want to batten down the hatches little maritime term for -- -- batten down the hatches because it will be cloudy breezy and warm a thunderstorm around. Might be a really strong later and those thunderstorms can bring torrential downpours large hail and damaging wind -- with a high temperature 87. Right now we are at the 84 at news radio 930 WB EM. All right well I would like to loosen things up -- I -- -- call lighten things up a little bit. It's not quite a happy ending but it comes close. Idea put something up on my FaceBook page today you have regarding. Having a root canal. And I've never had a route to mail before. I remember my dad bitching about root canals and -- remember my brother complaining about root canals. As many of you know I happen to have a tremendous terrific dentist. But. My question news. One of them is selfish in one of -- -- My selfish question is. Do you believe those of you who've read route cuts. And keeping in -- I've got a very high pain threshold. Do you believe. That after I have my root canal I will be able to speak for four hours on the radio. See I've got to use my -- on my job. I'm not going where you think I'm going but. Is it doable. Is it reasonable. Bet after undergoing root canal. That with -- and three hours of the completion of the procedure. That I will be able to work. Now I want to work don't get me wrong I want to work but here's what I conclude. That the day of the procedure. I'm gonna tell my boss that he might wanna put somebody on standby. If I can work I will work. But if I can't I don't wanna leave anybody here hold in the bag wondered what they're gonna do between three and seven. Now that being said that's my personal my personal question. Can -- talk show after root canal. Like -- within hours number two what is the most painful medical thing you've ever. Experienced. The most painful medical procedure. You've ever had to deal with. Hey it can be anything from -- L to a vasectomy gone wrong the heart surgery the most painful. And a happy ending. Craig's list or drive sales. -- -- -- -- -- Seat some of these topics I will bring back for a more detailed discussions at a later date so I'm just gonna putting the buffet out deceit which bowl goes first on WB. And you know. That's. Sometimes it's just such greats ever saw -- bit. I really just capital Latin beat feeling horn section got eleven mr. Paul Simon. All right it is 633 news radio 930 WB -- -- three things on the agenda number one. It's it's it I got to admit this is like self indulgent radio but. I would like your advice because I've never had this done before. That route can -- And what I wanna know is what do you think the chances are. But the girl like me and a guy like you. Getting together. Not good not good like one of a hundred. -- like 100 billion. So you say is a chance now what are the chances. That you think I'll be able to work a four hour radio -- air after -- Because it's not like music radio I'm gonna talk pretty much for four hours so there's that also -- What is the most painful medical procedure you ever had to have done you talk about it make -- all wince that's great and you're trying to sell something. Craig's list or garage sale. I've heard some stories about Craig's list. Which make me want to never meet anybody who has ever even been associated with Craig's list. I think we all heard those stories about Craig's list. All right it'll thrill like thirty start I'm 3180616. WB yet. What I was on my car a wanna sell. A few things around the house -- -- -- -- the clutter my life at soldier and the clutter. Here is a John dory Obama -- All right here is John unlike a lot of WB I hate. We don't always. Market well it's our river can now I mean obviously depend on the directory does that. -- I just -- while I've actually had about four by the light and the easiest whatever that is -- -- -- last week on Friday. And I mean I was -- o'clock hour about by 930. The most painful part about the whole procedure. Was. Imagines. The things that are going to appeal went by the end of the procedurally. It there was an absolutely awful procedure regarding because they -- not everything out and you know promote our bureau opening itself was pressures were workarounds thanks. See it's interstate because of my. As -- -- kind of sticky and I'm glad he did. He's told you that he pretty much good about 40% of the root canal already when I went in bed when it first started to bother. So -- and frankly there is zero pain because there wasn't any error any more in the tooth. -- -- That's exactly that you know once once once here that are you will have no more feeling from the I mean I outcome warplanes from the infection that was there which calls for the -- out again let. -- -- -- Yeah so you had the abscess and that caused the pain but the -- delegated to release. Well wasn't even an apps such as this is just justice minor infection which. You know it was the first leg that fateful. Wrong and -- it's like yeah yeah and inspection daughter. And we can take care pretty quick and easy no problem. Well all right so you don't think you have -- there will be any issue whatsoever you think I'll have to root -- about you remember I mean seriously just as a doubles I want to tell the stories you might imagine but that's a demonstration of my pain threshold is literally hours after my vasectomy I was here at the company. Christmas party. I'm serious and I took great joy in that kind of out of a manly thing you know. -- more break my code in the vasectomy. If it -- the army probably probably don't actively using your second question of course procedure that. -- -- -- Call me. I can't even imagine didn't they do anything to -- to get a bit. They said they had this club this free this free spray and came in and they just they despray didn't -- and they went -- it. So while you're still reeling from the -- them the free and spray these people and they're ignorant do whatever you do. All good grief sort of scale of one -- -- the removal of the underground -- grown -- you do today. Well probably about seven earned a you can't. -- -- -- Well I think for the good news about the root -- all of my other question -- this definitely is going to be great Friday show at some point out this Friday because Independence Day that I shouldn't be working. But my question to you is. Do you have you ever had a garage sale worst sold something on Craig's list. I have garage sales yard sales and stuff I've had good did good results of those I've never told anything and -- -- A -- or stories about it I'm sure there's a lot of success stories as well. But you know report or stories all over -- or Isabel yard chip up about you know professional you are tailored to go out there and choke and or 6 o'clock. And the -- yes -- certain. Well yes and you're not out of it yet going out. Yes lauded at. And any data put on Craig's list I just have a funny feeling that it will be the only had ever placed on Craig's list that without using the word -- school so others -- number I'm considering all the ramifications of the. It did yeah I think I would put open up on credit so some might but I might buy a burger Sloan. And and give that number up to into the Craig's list. Albert phone may be. Alright thanks very much legend called. And you know the word burner phone actually burn phones that are hidden kind of what are what are those for letting them. 639. -- in my thirty WBE. And that lets it connect to the calls. Let's go to. My -- somebody wanted to know which to. Right side to lower. Its the -- second from the back it's that one. Now Mike -- you blogdigger WB and it. Yeah -- air by that that is their culture. Now I've I've got all know double genetics are all on -- but on the -- and on the op are where the most -- about. Where you call it pretty much in the back of the really hurt that much I've been able to opt in what Jack Carl won at home or -- Was out one -- -- basically right under it is at. That was up. -- -- All -- it sounds like you would be highly underrated area and bed -- bit of sound pleasant at all you know I find it Thursday night and I don't mean good for you with this but. Up all of the teeth I have and I pebble my teeth. This tooth has never been an issue and it's like why. This one I thought it was going to be the top bowler but I -- bottom one. Yeah are just one of those things that iChat sure that we're at -- and don't want I had you know what what it -- And the other and I can't quite hear on the I didn't hear it wouldn't go away and Hezbollah primarily -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We have not some -- you know -- whatever your. Yeah -- you don't wanna know what I did before you get all the by -- when the pain awakened me about 3 in the morning. You don't want to know what I did but I had to do something to get rid of the pressure and you can probably imagine what I did keeping in mind that I do have legally prescribed this syringes. So. Let's just say there was a little bit of drainage going 3 in the morning in the -- counseled one point. -- would probably I would I would have been right there I had a strange. Yeah I added urgency and I honestly I have never in well. Now it it was rough so what's the worst thing that you ever had to go through for as a medical pastor medical procedure -- make a solid grip. I'm actually not permanently. I I let their child well I would durable. -- -- -- -- -- -- the biggest disappointment was to -- wireless stitches. I don't really bear that out -- She would come at a worse look absurd. Don't want -- and all that bad. You know are right now -- did sold anything with Craig's list or garage sale. On our way. You sound like a man with the reason. Yeah. I'm not a big and -- stupid people I don't like them. Yeah there's a problem when you put something online if they're really Good Friday. -- there's this park there's an aspect of that that this doesn't sound Berea appealing because a whole bunch of stuff I -- sale. I mean on the one hand putting it out on the Internet is good because it expands the -- marketing area but on the other hand it also expands the crazier. Do you really want -- and the marketing area in certain areas. Yes. In some cases I have to. I don't think you. Know three all right thirty starlet 3180616. WB and Joseph you've ever had a root canal right. John Sherman you've never had a root canal all of you and both guys have your -- -- the beamer family genetics for dental stuff but I good. Excellent Sherman not sugar -- mine is abysmal. I told you I inherited quite seriously I can brush and floss all label. And I would still be going through others seriously. Just thinking about the muscular development of the form here is correct pop like Joseph Williams on WB -- -- -- I sold. That'll products her sixteen years and -- We -- magnification and illumination and there were rhetoric -- doesn't use loops are. All my -- has everything state of the art. I know it -- against -- Saudi general in Cairo. Don't want -- general dentist or root canal so break off an instrument. You'll pay for the root canal lights because then you have to go to an -- Adonis and have to do. -- now all over again so be aware Kaka should. Well I. Number one I don't think so number two here's here's the deal making with myself I would go through the route to fail but if it fails -- Poland because it's not worth it. Because I figured everything you know what I take every possible variable into consideration. Age overall health out of out of out of and I come up with a rational decision -- does it make sense to endure this. Or not. Well it appears that this couple of guys going and so they're pretty good and there's -- She now -- status as well. Are we don't I don't wanna use any names of every book everybody knows they advertise for the buffalo dental group and that is Rego one I feel very good about that might my choice in dentists and as I said he's already yet that he already stock he already stuck in about 40% of it there without my knowing you -- that he told me he was doing a root canal I -- freaked out he didn't Hollywood is the biggest. -- -- Are meant thanks very much at all. Have you sold anything. I know but I'm I'm I'm selling my house and I've got a lot of stuff so also. Now I hear it -- -- Craigslist. Well when you say you have a lot of stuff to sell -- re talking furniture we talk in the next study waxed. -- It. You you'd actually try to sell you mattresses are you though. You have cassettes that's just there's something fundamentally wrong with that. -- story. All right we're in to where you moving sure. Oh. -- more space less space you up sizing downsizing. Only about. You can't possibly be doing all of you can you or what hour more straight -- and it's my oral. Really. -- -- you -- Good for you invite me to the mansion. Well I won't come but you get it right. All right thanks very much -- 03 ought to hit thirty start -- 3180616. WB yep we've been so serious all day long why so serious right. We have talked about that the hobby lobby case and -- religious freedom and health care we've talked about that Obama is -- power grab what the borders today. And this hour at least the second part of it. We have about lightened it up. I have a couple of things so far nobody has sent. -- this is important and again -- this is totally self indulgent. But then again you know what maybe somebody else is getting something out of this to who's ever had a -- -- now. I -- simply asking the question. After I have the root canal do you think I'll be able to work on the radio for four hours. And I hate taking sick days I really do. You have to understand that there's been this past year which is very unusual in terms of the number of sick days they took realized there was not Superman but the the deal and I've got is. I'm gonna let my boss know when I'm going -- -- Let's just say this much I was supposed to have a later this month it will not. It I know it's not gonna wait so I'm gonna tell my -- I'm going yet. And to have somebody on standby just in case. But chances are I should be able based on what you guys are Syrian. To do for a radio show even after the root canals all wrapped up. Now. Anybody out there -- disagree with what people are saying. Now I didn't know that the location there. I never really thought about the immigration they're different and differently under rated areas of your guns in your draw. But where it is a lower right the second Moeller from the net debt that to end for whatever reason to. That tooth is never give me a problem until now go failure so. If it was apparently if you -- experience obviously don't name the dentist but if you wanna tell me that I shouldn't work that day tell. Because right now it looks like I should like I should have no problem at all. Just don't wanna be called a -- But then again how could I was here after the vasectomy within hours so that doesn't make -- so what was the most painful medical thing. Medical procedures. You went through. I'm dreading the colonoscopy an election but I'm dreading that one. Various reasons. Involving. Certain small mammals but the other one is. Did your -- -- Joseph I backtracked or carry you in my hand and the letters that -- had drive sales. And evidence successful. Or is Craig's list the -- ago. I've told you guys before. I'm overwhelmed with paper. And I realize I'm overwhelmed now with stuff I don't need it may have some value to somebody you know what CDs. Compact -- Once you put -- on the iPad and the iPod why do you even need the physical C -- Right Joseph are you gonna make an argument that education. Now appears that it's a big box of CD's aren't stopped. All right 803030. Starlet 3180616. WB yet. 652 I don't read news radio 930 WB PG yeah. And it. Let's go to led Jeff in buffalo Jeff heavyweight tale of of walls of pain or have you a tale of what -- What an incredibly testosterone. Filled macho macho man you are. Well I never had a root canals both a little off topic but I wanted to say I have or will compete all the at one. And it's you know that first day in my -- -- I'll feed you know all of my mouth hurt those -- the dark. Second day and I was buying and they gave me -- code on our pain never even used down. So I think I think you might have problems that first day when you get the procedure done after I think you'll be. Ought to have problems for a long time sir I don't know how long you've been listening to all we -- dental problems have -- a misunderstood. Now what -- cannot. I don't think you can equate a root canal with having four wisdom teeth pulled me ask you how old you were when your -- before -- -- I would 32. And they had grown and they are grown and sideways so they were real painful. -- -- pick in my understanding. Is bad and again I'm not a dentist but generally speaking. The minute they start to rear their ugly heads and I don't know why they call -- wisdom teeth because they got to be the stupidest things in the world. But the this the younger you are when you have the polled the easier it is on the dentist the easier it is on you. -- But when you wait that long it's you know basically they have that much more of a chance to solidify in embed themselves and god forbid they become infected. That's my understanding but I'm not a dentist. Yeah that's going like I don't remember the first one that you pulled out that was one that hurt me the most -- -- immediately I was just kind of had. Thank you. I just wanted to chime and I never had a root canal unfortunately it just. You know money situation ever it and the golfer to hold the adults and other central problem -- another key to. After that after the current what I. Well I have given this might shock you but I have given serious thought to just going ahead and having it extracted but. I I'm gonna try to root canal and if that root canal does not take them I don't think that I will know that I at least tried to save the two. And I think appropriately extracts from -- make sure what I did is I just made sure -- -- -- a lot of -- why -- so I wouldn't get dry socket. According. Yeah you bring about some bad memories of summer camp thanks for the call. -- played -- group canal or South Korea and I hope we are able to fan -- -- Well thank you thank you elaborate much time I'm glad you called them. What's the matter Joseph existence stitches in the air towards -- lightly dressed like throw things out there really aren't our. Guys about you it. Think the garage sales show has some real straight to it I really do. I could -- -- -- These guys. That was your favorite part of the show right one summer camp reference and that that's gonna be what you remember OK nice nice that you. All artwork we're sure Oprah -- Mets after all the but seriously hey guys thanks for argument weeks are bravery well notes notes -- -- Glad that you were able to bring into your life and you came in the mine today thank you thanks to interview replaced John Sherman. And I shall leave you with two words vitally important. You know. Yourself. About.

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