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6-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I don't prefer taking administrative action. I'd rather see permanent fixes. To -- issue we face certainly that's true on immigration. I've made that clear multiple times I would love nothing more. Then bipartisan legislation to pass the house the senate. Land on my desk. So I can -- wherever and whenever. I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do. Com hourly and that's what's been within 200 feet of this boom or -- These live. Its logo that prevent this it's Tom hourly ask another question. Trying to get as much this isn't real she's mostly -- Susan live here. Now so on news radio 930 and there really aren't aware of what it meant some personal things. A lot of confidence that. What's that members coast of -- The and let's see I got a lot of give their feedback -- the -- did movies your all time great brain dead movies that are guaranteed to get to out of a funk we did that for Rio part of the last hour on Friday. Dumb and dumber was a big -- and apparently so was that hangover. And in various derivation the -- Would be hangover movies series am it. Amazes me. Is a lot of things do actually about what amazes me. Com is the fact grant. And number of people. No war professional people who are well past the age at which they should be laughing at movies like over. And well -- numbers been out for awhile hang -- of recent vintage. -- kind of surprised at how many have grown ups. Like those movies that are actually geared to attract the eighteen to 34 year old bail them. It's amazing to me how many. V the wider appeal. Of such -- calorie. -- That possibility others also widgets that maybe it just the budget and richer people that could be as well. Anyway I was probably more likely scenario it is eleven minutes after five news -- 930 WB yet. So you wanted to stay -- circus or do you want me to wanted to lighten up. But what Democrats try one more serious angle here am. I gonna ask you very simple question. Do you want President Obama. To be the dictator on immigration policy. Because that's what worked yet again folks they can call it executive orders all they want. But folks. Cure of -- George Bush. Ronald Reagan Bill Clinton Gerald Ford Richard Nixon or Franklin Pierce. An executive order. In my opinion anyway ought to be used only in the rarest of instances. And certainly not as a three shot against the checks and balances envisioned by our fathers in the constitution. And we've got this president. Folks I've never seen anything like it in my life and I never thought I'd see anything likeness in my life we've got this guy saying. Bad well -- sikar congress in order of about their serves at -- -- the border so I'm going to. In the words of Paul Simon in the song loves me like a rock. Who do you think your food then. Mr. President you want this. You want this to continue. Because despite what you say you know that alternately you want these children in America. Alternately I think you would love to distribute the population in two areas where Republicans might actually have a foothold. To basically gerrymandered areas into voting Democrat that -- might have gone Republicans. I think that's part of the strategy I think that's part of the plan to play year. And when we have a president who. Basically threatens. In his state of the union speech in 2014. To bypass congress whenever and wherever he can't. One of the most un American things I've ever heard from an American president. Rush Limbaugh and I've said this before. It's not just your humble host who paid at that Tibet. Rush Limbaugh has gone so far to call Obama's 2014 state of the union speech the state of the cool. I think that is a very apt description. And today ladies and gentlemen as you were working. And let's face it many of you weren't working because. Saying in the old days. However when doctor war was real vegan here's what -- one point was made of fourteen million a year. Lecturing. Women against going to work. I can never quite understand from what world doctor Laura -- Because it is here is. To my way of thinking in a way a woman who just didn't get it. That not every working couple was doing it -- you have the Cadillac Escalade. To Mercedes convertible. The forty inch TV wears it and have forties TVs way back then but they weren't. Working to enjoy luxuries. They were working to get by. They were working to pay the electorate. They were working to pay the taxes. To put gasoline in the car to make sure Jimmy and -- head shoes sneakers clothes for school. And the pomposity of this woman to make such huge assumptions. About two income families. Always aggravated the hell out of me from somebody who as I said at one point was make him fourteen billion dollars a year if god bless her for regular fourteen million I mean that's that's not. The point is if you do well. Financial. You've also got to not lose touch with the fact that there are a lot of people who have not had the blessings bestowed upon them that you path. And that they really have to work it's not really an option. -- do you really think that threat. These couples ought to just move to so horrible neighborhood. So mom can stable to actually watch the rocks get thrown through window. Well. I think about the working couples I know and even the ones that I do that when she was on the and I'm really hard pressed to think of any of those couples. That worked. Because they won the vacation home and ability. Or because they one of the fifty foot yacht in the upper thirty football. They were working because. Travel hockey is expensive. A decent hockey stick now is over 200. Dollars you know that right. Never that they joy at the kindergarten mom bought your way yep. But our hockey stick. For fifteen dollars NG bitch about it did you broker with your first -- on. Today's hockey sticks folks are easily north of 200 dollars with the other composites. So. A lot of you are busting your -- here's the bottom line. And your busting your humps so you can enjoy. And so so you can even have. The bare necessities of life not because you want this year's Rolls Royce in the last year's Rolls Royce. And I was never able quite figure out what planet doctor Laura was coming from which used to chastise women. But that's just your humble host. So what Hillary's injured there was so much work is because you've got so many people who are depending on you. -- over the bumper sticker is to see him all the time. Work hard millions on welfare are depending upon you. Well. My question I watch -- listen to this report. From CBS I wanna see if this does anything to you. A what they ask you the question. Of whether you believe. A President Obama has the up Forte. To unilaterally. Decide immigration policy. With his threat today of executive orders. I think this is an obscene. And promiscuous. However Graham. It's started at least in 2014 and with that state of the union -- And it continues today. Folks this man believes he really does that he is beyond the constitution's. Then I remember hearing had a radio show not that long ago it wasn't mine and it was. It was a national -- and I wish I could reference it might have been other Christian station to which I sometimes -- Lieberman. But. They were talking about America. Being considered now eight post constitutional. Republic. And I said -- oh this person is spot on. And this is live report from CBS. And it involves the president's statements today. On the wave. Of illegal. Invading illegally invading children. Into the United States. And specifically Obama's threat. To power grab over this issue as well and here's -- report you gotta also former journal. I thought we had a report. You mean like the -- the entire speech. Are a lot of what what Puckett played it 5 o'clock is when it. Well let's let's just let let's have a montage. Will note that will have they montage. Of the best of Barack Obama. Decrying congress' lack of action. In other words congress' failure to do it his way and his threat to unilaterally. Do it himself. So here ladies and gentlemen this is like. This is like the best that the core of the biggest hits -- Barack Obama June 30 24 to. I held off on pressuring them for a long time to give speaker Boehner the space he needed. To get this fellow Republicans on board I believe speaker Boehner when he says he wants to pass. An immigration bill I think he genuinely wants to get something done. But last week. He informing the Republicans will continue to block a vote on immigration reform at least for the remainder of this year. Summoned the house vote in caucus are using the situation would unaccompanied children as their newest excuse to do nothing. I want everybody to think about the argument seems to be that. Because the system's broken. We should make an effort to fix I don't prefer taking administrative action group. -- always wanted to -- timeout timeout timeout timeout I don't prefer. You out of your mind. How -- this statement we take him seriously. You've heard me play his 2014 state in the union sentenced a zillion points. He absolutely would prefer to do things without congress who is. All this crap. It fixes. The issue we face certainly that's -- on immigration. I've made it clear multiple times I would love nothing more. And bipartisan legislation passed the house the senate land on my desk so -- can -- America cannot wait for ever. For them to act the failure of house Republicans to pass a -- bill is bad for security it's bad for our economy. That's bad for future if congress will not do their jobs each week in two hours. Expect -- recommendation before the end of the summer. And I tend to adopt those recommendations without further delay today. I'm beginning a new effort to fix as much of our immigration system as I -- on my own. Without congress. But he preferred not to do it. Joseph you know adamant as were next from the state. The guy who says he'd prefer. It this way told congress -- -- I can take up legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that on the under. And he says he doesn't really want to do. Guys. You believe this man is here -- -- and under. What gets away with this unbelievable. Let's find out what's happening with traffic right now here is Allan Harris. All right folks heads up with the the weather. Shower or thunderstorm in spots deceiving otherwise it will be partly cloudy warm and sticky to let -- overnight low 73 tomorrow you're gonna wanna look out because it's in spots is gonna be really really really really hot -- some -- get hot it's gonna be really hot tomorrow. Mainly cloudy. Breezy and warm thunderstorm around can be strong later. Thunderstorms can bring torrential. Downpours large hail and damaging wind gusts tomorrow's high 87. But to combine that with the humidity and it's a feel -- about a hundred degrees out there and those if you are going to the concert and -- park hopefully it'll hold all hopefully it will bear. But you know they are there. They do a great job and our -- I just can't even is blue it's blue road. They do or if I suppose you were up Michael -- it would be blue rodeo. And they know. I yes. And and Western New York as well I haven't seen any of icebergs in Niagara river liquids or. Regret 534 news radio 930 WBM -- they would view. -- folks where you heard what. President Obama -- say about immigration basically he's eight -- for no stake in congress not on -- he's gonna do it himself. This man basically. Blatantly fly outs the constitution. Or his overstepping of the constitution at every opportunity he is never called out on it by -- Anybody or so it seems to be here very few people and it's it amazes me. This imperial. Presidency that is to say about George W. Bush. George W. Bush is -- -- Compared Obama when it comes to the aggregation. Of power in the executive branch of government. It's it's frightening but my question is do you trust how do you trust Obama. To handle immigration. If so why if not why not do you trust. President Obama. To handle immigration now he says he doesn't really wanna have to do executive actions. And he is so full of crap when he says that it is demonstrably. Untrue he rolls at the idea. Of the more power for him the better he made it clear in the state of the union speech when he fourteen. And forget Ashley -- from microphones today in straight all want to do a little like doing it. And this this guy ever tell the truth about anything to anybody. Here is -- outlook on the WBBM Henry. Talk to me you're -- Yeah I just wonder. Is there anybody in this country that can stop this guy without you know afraid editorials on the books and -- Threatened pretty low foods but it the only patriot in this country is. Kids know -- with the NSA he's the only one any great studio and that. Well what you're saying is stop him I mean he's going to be stopped by the expiration of his term of office but it's obvious now that in the -- Final two years he's got. He is going to set precedents that we don't want in this country in terms of the aggregation of power in one branch of government the executive when we're supposed to have a systems of checks and balances. It was going to be somebody in congress sort of on the court that couldn't. To be like John Roberts -- obamacare -- like that to me like John data that you made you feel like John Boehner talking about lawsuits instead of impeachment. There is no opposition to this man it's it is so what is happening to me. -- Well you know my thought is. It just shows to me again forgive me if you're a Republican and -- you really think your party is going to change because I've been hearing the same -- since 1976. And I don't know how many decades you're going to give -- that I gave up on their several years ago. What I hear these. -- the house Republican leader talking lawsuit he ought to be talking articles of impeachment. It. Well what do you think it is. -- -- it doesn't matter of what his personal. Fortune. Well if you think is. If the Republicans go after Obama. Like they went after Clinton. Unlike Clinton what will they say if the Republicans go after Obama. Well let them yet. -- got to stand up and make -- they end some time. Can you think of any politician. In recent years with any kind of courage whatsoever recent years defined as the last military twelve years. No. I could go back forty and not think of one. -- I this you know the debates. You catch sometimes and C span in the the house of commons. We're there is a quote unquote loyal opposition. We don't even have. Any opposition were so it seems to me. In the United States we get these watered down statement from Republicans. Whether Republicans ought to be in full public relations political war -- And they have simply decided to basically sit out the Obama administration. And when Hillary gets elected it's not going to change because they've already been labeled the party -- declaring the war on women in addition of course the longstanding war on black people and then wait until the first Latino president. I did the Republicans have pitted themselves and into this corner for which only. Bay have themselves to blame. Third party. Well. There are other parties what would you Wear -- -- it when you talk third party what are you talking about. Who who do you have in mind. What -- they're did Patrick Kennedy and you can. OK it is indeed the constitution party. Well that's just so old school I don't even know what to say about that. Constitutional. -- -- is not mistaken constitution. I was. Henry -- what you get it. You get it and it's it's boggling my mind that we actually paid people to go to congress. And Republicans actually there are some Republicans in congress to the House of Representatives and that -- -- hard to believe you know -- from this area we've got one anyway Chris Collins. And I don't know what happens between the time the elected and the time they go to Washington but by the time they get the Washington. They are neutered. Yeah he's already talking about cooperating so. It didn't take long. Well it's one thing to cooperate it's another thing to collaborate. Mean you've got to have cooperation. You have to be able to -- -- sabres. Whenever and wherever possible you should be able to come to some agreement if both sides are reasonable and -- both sides. The best interest of the United States -- heart. I really do not believe the progressives in the United States and -- call them that there would be reason. I do not believe they have the best interest of the United States at heart I believe they wish to and are trying desperately to destroy America. And frankly I have no use either for the bush sites and their new world order it's the same thing just with a different label. It. Well Maria all I can say is there anybody who agrees with me this much must be brilliant. All right I'm all right do you thank you do you work do you trust Barack Obama. To handle the immigration crisis. And I know we talked about this last week. But I still cannot get over this. If I'm still shaking my head over the fact that a Mexican. Military helicopter. Actually crossed our airspace in bay did the United States which is bad enough. But shot at Border Patrol agents. And the response has been crickets. I've never in my life seen anything like this. What is going on right now. These sanctions pre planned orchestrated. Choreographed invasion of America. By a civilian army of children. And white -- say that because as we found out last week anybody who thinks this is pure serendipity. Or anybody thinks it is happenstance. Eight giant coincidence. -- you have to do and those who listen to the show regularly know what I'm gonna say. All you have to do is go to my FaceBook page annual ceiling. To a request for proposals which was made by this administration in January. Of 2014. Folks you have to understand. The previous annual figures for illegal. On escorted children crossing into the United States. 5005005005000. But in January of 2014. This administration requested escorts for 65000. They obviously knew something was coming. And I absolutely positively believe that that is. Prima facie evidence that this administration A knew it was coming and and folks. I'm gonna say something that I said quite frequently last week. The frequency of repetition does not the mean but the intent is or what I'm trying to communicate when you see a situation you do not understand what do you look for. That's right you look for the financial interest Mike corollary to that is you also look for the political interest. Do you believe the Democrats and the -- grass roots have a political interest. In flooding America. With no skills to children without any parental authority around them. The answer is yes they do. Because this will create a new. Underclass of special underclass in America. Which will of course be trained to vote Democrat. And if you are one of those establishment Republican types who believes who falls for the bush lie that. Well. These are pulled potentially future Republican voters because they have very strong family values. There's no hope for. First of all the Republicans don't have a monopoly on family values I don't even know what family values are. I think that is the most over used. Meaningless. Expression in the entire world family values. I really do. Different families have different values. And different families express love in different ways. And like you were not. There are different family constructs there always have been. You know it is not it is not always been war in June Cleaver and the two ports. -- in the beaver. Now these days is it. Are the numbers of quote unquote non conventional families whenever that is. Are they greater than before yes. And the reason for that is multi -- -- there is no one single explanation. I never quite understood the whole. And again this this is one of the reasons I think the Republicans. Have lost their brand and killed -- brain. Because they have focused. Those kinds of issues. Family. Values again I don't know what that means. I seriously I don't know what that means. Does that mean I take my mom into my hole and take care upper if she ever wants to because she's unable to take care of herself literally all yes absolutely I do that a heartbeat. Does it mean. That I want my children living at Holman told -- 48. Paying over three no I don't want my kids living at all. At forty. Now that being said I also understand there are those of you who are in your forties and some reviewing your fifties. And you live at -- not because your cellar dwelling person -- -- life. But because you have made a conscious decision in your life to look out for your parents. You know yeah you get the free room and board and your parents have somebody to do the airports to do the law. To do the laundry to get the groceries. And a lot of people have made very. Noble sacrifices over the years so that their parents might be taken care of by that. The children. And I think that's a very noble thought. Now I don't think it's noble for able bodied forty year old whose parents are in good health. To sponge off the parents. -- in for it that's not but it's not good for the parents and it certainly isn't good for the individual. -- there are always going to be asterisk. There will always be people who. After twenty years of marriage are going through a divorce. And for various reasons they just have never develop their own credit score you know there are times when yes people do move back home of the short tour. The operative phrase they're being short tour. You know until they get their lives back together that go back out into the world. Sorry for -- early to ramble but. This all gets back to the idea that some misguided Republican establishment types. Have. Bought the line and propagated the baloney. That the illegals are natural Republican voters. Well if you consider people who very First Act in this country. Was to break our country's law natural Republican voters. I guess I could see why I stopping a Republican years ago. And AccuWeather. Got to take my own post off of FaceBook because my fat fingers hit post before I was ready to even post -- -- -- -- -- oracle damn -- again sorry about -- guys. Com AccuWeather for her to -- a shower or thunderstorm in spots early in the evening as opposed to late in the evening with the music seeping through. Partly cloudy warm and humid and 73 to what you like these pop music references from time to time Paul Simon's late in the evening. With the music you've been through. Korea -- sound too by the way mainly cloudy breezy and war thunderstorm around to be stronger later. That can bring torrential downpours large hail and damaging wind goes with a high temperature of 87 and -- folks we are at that time of the year. If I see any dog locked in a car with the windows are open enough I'm gonna break the window and ominous they with the dog until the cops come and take the dog away. And I'll gladly take via malicious mischief charge. Because I will do. -- little device that breaks windows very -- It is five does that make -- bad person I can get fired for doing that. So what retired in the Philippines. Anyway let's get that to realize how well it live in the Philippines. I mean like for the rest of my life. It would be -- -- bank. There's a reason they were here's -- -- WBM. Dick hello Europe. I am the one I agree with you totally on this immigration crap. This whole thing has been an orchestrated. And yet though. It and if it's meant to overload the. Humanitarian. Side of the United States the other thing is if -- Obama warning to. Don't all of these things -- or less to do. In this way past two years I hear the one thing. He is playing for an incident. Which he can. Turn around into declaring martial law. This in military has already been questioned about shooting Americans. And trying to they've been trying to guess aren't the public. They made ammunition. Various -- to comply. And under though wish terms martial law I am not a constitutional. Law expert. -- -- -- look at under this circumstances. We can't have an election right now. Is it. The first steps to dictatorship. Yes if you -- well here -- effect. Look at precedents what is the precedent right now this president has said repeatedly now. Whenever and wherever he can he will go by congress now today he had the balls to lie to the American people and say I really wanted to do this despite the fact that's exactly what he said he would do would great verb and gusto in the state of the union 2014 speech. Now you'll know whether your thesis is correct. That this this is all setting the president. For some. Staged event. To keep him in office I presume that's where -- going with there's. At such time but that's -- I'll talk further about this care is. I don't think that's going to be the case. But I hope I'm not being naive IA our Barbara during the same stuff about the clintons are -- what we're will be with you WB yeah.

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