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6-30 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And welcome to you. If they got -- extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. And flew. His ball club. Mom hourly. Column and went to. Now what about mountain range and Kurt Michael welcome. It's -- its local capital. Home. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly remember what happened in Vegas stage didn't make the trip for her -- And thirty W yeah. Well. And -- familiar to show another -- trail of blood deadwood and the baby Jason and things like debt and -- -- scene where elsewhere in June be proprietor of the saloon around which much of the action would balls in the TV series -- beat last episode which was shot like seven years ago so. I'm really on top of things but there's a scene where he brings -- magnifying glass to read small threats. And it looks at his guest in his office and says yes it has fallen to its. I'm John Sherman -- call screeners should probably didn't back down and tell the audience the task I think I just gave you to do in my room here and by the way put on men and mosque today so I thought I would -- great aroma about it. He's known as. -- Ago. Needed that little boost today thanks John. To write -- customer service number off the hard. So the credit card customer service number even with my reading glasses I could not make out so you did it or correct. So -- feel about it John if you're a little bit superior. Knowing you Nokia its duties mean that the least well. Thank you very much John Sherman -- call straighter and it -- it's like a fine for a two skits fighter and hire and fire reflecting. Our guys -- welcomed the -- Michelle and I know it's muggy and hot and humid and sticky and you know I don't maybe some of what -- lighten things up I'm sure I'll get to that later on today. But there are -- all national news stories which are frankly I think need addressing. Number one. These Supreme Court. Has ruled in favor of hobby lobby and a couple of other businesses basically saying look. The religious beliefs. Of an employer. Are grounds for that employer. Refusing. Quote unquote government mandated. Coverage in this case of birth control. Now could it be expanded. As justice Ginsburg suggested. Reasonably. It could be if you believe in the First Amendment to our constitution. Ladies and gentlemen smarter minds than. -- -- his burger. Alito or Roberts a long long time ago Bader and decreed that you shall have freedom. Of religion first of all the establishment clause. And there are two parts you need to know about the establishment clause in this oldest rubs a lot of people the wrong way but we don't have. Have a state religion in the United States. Some people like to pretend we do we don't. Because have the founding fathers wanted to get it -- said it would have said so they would have set. We decree christianity to be the religion of America. But they didn't and I think I have explained in previous shows why they didn't and those who are unfamiliar with the history of England. Can go back and look at the dueling bond fires between the Protestants and the Catholics. Following the death of -- eight our founding fathers knew that even within christianity. People can give all G hobby on each other. Over really. What's that word. There's a word I'm looking for and it's just it's it's running away from me even over -- basically petty squabbles. Okay. Now the other part of the First Amendment as it pertains to religion is very very important to me as well. And for those were new listeners I'll tell you that I'd be very very strong belief in god -- very very strong belief in spirituality. I don't know the answers but. I do believe there is a larger purpose -- and larger forces at play in all of our lives the purpose of which I don't know. I can't know. But I do not adhere to any particular. Set of religious beliefs. And there's a lot in the new testament in particular that -- realty really really love. As some of the most incredible wisdom ever put forward. By one man and in that case the Bible's Jesus Christ who said he was the son of god. And his wisdom and his logic and his love. Is truly inspirational. I also have found in my life other spiritual people from different backgrounds. Gentleman named yoga and -- from India who was an Indian guru. He expressed many of the same ideas. But obviously not in a Christian format although he had a great great great respect for Jesus Christ. But the point of trying to make your folks is. You have a guaranteed. Right. And our founding fathers made it possible. They didn't make up the right but they put it in to right. That you'll have the right to freely. Exercise. Your religion. Which of course also means freely not exercise any religion. And that's important to. And I told you -- a million times. And this was actually one of the ideas going through the piece I wrote last week which was very well received. A major city across the country. I will defend it. The religious. Which -- -- and I will defend the atheist with my dying breath. Because. You or. Belief in a god in your particular religion or in your particular lack of religion. It's a guaranteed. Sacred right enshrined in codified in our constitution. And I know you might have a hard time believing this but I will equally defend Roman Catholics Protestants Muslims Jews buddhists and atheists. Because it's that important to me your right to freely exercise your religion. And what the Supreme Court did today. Vis a -- this. Birth control mandate. In obamacare. Was the right decision in my opinion. It was the right decision. And I want I want your take on this. 8030930. Anybody disagree. Or do you guys agree. Where do you not care 8030930. Starlet thirty and 180616. WB EN 8030930. Start thirties free on the cell phone and what 80616. WB EM. Now we -- we left off heading into the 4 o'clock they had news. Was the disingenuous statement there while inconsistent and -- in January from the White House today. That President Obama believes that your health care is really your personal decision. And folks on your verdict I'm your call poll on that statement because we know. Bet Obama thinks anything but that he is a stay this collect activist. And I won it again in its entirety jokers now we have time to do it. This is a woman on the public forum on Obama here. Asking the president of the United States if he would allow her mother to get a pacemaker. Folks. That in itself is a breathtaking thing for me this. It it's just unprecedented in American history. I can only think of one other regime. Where people -- to look to the government to figure out who would live and who would die something about getting off of cars and going to the right line of the left line. Yup it's I take it that seriously and that this is the exchange. She's a 105 now over a 105 but at a hundred -- the doctor -- -- her. I can't do anything more unless you have a pacemaker. I said go for it she said go for it. But see everything is specialist said no it's too old. Her doctor said I'm going to make an appointment it was a picture is worth a thousand words and when the other written especially so her. So her joy of life and so on he said I'm going for so that was over five years ago my question to you is. Outside the medical criteria. On it. For prolonging life for somebody who -- at all elderly. Is there any consideration that can be given for -- certain spirit a certain guy joy of living. -- -- The quality of life or is it just done a medical -- and certain age. And we're gonna solve every difficult problem in terms and then wife Carol a lot of that is gonna have to be. We as a culture and a society. Starting to make better decisions within our own families and and for ourselves. But what we can do is make sure that at least some of the waste that exists in the system that's not making anybody's mom better. That is loading up on additional tests or additional drugs that the evidence shows is not necessarily gonna improve care. That at least we can let doctors know and your mom know. Then you know what maybe this isn't gonna help. Maybe you're better off. Not having the surgery but taking. The painkiller. A bat. I I don't even have the words to describe my continuing. Distressed. At bat exchange. And its implications. And -- in my FaceBook page of the trolls come out. Criticizing my choice of sources for news articles bright part the blaze. I AQ. And a reason to keep you on my page and adios I'd follow that with something else but I do. Fine let's check -- with traffic right now here's the always fine. All right guys listen up ask you whether it's truth and it AccuWeather a shower or thunderstorm in spots this evening. Otherwise partly cloudy warm and humid the overnight low 73 degrees. Also you should know that tomorrow's going to be -- cloudy breezy day war. A thunderstorm. Around and later on could be very strong in these thunderstorms could bring Torre told downpours large hail and damaging wind gusts and a high temperature of 87 degrees and the humidity might put the real feel temperature -- 100 degree range. And you've got the blue rodeo concert at our -- here tomorrow night and I don't know what it is about Tuesday's lately because our parks of the proverbial golden or fuel over the years but this year -- you know Ringo -- god and thank god prevent. Let's just because god personally made sure that I saw beetle like I believe that really -- 84 degrees at WB Ian here is adjusted. In a buffalo Justin you're on hello. I want. It it always goes well in my world amateur. -- I -- -- totally agree if you analyze your issues are not diplomatic kind of disagree I don't believe that -- That would be kind of holding out you're really religious beliefs are your employees basically in this -- and -- can't -- -- -- -- -- people. No I think you're looking at the wrong my. The owners of the business to people who founded and or who run the business have a right to freely exercise -- religion. Their religious beliefs nobody. Holds a gun to anybody's head to take your job with hobby lobby or these other companies involved in the lawsuit. So if you are that adamant. In opposition to their religious beliefs. While I worked there it would mean seriously you have. It would be right now applauded the please finish my my thought here and then I'll be happy to talk with -- but it would be like Gary your humble host applying to be a priest in the Catholic Church it just is going to be good -- You're right I guess I was looking at a from a different way I totally agree with that you know but I guess I was looking at Omaha the point. I guess there religion believes even older employees police will be different there at the polling data on them by making that rule. But -- but there's also nothing that says that the fact that the employees of hobby lobby cant arrange for his or her own birth control in particular her own birth control. But now people want to get everything. In the can't create yet. Well or as many benefits as they can as full time employees. But I mean in a perfect world this wouldn't even have come to the Supreme Court. But it's it's not a perfect world. Have you anything else you'd like to offer on this. You can disagree it's fine dude you know. And without doing it. Okay I I didn't but I don't think it OpenId -- -- what and that it well I'd I'd appreciate open mindedness that's short that's short. I I appreciate your open mindedness and I certainly enjoy the conversation and again always. Always jealously guard people's rights to their religious conscience it's vitally important. Our Barbara thank you thank you for the call -- get. Have to agree guys you you can disagree I am you know totally cool with that -- rather talk to people. And I you know deal with the hit runners on FaceBook for 25 news radio 930 WB yen and it is Bauerle. And we have but -- open phone line 8030930. If you see any traffic issues popping up 80303218030321. -- -- master control juncture of your call screener and we've got news coming up. Goes through. Watch the movie. -- is -- theme from Gettysburg. A battle which began. July 1 of 1863. And this is the thirtieth of June 2014. And it. It was all those years ago. Today. That both the federal army. The army of the Potomac. And the army of Northern Virginia. Knew. That they were going to be in for one hell of a struggle. And it was right around this time and and folks this is a very very important. Right around this time. We're a cavalry -- by the name -- Buford. Did he is on the ground reconnaissance. Of the terrain around Gettysburg. But the Federalist did not want a battle at Gettysburg they were planning -- a battle somewhere else not Gettysburg. But it was general Buford. Who saw the high ground. And emphasized the importance of the high ground. And implemented a strategy with few men. -- delayed the confederate advance. On Gettysburg to secure the high ground for the army of the brutal. Those events the prelude. To the three day battle of Gettysburg. This day -- 1863. -- it is up for 35 news radio 930 WBBM. Let's let's go to Franken well it was bill frank you are on hello. It's obvious you know with the cold water when it's 86 degrees here. He -- community I haven't heard anyone say it's too yeah. A whole. All why did you have to say that because now -- now you've broken the seal now we're all gonna come out. And that they ought artwork. I am and don't -- fireworks idea religion. Wait wait wait a -- on what. Okay. Fireworks. Where does this come for him. Before the Saudi Arabia and the commercial for the fireworks. All -- always on the newscast -- Salvatore yeah ya have I don't call the fourth of July or call independent statement there. Let's not quibble. But to capital and blow up weaker second government think it's over Camelot the other and get it over. What does that I -- Obama anyway. I'll dude you you have a very interesting way of viewing the world and it's kind of scary but but please go on. OK so so political totally skeptical -- peacemaker. And sure of course and that what what will take insurance plan cover. -- hundred year old mother -- a pacemaker. -- should include -- conducted in my opponent they're already doing it. But it it's implants in new equipment and they have -- that you're wearing outdated and BP. But agents such an sit there and and determine who gets covered and who got an even. Certain what drug you don't get they went into insuring property located in anything yet they make -- but. Only thing we give away our own. Personal. Them to government current employer insurance company. Said. Always we -- -- -- dude -- do entered your your really your your your your basically go one or in the water at 11 or the other side of the boat to enough that are you talk about you cannot talk about independent. Employers. And insurance companies and big government in the same breath there's a world of difference. They didn't do frank let me ask -- question did you not find it absolutely. Unprecedented. And just -- just just haunting that an American citizen would ask the president of the United States if he would allow her mother. The live with a pacemaker. In his response -- campaign. Attacked you interpret that -- More America probably covered by the federal government for health care through Medicare and Medicaid. -- federal regulation particular part about it sure. They you can get services or -- or are procedure or in any decline in our program based on your eligibility. An epic a couple of mr. Clinton and hot button if you report it all -- the and you can't take care insurance. You're you're you're you're subjecting yourself that there are pretty sure they provide which in this case you're not gonna provide birth control so as you said earlier ports are well. So I I guess not I'm missing the point because I thought that the the Democrat party was supposed to be this caring -- Party filled with people who just were filled with the joy and love for each other and compassion. And caring. And I I can remember some commercials with -- being pushed off of clips and we'll cheers and now you're telling me that it's the Democrats who worked out I'm confused. Well it doesn't adequately to ensure that it's better money what's going to -- probably is that people have been demanding a -- that's. But they -- they get it if some of the -- -- -- -- -- that. They've matured and extend your like a twenty cuddyer but -- would -- but -- let's pick up a million dollars yet to get insurance open. Court gonna get the draw. We're gonna come to these these -- and sooner or later technology degree. A far you know what. We have actually talked about this on the show and a far previously announced today but different programs were done. A far more likely scenario is that it's. With genetic testing. They will be able to predict and you referred actuarial tables before. They will be able to predict which bloodlines are most susceptible to mental illness. Which bloodlines are most susceptible to serious cardiac conditions down the line. Which bloodlines are more susceptible to diabetes. And what's frightening about this is. The orwellian world into which we are plunging. I can easily see. Within twenty years thirty years. That there will be official decisions made to eliminate. Certain blood lines to reduce health care costs for the collective. Do you think that that. I guess I like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many people as a bit elder care teacher and assets so that that the government can't get there and they distribute them. They've put their that there their parents or whoever and and -- on the Medicaid paid -- You know I could do it deeply to the -- got in a good -- want to take what they get. Well our -- as there are attorneys who spend and this is what they do home which is right I will tell you that that. I would be a multi well -- I'd be very very well law but I had my grandparents have -- intelligence to do that but they were old school and they thought that if they were gonna go into nursing home that they -- gonna pay deport themselves which they did what to millions of dollars. It. About. -- health care if you if we move further into the future shop and it didn't do what kind of treatment we can turn over any insurance haven't figured that that are determined are well. I would -- the insurance companies ultimately you're you're really talking about the government because they will leave the single Payer insurance company you know. Exactly and inept inept but that's where you know the more -- turn over the -- but I think you have over your health care which. Which is yet that this bank are and who made -- -- entrepreneur he's gonna run. But he -- the first got to get them out of control health care. If you are at it and -- -- -- -- -- to a trustee and -- ought to pay for themselves. But. It's budgeted this year do you about it and it in the pot the as I noted Doctor Who beat this strike. In any practice that that apparently couldn't offered a lawsuit. Which is another reason might -- -- ridiculously expense could be state. Well I actually. They are tending to do that less and less well because they get little black marks on their report card the more expenditures. They make when diagnosing patients the -- they want to the less appealing they are to the people doing the reimbursing so they try. That's exactly correct that oversight that the health -- they can't wish you the word in the ball both popular minuses. -- summit project shortly ducks are now. No that's OK I made is at least. How could -- at its -- is I enjoy the dialogue but it's. Bit maybe you're just not during million god knows I've never interrupted another human being in my entire career so I'm having a tough time understanding exactly from where you're coming on this issue. Turning our freedom of choice whoever the insurer is whether yep hobby lobby benefited they offer in -- The old insurance or whether united -- Obama share our Medicare Medicaid whatever it. If if -- could offer without -- and you can shoot with you lot and I'd bet that what you're 004. Or what you pay and that we need. Freedom and choice can come into play here right now -- and it's going the other way going against personal freedom enjoyed because of the certainly -- And you came to this realization when. I'm glad your call obviously it would what do you do for a living Fred obviously you're tied in some way to the medical field. -- -- -- -- Well let me -- let me posit a question. Mr. good listener I I have to -- a question which you and it is there's. How many doctors do you know. Who today. Are encouraging their own children to follow in their footsteps and undergo the rigors of medical school and pursue -- medical doctorate. I will say zero. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other guys that are over fifty particular way to -- to get out of there. Yet they're represented a common article about it just got to get and its specialty. They can do procedures and that it -- are such that they a deficit when it comes. Primary care. -- pediatrics and hurled at them. That is about the treatment system about -- -- -- what it is it's just been that bad if not it's not it's not right and but. At all yet. You agree. Is -- one question three do you agree or disagree that America historically has had the best health care in the world. Absolutely 100% true we have that that felt here in the world bar -- right now. Yes I also believe that. But it had to be fundamentally changed. The information people complain operated a generic medicine which which are widely available -- that. Illnesses. Would we covered 90% of people thought they would do that no good complaining about between. -- about that dog food and rent them and their about it and but itself it's so politicized you don't put it -- Clinton we -- the -- but not in the world. All right well I don't know what kind of a doctor you are whether you are a doctor but. You might consider -- apology because with this phone call even a big pain in the -- I -- anybody. Thank you for -- cartridges. All right there is it that it. He's got to joke. And it is not coming up on 446 at that news radio 930 WB EM. Now the other by the way the other thing that it is also a major. Story. Is Obama and immigration knew it would have to spend a lot of time here on the I'm a hobby lobby decision because. The beautiful part about Barack Obama is his. Regressive agenda. Is the gift that keeps on giving. Really it's July well almost July and it might -- -- be it feels like July even though it's not but he's the gift that keeps on haven't. Because. This man. Proves once again that you must take his words seriously. And again. I am a big believer in the constitution. Even when -- (%expletive) off Christians come up big believer in the constitution. And your right to you work freedom of conscience. As you see your conscience. And Obama. In a news conference today its statement today. Says that he is going to move on his all -- the without congress. Does that not telling you everything you need to know about this sorry excuse for a president. He's going to move on his own without congress. Does anybody remember the state of the union 2014 -- played it every single day last week I don't have to play it again today. Because usually -- my -- right now. Whenever and wherever I can't. I'm gonna go by congress to get things done for the American people that's actually pare phrase that a direct quote. Our system does not work that. People I don't know if you were taught this in school probably not. I don't know but. We are supposed to have a system of checks and balances. We are supposed to have a system of three separate co equal branches of government. And the -- We don't have a king. And we're not supposed to have a dictator. This man really fix. Deep in his heart. That. It is his country to deal with as he pleases. Barack Obama would be very well advised. To read the story of Cain and -- it was -- canoes and the waves. Not to be confused with Katrina and the way it's Anderson long -- consumption. But basically pink canoe was surrounded by budget ask users. Who thought oh great one you are are all you are all powerful -- you can do anything. And the legend has it that can canoes. Sat in the chair. As the tide rose around him. To illustrate the point that he could not do every. That he was not omnipotent. That he'd like everybody else. Was subject to the forces of the tide and the gravitational pull of the moon it's better it's retreated or OPEC and that is the tide was getting. And I'm moving on I've got to be your number one you're number one Blondie 1979. That it is it's evident and -- but he was good insanity. All right now 79 times that was seven in both real authority. Should the president act unilaterally. On immigration do you think President Obama. Should just wave a magic wand and decree executive orders on immigration or should we have to do it the old fashioned where. You know -- house the senate. Executives signature. And then ratification of the law as constitutional by the Supreme Court -- power by the way which the court took for itself. In the Marbury V Madison case. These Supreme Court was not always. The Supreme Court as we know it today Marbury V Madison change that. Joseph here with the tide is -- 1980. And it's civility will have traffic coming up lenders regular thirty WBM don't you go. It. Did you so -- -- thunder outside -- earlier. Because I don't see any rain doorways to any clouds that look like they did last night did you see those of holy -- I expected to European go to go overhead last night. But shower or thunderstorm -- spots early this evening otherwise partly cloudy warm and humid tonight the overnight low 73. Now look out tomorrow at first of all. Don't bring your dog with -- everywhere you go because your dog will die in minutes in a locked car and by the way so when your baby so please you know remember to -- the car. Mainly cloudy tomorrow will be breezy it will be warm a thunderstorm around can be strong later thunderstorms can bring torrential downpours large hail and damaging wind gusts with a high temperature of 87. There were 84 degrees news radio 930 WB Ian caller brought up something interesting that not one person has complained about the heat in his circle of friends. About. Joseph anybody bitching about the heat with -- with now I'm the only thing I've pissed about was. -- -- -- -- Tried to guard yesterday beat perspiration. I have long here. And I haven't found a head band I haven't had a chance capable we gonna have been so ever covered my head forward and here we go directly in my eyes. So I gotta get ahead and I don't care which reduced -- look like I need ahead. Baseball -- fall off my -- my yours too thick. Not a bad problem they have when your 51 almost here is -- stand in Rochester WB and hello. I'd come my -- it is to get under -- How. Obama is even doing that he didn't care. I'm buying or has he Republican version. And that Paul Ryan has any conservative vision to tool duke it out probably possibly -- the Republican Party. How do you further ruin what's already an abortion itself. In the racing can break it. It's all right big Republican parties -- -- dead brand. Well that's what I'm seeing in this is gonna go deeper in -- hole so all I'm saying is Obama doesn't have to do squat. You can watch it to check to because they pick up from your four million votes were no problem at all and that's the bottom line why couldn't do anything. Well. The reason is because. The Democrats want to make sure that they have absolute political hegemony locked up. Until such time as a real alternative emerges to the Republican Party which again. I have been saying this for years it is dead I will not support establishment Republican candidates. I refuse to enable. There is somebody who clearly has an issue and my voting Republican. Four and an establishment Republican would be like giving heroin addict a little plastic -- why. We've got to remember that the Greek problem cracked -- -- -- Christian and Republican joining all as kind to -- the conservatives. As long as the conservatives in the Republican Party they're going -- -- Davies gave an order goal it's always gonna do. Well -- Would love to see another party replaced Republican Party I'd like to see something along the lines of a conservative -- but I'm a little weird. -- I'm not quite conservative and I'm not quite libertarian but I'm definitely not Republican because basically today's Republican Party is the Democrat party of twenty years ago. A go -- again discredit the whole thing and accused it may take -- 1015 years -- -- -- -- -- -- their own because it's a no vote situation. Yet you're conservative and you think Republicans are gonna change from within I just wanna remind you I've been hearing that song since. 1976. And it hasn't changed it just goes on and on it's like the political version of American pie in reverence.

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