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6-30 Beach and Company Hour 3

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However -- the governor probably tomorrow we'll delve into Weezer video union dues. Supreme Court ruling or the hobby lobbies report ruling. In the -- the intricacies of that. But meanwhile today were talking about the fact that yeah -- we have a safer environment for children. But is it as much fun are your kids. Or your grandchildren having as much fun growing up as you did I'm suggesting that maybe they didn't. They're more organized they have more things. The they have the ability to go places you didn't go. And did do things you didn't do but it's all regulated it's all overseen by adults there's no free play anymore. Is to get downplay all day just to walk the crazy things. And the barely come home for dinner. But though we didn't have to worry about strangers. You know stopping on the street and a we're danger was working it it was a simpler time obviously. But it's a great time. And we talk about the playing sports we've played sports and out of -- wore helmets. We Wear helmets riding bicycles now is it's everywhere. -- its. The playgrounds where rubberized so we wouldn't give -- a skin a knee or something we go now they are a lot of Lamar. They've taken a lot of the things and playgrounds out of playgrounds because they don't -- oppose any kind of danger always governor lacks -- slide with wax paper. He gets shot out of a cannon when we went down that. Used to play in the wards. There was a group of vote woods right behind where my father and father's house was. And we were good down there and now it's just the street houses on but then it was woods. And you go in the woods and there was always history here -- in there and now -- we go this way look at the shadows over there could be dangerous -- -- All have -- ball now it's. On line. Out loud rock its virtual. -- blah blah this was the real deal. Why would you leave a virtual life when you can have a real life I never understood that. Now you can argue it's a lot safer now. We have helmets. We've rubberized playgrounds. We have those regulated food with the president's wife telling you what you can have to eat at school. I mean yeah you can probably make that argument and win it. But it's just not as much fun and that's my argument my argument is it's not fun. It's too sterile. And to -- if you're great how many times you see kids out playing. Occasionally as I said in my neighborhood they play a little. A street hockey but that's about it yet -- much of anything else I don't go by any playground so I can't tell if there's still widely used by. It used to be -- neighborhood kids got together and we played sports against other neighborhood kids. That was fun now everything you've got to have a trophy. -- -- -- And two fathers who get in the fist fights because -- kid isn't playing an -- forgot benched and it's just not it's not the same and I don't think it's better I really don't really don't it's safer but it's not better. Let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga Carroll here on WB him. Or might -- agree on life there in -- 3040 now and my right one thing I can remember that winter playground -- baseball my son was -- actor. And then my older son called me at work and network can't leave. And the and oh by the way on so it faced with the old is -- -- this kind of -- -- -- remain. And of course she can mean -- amount com home and I bought at -- on alcohol I know you are in fact etiquette she didn't camp. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what I mean else's joint unit in a while and went down and it yuppie you. It's a real yeah yeah yeah. But I drink it. Get to do it in my computer for. And we heard just a vacation for them and we opted. Like like interior ministry tight end can go. They're saying it. At the end you know they charge you didn't but -- -- -- goal where we're sitting there aren't immigrants and sister who won their grip on what it would -- And it said that it wants -- I believe supper a couple of our QB right now -- -- and white screen shot. That you complained that no I think it's going. I bring back a lot of great memories sterilize it discovered that you know about it. While I wanted to or Carol yeah video what do we do as a family for entertainment. First of all I got -- -- this before I don't ever recall. And so I got into at least high school. Ever going out -- my folks to dinner at a restaurant we didn't do that. We have the money so but we -- though is a go for a ride from time to time now sometimes we -- like where we're going to my aunt's house is over but. We -- we got ice Graeme and that was a real treat you just mentioned ice cream. That was a real treat. And guess what they didn't check the fat content of the ice cream or as they got to have Joseph lot of -- instead of this that I. It was ice -- it was realized and you -- And in the summer you put your face in a watermelon. There. And as a grown up but wouldn't show -- to you remember how sweet that watermelon was. -- -- my mother would cut the watermelon and half. If you were lucky she give you words she'd like to do it and you put your face in there and all I can taste it now I mean it was that good. And what we gonna picnic that was always fund through. He counted calories or anything like that that's probably why on the size I am and I understand via of the cause and effect situation mayor. But the bottom line is it was enjoyable it was fun it was real. It wasn't as if it wasn't programmed. It definitely wasn't stereo and you learn as you go along you know you learn about what you can do what you can do about getting her. I'm Jerry in Amherst -- here on WB yeah. I think -- I don't look at envelope and the -- Saturday night and the time you were putting -- barbed wire. And I got -- cut -- night in the barbed wire across a lake. -- -- that it took me opted out of and he poured whiskey got it. And then he then went over and got shot -- -- nobody said during this whole. So I drank it out of he said OK now let's go back to work. Frontier Doctor Who. Admitted that. Apply in areas -- As -- looked out of bed I'd still looked at that bit late now -- I -- when I was married to this day. And I got to remember that -- memory of that day. Well while our good. -- by saying he remembers an injury as being a good day. I got into a fight -- school ice scarf -- right there in my mobile. -- the guy I was fighting -- my elbow threw a glass bookcase. And I'll never forget. That forget being in the principal's office being reprimanded. At that time I could see the bone could see the ball market has seen -- starts right there. Right there and I could see it up and down and he's lecturing me on Howell I'm always getting into trouble is all I'm saying should I see the nurse. Because you can see the ball right there so this but I wouldn't trade that it was fun. Later right through my window but that's another story is that the will take a break it will be backwards more but it was part of growing up on news radio 930 WB again. What got me thinking about this was John as a thousand. This morning interviewing someone was talking about sparklers. Now you're familiar with sparklers on familiar with sparklers but he usually along stick in -- -- the in the film -- -- -- manager. And they they sizzle. -- -- light candles OK okay except they sparkle that's why they're on call strangely enough sparklers. And he -- a very legitimate. Claim he says you know that these sparklers. Have a 12100. Degree. Heat emanating from them would you -- the same these that is -- welding broad. Which handle which Andy welding rod your child while obviously. -- But the bottom line is he's right intellectually he's right. It's safer if you didn't handle -- sparklers to a kid or rip the you know obviously -- -- -- But the point is all the fun is being taken out of Obama. Of life yeah it's safer and you and I can't defend the show on doing now. I know that it's totally indefensible. Because all these things carry some kind of risk. And some kind of danger and you can get hurt and hurt but the bottom line is it's like is like poker. If you're not going to take any risks. You might stay in the game longer. But there's not much enjoyment to occasionally. You can't be overly risky but occasionally. He would take a risk. And it's rewarded it's fun it's exhilarating. Would you get on a roller coaster if you knew he could get hurt now widget maker parachute. Jump. A would you do you know zip line anything like that which carries some element of risk but they're fine -- you do the best you can. And that's what life is about but those of trying keep the kids from. From being kids basically. I think advocates are missing so naturally do they have more a lot more than we're. But are they having as much fun of for instance climbing trees. There's a lot to climb trees. The last time you saw a kid in a tree. I'd like and I bet I bet you can't even remember it. Right and if you didn't see your precious little junior or little -- starting the climb a tree you would get them out of tree immediately. Because as dangerous. Have you ever been in a -- exciting. Will -- next branch -- I'm -- I know you just don't know so I'm I'm I'm opting for the fun. We have was summarized here and there. Aspect of life rather than the much lower chance of anything anything happening Cuba just boring. Just boring okay Chris we have some up FaceBook postings once -- this one comes from -- he. That I don't know how to survive I'm fifty now when I was a kid I just played outside had followed that of the sprinkler in the backyard. Today in my nieces and nephews have planned activities seven days a week there's dance class sports leagues that don't even have time to be kids like we did. Well that's the point everything's organized. Segment Ed you're gonna have. A -- for reason -- you got a videotape everybody gets a trophy. You know you traveled to Japan in the travel with -- It's insane. It is really insane. I think that sometimes parents are afraid of on organized activities. It's called chaos. And that's called childhood another please. This one comes from Brian this is I think the current environment is partially a function of the legal system people can sue for damages. And businesses go so overboard to protect insurance payouts. Some like it makes people overprotective and it kind of hurts kids. Well that's true and here's what you'll find you'll find often times that. The legal system really does take a lot of fun out -- take horseback riding prisons and horses on and off for twenty years. And when you would go writing it is very important when your riding horses to be respectful of the land. In other words if you come to a field it's planted you would never ever ride through planted field but you can ride on the perimeter of the field. And that and part of the enjoyment is finding trails and whatever. Now that's almost impossible. Because farmers are worried that if they like Jerod the perimeter of the field there might be some liability. Even though you would assume a certain amount of risk if your horse steps and whole. It's it's the farmer wasn't negligent in the hole was there are but doesn't want take a chance so what happens what happens is the legal system. Cuts back on that. And I am sure it's the same with a lot of things were regarding helmets. And I don't know some of these places like that you see organized activities -- trampoline and bounce houses and whatever. I'm I'm sure they've all been vetted. So that they know exactly what their limit of liability is. But the bottom line is our parents. During the time I'm talking weren't looking to show anybody. They weren't going out of their way hoping some marijuana hoping that's -- that's unfair but. Thinking that someday if anything ever happens it's like winning the lottery guides -- through things we dream about we Primeau winning the lottery or showing somebody. That's what it's all about now. So we can -- like that at all. But they do now very much so and as I said it's a different world. So a lot of things like horsemen are writing -- somebody else's land people doing more simpler because one more recruits. Please this long. And news from Mary she says kids need to be outside using their imaginations you can always tell back in our day how much funnier had. By the way you looked at the end of the day if you were dirty and had a few brush burns there was a good day. That's that's exactly right that is exactly right. And now kids are leaving a virtual existence in instead of being on the field with the other other neighborhood kids playing their on line. I'm doing something virtual. That's what it's about now now maybe time change and things change and I understand all that but I'm just wondering. Are you getting the full measure -- what life is like smell the air ever ever been now when it's raining. And you don't care if you get -- about it. The last time it at that usually one drop and you've got the umbrella loud and yet here in the house and little Johnny doesn't wanna get -- This -- -- -- doesn't wanna -- the rain. Anyway we vote where different nation now. And we may be more advanced we may have a lot more things but where -- not having as much. Fun we'll be back for more would be to company under Israeli and I'm thirty WVU. A buffalo which your friend Sean Hannity don't forget listen in my show seven attend on the voice of buffalo WBM. -- -- backward Beijing company as funny as I mentioned. Horseback riding and I look up on the screen and they're doing a feature in rodeo those guys are nuts. There. That'll -- writers and the bull riders especially the ball both of them are about especially the bull riders and get the thinking life is worth taking a -- so over. It really is an attitude to have this stare role risk free environment. Is is ridiculous. I mean I remembered that -- day Howard felt well and via marriages bought in taxes catapulted me out of the saddle. On the first time I was writing here. And I broke programs broke three ribs which is not fun three -- -- left side. Not a lot of fun but yet I have the memory of me racing motorcycle. Mighty. Parts against any members motorcycle. And that's a memory I'll never forget it was wonderful is that at risk. As X. But I took my motorcycle licensed as a full dress properly. Ford and I -- or double. But it's an omen and and -- -- a virtual life when you get out there are one. And that's why when I heard this morning that spot colors. Are the next thing I handing your child a welding rod. Now my god that's a little over kill -- did you think. Yeah out I guess a spark -- could be dangerous. It's thickening your nose or something I guess it you know bullet. Adult supervision the right age the right maturity level. Life is worth taking a chance over on to be reckless. You don't have to be foolhardy but you gotta be willing to get in the game occasionally. Let's go to. It's whose next -- bill on a cellphone bill you're on WB yen. -- Well actually home. And that's. Where I was. Computer yet now with a -- FaceBook wants its initial it was a big deal paternity of the Dodgers gave. -- apparently it was a boring game scores like six not that are so that the Dodgers went. The whole focus on via the on camera crew was watching one guy who's standing on the bench in the game. Is that matches together and interact with a cigarette. And into the back of the guys shoot that was plotting the. And look at -- it's accurate and everything open -- and -- and eat and -- and counter com wondering what not so bad whatever and. Do they make it okay it was at the small little point. And I. Air. I'm in -- you're. A big deal. It's a whole. Lot that as a it will open at eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I hear you and I enjoy it would give thanks for telling us that story now Chris you played a lot of baseball what is it about baseball is it because you have plenty of time. Or the game lasts longer. That baseball players to -- things that other sports on the they have rally caps and they Wear beards while you sale orders now but. A what is it about his blog just has enough time and you get a little -- in between them play. Yeah I think as a a lot of baseball is pretty individualistic. By year's nine guys are on guys let's just say your batting had a lot of and I guys. Only one -- at the plate now so you have just you know your eight guys in the -- -- and another herb you know five or six just got to sitting around watching and they're guys that have been on the bench all day yeah you just. Are we used to do and I -- who we messed around of late so stupid game. They -- guys in the bullpen through especially in the -- while the dugout to but they -- guys. Don't age as these are these are professionals many of them are multimillionaires. And they I like that attitude that they still do goofy stuff they start having some fun. And it's a lot of just really simplistic things like out you know taking out blowing a bubble. With -- bubble -- just adding that some guys have to. Or like Java guy hits a home run I was out of the blue jays game over the weekend. And somebody used in the blue jays hit a home run out and any governor to the dugout and nobody did in my -- It's really their child is games with me better as the latest on every channel aren't. As fun and that's what I like -- it -- -- is not to be without risks -- not saying you should be foolhardy. Or you know. Put yourself in unnecessary. Danger. Oh we are saying is a lot of the -- things that we did and remember as a kid. Have been gone now. This just gun they've part partially because the lawyers as while a caller said. Partially because everybody wants everything to be a 100% safe as possible. You see kids on the summer -- in the you know winter making a snow fort now. You don't see a snowball fights how many of those NC. I mentioned climbing trees was is that is our cabinetry I -- the country's one time -- -- my grandma in my grandfather's house. The guy next door had a pair tree not my grandfather's spared a treatment hands. And he caught me that the neighbor caught me with a flashlight I was like a raccoon -- the tree. He caught me at night in the dark up in his pear tree eating his peers while I was there and hope way. I was child of course there was no way record -- to a a play I was eating the pair. In his bare tree. He does that kind of stuff anymore nobody has stories like that anymore. What kind of memories we're gonna have JD your member at a time I did I went from -- OS seven IOS eight. And I had all those problems with the downloading I mean why is that is that going to be our memory bank. That was going to be limited time I lost my wonder which McAuliffe file when I was looking for is that it. As Peggy Lee would say yeah when she had a hit is that all the areas is that all there is. A risk free stare -- life. If that's the kind of like if you wanna -- who cares how long it is. You wanna live longer like that. As I said don't go running out into traffic looking for excitement but I'm thinking a lot of it's gone real areas. Let's go to Lou bill in forest bill billion on WB yen. Good morning seemed to you know we were like well search our country and I made. Many trees sports. Anywhere from ten to fifteen -- up and entries. And -- -- -- -- aware cool. We by the cheapest hot -- you can get we had a cooker. My parents knew about it and took my 22 whip me. So I wrote it all we can decide at all summer but that was on part that's on -- -- great. Another swing I'm buying that -- drops like a fifty foot drop on the road home. Always slow on it was like we cut the -- -- -- -- around them. -- Great I'm actually like to -- -- office as it was sitting up from the tree and it was always like static out of this thing breaking all while. I. I didn't. Great memories if you -- -- on paper gee should I swing on -- grapevine over ravine it was a no hole. -- it ever was fun and competed -- tell about it thank you. We come back we're gonna talk to a friend of mine who actually. Who actually grew up -- me and I grew up with him and verify everything we've been talking about. His name is gone from Pennsylvania and -- be on after -- on news radio I'm thirty WB yeah. Yeah when I heard this morning them describe a spark lower as being the equivalent of -- welding broad. As far as. The heat output as you know I understand technically that's correct but it's a spark. Okay and and I got the thinking life isn't meant to be risk free which shouldn't be dare devils. And I don't think the kids today even though they have a lot more. If things and we do are having as much fun and really don't. And here to back up my idea conventional what we instituted a -- This guy in and a third person and I were inseparable. Inseparable from grades three through graduation. In high school and a I think he'll tell you we had a pretty good time growing up right Don and Pennsylvania. You are correction and we had an incredible good time and how would you live and I are still alive today after all of that I'll never -- Do you remember the time you woke me up from a nap and I threw the shot they shot put you in my house. That -- at the use on my athletic ability at all. Tell us about us playing basketball. Yet so we go in -- yet. Ball down it to a local church apparently the only course -- lady of the lake and Ed. A lot of court and an -- -- on during the evening when we won't play. And a lot of night. You could see a -- and some it was cold out of there but we witness. -- them off and that's something you'll never fight again today is carried out would -- we needed them but it. We spent half a day getting them clean so that we could go back and and play basketball sure. We absolutely did and then we would have liked all my rounds underneath the basket. So that could jump up and down the gauntlet based. How we I mean I have a -- you know we were all white. I think black and enable it was great. Well I'll tell you had a good time we play poker together. And -- we -- -- -- club house and remember. What we're planning on -- severance will -- it punch my hand into the door and it's rob like not no pain I have ever had since today. Yeah I think remember and acted like I was on. I'm glad -- did it was like one of those cards don't deals where it was. Yeah. I remember you were -- Laid up for quite awhile after that. Yeah I can't hurt it hurt and and my contention now is okay you have your bumps and bruises or cuts may be a bone here and arrogance of broken. But we enjoyed life were out there enjoying it now it seems like you're looking at a from a distance and and they're getting a risk assessment on everything they wanna do. Is not a true. We are I remembered all -- pick up tackle football games we still play. Or not but that any equipment and where would we were right phrase. Wade play original Lewis he lived in a different neighborhood he got a team -- get its -- -- -- field on Saturday would no equipment and we creamy each other. I'm empty -- but we had a great time and they don't do that anymore now everything's going to be organized. You have to have officials. Everybody gets a trove C they have traveled -- I mean. Yeah it's it's granddaughter but I don't think it's much more fun that we had. Absolutely not nowhere near that type of one we used to have I can remember a couple of times we had those football games. I I saw the -- basketball coach walks in and he was cringing every time. I mean all the good it would let one or two of his better basketball which I would not want them. He's going to be gone and are still at any moment. Well I'll say this publicly gone I'm glad when I threw a shot put at -- which is the sixth named -- ball on -- I didn't mention my head. Well that's probably about the only thing -- like it didn't and I somehow avoided that one. All right thanks -- rabbis for college. -- by a -- we used to. Police it was just part of what you dead. Now Chris how you tell me at the beginning to show you grew oh lead that kind of life too so this must be a very new. -- Yeah I. I think I grew up I'm 31 now rising -- right when I was starting to shift the old dead because the tech rally started getting a little bit batter and -- -- to get more organized when I played baseball. In guy in Al monitor -- the three towns made a -- there and they started kind of getting more was he with the rules that like they. When I played first base to -- basic -- -- -- -- -- to actually step in again there are eventually -- -- to bases so with the players' Villa player in the field to stand on one and a runner understand why I don't know that this is so you can actually step on somebody or collide. -- this is an organized a game the way. And so that's started coming along did you Wear spikes are we did yeah we couldn't Wear metal restore medal for school for that's how -- we could where we -- where Robert we storm. So I mean kids wanna compete kids aren't afraid to get dirty kids aren't afraid to get scraped. But parents it seems. Either. There litigious looking assume somebody because of somebody's fault. Or there's so protective that they want to raise bubble boy. I think that's what changed everything the weird thing to me about that is these parents -- the same ones there were out playing without helmets and other protecting their kids -- more than ever protect themselves that's a good point it really is it's an excellent point. What I'm saying is we shouldn't be reckless obviously. We shouldn't oppose any danger for our kids stand on that totally defensible. But you don't let kids be kids in every once in awhile -- gonna come home. And they're gonna have a cut or scratch or not not on their head or something it's -- wife. I get on let's go to Matalin and west Seneca Matalin here on WB again. I think any great -- and he loved that -- -- -- great. A lot of memories. And I went and people at the boys and -- able at least to build support for a picture. And then we got one week stay in nearly once in the air and eat eat lunch in the Ford and the snow -- We all -- and Halloween we would go back to the houses between Italy India like we don't go to a system where the scary yet. You know what -- I -- appearance. Yup that's right they weren't standing in the driveway now. Yet another deputy editor I -- perfectly support from the time I was in grammar school at play softball basketball volleyball -- I raced all the contract and again you know who was never bear it any of my practices are any of the games my parents. They never -- we want to -- -- college in the -- You are a lot. Are you were allowed to enjoy your life given the best you've got if you had and that above a -- Bruce albeit it's part of the deal. I played my brother is currently it. About all that I loved. Outdoor fun I had a lot of -- guns that are the rules a cap tonight a couple of single shot. Single action caps is well yeah I knew pretend. Are you play cowboys and you play a war in and it didn't turn us into raving maniacs and. -- I didn't go out and kill anybody get killed any but. It didn't really have a good night I fell and broke my written in the -- around the corner coached team and -- it would -- -- than probable machine I didn't go to pat spoke. It's I'd never had a problem with the until eight and I broke my wrist and then I drink my brother built a bit Garrett when he tried it and it. -- stay the course I felt broke it. Amazing. Let me see anyone real quickness or argue for the cat and yet Aaron went there yesterday. -- below you can -- -- one. My pleasure thank you all my -- out there she's talking about. Let's see I think you meant are in them RM restaurant. Did okay did okay that's a train station restaurant management -- Train station restaurants a former train station converted very nice it's -- 119. And they have all homemade stuff including strawberry soup. Which is really really good and we're glad you're taking my restaurants have some final anything handles on the boat with food. Now that about wraps it up I I'd enjoy even talking about this today so remember I just want you to remember of this spark for. Is the equivalent of a welding rod that's what got me started on his show today our employees guy and I just. Media are succumbed alana in your -- tool but come on access. For now. All right yeah I'm not legal here this is New York the nanny state. We'll see you tomorrow will probably be talking in my guesses about -- who hobby lobby case or the union -- case from the US Supreme Court that's my guess course. Something good break before a man. And if it does we'll fix I was here tomorrow morning at nine under Israeli and I'm thirty W via.

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