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6-30 Beach and Company Hour 2

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back with the -- up today I can argue both sides of this issue okay so if you lose today. Yes life is safer now here there's no less risky now you're absolutely right. But I just -- -- -- it's as much fun as when though where kids grown up. And so I'm asking are your kids and grandkids having as much fun growing up as you did. Now we have although all of the food issue -- you can eat this issue must beat that. Bob Bob Bob opt -- Now we have this sterile upbringing. Where you think it's you know nourishing. For the soul and the body and whatever. But the kids are now applying our. -- -- column the community. And doesn't work anymore like that so if you're arguing that it's it's safer now that's an argument and I'll agree with. It but if you're arguing it's more fun now -- my take I might take exception with that -- 0309301806169236. Starr at 930. Let's go to Rita in east or arena you're on WB yeah. I can't be well I don't think that get there having much fun but they also don't think they're learning as much responsibility. I remember as a kid elegant play out like and they they're they're like I -- getting hurt Shia splitter can't open and it was bleeding everything. But I didn't panic and what to do it Saturday -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know well too popular picture shoot well you bar and that -- got hurt you from. You gotta you gotta follow about a Obama and you'll learn how not to do it the next time you're you're right that's it's a good learning. I don't think kids Alec is that based on trial -- out what to do. It's at the whole point is. I understand trying to protect a child we totally understand Matt. But you have to let him live in the real world and sometimes the real world you stumble and and fall down. And -- but they -- at every at every turn they wanna avoid that and I you know it's like it's like not getting any childhood diseases. Well then later on as an adult if you can get him as a kid it's going to be worse when the -- an adult. -- -- to thank you very much the other doctors will tell you that. If you're gonna get to if you're gonna get measles get him as a kid. -- moms get him as a kid we hope you don't get any of these blood. If you do band either you won't get him as an adult or as an adult if you do get -- their milder. But if you don't get him as a -- the body hasn't build up any immunity to it now that I am a doctor because I'm not. This is just anecdotal things that I've heard -- And so there are things got a little taste of it. As I said there's no there's no rationalizations. For what I'm I'm telling you. A but once upon you know if you used if you use just one logical and rational thinking what you wouldn't do. You wouldn't get on an airplane. You wouldn't get on a roller coaster. You you wouldn't put on a pair of ice skates you wouldn't do any thing. Basically. You are just trying to keep from being injured our heart it's ridiculous that really has. If you take the risk way to take the fun away a because most things that are fund our have some amount of risk. Markets as the examples I use zip lining. -- jumping out of a plane with a parachute is George Bush seniors just did. The other day to celebrate his -- these things all have elements of risk certainly but they also very exhilarating. Major test yourself. Would there even beat auto racing as auto racing been dangerous of course it has. But it's also something that a lot of people enjoyed going and spend not only time -- spent a lot of money for dissipating it. Almost any kind of sport. As risk associated with some more than others but the bottom line is if you don't get in the game and you don't try -- have some of fun -- what are you doing. Was going to sitting on a chair hoping lightning doesn't strike you as a make any sense to -- it just doesn't. This is can and -- marred candor on WB again. I think the active area is being program but I remember going from what I'm -- I don't want area thirteen years old about some of us and our shopper bicycle and -- Go across the grand Alan great to be Iraq. Well me and that was at the time when there was just these sidewalk to -- -- in no barrier into the traffic -- -- -- It's amaze but I think they had won it and -- -- you know soured the grassy Duck Tour record and over at grant now operate -- While did you Wear helmets you have now -- not know -- but nothing and then real quick. Copycat I'm used to be a flight at the big pool. They have the -- plastic right now. When I was growing up what they what they 1980 yourself. That are -- we kind of went straight up what the fire letter to get blown out. And so one person volatile -- We use this wizard on the playground and take wax paper from love from the kitchen. And whacks the slide and you'd shoot out of thing like you were shot out of a cannon and that was aren't. But I quite fully understand that. All that all the safeties up but I just think backed up what what are risk weak weak truck and thought we thought nothing of it. Exactly well you know I understand it's safer now but is it as much fun that you can thank you very much are now yeah you got to Wear a helmet doesn't make sense -- not sure. Absolutely. Not arguing against wearing helmets and just saying it's not as much fun. Now when I was motorcycle riding I wouldn't ride across the street without a helmet absolutely. But I have I big in states where you didn't have to Wear helmets. And it looks like of those riders were enjoying writing we're on a helmet is that much more dangerous. Asks of course at Erez is -- Smart to Wear a helmet yes it is Smart to Wear a helmet. But was it more fun than not we're out yet. -- -- -- -- thing you can make the arguments on both sides of this absolutely. Positively even with bicycles. I had a bite from the time Michael ride a bike never helmet never have been a lot of helmet. The united that I you know fall now about the third week at the biker crashed it in the in the my neighbor's house. -- so yeah yeah my father of sex offender forming and that was that and I fell off the bike I scrape myself -- a little bit. But is to say for now sure it is other of the bikes better they're better breaks shore we had new departure -- breaks I'll never forget that because I'm thinking this is pretty exotic breaking a system on this -- -- I got. But I found out it wasn't as exotic as I thought as a crash in my neighbor's house. A -- lots of things that you can argue about now but I don't think you can argue that the kids are having more fun now. As the pick up leagues -- more fun. You didn't know who you're playing against now it's all organized trophies travel. Use you know -- all kinds of stuff. We just picked up X amount of kids on each team we played play different positions had a lot of fun doing. And I think a lot of people have good memories of riding in the back of somebody's pickup truck. Can't do now in fact I saw. A dog in in the back of a pickup truck at a convenience store and I thought. It's pretty outrageous that dog shouldn't be there -- so I understood logically that the dog would be safer in the cab. Then in the bed of the truck but people wrote in the back of a truck trucks all the time and you'd never remembered her falling out of one. As a way to as vivid did it was a risk of course there was risk what was their fund. Will be back after this yes when I heard the discussion this. Warning on fireworks because report this Friday. They are legal in New York State. And that they were legal when I was growing up in Massachusetts I think they're illegal now. And I heard somebody you're talking about sparklers. And they said sparklers. Have a temperature of release any names 12100 degrees the same as they -- welding rod would -- -- your child a welding rod. And -- you know I'm sure the numbers are correct. You know but the bottom line is. Sparklers have always been around like the end of them you know all of them they sparkle they don't blow up or anything else now is that coming your -- your ear or any other. -- -- have obviously you're gonna get hurt while what's next for picnics. -- seven year old child whatever seven candles on the cake and you know seven candles would generate some wannabe. And if your child puts its face it take wallet candles are actually earning it go to her room and -- -- -- It's. Just stop let. I understand the safety issues but it's not fun anymore. Which is going to you know we're going through life so stylized. -- organize. -- so event free so risk free are -- saying sandy. Who wants to take on risk if you don't have to understand that in most cases that I'm not taking on unnecessary risk is the Smart play but. Almost anything -- has a little risks to let you know what I mean it can't eliminate all the -- the playground with a rubber bottom. The Obama video bicycle helmets. Be -- -- riding in the back of a pickup truck. But not you know and not watching every safety rule. I understand it's safer and it's better but it's not as much. On. Scott Ian Williams -- Scott Iran WB yen. Yeah you know what really hurt Indians having a firecracker blow up and it hit one. And in their -- Well you know you should have been a bit more -- should have been responsible because obviously it when an accident happened you learn from that. But the key is your key is if you don't act like that doesn't happen. -- anybody can make your case about anything we're talking about anything you followed your bicycle out of Helmand get a you know an injury. You could you could have misuse of fireworks. And in and get get injured when I sang lifers. A full of risks that you should take world is saying is you should be responsible. You can have fun you can shoot off a firework without getting injured. You can ride a bicycle. Without getting into about -- We're not saying you should but what's and you can yeah you can kind of pick -- truck in the bed of the pickup truck. If you get into an accident you're in real trouble but you can ride in there without getting an accident these kinds of things -- down time and the same with vote. Oh yeah you go out for a cheeseburger it was a real cheeseburger. And it was real meat. And it was cooked in Greece okay and the French Fries were dripping whether it. Avoided its tastes good. They taste good yeah and under for your cholesterol. Well or your weight or a lot of things but now. People's idea of fun his sets and -- well how many sets aggressive should do instead of playing all night no answer your mother demanded you come in the house. And that's what everybody used to do why because they like that out there now he can barely get Johnny out of his room. -- in his room with his own electrical. -- gizmos in there you don't know who -- -- -- It could be the kid next start could be somebody in Hong Kong. And you know of the kind of thing that. That used to be very very enjoyable is getting out with the other kids in the neighborhood. I don't know much about you see anymore. And look at sports sports was unregulated. And by and large neighborhood sports were on coached but we didn't have our fathers they're duking it out over a bad call by a referee. There -- no court cases lawyers weren't involved. It was simply go out have fun come home in one piece if you can and that tomorrow you can look forward to that again not in the war. Let's go to Joseph in forest bill Joseph you're on W via. But it warrants in the illogical but I want you traveled to well. All Randolph and in the short time you could take calcium wars kid its well water as well around the bare feet. Those kids are the best kids because I stop. And yet the big goods from a stand right outside of our Randolph. And those are the nicest kids and there have been a ball just playing with simple things you know. What brought out you know pretty much -- course he had reported and electricity by. They -- -- -- -- Blogosphere about what solve this weekend you know you're catwalk and everybody -- quite as he had. Set the vehicle that's big -- -- but now the current trend -- people are forgetting. That they left their babies. In apart vehicle with a little. How do you forget that -- -- and what now that they as they think that. On the TV shows and warrant shall we can make this so they invite that don't aren't here and change that will remind you that. You luck in your heart out about it yet. -- -- somewhere in the facing any. It is something now the baby who what your estate old -- that I forget I want in my wallet oh all idol -- forgot I forgot. My my -- the second quarter as Portland or there is no crime and -- -- -- Not the car yeah. Well I mean. In Europe BJ numbers are important -- point five hours -- and Evans -- -- What that'll work when you're using your arms but that's what happened but look at those kids across the border war always -- -- -- under. The United States ya know that's what are partaking in the United States that the walked by -- they don't get it right screamed down. You're right then that you brought up some very good points Joseph and -- brought back some good memories to thank you thank you very much yeah you think about it. You all did it because you wanted to do it and because it was fun and -- -- the Amish kids. There is a year a stand where they so Amish because it's very near Randall offices before again and Reynolds. Can't -- -- in the small town. And these are the nicest kids you'd ever see there's like three sisters that are a couple of years apart each. In this system and where they sell baked goods that that they have their mother. Were -- baking in the little boy who was out with the dad working in the field -- very on. And they sold eggs and stuff like that. These of the sweetest nicest children you have ever met. And there's also -- blacksmith shop because they use horse and buggy and obviously some -- -- Euro horse and buggy. And there's a blacksmith shop and a couple of vote -- weekends ago I was down their and there or gathering of children near the blacksmith shop in a field. And they were playing a simple game where I don't even know what it was but they'll have a ball. They were just having a great time in there either so many lessons to be and I'm I'm so impressed with those Amish kids I can't tell you. Because they're not spoiled. And not a my name Madison by the way I think I've thrown at him there. And -- -- live in large video love in life and it doesn't get any better than that. And yeah I stuff for the big guards in the -- -- a fabulous. But I also -- Irish by either buy beer attitude toward life it's wonderful really. I will be back what are we wanna hear from you who are your kids or your grand kids having as much fun growing up as you did. As you do there. -- there having a -- time now. Less so let's bumps and bruises but are they having as much fun we'll be back after. Wake up to Buffalo's early news with John -- Susan rose in the entire WB ENN news team news radio 9:30 AM. WDE dad. The Beijing government set to be throughout the Supreme Court has come -- a couple of rulings. I've not read them yet obviously he's going to be careful. On commenting on them we will get into and I'm not that maybe not today but. Maybe as early as tomorrow. But among the rulings reviewing -- not required to pay dues in certain situations. And no one would do so one would have to read the whole. Opinion because traditionally. In in unions or non public unions like the broadcaster in the William F Buckley ruling. William F Buckley did not want to join the union or pre pay -- civilian. And the court had ruled then that he didn't have to join the union but he -- page news. So if you're gonna pay delusion -- be in the union the united -- want to so of that has been changed. To not required to pay the -- are so that'll be interesting to see the exact ruling on that the other is the hobby lobby case. Which hobby -- -- ago because of our religious convictions we don't know wanna be required by obamacare. To provide them a -- contraception birth control two employees it goes against. Our roads are wrote our -- whatever words you can use their. But they don't wanna do it and they were upheld by the -- by the -- so we'll see where that goes to -- a couple of interesting rulings of from the court on the last day that there will be issuing rulings. Before the break now -- or asking about and this is really kind of subject that is totally. Totally can be argued on both sides I think one thing that can't be argued. Is wife was more fun. In the past because it wasn't as restricted and over and over subpoenas and a micro managed as it is now. It was more dangerous and of course it was we didn't take precautions we didn't have a bicycle helmet on now we had a baby gone -- And we create real hamburgers. Made in Greece. And they were delicious. And so were the French Fries and we rode in the back of a truck yeah we did that. Those -- -- wouldn't have to Wear helmets on bicycles now know forget that the playgrounds. We -- playgrounds and we did reckless things on them. And sometimes they got hurt. So outward I'm I'm not saying it was safer and because it wasn't. It's safer now but it's not as much fun and we were out playing we didn't look at a virtual world we look at the real world. We weren't happy just playing a video game we're playing real games was real people. And so I'm asking. Do you think where over regulated now all over overseen now. And -- was life more fun when you were a kid are your kids and they and their kids your grandchildren having as much fun now growing up as you did. The food and the -- people look at that I mean that's a huge difference. And who's to argue that eating. Eating healthy is better for you. But not as much fun. I get a look at every ingredient in everything he eats. And whether it's gluten free government and range free chicken. Don't care of my chickens coming up Holloway as long -- good range free chicken come on please. Well we don't want the chicken run into offense and I won't need that. A lead it benefits -- Obama's hard as long as it tastes good. India. Drinks soft drinks and a no we do we couldn't afford Pepsi and Coke we had cooled blade. And my mother and your mother shovel shoulder into it and we guzzle that down don't we lobbed it. And we put our face and watermelon -- like that so we -- Is there any more rewarding than that -- -- hot day as a watermelon may have a bit of an affect -- when I was a kid. I cut the watermelon and half. And put your face and it eat your way out I'll. And that Jones and his scenes tripping up your bottoming. That's. And then you play football. And sometimes your friend to be on your team semis -- try to be on the other team India played to win. And it was great and we got dirty and who cared. And who you know -- we wanted to win and we wanted to win every time it was no deal like just playing the game was good enough normally we wanted to win. And though not everybody got a trophy original line nobody got a trophy. We were just playing for the sake of play now it's all regulated. It's -- segmented. They keep track he would keep stats. In if we had baseball cards guess what we did -- them. We took a motto though package. And we -- -- and we traded him with friends and we put him in the spokes of our bicycles. And we hung them up when our Rome. That's what we did we didn't leave them sealed so that down the road they might be worth more as selling an auction at Sotheby's. It wasn't that way we use things. And I don't know if it's a sign of as you get older you'll lose. The you lose some of your taste buds -- don't have the flavor and now that they had then. There before. Ever would burst right out I told you about strawberry milk -- now we almost never had a vote while we did it was such a tree to get strawberry milk. Yeah and so when you open mr. Robert Milken's. If you forgot -- once a year it was from -- law and you drank a strawberry milk you thought it was nectar of the gods right. Well it was about a couple years ago I'm just getting some regular milk and I saw strawberry milk. All strawberry milk was fabulous and buy a bottle. So bottom bottom brought home off. And it was -- taste to it at all it was diluted I mean it was the color strawberry milk but it just didn't it didn't match up there was in the same. So as I said maybe as you get -- your taste buds diminish. What I'm saying his wife was vibrant. It was exciting. We played to win and we didn't think about it every aspect of risk. Now it's safer. It's less risky but it's not as much -- Let's go to John in Toronto John on WB again. Yes you know what -- done. Wonder all. We grew up and and -- -- earned it and we are here are yet many bike and he had. Guns got -- get everything we gobble up whenever you know we had -- -- apple. They'll stand on greens are -- -- -- by crazy. About it. You know what I never stop look like that shut that he you know -- a we're on -- -- -- -- it was like I think it's quite what off. It's what you make it mean I mean it but I'd like -- shall work but I wouldn't football by one of the best football player out there about the game. It can't Kabul everybody at. -- -- -- -- review I mean OK if you lived a risk free life. When it when your time comes on I haven't you know are realists that I don't that I humorous realize but it was boring wouldn't you rather have. The opportunity to take a little risk here and there and and and good pump up the enjoyment. What do. Q it looked at that I -- what do I know I'm a bit delayed by up tight but jag wire and I don't read 200 that would -- country -- I doubt you evidence jaguar I am so jealous because I tried to get in one a couple of weeks ago when I don't fit that's up fabulous card. They're very very bottom. But they've changed a lot at the -- XK eight -- smooth luck but that's been more like a great car like the new Corvette. Oh yeah I have well first off Vienna next K and I get eventually get a map to ID you know your cars Georgia. Well I mean there -- that it. But they're back what cars to draft but I mean that apple lightbulb on it still right Mota got by it although I can't write a lot -- back well coached and played football. You've got great memories and you can tell just by talking to me. You can tell how much you've enjoyed the things you've done. Captain they'll buy it tackling airport I mean like crap and I haven't. -- and I looked good at that time every day about Iraq. And you know I'm I'm I'm not a Republican but I like election the well I'd -- -- educated the Golf -- and. And the -- the government the way it isn't depressing everything in regulating I mean I don't a couple of companies and encouraged its and I also what all of Spain. Being regulated out how they're you know you'd think outside the box and enjoy it like what you're -- you know I mean well. It. -- John you are good example of what we all wanna be and a specially tool in Iran and that if Taipei fed -- John a Persian your call. OK. Okay. -- -- First since when you're a kid well what would be a dream to have a convertible. Okay convertible. Later -- as an adult what do you have to do because I've been through this I've -- service. A bed for basal cell operations of Roswell OK I know that I should not be in the sun. And so when I have a convertible I have the slather on all the lotion after Wear a hat with the rams have a son as -- you know my neck. I have to Wear gloves and we're driving gloves. But by the time I get in the car it's so different than. When I was younger I didn't care to know so you get in the car and driving have a great time and get cancer. Now is anybody favor getting cancer no of course not but what I'm saying is it's not as much fun as it used today. After Jack and scandals scars will be back after this you know it might be a good example we use him as show he's the real Bailey was the revealed no question about it. When I learned that the first time I was so impressed there was a media softball game that he was gonna play today. Now these media games there are fond of designs ago and he is my favorite media personality and I kind of stuff it's it's fun it's not take it seriously. -- immigrant from walk on the field and over his shoulder. He's got spikes. Is very spikes you extort me. It's all -- -- an idea of a real guy and this is what we're talking about the real life. And not a risk free life not just their whole life yeah safer life maybe. Maybe a longer life but a longer boring life. Is that the straight up. Yeah I want however I have another six days but I don't wanna take any chances I don't wanna get on a roller coaster ride a bicycle about a moment. -- definitely don't want to do any of those things so it's just amazing to me. That the kids have more stuff now but I don't think they have more fun. They have more knowledge of regarding electronics they have. Better communication they have a lot of advantages that other kids didn't have who grew up before them because they weren't there. But are -- having more fun. I'm in classic and maybe going and playing in the fresh air and chasing each other around playing football basketball. Those kind of things. The domain as marched through it today in new willing to sacrifice them and in little -- a virtual life instead of real life but. I just I don't think it's as much fun. I'm glad that I get to do what I got to do one I got to do it -- -- of course it may have to do somewhat -- my grandmother. On my father's side I was talk about why it's and so but I also and the finish side my father's family came from Finland. And my grandmother. All -- and her husband had died my father was helping my grandmother and she at a dairy farm. And they would bring me down to the bond while my grandmother was milking. And I would be I would be in a chair and my grandmother liked to do lists. And I love this but my mother hated my grandmother would squirt raw milk right out of the Cowell. On my mouth and I loved it my mother got furious because it's not pasteurized homogenized. It's coming right out of like well with -- Stubbs in the -- But that's -- she died before I can't even really remember. Blood IE I don't have any memory of that but in my folks told me about that. But maybe that's right now hooked on having a fun real life instead of a risk free life. You want to -- risk free okay you know that you are -- your very barring. I don't I don't long ago. A story MJ in Boston and Jalen WB yeah. And they all there at this is bringing that dollar many memories eulogies were just talking about the cow and my grandparents at a time and quietly withdrew their habitat -- -- click -- -- and he -- That nowadays it's it's like. When we -- kids. If you couldn't go outside and play that you're being punished absolutely not and you could sit and watch TV. But it you couldn't go out and play and that would kill you you were just so upset because you couldn't play with your friends. We wanted to be out there -- our friends in the in the air fresh air we -- me wanna commend. Exactly. How I grew up an account to Lancaster and during the summer when we were kids that it's probably about eight or nine. We looked up. Put everything that's -- -- -- glad that the council -- we would spend the day there and we were glad I was with a tablet coming home. -- -- home in time for -- parent ever worried about it. And one day we were riding through out -- -- area with some gravel and I fell off a bike. And I got to stand in -- died at -- in my bathing suit and night I. I told my brother damaged beyond nowadays -- -- called 911 to go to the emergency. Pavlik couldn't get stitches but. And I -- The flooding and it now that I'm older -- in my sixty's. I had a Scotland and then when I was Skype on the side of my body instead at the front. But the memories are great aren't they and I wouldn't I wouldn't trade him for the world. Not a -- -- and the it was just so different. Thank you have read thank you very -- -- show were asking. Are your kids and grandkids having as much fun growing up as you did. And what about that the food everything's measured ways. This -- upbringing I think many you know it's say it's tea. And -- upbringing as far as technology is concerned. And folded clothing and things like that but the memories are going to be there's going out and having fun with your friends and snowball fights snowball. Bring in the school. The the police department. Would be there if you had a snowball fight now in the old days let camera will be back after this.

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