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6-30 Beach and Company Hour 1

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All of his major company have sent -- beach I'm standing up for the female tennis players -- Wimbledon I'm just telling I really am. Wimbledon is really cracking down you can only Wear white with a little better color dram that's it even your. Nowhere has to be white. And the women a lot of protests by going Rollins. -- that'll show on -- -- all of us we could figure you've got to talk I think -- it works. Not ever I love tennis especially women's tennis and C -- thing where they follow the ball in super slow ball comes dollar and an -- and you can tell it it's an eighth of an inch. Oh or -- They could use it on the -- to find out if indeed they are wearing the proper color in -- Barbara Paulus idea. I'm in favor of any kind of a protests like this Iran which turned the light on in there I'm not that these two guys are really that good looking. But it's really hard -- show 10 and the light is up. So what do you think are we standing up for the women of Wimbledon. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know they are very strict about that I think Serena a few years ago war hero award something that they weren't happy where -- -- let people know. But that's it's going to be all white including their underwear. Now I don't know those girls at that job. Do you think -- than you think that's going to be area a very important job the people gonna want. I don't understand the all white to begin with I think it's kind of boring and antiquated this morning I understand you don't want people to go over the top. But Wimbledon -- a respectable tournament but. Not even cream we had the the guy on for the interview the last statement of the early news. Is it can't be awful white may -- Yeah exactly and they're and they said that if it is -- -- why when you sweat it would show throw. Well I mean that is going on though little too far but anyone -- they will follow that but it's of that I think I'm making a prediction now. There Wimbledon this will be the biggest number Wimbledon has ever had as far as ratings are concerned. If indeed those women go Rollins I'm just -- I like Wimbledon. In this case I love Wimbledon and -- for now what's going on here first off I have to ask your question boys and girls out there. If you did you stop at the South Shore shell gas station on farm road 518 in League City near Houston. He did OK did you lottery ticket there. Was it almost a year ago. Well if you were at the South Shore shell gas station -- farm road five a team in League City near Houston and -- but it. A year ago you have -- a day to eternity and and collect twelve million dollars if you did not turn and then today. Today at 1159. It's worth twelve million dollars one minute later it's a piece of paper -- -- call home man. Now did that happen. I'm you can take a lottery ticket and it goes in a drawer or something to forget William accident with something else in -- throw it out and whatever. Today is the last day the owner of that winning ticket from the January 1 Lotto. Can -- Damon for twelve million bucks. That would be an excellent movie about somebody finding at the day after. The day after you know you're you pick up up our socks and it's a nestled behind the Sox. And now Europe twelve million bucks a delegate my horoscope today tomorrow look at Chris is true. I don't -- -- strangely enough. If you're gonna follow on I'm going to look at mine in my sign -- feces okay. Take the initiative and make things happen. Network into -- that was someone who has as much to offer as you. Don't be shy show Loughner talent somewhat is likely to be jealous of you and your ability that is right and I Campbell leave it. Chris so what do you again by any Leo you are illegals are here jars. If -- changed take action and follow your instincts Chris. Get involved in something that grabs your attention and someone you meet will quickly become a lifelong friend seized the moment. And -- and the turn of events that will unfold could influence your future my own big stuff there. So we've got to we've got two things that Zynga. It pretty well I'd -- a great weekend and I wonder when we play soccer again tomorrow. Tomorrow at 4 o'clock replied. Belgium Belgium oh we're okay Holland Belgium and they've complained wellness so they were playing while their three you know -- one of I think four teams to win dollar games but. I don't mean. You have what you don't have a soccer fever I major I'm not like Tony. Tony -- break down Belgium's dial Tony nearly went to tears. In the last game needs to is a tough guy. But yeah hit certain spots and a here will come out and a soccer is one of them. -- -- very good but I don't think of them as being good I think you set -- last week you don't know who is good -- -- bounce it out and we're committed -- good way in the NFL goes in the playoffs OK -- the NBA goes in the playoffs. If you don't follow it you kinda know who plays toward team you know who's good you know I was lucky you know who's hot you know who's not. About whether it's with soccer we don't know anything about anybody all we know is that chance -- to get together at the bar. And and screaming you know and -- economic canal side and the among 5000 people. A win today and maybe hook up and what it as soccer the other players -- game to. Seles they will find out what's going on. Meanwhile. I was listening this morning. It's a job -- Susan as I always do. And that they had a subject on that got me thinking about this subject. Does and it's one of the few times. But I do -- subject that I could easily argue both sides solely. I can make the point 41 side and that I can refuted on the other side I can make -- point for the other side refuted on the first side. Because I think they both have merit. Above what I'm gonna ask a question that. Kind of transcends. Exactly what I just told you only come back we'll -- list we'll take a break we'll be back would be each company Tony Tony is on bay cagey on. And their criticism the -- Saturday and will be back after this it is Beijing company. Well I saw something in the hallway today and that it reminded me big sabres a draft draft pick -- and -- what how old is the 1819. Dot. He was born in 1995 and so -- either eighteen or nineteen I don't know when exactly -- -- and that area and he is here visiting -- come out probably mainly to our sister station WGR. So that they -- sabres can introduce him to the community right. And he may have made a stop. -- Janet on the -- but he was down there for sure. And as as as I came walking and he and a couple of Bob management I'd hear from manner -- Were walking down the hall with this -- Now this -- supposed to be a real league good prospect as a hockey player but he faced his first real manly challenge. Okay because as he got done being interviewed on WGR. And -- Jeremy an hour as Jeremy had a heart. But that he got out of GR and had to walk by the studio. We're Sewell needle as workers. I hop the first test of his manhood let me just tell you this. I'm nineteen year old looking through the glass it's O'Neal is like me being locked in a bakery over the weekend I mean it's just -- -- -- you. So I got a hockey player is going to be but he passed the test the actually could them. He actually walked out -- -- without shaking and the -- is there anything so I think that's good if we have so O'Neal can intimidate him. The people in the NF the NHL aren't. Gonna -- anybody quite like you limited. -- you know I don't know if he's on the checking line but -- -- -- I can tell you about right away. Now is this the same as the National Football League that the -- first round draft choices signed big contracts with a lot of front money in them -- work. Generally you perhaps you sign an entry level contract for couple years and manual and upcoming implying for a big money after that if the if you're quite -- -- under control for a few years salary wise at least Roby told us -- interview room at the beginning his career and he analysts -- -- a record before he even got into the National Hockey League. They didn't even use a bit and use agents. They had on this obesity is an agent they wouldn't even -- I can't even fathom that -- growing up when agents are just everything in America to deploy -- -- players sometimes get in trouble for talking to agents to -- when they lose their eligibility. I've never known a time -- there -- -- -- -- this kid has the edge to -- through his father plays. Of the is that not correct you as father played for about 1011 years and he's got two Brothers one was drafted in the third round and 2010. Another was a fourth overall pick in 2012. Well god let's hope things there are looking up love for the sabres. Our general man is government holds Obama wears those Buddy Holly glasses Tim Murray Mari. Does he look like the least friendly person you ever seen in your life I think that's my favorite part about -- oh my god. If you lose your -- on those crime shows. And they showed his picture ago. Those guys -- mass murder. Come away at large squinting through those little Buddy Holly glasses. He's never had a smile the corner of his lips have never gone up at all. Once we when we hired Tim Murray I talked to a bunch of -- he was in the out of a system for awhile -- was in charge of minor league teams my favorite quote. What does a coach for -- HL team said dot. He'll smile a little bit he'll be grumpy often. Yeah he looks severe -- -- put Alex in good disciplinarian. At a school you know a school for troubled youth. Something like that you would wanna be sent down at his office like -- that. Just look at. He's taking heat because -- during the draft I mean you GM's walk out they announced that it sometimes dated praised the city they're in. He just walked up there says this -- selects Cameron art and walked away six words -- -- I have I have one word for him contacts. It's. Actually a -- earlier it's those glasses those dollar 53. Looks like he got a lot of them machine with a claw at an amusement park. You know it went down and plot a pair of cheesy glasses and -- -- ago this is the go to look for May -- to municipalities there isn't as accurate and my brother lives and I think that's. Well I don't know that's because I don't look at me a televised him in a good can. Absolutely. And here's today's subject to what we're talking about. As I said usually. When we bring a subject into the show I have a definitive point of view. And I yeah I'm willing certainly listen to a position that's when you talk show as well. But I can defend. Totally defend the defensible by my own logic on not everybody. Has the same as a logical sense as as I do some have different forms of logic. But the bottom line is. I usually can discuss one side and defend it. Today's today's subject. I could defend both sides without any kind of a problem and it doesn't mean I'm being wishy washy it means there is merit in both sides and I understand that. But it's still very very frustrating. I was assuming this morning -- John Susan as I told you and they're talking about fireworks -- Friday is the fourth of July. New York State does not allow fireworks Pennsylvania does allow fireworks they gonna go to Pennsylvania. A good guy in Pennsylvania is they all you have to do is nice to work -- -- for. If you do is present a valid ID showing that you're not a resident. I'm showing that you're not a resident of Pennsylvania. At and double indeed you can you can have a fireworks in his column that's that. ID if you do album we hope you -- responsibly. Back to thinking. That is that we did when we were children. Routinely. We have all the time. Now is looked at like the end of the world. Okay something as simple as spark -- aspire Korea's. Long -- little -- little stick. And mom would go or dad. Would would say okay now hold on to the end of it yes. And they light the candidates like -- like a sparkly candle on today and there is and now suddenly. You're grown up you were holding a spark that's what it was like in Massachusetts where agua. But I heard the person today on the morning news say you know what that's like it's like holding out welding rod would you give a welding rod -- the church. And they are probably right but the bottom line is. -- it was fun. It's fun. And I don't remember and it's just anecdotal of course -- -- the statistics are probably on the other side of this but. I don't recall anybody ever. Getting hurt with a spark or doing something awful spark cooler it got -- fanatics in high school and lowered its. -- but that's that's just the way it goes now. And it's what a lot of things. And I remember plate is when you Google about playground and climb on the jungle gym and fall down on some of that dirt. And maybe skiing or me or get a cut -- or something you know I sort of thing can happen. Can't happen anymore because now they put rubberized. Bases to the playground so that. You don't hurt yourself when you fall off the jungle gym and of course -- saw. Aziz because it was -- more than the other kids I weighed more than two with the other kids so I would sit -- decided if the kids up. And it would have a great time. Of course I'm on the outside jump prophecies on they would all go boom. But that that sort of thing another memory I have is. -- loved it I had an uncle had a pickup truck. And every once in awhile we'd go ride in the back of the pickup truck the going -- -- -- riding in the back of the truck. Was so much fun now is a dangerous just dangerous. And people got hurt us they could get hurt. In a playground project -- -- get hurt with a spark could injure yourself yes of course you could. But the bottom line is this life is not east Earl. -- -- It's not -- sometimes you're gonna follow Obama and global home. Idea I rate nearly broke my wrist because I'd put it through a wall one time. In a nearly broke it hitting a grudge or 'cause I've missed an easy a shot OK did it hurt. And her ship arrived at of course that was stupid. But I did it because that's how I felt at the moment and I learned a lesson there learned. Even if you get their hand on which -- -- all and it's everybody misses a lay up every once in awhile so you don't have to worry about mention anything out. So these are things that we while we were kids. That -- fun. Not -- -- punch a grudge or wasn't much fun but certainly. We wrote our bicycles guess why. That. -- -- -- Now are there had injuries of -- Course there are there are people can call and tell you a terrible horrible story about something that happened because they didn't have a helmet on so. Can you argue the other side of course you can can you give me -- Naturally you can give me figures can -- be a logical. Person yes you can. But it's not as much fun anymore and I'm just asking you. Are your kids or grandkids having as much fun growing up as you did. I'm not saying that they have as much because they have more but are they having more fun will be backwards -- company and his regular thirty WB. Can use as it happens on air online. And on you more iPhone news radio 9:30 AM WB and across the. Shell is totally indefensible there's no question about it when you hear it play out like I'm beginning to do. -- you'll say -- the and that and you'd be absolutely right and if you call and say that's irresponsible I would say you're right about that true but it was more fun. There really was. Our parents did not envision a sterile environment where nothing we were put in a bubble and nothing would ever go wrong. Yes yes we we broke a bone here of -- we skin and -- yes and fell off of this and -- -- ourselves on Maddon did all kinds of things. But we were having more fun plain and simple. And one -- when they were talking about the sparklers today in known in New England while police in Massachusetts. When I was a young. They they allowed fireworks in the and I don't think there are allowed now but they were then. And we use them and and we were told to be very careful and we were very careful. -- does that mean that nobody ever gets injured of course people get injured some people it severely injured so when I'm trying to do was say it is though risk free. But we don't we didn't expect our lives to be risk free. So we had fun with fireworks and we by cherry bombs and things like that M eighties -- and -- and had fun with them it was fourth of July we've we've putted the fourth of July but now of course. Now of course we have the the the death -- warning that even a spark war is like holding a welding torch. I mean that's that's organic all right and and I understand it and they are right they're not wrong there right. And if you are trying to get a risk free environment for your child you are succeeding. Is it as much fun as you had when you were a kid and I don't insult. -- idea in my neighborhood occasionally. I see some kids playing a straight -- that's yet. I never see anybody out in the winter I ever never never never never never and I'll see them doing anything else basically. I think our our kids are in front of computers and in front of electronic gizmos. And having a virtual childhood instead of a real one. Is that it is it's fraught with danger. No. Because as we've taken proper precautions but is it as much fun I don't think so. The examples I use or just the starting point. You can't ride in the back of a pickup truck anymore so legal that legal everywhere that I saw a pickup truck. The other day and that was talking to somebody writing to me of how much fun it used to be that was the greatest treat the world to be able ride in the back of a pickup truck. Now is there a reason not to of course congress it's safer not to we understand that but it was fun. And as I mentioned the playground was fun and like we used to do pick up sports. We were just pick up sports. And and neighborhood against neighborhood or whatever and you'd have outrageous -- jobs you have people outweighed by a hundred pounds of a football game notes. Running over other people. And we went home with a big smile on -- we had a great time now. Not anymore everything has to be organized in the league unique trophies for everybody. Because we don't want any kids -- think that they lost any thing including a pick -- game. It's just not as much fun. In the helmets are helmets a Smart thing if they are. I always wore a helmet so while motorcycling but I never wore a helmet playing pickup football okay. And I have to Wear -- motor I have to area helmet and bicycling 'cause it's the law. Never wore helmets were bicycling. Now are -- good reasons to do these things of cars there are good reasons. Safety issues. But it wasn't. It's it's not as much money it was more fun than. And also that's just part of the growing up. How about food. My mother love -- my father loved -- Achieves those species that take pictures it's or sugar and what are the Kool Aid pitcher I mean she calls fought sugar. If you -- that now in front of anybody. They'd probably call -- authorities and have your children taken away from okay. But I knew was that dancing pitcher of Kool Aid I actors were hot sweaty because we're running over each other on the field there. I'm watching my mother do that as she's mixing it up but I drink half of the pitcher all at once could you do that now courts. -- a lot of puts all of -- problem we have we have the very intense food he's out there. -- measure everything that you -- Was -- more farm then of course those that makes sense that eat healthy yes so it's it's the argument that I can't make. I can't make and any arguments saying it's safer it's better. But it was more fun. That's the whole point I don't I don't see that now are really don't. And also. If you really think about it the request for the sterile environment. Is is ongoing. We are trying to illuminate any possible. Risk. That you might encounter growing up and that's not that's not realistic really isn't. By taking away all possible risk you take away all possible fun to -- because logic will tell you should handle a lot of things. If you had a chance to zip line would you do it. Probably is that say probably. But. The bottom line is it's fun is that some element of risk -- out parachute jumping. Is it -- people would do love it okay is that some element -- -- yes there is but they're having fun. And so my basic question I think. Are your kids and grandchildren having as much fun growing up -- bit I'm guessing that the answer is -- resounding no. Because I'm not asking if they have more things than you did because absolutely. They have more things in muted. But are they having more fun. I don't think so. So I I don't think they're getting all the electronic gizmos in the world all the FaceBook. Likes in the world. Replace a good old fashioned day out in the field marking its -- block off. And coming in for -- it. I mean let's just walk in it it it its. Way to mess doll will throw ice balls that each other are Smart things of course not but they were. Oh they don't trailed Montreal 1806169236. Start 930 and please don't do this to -- doing not -- this. Well I don't Johnny did this and suddenly Bana is avenue Hammond it's very -- I understand your argument I can make your argument for you. I'm just asking was it more fun. I didn't say it was it was that care for was that that risk free event because it wasn't. Wise more Biden will be back activists. So I'm saying are your kids. And grandchildren having as much fun growing up as you did. And now with food restrictions and they every parent trying for the totally sterile environment. Of which they wanna make at risk free for kids. Now can you argue for. Argue for that -- kids and who wants their kids that break a Boehner cut themselves nobody does. Errors I'm not arguing for that to say it was more fun when there was some risk involved. Obviously. That you have to gauge that risk you have to know how to do things responsibly. Played with fire crackers and whole childhood. And but it would but we were fairly responsible we did things that we -- though you know little caps and fireworks and and things like that. But nobody that I know and in our circle friends. Were injured by that if you try and take away all risk you take away a lot of fun to now we're not saying we should add more risk. To a child's environment or not recommending that but we're just kind of thinking back that it just -- more fun grown up. Let's go to of read in Youngstown Fred you're on WB yeah. Good morning and -- How -- I'm fine. And I just wanted to -- -- I've got two daughters. Way and a one is all. Quite a bit old news older than the other and heinous. Her kids in her grandkids now are growing up more like we did a good. And bad but the. The youngest one has two boys and everything is regulated it's. -- sports you know all right. Crawl. Organized. Oregon man hey you get trophies. Has sort think. It is did you -- in -- isolated from reality sometimes. And I just wonder whether this is good forum I don't think -- really is. -- most most kids were blown play until their face was all red and their mother yelled at you had become and because it was time for supper. And you didn't even a supper was there -- -- we look forward to that you didn't wanna give up playing now I think most parents -- -- -- -- get the kids to go out the door as opposed to getting come in the door. That was fun. I don't know if you've ever ever did debt when you were a kid but I used to. Pitcher rides on the back of -- you win national and then plowed yet. No I never did never did that though that is a little riske has. They'll respond immediately grab onto their back -- her in muted and hand you know what's. Vera mother is now club putting their hands over their ears -- iron -- -- -- And so we all remember the good times what we had fun being out. You abide. Now -- as. Chris you're obviously not my generation. But risk free. Did your parents try and raise you risk free -- everything was measured everything was a year and you needed a consulting committee to decide what to do and and they followed every single last Al the letter of the alphabet. No idea I've used. Fireworks and sparklers and I was growing up I -- without a helmet and I did it also injuring VI shooter who laid -- was eight. I looking back. I don't know how old we did it I give you if I even saw a much sugar now now neglect it was enormous amount of -- -- oil and horror. My I think it has a little plastic shovel like and she's the shot that's what they care what it. You would schnabel the sugar in critical yet it was like two cops who -- server Somalis pitcher and and laborers at the title that I knew -- mix it -- we drink all of our guys have made more. Exactly that's exact same thing. So our parents -- -- certain -- And there were risks but now I think they go overboard to be honest I've I've I'm all in favor of safety. And taking care of business and all that stuff but I think there's so much concentration. On not having anything ever happened anybody's it's gone so. It's almost good to fall down because any kind of know your limitations exactly. They give you never know your limitations are you might not ever take any risks and if you -- -- vigorous one day you might end of game her undergoing a lot farther than he really showed that's a good point it's -- -- And that is a minor lesson as opposed to a major lesson later I mentioned that my right hand it's a wonder that I even have a wrist there. Because. Of two examples which I gave one we had a clubhouse and it was a nice little clubhouse okay. And we -- poker there cause we play a lot of poker. And one time were playing and agenda and it's some kind of stupid -- with my cards I did the wrong thing and I was angry at myself. So I got up. Table and smash my hand through the wall but the law was only. It was only paneling. So it didn't really hurt it hurt more when I pulled it out because obviously it's easier when you push through -- out. But I learned a lesson there -- learned a lesson -- no matter how dumb that is you don't put your hands of Walt. And then later. We used to play basketball at a driveway than that I hope on today. And I -- I -- driving in for a layup it was an easy layup but I missed it. And I was so mad at myself I smashed the garage door and the first thing that I realizes the garage door was not the wall the club house the garage door. Was solid -- And it was one of those things Lama later Khartoum. If you saw if you -- my wrist right after I smashed the door when. Yeah. It was throbbing it was like one of those Warner Bros. cartoon things and so I -- wireless Humberto I was stupid that's a lesson I learn. But that's I have to learn these things. And now none of that's allowed none of that so note. If you could put Johnny and a W would. And of Johnny who would be happy to be in a bubble. You'd be happy that Johnny was happy that's the way it is and you don't have to call Johnny and for playing outdoors he's not playing outdoors he's in front of his computer on naughty girl dot com. Actually that's not the worst it's a bad example perhaps a bit of we ever had not a girl -- would have given up basketball poker but that's another story. We'll be back what more are your children and grandchildren. Having more fun growing up then you'd fit. Yeah they may be safer you have these safety rules are in effect. Yeah they may be eating more healthy and everybody gets a trophy. But is it as much fun and will be back.

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