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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Wimbledon Airing Clean Laundry Spat - Larry Miller

Wimbledon Airing Clean Laundry Spat - Larry Miller

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wimbledon is a tournament steeped in tradition but what do the tournament's most storied traditions. He's the all white dress code up until now some players have tried discourage the ruled by wearing some color under their all white outfits. This year officials introduced a stricter dress code. That no color can be visible and CBS correspondent Larry Miller is joining us on the WB and -- I think this has some people's you know what in enough. We're he you're you're absolutely right actually over the last few years especially. The colors have gotten outrageous. Both for the men and the women. You had very short tennis skirts and very loud. Tennis knickers as they call them here. Underneath and in color. And but no more. That color has been restricted to one centimeter of trim around sleeves in the collar and that's it. And that's not just the color on the outside white is the color what you Wear and under the whites. You can't even -- Cream or all white underwear because if it gets wet with sweat it might show through so there. They're taking it pretty seriously and some of them -- close female players. Have. Sort of protested and Google brought us. Well who's going to enforce this and how are they gonna go about. -- Or handle one player called a pretty creepy and another first said what they're gonna look under our skirts. And that's basically what they're doing if they see anything that has color and it. They've got. Supplies that you could -- -- cost of new underwear. You welfare it's. That sort of thing but there's there's there's they've cracked down on this land. What was uninteresting though people who bite to -- -- these are tickets they paid 75000. Dollars for. And Japan for five years worth of seats. They tried to impose a Driscoll of these people. The spectators. And -- -- issues. You have to Wear. Just smartly no jeans well they gave that up because the people with a big money. Decided they're gonna come as they wish. So they reaction would you say there's like a rebellion of sorts over this. -- Wimbledon represents -- such -- big money is not going to be -- major rebellion just show up to Wimbledon and losing the first round. Did go away with 45000 dollars -- -- just showing up. So there's not a big rebellion but if that people are annoyed and it's taken the color out of the game. Yeah Wilson that was. It was very good Larry listen what about what are all the -- players word Avaya. Now the mantra there's a printing it twice for everybody. OK so let me ask you this. If someone suspected -- where these outlandish collars -- -- gonna do this on television when what are they going to do discreetly pick these people behind the curtain and check them out. -- let them go on court if there I don't pass the the white test. While -- let this -- anybody -- has anyone been removed from the court. -- -- know -- we're now in the first day of the second week so. People are focusing on the tennis that said there's big money the winners both men and women over the next this coming weekend. So the winners get three million dollars so. And I'll worry too much about the colors. Committed to it that they wanted to play and wanted to play and red white and blue they do that too. Yeah while this is an assistant that Larry thanks for joining us this morning we found a pretty interesting. My pleasure thank you okay that's CBS news correspondent Larry Miller joining us from London.

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