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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Lighting Up the 4th - Matt Shaw of Skylighters of WNY

Lighting Up the 4th - Matt Shaw of Skylighters of WNY

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking now on the WB in live line with met shock with sky leaders of Western New York these are the guys that put on the eight. Professional displays that we see each year -- good morning. Rory thanks for the time probably shows are you guys doing around here for the fourth. I'm rich -- factionalism right here in Western New York on the fourth of July and 49 chose this week. Tell our listeners about some blues shows that you put on throughout the course of the year not counting. Independence Day weekend. Well fireworks become more and more accepted. Not just for the door anymore we got birthday parties letting regulation so all year summer carnivals and winter faster New Year's Eve. Wow so you're saying that -- -- -- birthday party and I wanted to have fireworks. Paula Michael applying for a permit -- Irish open birthday party changed little unusual. That you -- -- usual it's becoming more work on and how do you do it you hire me I think there probably just on the permitting. A little bit more than you know just showing up battling some fireworks and others of what a permit that he -- inflation. The other ensure they have enough room for fall out. So despite the fact that there illegal in New York State if we higher yield a professional. That's the way we get around it. That is correct the military to -- -- license and two proper relations to be opposed. -- -- But it honey got those licenses meant to all us and tell our listeners about your training. So that you can pull off all these spectacular -- -- your word you go. A lot of -- so for most of its hands arms treaty. You'll get several years of experience before we take the civil service experience. And actually -- they. -- -- Now you're saying you've got 49 shows this week 25 of them on the fourth alone he must have a big staff. Until I got a 104. Local waste display operators greater. And how do you find how do you find this people who how do you train them. I guess who would have to assume too right -- that the people you hire. Are doing this on the part time basis that you're in the course of the year -- -- a little full time job just like you and me. That is correct. This week. Most of those guys are working full time. Him. Despite these guys there's -- -- nonprofit organization. That a lot of this belong to. But who has an interest and fireworks. Paula last year -- ethnic association. Now with your business. Are you patents you're not making the fireworks you're just processing and putting them together for shows is and it. That is -- We but I am I already made. And -- are the fireworks that you buy it ready made and the settle off. They made here on the USA for the most part or -- imported from another country. -- what -- or were used in the professional sport are important to have a couple must -- lines -- do -- Who makes the best fireworks. America in the course. What precautions do you have to take to do this and -- ever had a problem in your head and in house and something that blew up before it was supposed to you're you know that kind of thing. I think he considers that will. Spectator seats in years who recorded it all out so. Next to it's standards. First. Replacement. State be concerned our work our return to its roots are as your protection face shields. There is a percent failure rate. Whatever in the proper leadership to display. We had malicious. How long have you been a businessman apology ever got the idea to go into the -- of a profession. Passion for fireworks my whole life actually the work first -- winners of Western New York. For eight years the -- urged them in 2000 animal and. They met we wish you are a good week and a safe until. Thank you thanks for joining us it's match up with sky -- of Western New York the guy in the big guys put on the professional displays that we see every year around fourth of July and and other times of the year to.

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