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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres Sam Reinhart - Buffalo's #1 Choice

Sabres Sam Reinhart - Buffalo's #1 Choice

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The sabres selected you lose second overall on Friday was given quite a few days -- all that little sink it hasn't. Sunk in yet. Yeah I think it started to hum your comment in buffalo last night -- for the first time and announced to him this morning in daylight so I'm very excited that. He'll start you know hopefully long career NN -- for an opportunity. -- you feeling a little pressure I mean this team finished. But the bottom last season I mean where in rebuilding mode but then -- missiles it's a lot of talk about you and being part of it rebuild. You know -- -- merry Miller for most teams. I guess I am excited that to be part of this young group that that's really growing. And have this moment offing a lot of pressure this unit say anti theater on the group and and really. Users -- and that the comment to the lineup next year and make an impact. Sabres GM tumors that you were of the top guys on the draft ports. And has got to make you feel good to the team that wanted you more than anybody else. -- -- -- gives you confidence coming into two you know -- new team on C there is law work that he says. Continuing continue to be done -- over the course this summer and I'm looking forward to that challenge and -- you know excited. Featured hockey runs in your family your dad played in the NHL for over ten years of two Brothers. That have also been known that been drafted 20102012. Pelosi do learn from those guys. Everything and those from those guys Tom my my -- growing up I'm really taught me the game you know seeing my Brothers. But -- humble being the youngest of everything I'm diner trying to accomplish in my career of enforcement seeing them go through it. So it made a lot easier on me. You know so far but -- excited to you know make my own -- And on -- from affluent nation and where did you grow. Spent volatile and less time to -- and British Columbia. From home. You're nineteen years old and heavy then -- many many times and just -- hunt here. The opry are just playing hockey. I mean most most recent count them -- first -- off loans I'm excited for helping -- family. Just two Brothers and sisters now voice not -- so everybody's plea in the NHL action imam. -- -- -- Have you talked to any. Current members of the Buffalo Sabres usually draft. -- IA I knew a couple before. Com but -- from various guys text -- hostilities so EU makes it very comforting news for all those guys and he only gets more excited. What number would you like to air. Most who have loved were number two way street from my dad word of a warm lights and prefer that option would be nice. What kind of music you like to listen to. Com like Clark country. He and I'm not the biggest music but well listen anything comes our. Like pizza and chicken wings and rules if yeah that's a feeling trickling last night here for him and so this isn't the first time give it should -- help but first time buffalo -- that's what really counts where did you go for chicken wings. Here -- bomb. -- -- to forget the minority ha ha ha. And you -- find places that you like yeah there's there is here. You're here we're gonna have pretty big schedule coming your drafted Friday in its whirlwind. Trip for you coming in here being. Introduced to the media you know to our radio station or other radio stations. What's next after this tomorrow. On Thursday tomorrow will be dark cold comfort for weaker to getting ready fair for prospects camp and and -- about a month low for. A -- we can and -- excited about it to come and see Canada the -- the young prospects. Look reports the near future. Wilbert -- thrilled to have you here to what you know about buffalo before you came anything. On the scene itself not a lot to be honest Tom connotation in stride and and having a lot of fun with that the team itself what was pretty familiar organization. And you can hear your name called than in. You really kind of finally see yourself in the uniforms. -- was huge on hand and they're motivating. Your favorite teams are growing up obviously the Atlanta flames. Gently there. Com or whether other teams it was a very familiar with -- -- -- things -- -- so I combo with a counter. I found like like watching again the growing up and an -- was from Vancouver's. The intensity is much disease. The east but and -- with a time zone difference the -- He agreed to heavy here Sam and welcome to buffalo and hopi have great success here with the team so thanks reverend. -- that same Reynard he's the number two overall pick Friday night in the NHL draft comes as a senator to the Buffalo Sabres.

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