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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Fireworks Safety - Deputy Dan Walczak; Pt II

Fireworks Safety - Deputy Dan Walczak; Pt II

Jun 30, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Or in studio guest we're talking about fireworks the danger of fireworks each morning. Is deputy dam walls that -- is commander of the Erie county sheriff's offices bomb squad. Deputy Walsh act hundreds. And probably more likely thousands of people. Are gonna buy and settle off. Illegal fireworks around here not some of the stuff right deputy yes pretty closely as expensive. Apps like throwing money away. Correct. Well let me -- Syrian another direction on what I wanted to go to phantom fireworks we've been hearing from most folks this morning. How big a problem -- places like this that are advertising to people in a state where fireworks are illegal. -- there's no doubt that fan is probably one of the largest manufacturers of fireworks but I mean. How big a problem are they T you guys had is this like a nightmare -- for you guys because they're soliciting us. Irregardless of the company fireworks are are. Not beneficial to west because we have did. Once we season we have to dispose woman it's -- Kindly dirty job getting rid of me and confiscated fire earlier you told us that you're dealing already several calls today give a section and some examples of some of the calls on department receiving. And when you go to these places. Of a vehicle that businesses are you going their residential homes what are you finding will go some of our top pick of Sarah house's. Some of them are in our districts where we patrol com and now some current now. Other counts were called when they have a large seizure of fireworks we go we recovered those fireworks from the Brigham -- storage facility in. Story than their till we cannot dispose of them and you dispose of them buying. Detonating them not not not in that manner we don't get to enjoy him as everybody else would it sui gas stripped him down. Com I guess recommend chicken wires Saddam. So -- diesel fuel and then I'll burn them slowly. Do you encourage your people to squeal on their neighbors. I -- boarding courage people to report any type of legal law. Situation -- that was going when you are are going up for seizure is it. Generally because you were tipped off by by somebody -- neighbor something that is correct it is sound usually it is either driven by our patrol deputies or another. Patrol unit calm weather -- town or city. And we go to that specific location and recover those heart attack. Looks you know today and whoever day actually are always saying leave fireworks. To the professionals now. Who are the professionals and are they really. Trained properly are there enough professionals to go around on the fourth of July and other words how do we know. Susan and I we go to -- display how do we know that the people setting off these fireworks at an organized event. Are really trained people or were they just hired for the weekend and we know that. That's a great question I do not know the standards. Which area pyrotechnic professional must meet. When I'm gonna go on their general assumption affair hired by a municipality. That all their licenses in any type of insurance policy each are opted -- Do the simple fact that. The liability issue would be extremely -- is not. Let's get into the penalties for fireworks feared if caught in your neighborhood. Shooting off fireworks firecrackers. -- likely happened to you. If if you are slighted it may range from a violation all the way up to a misdemeanor. Charged with a misdemeanor charge has to do with the volume of fireworks are -- tech -- you have. Com and depending on if someone was hurt or if the property was damaged then additional charges could be added in those could you know what -- on. Escalate to a felony what about kids that are -- Going off fireworks. What happens you know they're underage to their parents. Are urged. Know their parents are not charge usually what is happened it happened in the passes its confiscated and their parents are informed of the infraction and we usually leave it to the parents to provide discipline for their children.

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