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Buffalo School Bd member Carl Paladino

Jun 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and this is Dave -- Let's take another twenty minutes or so here to Meet the Press comes your -- twelve noon and let's talk about the buffalo board of education. Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino is here -- of course that led the reform of the school board. Indeed he got some of those reformers elected to the board they join in next week. At a time when they're looking for a new relationship with the state at a time they're looking at maybe new way of doing things regarding neighborhood schools and finances and charter schools. And certainly at a time when they're going to select a new school superintendent Carl thanks for talking about all of us. I don't know how much of that new majority's plans you can share publicly with me now but I I'd like you to do as much as he can. I have to believe that you guys have been meeting as a group to probably -- some of the ground work. Yes we have. Week we've talked about. Some of the things that they. Are. Well let's put purposely obvious. To us -- think the most important thing though is is that we're. We're gonna bring -- superintendent who will who will. Has had the experience and knowledge. The the the respective. In the jab in respect for others in the job that. That Campbell Brown just to happen and choose -- basically unable to. Two. To do did you and you know why I really Campbell Brown. -- -- We're over -- to -- To be and actually he doesn't necessarily make it -- Make for a good superintendent you have to have you have to have that experience in doing that it is experience in making decisions. And the knowledge of all the aspects of education. Especially supervision because that's the job really is is so as super fresh solution and that's that's the idea of we're getting the right people and motivating them and helping them and assisting them to do but urged in educating. We've we've had 46 and 5057. Schools failing. And and samples means -- open last year it was just amazing. The -- majority it. -- they consult our political system test that. State of affairs and it and unfortunately. Is it there's a lot of acrimony as a result. I'm making that change is more important they were doing yes -- -- toward neighboring schools should for. Supporting charters. Giving them assistance where were they did have a before. In order to make. To make all of our schools in the city schools that -- objective and we really want to. One ticket package we build the cultural -- system. I know that you probably have some names in mind I also know you probably can't share them with me here and now. But is it safe to say you've got a short list. -- And and to give me to pay to but it does make me give me any hints as they're not okay. -- would be here all right but says some of the names I've heard and and again you're you're certainly welcome to not Clement here. Back when one of the business groups was trying to buy out Pamela brown they were putting forth the name of retired blue cross blue shield CEO. Alphonso on the white. He's he's on the list you say no. Okay 'cause the reason I ask is is putting someone like him in. Okay question about it. He'd be an outsider and an administrative but exactly that not an educator you're looking more for an educator. It in the past I've heard the name Donald Ogilvie both an educator and administrator. The type of person we're looking for. Is local. We don't we don't believe that you could bring somebody from outside to you know wait for two years while they get to find out worship restaurant has. And as she stepped that's unfair or could bring in somebody and from elsewhere. Doesn't really make any sense bring some -- doesn't even understand the basics of our culture doesn't understand that the history the institutional histories so important. You're trying to lead by about 6000 people. In the past I've heard you say that there are qualified principles that could possibly move up into administrative post. Are you looking at. But what we're gonna see -- gonna see some of the we're legacy promotion by America in the system. In the future rather than promotion -- by -- camera club and who's who's done enough. Who who's your favorite little got -- god god daughter you know. Are are you opposed to someone already inside the system or would be an outsider like say -- -- We were stolen template -- -- well yeah. Sorry but it's what I do it and put up a I don't agree to do we've added that the future. OK fair enough. But but it's safe to say that come July 7 you guys will be putting forth and India think. Back in July 9. To meet. That's still Wednesday night regular meetings it's possible we will have an earlier special meeting. Glad to. On Tuesday is our organizational meeting one James Simpson and Gene McCarthy will. Will become president. And executive vice president of the board. And that'll -- for -- purposes and not an appointment will be made no later -- The appointment will be made so to a July 9 you expect to have a name -- report. And that sounds like you guys have pretty much already picked -- -- is still short list. I'll move on after this when I promise. -- Yogi Berra says it's not over till it's been so. Okay. Did that let's talk about just the reorganization. Certainly at that Tuesday meaning a lot of formality guys taking video that sort of thing. A difference in tone do you think. Last week -- -- meeting go to. That -- in the upcoming one where the new board members will be reorganized where you said that James Sampson will be about. I would hope so you know I would hope -- You know everybody understands what their work whether. What the future's gonna look like it we have less acrimony. How much opposition. Do you picture. During these meetings from the former majority. And the and the forces that are currently control the board now. Not much. And thank god the realization that they did. That there we're doing things this is. -- -- -- -- -- Well it's no longer the way we're gonna do things in the future to see different formats for the meetings. It's going to be. Hopefully. A much better department to go forward and America has speakers -- good up there and talk gracious. Through through recent remarks about. What we're gonna do to get down to business or have a cure curious board meetings that and not happening effort -- our own music. In a lot of ways and I've covered some of these years ago the opening of the board meeting. Is a lot of congratulatory things to say that -- -- are still good stuff they're yeah they're they're they're -- they're feeling good you know. About this that you know thing but but the reality this is just 34 files and kids out there in over 80% of children not being educated currently. So all that preamble stuff is probably gonna disappear -- -- -- I would open. All right. Will there be different in structure right now obviously things work like in any legislature. Up through committees either going to be different at -- committees are different structure America. -- I think. The the planners. To use the committee process more effectively exclude all the board members of a certain board members scientists specific committees and it's that the committee level if that ideas will be cooked up but and role suited and brought to board for final approval. Talk to me about public comment I know in the past that's also been an issue board meeting. Well it's it has to get real you know you're not fifteen people seriously -- -- It'd be much more effective if we -- organized where where one person gets up as a spokesperson for. The fifteen people and it and it. And I think public comment this important there has to be a final pleas for people would be it would go this justice system is denying them as. This in the past. Two year. I've seen that the you know teachers have been very reluctant to speak up because of the intimidation factor to people like sure -- and she just does she can. He just can't help -- so she has the intimidate and and again retribution. And that kind of nonsense this and. 830930s. And number if you'd like to join us Carl Paladino is here we're talking about the buffalo school board they re organize in the weeks to come. And then he says coming up on the ninth they are likely to put forth a name for this superintendent of schools. That name 8030930s number by the way again battle lines are open. That name Carl -- will be an interim correct. That'll be a two year in -- appointment. -- -- you'll be. It's -- sure this idea we -- idea here is that. The person. Could be -- -- and thirty additional institutional buyout clauses. Discharge. With all cause so in other words we're we're not locked in ourselves and -- and -- that. That you know the performance is going to be there. From the perspective of the past. That's what they did with terrorists Williams and and Pamela wrong they they they locked him in the long term contracts so that so that we were unable to. -- to deal with somebody who maybe talk to talk but walk the walk. Shall. Were were taken at a different direction and and and we're looking for the person to be. Be -- of what they're doing and to reform. If you can't perform well -- you're -- hit the road so. And and in that regard an interim for two years you think that's long enough. No not really but. That service sector right now well she -- things look at and I have to -- -- -- -- -- -- penalty and here. Person who also have been -- based on performance. I know you've talked in the past the reality is that we want we want to community and -- -- to take awhile to restructure. And and the cleanest match up. And I think. You know telling them and national news this is not a one year appointment -- the preciousness of the you know try to get everything done right away it's gonna happen over a period. And especially if you've been talking and you have in the past about things like. Neighborhood schools and charter schools those are big reforms those those who take awhile now. Yes and is also old you know those teachers deserve -- contracted we're going to be working. Heard that that the restructuring the contract. Into something that maybe the union has ever thought about before we've got some ideas. All right that might be a place for us take a break we'll pick up on what those ideas could be again to the degree that you can share them. 8030930s. The number school board member Carl Paladino -- -- more after this it's hard line on news radio 930 WB -- it's hard line on news radio 930 WVU and good morning this de -- Coming up in just a little over five minutes from now it's Meet the Press among the guests there. Bryant's bravest the chair of the Republican Party nationwide and I guess you could almost say the defective -- of Democrats. Bill Clinton among the things he's gonna talk about -- he's -- buck back a little bit against former Vice President Dick Cheney and some of the remarks he had about. President Obama's foreign policy he also touches on Hillary Clinton and the comments she made with her book when she said oh yeah we left the White House dead broke she. Advocated and worked as a senator. For things that we're good for ordinary people and before that all her life. We're gonna have more of that coming up at twelve noon but in the meantime Carl Paladino is here from the buffalo school board were talking about the buffalo school board. 8030930s. The number enough time to quickly squeeze in one called before we do that Carla I can't let it hang I have to pick up on I'm what you said before the break. That you have ideas on how to approach a contract with the buffalo teachers federation. Now on this when I I'm I'm not a pressure because I know during in June negotiation. EU wanna keep your cards close to the best. Can you talk about process when do you think the new board will open talks with the union. Well as soon as possible. We've. We all agree we have. We've got some great teachers system and we want most teachers to to have a contract and have -- -- -- -- will give them. There's finance system and also we have we desperately need to we copper management prerogative and has been surrendered over the years from -- The prior administrations was just terrible with that this stuff that they gave up -- -- -- How how do you see proceeding actual formal proposals put on the table. Or kicking around this committee. Transparency is possible. Under the law so we're going to look. Gordon. Take a look at every aspect of of that contract. They had twelve years ago and important breakdown on the management prerogative or point two hopefully XP and the school year in school today. Will be -- -- from. Teachers and hopefully. Bring bring but the compensation for the younger teachers who. Are under compensated. Up. So. Buying them from the teachers that sounds a lot like what I heard Larry Quinn say on the campaign trail when he was running for the board. He says he wouldn't he wouldn't mind paying teachers more in exchange for either a longer day or longer year. Yup yup and we need the our kids right now I think -- We have the shortest. Schooling period during the day that the and in the upstate cities so that's just not right our kids. And those that that's what type of nonsense that that was give it up in the past but I -- union inclined to union. Inclined board members who were not. We're supporters and their elections by the by the EU and I mean everybody can look at Barbara never -- -- can really see what kind of person. She is as a result of the union haven't sponsored terrorists as he kept it from the board. Kevin in buffalo we can squeeze at least UN here go ahead you're on the air thanks for waiting. Beer you can more insurance -- -- Richard friction here agriculture secretly here that -- where well more proper care and these -- beaches are rich history because I think Peter mentioned more involvement open -- Conti we -- -- -- to weed at school boards. Pitched GO articles which are for the second district actually more than Laporte Liberia at 6:16 PM. Come on court she should be -- the very Greek conservative constituents -- year. It knack for content. So calm I wanted to. Are from -- all -- he can she appearance of the general public. Get in more involved we this exclude board. That that's great question and a parental involvement be common core Karl we have about two minutes. We're world. Focused on parental involvement in the we very much want to get this. But a practical policy. Finished but we wanted to do it in a very fair wages a couple of groups out there that. There are parent teacher organizations and we don't think that that's parental. So we weren't too encouraged parents to get an organized way of filtering their thoughts on things to the board. So the board taken -- of but effectively. Engaged to parents for purposes certain policy in the future. All right and common core what are your thoughts there I don't think you ever heard you address at. Well I don't take -- throw the baby out with the bath water I think common core has it's good good points. For sure you know we should have standards for teachers I think they think good teachers local. Those standards obviously teachers who have. Burned Oliver are not doing their job right they're worried because the scanners could be brought her her are going to be able to people to judge their work and and so I think come accord needs a lot of repair. In different aspects so that put put you'd you know -- -- return control at all. It has to be don't with a fair manner and and it. In the information that -- that disassembled as a result of -- course should be public not public should be available to the parents. So they could see what kind of evaluations are going for the kids. It's all we have time for Carl thanks for joining us today. Buffalo school board member Carl Paladino now it's off to Washington and Meet the Press.

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