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Dan Humiston - Int'l. Cannibis Assoc

Jun 29, 2014|

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It's time to talk politics it's hard line on news radio nine. -- be here now here's W. And what a week it is to talk politics is this was a week where. Governor Cuomo said he will soon sign medical marijuana in New York State this was also -- where a group of business leaders gathered in. Las Vegas to talk about the whole idea of how business can benefit from medical marijuana. It was the international Canada's association's green to green business to business conference. The president and founder of that association is a local guy again promised in his with us now on the line. Dan is. Someone you may have no of a little bit. He's been in politics before he ran in the 2012 Republican assembly primary against David EPA -- In -- 2008 he was the Republican against the 27 district. Congress race lost to Brian Higgins he is the president and founder of the tanning bed. On the national scene he's have been really active in all of the advocacy for that group. And he's with us now on the line we're gonna talk a little bit about this along the way if you would like to join us let's open up the phone lines they know what that first hour. We didn't get so much of a chance to do this if you would like to weigh in. On this entire issue of medical marijuana let's open up phones lines 803 on 930s the number. Specifically the the new an interest in part I think today. Is what Dan can bring to the table involving the economic side of the business benefits of that we've all heard from the moms who say. That their kids can certainly benefit from it. We've heard from the legislators and Governor Cuomo who said yeah but let's make sure there are certain. A provisions in place New York is the only state other than Minnesota out of 23 that allow marijuana medical marijuana medical marijuana. New York is the only one that says no you can't smoking you can only use an vaporize -- So there are those on the one side that have reservations. There are those on the other side that say it is a great medical thing. Doctors are kind of in the middle and we haven't much heard from the business community so that's the point we're bring in Dan. -- promised and thanks for being here. Well my credit. I'm glad you're here talk to me about this international Canada's association something relatively new that you founded to look at the economics of at all. Yes -- a year ago I was like everyone else in the world and -- united state interstate in this opportunity. And try to find out information about it -- a business standpoint -- was nothing out there and you there's a lot of people that are. Indicating. And there's a lot of opportunities fanatically involved and excited but if you want to find out the information has been. Where the business opportunities are that they're just weren't any increase to find that information. Do you advocate for more widespread use of marijuana even recreational perhaps. Well I think I mean I think we've got those ideas those -- up to the people yeah expert I'm talking about the opportunities for business. And that's really where my -- what I know. And what I really are focusing our organization. Is it is where there are these are the business community take advantage of those opportunities. And more important are these -- and how does the business opportunity in this industry. Is through. Pure -- real ship what are we come when we when we get our heads together when you get a lot of it's bright intelligent exciting. -- thinking people together we come up with the idea is that. Most people have in Nevada and that's what happens when he in new conferences that there isn't -- it got we -- how the conference in Los Vegas. It was so exciting and people started you know my Pasadena that there's an opportunity here I never thought about that. And that's what happened. When you have -- up -- -- industry and you throw into the business communities -- and say figured out how do you make money -- this and that -- And yet we -- our community is so poised to take again. Give me some examples how do you make money up for this. Well there's obvious that the heir apparent and obvious thing that everybody points to immediately OK we -- so we have a dispensary where we -- -- -- but most people don't even think Yahoo!. Just think about permit from the security standpoint we can handle the security we needed New York State licensed securities -- Managing. Controlling operable overseeing these facilities. Can they execute our -- for security firms are really took there the personnel Art Shell who opened lead placement agency in Washington. They are recruiting people from from Colorado to Washington. You worked in dispensaries that are popping up in Washington never would have thought about that account accountants. RR RRO overwhelmed with this opportunity because of the because that you want the actual nuances in the current lot it. If these companies have to file so -- jumping into this. But lawyers obviously Lloyd there's so much opportunity for lawyers here because. Just changed -- Start to finish third -- gear there aren't -- untapped market within this within this industry the lawyers need to need to be involved. I'm gonna just use one example. Intellectuals -- property. When that stuff becomes legal and start to move forward are these inventions all these things are going to be worked fortune. Nolan -- in a touchdown in most. Didn't register New York Post -- -- briefly cut and many opportunities and most people in thinking about. Be thinking I wanna sell marijuana. You have to sell marijuana if you won't replace me NC start recruiting people from other states to work in New York State. That's how simple blitzes and hit a distinct and most haven't put it -- regret it yet. And and to be playing when you talk about the economic opportunity. Clearly it is greater I'm guessing in the states in the places where. Full scale recreational use is allowed talk more specifically about new York and medical. Do you still see opportunity there based on what we assume governor Cuomo's going to sign later this week. Well I think -- Get -- the first or your questions -- and certainly the more there're a lot more businesses -- in Colorado Washington and there are a lot because because of their but don't use. -- But even with the medical Merrill. It creates a lot of opportunities for business and construction opportunities because you have to build these facilities and -- in -- -- injecting facility. We're better at the at the river bend it or in the medical campus. The production facility you know you'll need -- to service New York State you're gonna need them. Greenhouse facilities and Wal-Mart and it and and and ending in addition and here. -- processing facility because we're. They're not allowed it to be well that they have to turn toward oilseed take -- he -- the plant is processing it into loyal you. -- bodily oil based on the strain in the and you saw it all -- kept it secret complaint and who's gonna do. New Yorkers. -- opportunities for jobs for New Yorkers -- And I think people are in this statement the scope of this opportunity. Do you think that there's a dollar figure you can put on it for New York State. And I know you're you're not a consultant or number cruncher guy bit but what's your -- say how much are we looking at here. I can't even I couldn't begin to do think it hit me what it would we have thirty million people in -- in in New York State. And what percentage of that people are being an immediate big -- -- it -- initially. Is it in Munich could be instituted buried there. It's there but I I I would even begin to put a finger I would even argue. I see a theme here before we take some calls I wanna raise it myself rather than have someone else jump in and and really perhaps phrase it differently less diplomatically. I see a theme here that year your critics could possibly embrace. You are the founder and one time that the opposite that chief officer of the tanning bed. And now you're advocating for. Current business link up with medical marijuana. In both cases these are industries. That some would say operating conflict with either conventional wisdom or at least the medical consensus. Are you worried about the accusation. That -- profiting from people's pain from from from medical issues here that aren't necessarily. Once that all doctors would agree. Are beneficial to public health. I think your ballot concern is to mean everyone's ever my business or create business or current business and in that inning and Israel possibly had. Of the indoor tanning association for ten years -- national trade organizations so sure they're gonna draw that conclusion but I think when you listen. When you sit -- listen to people whose children are. In dying and they haven't there's an opportunity for them to. To -- to change. In all it means is this struggle apparent. -- What everyone needs to be involved an excellent and I think if the business community involvement and I have to be the person that -- businesspeople into this opportunity. I'm good I'm glad to do what Britain didn't -- -- when the business community get it while. That's one thing changed and I hate to use this word. Because -- Norman against critics from the other side but they just don't think this donor community is gonna solve this problem. I think they got it right where they need to get it right now. But I think it now needs to be the business community business community need to take it to the next level and that's what we're doing well we're moving we're transitioning -- industry. From. Counterculture. Mainstream. And it's maybe on the right person to do it. All right -- stay with us -- we'll take some phone calls right after this. -- homage to this year you might remember his name as the founder of the tanning bed. These days he is also the president and founder of the international Canada's association. Local businessman who says you know you you don't have -- growing it you don't have to -- him involved directly in the distribution of it. To really see some benefit business benefits from the more widespread use medical or possibly recreational use of marijuana. We'll go to the phones right after this -- it's hard lined on news radio 930 WV and good morning this is -- Bebo. This past week the international candidates association held its green to green business expo in Las Vegas. They're a group that wants to work with business try to help some the economic benefits of at the very least New York State's medical marijuana law the Governor Cuomo is a expected to sign later this week. The group's president founders Dan how honest and he's here with us now for about another five minutes or so. You may have heard his name before he's -- Western New York businessman behind the tanning beds he also ran in the past four -- congress and assembly a few years back as a Republican. He's with us for just a little bit longer and I want to squeeze in as many phone calls we can in just that little bit. 8030930s. Number if you'd like to join the conversation with -- to have you aboard Dan is specifically saying that. There is a massive untapped business opportunity here. By looking at at the very least again medical marijuana use in the in New York State. And more broadly Washington in Colorado on getting business involved in some of the recreational uses up there. Let's bring John in Rochester high thanks waiting here on the air. They gave me -- Big and I got to play I like the idea of medical marijuana especially this vocalist plate I think that that supplies. My concern -- women in their state assemblyman here they're in Rochester who voted against the delightfully because there's three things number one. These -- afraid that it could lead to forge circle to the legalization of smoke. Marijuana which is -- -- all the a lot of chemicals and very artful number two. I believe this bill mandates union employee union guys. -- workplaces that are involved in the distribution and manufacture and the Merrill -- And the the the other thing at the governor I understand will be picking the player in that they hope he will be peaceful like he. The companies that do business in this and history and and that's going to be. Placing great equipment what your thought. Let let's take each one intern and thanks for that we're we're gonna let you go and -- on the air John. Talk first about union labor have you heard that that's part of us. Yeah yeah I mean there there are sure there're there're a lot of aspects of this bill that are its did. That we may or may not be comfortable. And I think. We have to sort of looked past some of the similar dip into that thing that we had been included in the bill. In order to get the bill passed I think there's opportunities to expand on this bill I think the public comment period can be crucial. I think everybody should be involved in any interest in on this and getting their messages. To the people that are making the final that the final decision and all the rules are put together. What about the plate Europe have played two excuse me pay to play idea. That the governor's Health Department would be picking the companies involved here is that a worry you have. I hope that the mayor based process I mean I'm confident that it will be insists this is. It says is this is going to be under a microscope. You know ordering remembered you know it is this this is still illegal federally. So the people that are involved in this always run the risk. You know problems and if we went -- the federal government. I'm glad you mentioned I am glad you mentioned that part because in Colorado and to a lesser degree in Washington. I've read that because it's not allowed on the federal level. It can't be a cash business or Campillo a business that deals with banks you have guys in the middle of the night with satchel full of cash running around. Two to try and figure out ways to make sure that they can. -- they've got their money is that a concern here medical marijuana is different than them than the recreational and that way is it. Not the palace and are really out. It's all illegal federally so -- So you're involved in a business that is involved with the medical marijuana side. I I -- then make cash based exclusively cash based business. -- -- -- And how would it not only that and I denied communion but managed -- summer or somebody your potential businesspeople that are listeners listening right now Larry. You always run the risk. Of of ending up in an orange jumpsuit because you're breaking a federal law so even if you have a New York State licensing you're doing that she can still be arrested so this. This is not -- it's -- -- not is in the united simple as it's well. But that's why I'm saying they're all the ancillary businesses that are connected to this you know -- yourself in the same position. Security mentioned earlier lawyers you mentioned earlier. Yes I'm packaging means -- packaging reading we can you talk about transportation. Global transportation you might -- that you might be having -- But but the but the that the advertising associated with -- if you if you if you know but the the packaging labeling and Richard seems to advertise in the detecting labeling are you could. You know I -- labels think. It can happen is not at all wrapped that up to -- all the ancillary businesses that are not illegal. But the processing a bit of it. Production of -- the sale of those on both followed all under federal law and even it even if this state still. Makes it legal doesn't mean it's illegal federally that a lot have to change early let me just jump cut to one point what you think is really important. And that is to -- collars are about about smokeless vs smoking. It is my belief that we've been very near future could be ten years away that there will be no smoking marijuana. Get a lot. Interests in at this point it's it's it's it's it's on the way out I really believe it now I'm not a smoker. And a lot of those people that are in there are smokers are gonna say you know you're you know they have the aroma the taste and whatever. It's still smoking and I think that the public opinion in it people who is at this thing moves on. It is going to be there and armament oil or they're -- and I don't predict a chance to gonna transfer the oil. Changing into a capsule form -- you're gonna get the same benefit. Without the smoke I I I think I know that's the direction it's going. All right Jim annoyance felt things were waiting it's your turn quickly. I award. Again I cannot agree with the war. Spending time -- northern California and seeing the absolute it's on hold amounts of money. There can be infused into the states. And you're right on the money there is completely untapped market here but seeing the benefits of it out there it's not -- pounder made up on this. But one quick question for years and -- The local local angle Tom is there any way possible. And I know the politicians and -- out here will be actively work with. But Azeri would move to complete talks without the foresight -- in Erie county to grab a huge chunk of that. And really are. Become kind of a big -- spot in the state workers to me knowing the numbers involved this could turn in the county around. Are in a very short period of time you know Annapolis. All right thanks for that can go ahead we have about thirty seconds. I I'd bet my my dream is that we can we build a facility or facilities in Western New York. With the security and everything necessary to make it safe facility but look we can supply the entire state. We have -- and we have the. Expertise to -- -- -- -- cultural personnel that we have in the with the within our within fifty miles an awful we have yet they act. Experts we can help us with -- this thing can happen in west and western western new York community can can take full advantage of this. Inaccurate but doesn't make sense to do this than in the middle of Manhattan. Needs to take place here and we have everything we needed to take -- we can even -- could even have. Laboratory from the medical campus that to analyze every strain to make unit. Determine exactly what they what it would be ratios are it's already opportunity sure that we needed she really jump on the community needs to jump on this. And really run when it. All right Dan we are at a time thanks for sharing some moments with us this morning. That's Dan hum instant president of the international Canada's association a local -- New York businessman.