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NY Daily News's Ken Lovett- Sen Geo Maziarz

Jun 29, 2014|

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Sideline on news radio 930 WB yen. This is -- though this hour we are pretty much all about state government little bit later in the program we'll be joined by state senator George Mason jars. Toward the back and at this hour we'll talk with Tim Kremer from the state school boards association. But there was a big event that happened on Thursday this week in Albany. One that might have some implications now but certainly bigger ones down the road let's bring in Ken -- New York Daily News Albany bureau chief Aiken thanks for being here. Good morning good who runs the senate right now and what happened on Thursday. Well who run the senate as we speak. As -- coalition an unprecedented bipartisan coalition. Made up of the Republicans. And a dissident group of five Democrats who broke away from the Maryland Democrat. What happened on Thursday was. Under pressure from Governor Cuomo he union and they're the Bellagio out of New York City. Bit by dissident Democrats who are facing primary this year all of them if they didn't do this. Announced that they would rejoin. Or or real Ryan would be senate Democrats after the elections forming which would. Then if things go the way they expect would give the Democrats the majority. In the senate. Is that a -- even though there are all the seats up for election this year. It would not locked because it is very good right now and it's really hard to describe the senate breaks down this way. -- you've got running ninth Republican. You've got five you've got 24. Mainline democratic. You've got five dissident Democrat to formally what's called the independent democratic conference. These breakaway guys that are now not breaking away and -- Guys you've got another. Democrat from Brooklyn whose six with the Republican. And then on top of all that you've got to as we kind of -- tongue in -- all the -- indicted democratic independent democratic competent. You've got to lawmakers who were under indictment who don't fit within -- conference and their vote Democrat -- how that breaks down and that two vacancies. -- how that -- basically is as we speak. There are 32. Democrat and 29. Republicans in the chamber but despite that and despite the fact didn't 32 you know to have a -- -- -- The Democrats have a numerical majority but they don't. Run the chamber because of all the break out because I just mentioned. All right now alive fewer betting man looking at what just happened this week on Thursday. Crunching all those numbers you just shared. What can try to put people sleeper scrapped I love numbers well. I failed the math but I think this really does kind of interestingly tell the story. Put them altogether who controls the next year what do you think what's your gut. Well look I mean that the reality is you know Republicans in the past have picked up. In Maine now and they may non presidential year would solicit. They're running behind now there's one vacancy that has been a long time Republican -- a Long Island. So even if you did that to them right now they would have thirty meaning that they have to pick up they have to pick up to a police seats became the majority Al right. The Democrat who -- that the Democrats right now more or less have to hold and that they can hold the pick up the cedar till. Then made wood down the and they would have the majority ethnic. You know given that breakdown. What where things have been going in recent years. Given Cuomo at the top of the particular in this still popular I think Democrats have a chance to do that but I don't think they'll lock. What is gonna happen -- for the Republican at all or nothing if they don't grab the majority. Then. The -- they will side with the democratic. And that'll be the end and and the Republicans. Really for the furcal will be shut out of every major part of state government they won't have any of the statewide elected officials they won't have either chamber of the house. And a Cuomo wind is expected that one of the governor's mansion. All right now New York Daily News I know you're obviously based down there I think I hear. A little bit of that your voice but I have to remind folks he did WB. You do nobody has that lived up state must vote that I lived okay. So can this be painted as the upstate downstate battle. The all these -- senate Republicans want it to be going into election time. That's what they're certainly gonna -- that that is get the Republicans to get -- -- The -- gonna paint -- about pow and then. Say he wants his New York City centric agenda his liberal quote unquote radical agenda they've been calling it. He wants that to you know affect every part of the state didn't talk about. You know various things from abortion to minimum wage hikes -- you know different communities. That the mayor supports -- that the governor is on record as supporting as well. So I think definitely it's certainly going to be -- stayed in the suburbs -- is -- city that's going to be the battle. And a lot of the battleground for the fight for the senate. We'll take -- -- island. But some that will be up and including buffalo you know mark good company in the -- that the Democrats would like to try and grab. Certainly. The IDC is going to have to contend that the as we speak -- that can change. You've got to. One of the pieces in Rochester that they're gonna try and get. And you know the Democrats. Through the Republicans think they can pick up. Suddenly going to be in three democratic seats in play. That the Democrats have to fight to hold that the Republicans think they can win. One in Rochester. One in Westchester Catalina dollar and running in the Albany area. I can -- regulate good stuff thanks for joining us. As YouTube. That's Ken Lovett the New York Daily News New York State senator George -- errors Republican from new fine as with us on the line now we're talking about. What happened on Thursday right now you can say the Republicans sort of have control over the New York State Senate. Because they are also joined by a group of renegade Democrats the IDC the independent Democrat council. As you heard Ken -- tell us just a little bit ago though that day on Thursday said no more they're breaking away they face some tough primaries so there. Returning I guess of their more traditional democratic roots and in the process that control of the senate right now mostly Republican. Could fall because of that. George do you think it's going to change after this a personal thanks for being here let you -- Oh look at you -- sometime I promised. Do you think that the change. Is that they made on Thursday will result in different leadership of the senate come next term. Well I think they hope not because it would be after for a upstate New York. -- in particular what they are because you concede that if China. Of the summit that is totally New York City. A public financing -- -- it if it meant a lot you know it's. And -- it would. Certainly be a disaster for a certain that we saw what happened in 20092001. Democrat senate could Colby. Instead it could've been very trucker artwork. So called notes increased their own without. Would -- be a loss of Republican values or is it more of as you have just setting an upstate downstate thing. It would be covenant of the crew I don't know -- was with. You know. Bipartisanship it was it was it was 401 party. All of the states. You know it would make New York what we're not sure -- from the murder northeastern and our liberal. I think it's covenants in oh that would. And so that economically. And I think mark. Mark. In Asia. Not to doubt. School aid or crop up -- over about it when. -- got elimination adjustments which. -- also urban woke corporate recruit implemented. Could and glad that meant -- that could be. That a positive or. Or. -- urban quarters without. Make the case for a loss of clout I I know you chair as if the energy committee I know senator. Senator -- empty chairs the environment conservation society -- we would we would lose upstate chairman who are able to somewhat set the agenda. Exactly. It would be no the public which -- It was either if you thought -- it for. Her son is not I don't but it not a good enough to think the code that they're editor princes of these. You look at the moderates -- You know. Got to bet with him as much than not that's up. Even with. A governor who said he wants to change the balance of power. Even with these breakaway Democrats. Even with mayor build Abbas the New York City pushing. You think the Republicans can still have a chance here. 00 absolutely and we've got some some group. Not is there a mention -- -- -- -- I -- that cup this year. They'll put that two years ago. When you walk on by eighteen votes are such as Europe -- president that you're there voter turnout by. It is what York -- -- not spikes to. Ordered the Democrat and that's the reality. No preservatives and no regrets or edit in our country I think what the outcome or outside of New York City. -- they did in the suburbs how much it. -- know that's what sector Long Island but an awful they're all I mean. Their physical work our Sun City and base it on. Was he was here or not. And yet during his campaigns that the upstate downstate debate is probably gonna come forward as a big part of -- I would think. Oh well it's certainly well. -- -- Talked to me about that argument Tim Kennedy the lone Democrat in the senate upstate here in west at least in -- out of state but in -- New York. The pushed back combat against little bit this week he said. When you look at it deems -- the Republican leader of the senate is from Rockland county that's not exactly a state. He's argued that most or a lot of Republicans at least enough to maybe give Republicans the power they have are from downstate. I'll throw another log on the fire you've got a governor who for months now has been saying. Boost buffalo billions for buffalo buffalo is getting what it needs the Iraq upstate buffalo. In light of that all of that doesn't the -- we have to vote Republican or downstate will prevail. Doesn't that -- fall apart a little bit. But -- competitiveness. -- Oh without went on parts that without warrants without help. That -- what their son and it's not a trip out I mean they're they're. You know. History -- Is it is the -- I think people they should should heed their. If you don't. Let. There. You're trip off I would statewide a lot of that it was. From New York City Westchester County. I think -- investor or. -- and you know as you mentioned senator so income Long Island and -- and you know that -- New York City Kroger to outbreak at -- proper lookout -- to go to the global order that -- -- Great Britain and I don't recruitment out of was there armed federal state with some of the -- all the there we -- cut. All right now what about what about. Murder or -- What about the presence of -- vocal on the governor's ticket as lieutenant governor she certainly in upstate -- You've got a governor -- been saying billions for buffalo billions for buffalo billions for buffalo. That does the argument diminish in light of that. I don't think the court I think you know -- where I'm. At this summer and quote it has been an issue. Gillick worked with Philip RI. I I don't want it. I dark and it. Among political sentiment it wouldn't -- what -- am party endorsement. On I don't want -- but I'm definitely. He pretty much all the goodwill. The generated by the -- -- you know from the work in a competitive. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- I appreciate I think that urban caught on and on point about wouldn't. And hilarity. It wouldn't be such an awful opening up his formula. Well off a hypocrite but I would government. And built on six. As opposed it you know what I'm. -- then of course I'm not. Obama about his campaign. Right now about the. An an AM fur fur fur and upstate Republican year. Here I want to close somebody of your friend earlier with him and many of your colleagues out. It's the -- it was eight. I say to myself you know it's easier to get it done. Or an election over that -- over what their vocal work. Well -- of them that was off or the government what -- that more companies than others and don't. You know. He probably got more -- other -- -- -- -- -- about say a terrible terrible place. Well I won't -- the Nintendo -- fortunate that it nor. Is it just. You know comfort that is not needed and not limited group and under going ground but he -- You know. But coconut important. Economic growth revitalization. But. There. A group tomorrow or. All right George great stuff this morning thanks for joining us. All right David thank you are going to be left on -- Well -- will get to their promise thanks for that out. All right George made terrorists -- famed Republican in the New York State Senate.