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Bill Mahoney - NYS Legislature

Jun 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And -- a week it is to talk politics a lot of this first hour the talk will be about what went on an Albany. This was the week where the session finally wound down for what we assume is the rest of the year. And so we're going to talk about how many things they did. What senators what assemblyman voted different ways -- is come up with a really cool analysis bill Mahoney is here from diaper. Bill thanks rocks -- served for joining us glad you're here. -- Talk to me about what you did you basically looked at how many bills passed the senate and the assembly this year. Contrasted with previous years where -- the legislators more or less busy than they have been in the past. They've been there are a little bit this year in terms of sheer numbers -- -- had in the past years but they can -- historical decline weather does not passed yet many built with a bit two decades ago. This here there are 668 bill that are that are going to be at the governors that. That could decrease. Numbers that are frequently quote well over a thousand so fairly recent and and it seemed like the modern here state legislatures that and blowing left business of their -- it's either. Is it because of any sort of partisanship they were they only advanced that was will pass both houses. Or is it just a matter of the taking on less issues in general less introduced. I think it's a combination of a few things wanted to mention the other markets under our attempt to her I've been very -- on Berkeley. Also they are embracing accurate and very it's an added you go back in the sixties or seventies there are only received -- welfare public option to ever really bad. Under. Under the protection of government order that they're not really reaching out -- into areas that don't require -- -- One of the things that we are seeing Q is that there is more and more being lumped in the budget. When they're at the budget every march those built in -- enormous respect of the -- agent each of which. Spend millions of dollars of state money. And big -- a lot of things have sort of officially been standalone built this one mega package that must be voted up or down by its own. But in its entirety and not a -- addicted to achieve -- debate -- our our. But the historic trend clearly since about 1970 am looking one of the grafts on here on your report here. They've they've been doing the last or at least passing last ever sensed that. Yet it seems to be in a gradual decline certainly over the are unsure that's well. Now this past year. Governor Cuomo didn't get all the criticism that he got. I'm thinking of the safe fat and that was something that he pushed through a little quicker he said. It has to be done without that three day waiting period without a lot of review he used what was called a message of necessity. And got a lot of attention for so doing with gun control last year. This year it turns out you've got numbers that show. There were even more messages of necessity then there were the prior year. It did increase compliment to -- look at your typical -- Almonte there you go in Europe these many of the article as a governor. He let the bill he voted on without really given a public accurate either design that was built. It's repeated -- -- spoke used only in particular emergency work though each of -- almost immune to protect the equal. But he -- and you are pretty much every currently under the sun -- to -- bridge there. State troopers you -- put on these -- -- about today really that's kind of thing they'll use it for. In attack especially under active on the budget that historically very late term target of the year that it. -- -- they've used not just a pretty much every bill that overall they -- -- hundreds of them at a time and that's pretty much there aren't especially -- -- with these packages. Yeah I'm looking your chart here. And again wolf will throw this up online at WBN dot com back in 2008 there were 41 of them back in 2010 there are 57. This year Cuomo used seventeen of them compared to three the prior year. Yeah and I -- newspaper -- -- it is a little bit after the criticism from the expect there. We were the seventh inning and the carefully both of those are currently are impacted that at the end that that's not -- -- in the current bill also would have been because. The public they're really not attribute them that's one of the things that you -- is often. When governors using messages that are issued -- -- almost the more egregious breach of what and that street agent hitters. For the public. A lot less willing to get up in arms and it's something that they are about a lot -- be appeared in such a -- back. Those who say the government is out of touch. Oftentimes argue for more part time legislators. The idea that they need to spend more time in the district rather than off in Albany. How busy were they just in terms of time spent the senate and the assembly. Well looking at it and -- -- -- -- -- assembly over the Patrick month spent 84 hours or the senate aren't burned it's currently there. A 190 by the republic and its -- eighty and eighty or so we're only talking about. -- more busy out the assembly or article I would support. Aggressive and to do other things -- -- -- -- considering it is -- overall they on an awful lot of I don't assessment of but it turns out that this means they don't debate on the -- -- -- -- that -- under a -- -- would you put -- in the -- and -- these bills this. Voted by -- and there's almost notably some of the biggest cut want to beat them off. Which points to something else you have been there you looked at how how often they really just follow their leaders rather than themselves hearing debating discussing. They're pretty amazing and Rick Alpert is vote the same way as their leaders and bankers and I'm and there are a lot to members to. Almost always put in place remembers edit their leaders. And I think that indicates a -- of what they do in Albany you really are -- small ticket builds. Even the members who. Disagree with people like speaker -- the most. And Google com and vote because over 80% of the time you're going to accept and most of what they actually do it -- are these non controversial though like revenge expect that they are what are. Word letting gates can't be turned into hotel occupancy tax something that really don't draw a lot of opposition. In your analysis on the senate side you looked at how often certain senators voted along with leaders tell us the Republican. And the first local name icon to on the list 12345. Down a senator mark was auntie. The voting along with his leader in 99 point 6% of the time. Also if you look at the other side of the senate. The independent Democrats he is one of the first ones I see from around here. Voting 99 point 3% -- along with the independent Democrat Jeff Klein. Is it safe to say of the western New Yorkers he is on the senate side mr. go along with leadership. Perhaps that the -- Americans are you that. Based off of the current structure in the that are really got -- in the -- cut them a lot arm a lot of the EU Republican. Most of the business figure it is not quite strongly to -- partisan direction and you know murder. And -- think at some optical would describe senator about the politics we eat and the -- aren't. In the middle of these two parties -- -- -- -- -- -- extremely well you're left corner I think that's one of the reasons why he gave spoke. All right partisan leadership so critical player. Now on the assembly side the one that voted most often. With the with the local the Western New York person that voted most often with assembly speaker Sheldon Silver I'm going down the list. And there were a whole lot of folks that were in the 199%. That sort of thing. Before I get someone truly from the buffalo area I have to go down to crystal peoples stokes. Voting with Sheldon Silver 96 point 5% of the time but that's really middle of the -- that's not high as high as that number would necessarily indicate. Yet among Democrats that could record the bottom line apple both to vote. Here more frequently than -- over party democratic counts. All right who was western New York's mr. know in the assembly is Robinson and her. Both she and injure among Democrats would be one Democrat in the entire assembly who voted differently from -- over the most frequently. Every other member that acts including the speaker Covert more than nine. -- and they're both going a little bit over 91% of the leadership so. I think ethnic and mr. notably in terms oh in conference play it out through the one group most going to -- what their recommendations from conference current. The most renegade of the renegade Democrats than even though he's not part of that IDC group. Correct -- -- everybody is going in the senate right right over our group work with the Democrats who smoke so and to go against. What they've decided the proper vote -- Is he standing alone are there enough dissident Democrats -- do most of them just follow. And say yes assembly speaker sort. It depends on the particular if you're I don't know. Where issues he voted against because so proud most frequently -- you've you've -- is. Our move proverbial equipment and he's he's got a long line of Democrats to vote with speaker -- -- 9599%. Of the time. When he's down there. Less than 92% of the time is that going to vote for independence from his leadership. Similarly I look at how often he voted with Brian called the Republican. Leader the -- minority leader and he's up there he's almost the number one from around here he's up there in 91 point 2% of the time voting with the Brian Kolb. But ahead of him on the list. The first local person highest on the list to vote most often with Brian Kolb. Assemblywoman Jane -- Yeah metric and that it into her role as the person who often takes the lead in debate for the assembly Republicans on the conference. A lot of members don't -- too much at all. -- -- on the people who in the assembly at least is responsible care. Quote type leadership. For for wonks like you and me just these run numbers are pretty interest thing but before we let you go here and we will put them all again like you said that will be up by your report will be up. Online at WB and outcome. The numbers alone might not tell as big of a story though what what is the one headline of the most significant thing that you see. After crunching all these numbers what's the one thing you point 20. One of the stories -- doesn't mention that. -- go to court and mark that America into the fact that they do a lot of back and revert to a shoot a lot of is that there is a very strong leadership structure. And that somebody -- that he assembly speaker 100 liters to much. But it probably get a -- parking space so let -- staff to work in -- -- be much like you know right through the ranks. I think that is a lot of these numbers saying -- numbers or group leadership. On the -- that reaffirmed I don't know. How do you expect. Upon me that that might well. The three year format and rumor still strong thing. Your current all right bill great stuff interest and thanks for all of us and our.