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Tim Kremer- NYS School Bds Assoc

Jun 29, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

But let's get right to with Tim Kremer especially looking at what happened in the legislature Tim thanks for joining us. -- thank you so -- the session for army out of the legislature do. Well we categorize. Their efforts in relate to public education into three categories. Bigger strides forward. Under city business and midcourse correction. I -- -- -- probably a 7030. Along those three categories seventy in the plus column. Birdies. Not so much. What we did like was there was very significant increase stated for public education at one point one. Billion dollars in additional -- Additional resources were made available for the expansion of universal pre K which protects people -- so we -- for wild. Although a lot of districts would Tuesday that the way it was the money's being made available to compare to grant. -- -- and spent -- get reimbursed later. The sustainability of these grants are a lot questioned about it but overall. We support universal pre K and it a step in the right direction. There's a bond act that will be active it would -- -- voted -- by the voters in November that would. Help support additional technology. Access to broadband infrastructure and parole places. And universal pre can expect from space that will be vote on November. Not sure how that's going to be here but the goal are worthwhile. There were some big that we were able to stop that. Such as pay tuition tax credit to would we believe the harmful to public education. There are a couple of other things that are or are relatively. Small -- and -- along the way by an organization represents. Local control. If we could stop some things coming epic. Albany that are going to happen clock -- implications for those of us throughout the state that's -- -- and our column. So those are some of the things that we saw as major. Strides forward. Instead of just effectiveness can we look at cost generally improvements these kind of leap forward you've been talking about. Usually have a price tag attached to second behind this year. There could be some caught -- -- but I would tell you don't like -- your team needs her unfunded mandate coming our way we. And the legislature. Has. Gotten the message of no new -- funded mandate. What we they have not gotten on fortunately it has. Amending or intact even repealing. Some of the existing mandates that that we have on the books right now. -- -- Second there was no significant and accurately to keep our way. Talk more about those mid term corrections you spoke of are there areas where we sort of maybe -- moving forward but. Not really. -- have maybe even worse and that may be one step forward two steps back it but it it's. -- Tibet related to the legislature. Getting involved. DN. Education policy making that would typically be reserved to the border region. Speaking specifically about comic war. The legislature was responding to this outcry from teachers parents and others that the comic or not been ruled out properly -- people were caught off guard. Ill prepared. And -- gulf between the test scores that are. Students were war were experiencing going to Italy valuable to recruit credible war on the court that would call -- for them to be college career ready. That was part of an awful lot of anxiety. That's the legislature heard a lot -- jumped in there and think. They're peeling back little by little the impact of the comic or market standards. I think a lot of this occurred because there was an attempt to link. Student performance to teacher performance. Through in new annual professional performance review work BP PR. A teacher principal valuation. At bat more than anything cause. The teachers. To become very anxious about. This topic or approach these education reforms. Andy used to be PP ER as a mechanism for measuring performance both for students as well teachers are you optimistic. I wouldn't you know I can only speak on behalf of my members to tell you that that the sense I'm getting right now is one problem bit of exasperation. Disappointment maybe a bit dismayed. What we're look at war it is. Apple work. And a consistent approach to staying on that and what we continue to get. It has. Somebody says okay we're gonna move in this direction and and two weeks later would be good adjustment that would take it to the last. Two weeks after that we get to the right. Next day were government no longer require that to be in place. And I can tell you that the people I represent. The I think you're. Burnt out by all of this education reform activity a little bit. They -- recognize -- that they're big -- to speak with that these kids. Leave our schools ready for whatever awaits -- -- -- And yet I think they're losing its fate that the people who. Suggested they have all the editors. Here in Albany or Washington. Maybe they don't and it be to get the sense that. What we are talking about reform among -- by members anymore they -- look at me like whatever. If it's it's very good support. Andy picture -- more lobbying more pushing for -- group in our lawmakers I -- the session is over for now but this is obviously an issue that goes ahead from here now. And. I'm open -- I'm hoping that -- the forces of good a lot of people who. With -- and your street school board association. Ball will stay on course and stay on task and keep -- Barack. More rigorous and relevant sort of learning standard. We have to understand that our children are going to leave these schools. And they're going into the highly competitive environment. For both college entry. And into jobs. If they're not prepared for that. We let them down by not prepared to that. We failed to make it. And we can't lose sight of that I mean despite that -- despite the disappointment and sometimes people aspiration. ET PT -- -- -- -- opposite. The eternal cheerleader among my members that we have to state court. All right Tim thanks for your time. You're very welcome thank you that's Tim Kremer executive director of the New York State school board association.