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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>6-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

6-27 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

Jun 27, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Welcome yeah. If they -- be extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York no one -- with an assault rifle. No I. Yeah I think he's the. Tom hourly column. -- -- with a different. Economic environment now -- me. -- -- got covered up right -- welcome. It's live its local capital. Won't won't. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. From let me get -- -- And 930 W yeah. People enjoyed seeing pictures of the hosted just so happens that I didn't get a decent stealthy during the break okay. Sorry Joseph -- art collection down. It is hourly Joseph -- master control my buddy John Germans or call -- my other body and pass that I have no friends anyway we are with you on that WB and until 7 o'clock. As you can always catch. Every single -- done by your humble host. At WB and dot com as well as every newsmaker interview John second Susan rose due on Buffalo's early news. And every single hour of the sandy beach show including the ratio with -- cinema -- -- and which is one of my favorite parts of the week because. I enjoy movies. Not a movie. Expert by any stretch usually act like a movie I watch it over and over and over again to the point reckon pretty much -- memorized script. -- -- bump watch other stuff that I go back to the movies I've memorized in that I find them funny all over again. I don't know if that's weird you know what -- dvd movies first came out and -- actually VHS tapes for him. I set myself why would you wanna buy a movie that you've already seen at the shell. Well. All I conservatives that was old school thinking. Because I laughed. Every time I watched dumb and -- where the hangover movies. I've just been introduced to the hangover movies or go all the hangover movie references. I'm sorry Alan is my favorite character. -- meant first it's a sad to all of our -- all right all right seriously we have a couple of things here number one at. It's a serious because. Now. Under federal clear over the years. -- When police officers and law enforcement officers act within their constitutionally. Lawful rolls. There are always gonna have my support my heart is -- them. Okay. It's. Absolutely positively if I could not do their job I tried and failed I could not do your job I don't have the patience. What -- hurt. Bad Mexican military helicopters. Crossed the border into the United States and took shots at our guys. Honest to god. I felt like the new Mexico City. Then my approach was somewhat reason. And I believe Mexico owes us one million dollars per -- bullet fired at our guys. Or. Were ever that helicopter. Took off. We need an American air strike to take out five Mexican helicopters. Message can you want to imagine somebody doing this to Putin's Russia no you know why it wouldn't want to Putin's Russia because -- has alls. He just bought shoes I'd like news and team America world police. Movie references. They wouldn't -- -- the potent because they know what to means business Obama is a huge subtle animus individual. I am not the world's most aggressive man but even I can see Barack Obama is a weekly. Intellectually also a week. By the way the trouble Obama use his whole life people would tell him how great news yeah actually believes. He actually thinks he's smarter than Thomas Jefferson James Madison James Munro etc. -- all. I really think he adds. That's right. It really news never believe your own press good or bad. I don't. Seriously in one ear out the other. As far as. Our response to Mexico what should be. Also should New York State embrace. The wave of illegal children I say held well. Send them -- is our hash tag gets sent them home. Has anybody come up with that I'm not a big Twitter guys I couldn't care less about Twitter. FaceBook. I'm only out -- because I have to be but I find it much more useful than Twitter for my own personal purposes. And I want your stories about people Democrat or not gaming the system here's Don in Cheektowaga Don your WV ML. You gotta get this speak up -- your -- a little bit on the muddy side. -- amount OK glad. It. What we're. Well I don't quite popular leader. I have been called reading a book words that from my -- -- may be true. About though reorganization. Of the world. And the plan as I believe that. The United States Canada Mexico -- wondered. I discovered the book in my computer and actually Mexico. -- plan would -- part of America and central market. Actually Mexico is part of North America is not Central America Mexico Canada the United States make up North America -- where you're talking about is the North American union which has so far has been a theoretical. On premise and not a real premise but I -- pick this one step further with few. I don't think -- it stops at North American union I believe what the elites of this earth -- is one world government under the control of Google. That's overly simplified but I think we get the point. But whether that has -- a little bit bigger -- I don't know but. I agree with first part and I think that. The leadership that we've got. -- ruled. And. Well -- -- as many definitions of the word tool I think their tools as well but your definition in mind maybe two different things. Well I'm a member of the infusion of both. I think. They're dealing with. People that he should playing out of your hair. You know we're manipulative. And I just think that happening now commitment usually intentional. People's liberation. That all the fateful. Yeah this is an appropriate to say effect for just forget this has nothing to do the same effect does nothing to do reports OK this is an intentional. Planned orchestrated. At the highest levels of the American government. To flood America with no skilled morons we don't need. I'm sorry but they don't have the skills necessary for 2014 and. Do think that the intentional joke. -- -- -- No it's all about power it's about power and control and monetary. Yeah. There are people in this world and most people have a hard time understanding is they have. To be in power they live to be in charge OK they live to rule the world. That's their mode at this is the reason for BE. Yeah. All right thank you -- I'm glad you called that. But look the point is folks and I'm glad that you guys -- -- this for what it is if you think that this is some spontaneous. Thing. Your thoughts. You could demonstrably solid guys you don't have to send me the article any more from January I've posted it back back on Monday. And the because of a caller I think Tony called them and today Tom there's an article out about the American government. Putting out an RFP request for proposals from contractors. To bend it to. 65000. Illegal immigrant children. When previously behind number had been 5000 per year. Why. Did the Obama administration make it request so far out of the in the war. And I used the example at the time they said it would be like -- Tim Wagner and at a company B 5000 dollars a year and then they send up the request to corporate to increase my pay the 65000. Dollars a year believe me. Corporate gonna say what that doesn't make any sense that is so far out of proportion to what we would give its -- Mean again it's just that it's a stupid example. All of us -- stupid it's out of it's not a perfect example but it's meant to illustrate. That budgets ordinarily don't work that way. I don't know about you but the really budget has been reduced I've got myself on a budget. Do you have yourself on a budget I don't. After. Because every day every year. More and more is taken by other people who didn't permit from what I have -- and from what you have -- And it's disgusting. Here is -- in an open on that WB and soon you're on hello. Currently there or. -- It and it. And in front court. -- they had to make individual. Who. Are they they should not yet while our. I think the bigger question is will they have enough size for a yoga pants for size eight women that's the biggest question involving Wal-Mart and Rockport. I'm sorry I was -- out loud. What often top our eclectic but at. Well let me answer your question I look at your your asking a question first of all right now. I sheriff Joseph Arpaio and Arizona says our border agents are not chasing down illegals and -- busy doing their busy babysitting and changing freaking. Diapers that's what our border agents are doing the same ones were being shot at by Mexican helicopters the world is back passwords number two the larger centers you. Are going to pay for these children. With your money you and your children will have less of your money you earned because it's going to be sucked off by the government and then used to subsidize these people who have no legal right to be here and who need to be sent poll. Absolutely. Any question your. Don't reprimand these children who are going to go to hear there character and that it. Who I need -- for children need. A -- In won't. Real. Usually happens in my Wal-Mart but usually at a Saturday night about 1 AM interesting things you -- either. But I digress. You you raise an excellent. Look you raise an excellent point the fact is again this is a reason why these children. Need to be sent back hole. Cruise ships airplanes trains planes automobiles -- rests. They range in age. Anywhere for infants being carried by teenagers to teenagers. I believe at all. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guarantee you that whatever Nancy Pelosi does Brian Higgins will support. But -- but but but remember as long as we see a couple of cranes on the waterfront Brian Higgins is god just remember that. It. Chances of that happening are what. I don't know I think I think there's a lot here and -- currently up an article about changing. -- -- let me just let me lay it up warrior. The White House in our government are occupied by traitors and criminals and they need to be impeached and prosecuted for dereliction of -- high crimes and misdemeanors including -- up to the destruction of email records of IRS officials who -- political campaigns using the IRS as a terrorist agency against people who disagree politically with them these people need to be thrown -- but it's not gonna happen you know why I don't -- and it's a damn disgrace thank you very much. And it won't happen because. He's got a shield. Just like Hillary will have a shield. I'll sort of traffic right now see Allen as your traffic condom and hearing is with that prophylactic traffic. And folks doesn't it just makes you sick -- you're gonna wait an hour at the bridges and these kids just traipse across the border prisoner is -- this security the leader we have is just it's a joke. TSA is a joke homeland security's a joke the whole damn thing as a giant joke in were the -- of but you know what you get the government for which you voted -- one of those people was all hopi and change -- and now you're upset that the illegals are coming what the hell did you think he meant by fundamental change. I told you so. Mainly clear tonight 64 to bar all -- some clouds some sun 86 I wish I had a boat. -- year I wish -- vote Sunday humid intervals of clouds and sun and afternoon shower or thunderstorm and high temperature of 83 we are -- Richard -- 81. -- news -- 930 WB the -- where will take more of your telephone calls and guys. I have basically three questions number one the Mexican military has opened fire from a helicopter on our Border Patrol people. What would your response be what should Obama do. About oil and what I would do. Number two should New York State embrace these illegal children. I think you know I -- met and number three. And they don't have to be -- tell me about people you know who your game. The system in other words it's a lot easier to game the system that actually go to work every day like you do an inside -- You have had some great songs back in the 1970s. And this was only one of them it is up our Landers radio -- 30 WBZ am. Got -- vanishes troll here from my FaceBook page. It's the right adios Billy Bob a blocked I'd view it. Fairway. Good enough but good job and one. I'll beat his man. Anyway out child. It's -- hourly job ever master control and that John Sherman if you call screener. And Mexican army helicopter fired at our Border Patrol agents this week. Your response is president would be what. My response would be eight. Mexico either -- as one million dollars per bullet fired. -- we -- in our guys to blow up five Mexican helicopters. Sounds good debate it sends a message the message is don't F with parts. Number two do you embrace these illegal children of course by not embracing them you -- children usery. Do you embrace them coming to New York State. They have no skills they don't speak English and all gonna do is suck your money for you and your family. Into their mouths while they -- out thirteen and seventeen children eventually. But that provides the Democrats a solid voting block -- Democrat political hegemony in the United States and generation after generation of denigrating the Merck in a way of life and further downgrading the American lifestyle. You know we hear all the time about. The two earner families being necessities in America and I believe that. There aren't a lot of people who have the wrong idea about men and women husbands and wives fathers and mothers having to work. A lot of times folks have to do it isn't about the big screen TV and it's not about a new. Cadillac it's about being able to afford the -- an -- is a lot. And it's gonna get worse don't you get it. The more people more here you have to support the less money you're gonna have for your new car. For your new refrigerator. It's obvious. And I wanna hear your story. About. People you have seen or know who are gaming the system just don't use bear names you can embarrassed them otherwise. Here's Roger in a locked port Roche say -- -- WB and hello. -- are also some Bozo. -- twenty year. Well thank you Mike Myers is trustees. OK I don't think Mexico has it appears that what -- not that. I got to think about what. Really driving me crazy is he is not Mexican. Peru Mexico. And -- Mexico and across US border. And I couldn't help but wonder if in. -- You're from southern border to Canadian border and archer and across the border and how would they wouldn't -- it would be there. And that would would not all. Your problems. You'll refugees relative. -- Clinton being from Pakistan they probably get right. OR. I have a time out time out time out. I. -- -- -- -- -- -- Also as a big problem with people coming in from places who have no legal right to be in -- okay. And they basically melts into Toronto melt in the Montreal melted Ottawa melted Edmonton etc. And are never heard from again. Well part of that it is because they're part of the British commonwealth was someone from Pakistan or India. Or even Hong Kong can get in the candidate very easily but -- -- -- -- -- not always. Well the development of refugees from you by streaming across Montana border or close look at queens and Brooklyn then. Well for one thing it would take them at least an hour to get across the Lewiston -- to bridge it only takes three seconds to cross the border from Mexico. Okay what console this -- Indian reservation or you outlook for the -- -- There's not even defense that Canada would say hey I'm an article because he. Little Berry and saying hey you need to deal with this are we not only Mexican government. That he's essential. Well let's let's use some common sense here why do you think this is happening. Obviously it benefits the Democratic Party. Four. Emigration. And immigration Republican building huge democratic. Dependent voter base but also think there ought to think that interest -- -- unfettered immigration true it would be. -- -- -- It is happening because the Obama administration. Wants it to happen if it didn't want it to happen it would not happen it's that simple. What do you do about your president now are you have just received word -- you're on the go your Barack Obama you're on the golf course and that damn cell phone rings because after all you don't wanna be president but drop the golf course. And you're just informed that he Mexican helicopter has opened fire on United States Border Patrol officers what do you do. All it's very very I former president of Mexico if it weren't only about thirty miles you exclude their exclusion or into Mexico. The call by National Guard -- six -- out of Tucson Arizona. And he. Aircraft operating -- that there'll be considered apple operates in order to get a reasonable explanation and reparations it's sad. Diplomatic intricately US. Helicopter caught in Ontario and all the budget Canadian count. There will be a major. And we would immediately. Immediately. Do remorseful and make it right but we're not going to put -- pressure and Mexico all. Out at what does -- tell you let's just explore this little further the fact that Mexico did -- What does -- tell you about Mexico's respect for the man who is in the White House who somehow thought he was elected king of the world. We have virtually nothing you can't account is no problem really is Mexico Mexico allowing these refugees. Capacity in the US yes the -- Stop them but we should be in that little step to -- candidate would help the stop sending immigrants in the Canada would you know if it's different and I I can't believe what he's not talking. What's in this for Mexico. What else is an -- for Mexico what is Mexico one. -- And what are a little rephrase the question what would be the Mexican government's wet dream. -- That's part of it but there's a larger part in it goes back to the 1840s when -- -- -- Go. We've got a taste of the southwest they want what they lost in the Mexican American war and what they negotiated. Because we won the war in the treaty of Guadalupe -- Donald gall. I don't think they do I think they want to be able to get rid of their surplus population in the major revenue stream for Mexico. Is Mexican Latin America sending money back -- It that they want the left. Make no mistake about it the more Spanish speaking people. The -- of the ties with Mexico even though these people are Guatemala and El Salvador and by the way you should Kobe is the Mexicans. Are. Hypocrites because they be rates the United States for daring to have a Border Patrol for daring to stop people yet the Mexicans under ordinary circumstances. Have a history of frowning upon anybody south of their borders as inferior. They don't like Guatemala's they don't like el salvadorans. They think their inferior. I'm I'm I'm serious I don't make this stuff up. And I don't go to Mexico anymore by the way I I don't go to Mexico I made that decision. After -- soccer match involving an American team and Mexican team and the Mexican fans standing up yelling Osama Osama I said you know what. I'll spend my tourist money elsewhere thank you. And it's paid a lot of money and swim thank you very much you know thrilled -- thirty start and I 3180616. WB. ENN. And a sombrero -- need is a lot smaller all right we're at 80300. And quite humorous about brown well played thank you you know -- on -- thirty. What do you guys think sure we welcome these illegals what would you do if your president I have three scenarios on the table. A Mexican military helicopter fires that our Border Patrol guys you know if you're Border Patrol officer. I have to tell you something. You have got to feel. Right now like about the biggest soccer in the world. Don't. Care where you work. I think it's important to you know. That management has your back. That when people come after you because you work part of their family. Debt management has you were back. And when you put your life on the line every single -- as a Border Patrol officer. And Mexico fires upon you and there isn't up Pete. From President Obama I cannot imagine the sense of betrayal. You must feel when you were told to stand down. And not enforce immigration laws because you're too busy changing diapers and being -- daddy. There's a big problem. And again folks this is happening because the powers that be want it to happen. You'd folks. I don't know what I can -- that is. Other bad if we really wanted to tighten our border we could do it. We could do it. It wouldn't be pretty but it would be affect. See the casino cheaters just to see if you need any details on how I would partially handle. That would be the short term the long term is. You have got to have. A very strict border enforcement. Very strict. -- what I say very strict. I'm talking about landmines. I'm talking about. Kind of a Great Wall of China except the great wall of America. Which would be far superior to the Great Wall of China because it would entail modern technology. If we wanted to stop this nonsense we could the people in power don't wanna stop. It will thrilled at thirty let's go to -- a cell phone on WB Ian -- -- Hi camp on my -- wanted to make a couple of comments my client that Border Patrol agents and the reporter opt out at LA -- It and he was taken out along with some of the coworkers are pretty special to each other practical perhaps at some of these kids. There are handing out -- character to these people. And they it piled high heel -- -- Milan in diapers that are seen you know. These kids they're coming over -- extremely a lot of them are extremely ill they're going directly to hospital. Give her treatment. Diarrhea are coughing. TDs I mean it shouldn't they just touching that are. Sounds like my trip to the Dominican Republic -- this baby's. The action and the other issue is I mean I don't know how anybody would want open borders such and -- they know how the drug Churchill operate down mayor. Is it like the Taliban -- -- -- -- they kidney the only member states right new in the underdog they -- your head up and then put it on the I mean I just can't believe anybody would plant open borders and that we're allowing elected officials to. Do what you're doing ordered extra hours. -- real little bit more about your son. And -- more about the diseases being imported from Guatemala El Salvador etc. I don't know if he he had been diagnosed as pretty people he said you know he would. He -- at the end all that they were transporting them. Mom that they're popping in they were babies they're giving diarrhea all of the -- the end they clean out the -- when they're done it or in these kids. Maybe -- AB. And (%expletive) like that that they should just start. I hope they weren't Norwegians Davies because those are especially awful people can look at a one. I don't know what they were well Norwegians -- you don't want. Outlook out of me to get off the pointer but yes we're importing disease. I mean. I mean. Health care. -- in particular. And now they want and hundreds and hundreds of from El Salvador and in the debate or how. People. -- -- you know you cut people bring it over foresight sick and kids. Katrina -- to what the Angeles. So what's it. What's the word with the the Border Patrol guys with whom your son works do they know that this is an orchestrated deal by Democrats and by the Obama's. Well he'd ever really need to meet president as well we're dealing wet so he doesn't really. You know how much each and all that will be on next week I'll be talking about the elderly and make sure we're -- They're being exposed and we're talking oblique TPC. People's. You know the TP and hourly you didn't -- Thank you thank you. Outlook I I -- on the best and I pray to the creator that all of our Border Patrol our officers who have been betrayed by this so called president. Health -- and injury lies unfortunately. I know that is not going to be the case and I'm sorry they didn't take an oath to uphold the constitution. While the Jewish bag and office. Seeks to destroy America because he hates it thank you very much. All right I don't know what else to say. I you know -- It's it's so it's so hard for me to grasp. The internal hatred this man has for this country. And it's just obvious to me. And in this whole orchestrated choreographed invasion of children. Is nauseating. And it clearly was planned for. As per the January RFP from the federal government work. Escorts to provide services to 65000. Illegal children -- the previous year's records were like 5000. You're being scanned folks with that again with this in criminal administration filled with traders. Why would that shock. And AccuWeather clear tonight 64 tomorrow wore some clouds and sun 86 Sunday humor of some clouds some sun currency a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon 83 the high of 81 degrees right now. And it was Mike Flanagan from -- wondered when James Taylor -- -- last time and I have another pair James Taylor -- to get -- right now for Tuesday July 29 the first Niagara -- value 120 dollars general content rules apply caller 964498756449875. And the -- and have that Friday night bash at the ballpark -- happy hour baseball and fireworks 7051. Pitch against the Columbus clippers. It is 453 here's Casey in Amherst on WB and casing hot day. Hi how are you can actually make you and -- about open border sure. Out her all her -- San. Diego County for almost thirty years. I watched the purple state become a Third World country because of our border policy. I anybody that would open border and I know out here ball to review these children live and -- -- June can't come up. Back -- -- neighboring country wherever it came from a lot bigger government here. Why would that sound scene that's that is here's the problem what what you said makes perfect sense yet there are people who are gonna say all sorts of nasty things about you meeting. Children Casey are. I I watch hold out because you'd need to explain to people what it means to transform an area that was beautiful into a Third World area but you either have the -- ten minutes I have to get your phone number off the -- like in a graduate 3 in the morning with heavy breathing phone calls. You just make the choice one where the other OK so hold on -- from southern cal she's got to be awesome. It is 454 W via.

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